Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.17 brings three new 3 cars, an international circuit, and Extra Menus

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Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.17 brings three new 3 cars, an international circuit, and Extra Menus

Latest update includes two legendary cars, one Vision GT, and the introduction of the Watkins Glen International circuit.

Attention Gran Turismo players! The June update for Gran Turismo 7 arrives today June 22 at 11:00pm PDT* (June 23 at 7am BST / 3pm JST). 

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.17 brings three new 3 cars, an international circuit, and Extra Menus

Suzuki V6 Escudo Pikes Peak Special ’98

Returning to the series for the first time in a decade, the legendary Suzuki V6 Escudo Pikes Peak Special ’98 is a monster machine developed specifically to compete in the most extremely harsh conditions for any race car in conquering the treacherous hill climb. The frame is of an all-new design using an aluminum space frame. To maximize performance, the powertrain has been extensively modified, moving the engine from the base model’s front position to a midship configuration. The fully tuned 2.5L V6 engine has been fitted with twin turbochargers allowing it to produce a maximum 981 BHP and 95 kgfm maximum torque.   

Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.3 Version)

This model is a realization of Suzuki’s motor sporting prowess, extensively tuned to meet Gr.3 regulations. The base Suzuki VGT uses the 1,340 cm³ (1,340 cc) Hayabusa engine linked to 3 high-power electric motors on an all-wheel drive powertrain. This Gr.3 version however has been changed to a simple front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout with a V8 twin-turbo powerplant comprised of 2 Hayabusa engine blocks for a total displacement of 2,680 cm³ (2,680 cc). In this form, the monstrous engine can produce a maximum 577 BHP at an astoundingly high 10,000 rpm. Compared to the base model, the design aesthetics have been altered to achieve increased downforce, featuring an enlarged front spoiler as well as the addition of front and rear diffusers, a GT wing and air ducting on the bonnet. 

1932 Ford Roadster

In the world of customized cars, the US is often number one in terms of quality, volume, and genre. The oldest genre of these, now an iconic part of American culture is the Hot Rod. This was a movement that originated in the 1930s, where the Ford Model T and the later Model A’s and Model B’s were heavily modified by their owners. Extensive exterior modifications were performed on these cars such as removing wheel arches, bonnets and cutting the body to make chop-top convertibles. More and powerful engines were then added to the cars as technology improved over the years. 

Watkins Glen International 

Nicknamed “The Glen”, Watkins Glen International is a historic road course found in New York State, roughly 260 miles northwest of New York City, which opened in 1956 and is surrounded by rolling hills. The first half of the track comprises high-speed sections with mid to high-speed corners, with the latter half features tight, technical turn combinations. The undulating track is also narrow which encourages high-intensity racing battles. The back straight leads to a high-speed chicane, immediately followed by a right turn into a banking section (Outer Loop), which is one of the track’s primary highlights. From there, the long course will run into the technical section known as “The Boot”, while the ‘Short Course’ bypasses this segment entirely.  

Gran Turismo Café – Extra Menus

The following 3 Extra Menus have been added:

  • Toyota 86 Collection: Opens at Collector Level 20
  • Honda Type R Collection: Opens at Collector Level 20
  • Rotary Engine Collection: Opens at Collector Level 32

Be sure to stay tuned to official GT and PlayStation channels as there are plenty more updates to come from the team. Until then, happy racing!

* Internet connection required for update. Game progression required to access vehicles and race circuits.

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  • Add some Mustangs in used cars plz.
    Shelby GT500 2007-2009 plz

  • Resolve your grotesque and extortionate MTX/grinding system for this full-priced game. No fix, no purchase.

  • Thats great, but we still can’t sell cars

    • Selling cars would break the economy.

      Why don’t you actually think about it and be a little more intuitive. You should not be able to sell every car, that would be a disaster. All you would have to do is play the campaign and sell the 100 plus cars you get for free and you could buy any car you want. It would sort of take away the aspect of collection and the thrill of earning a great car.

      What they should do is allow you to sell duplicates. That’s it. Just duplicates.

  • When to adjust the settings of the second player on 2 players which is still blocked

  • That’s nice and all, but I’m still not touching this game with a 50 ft pole until you make the single player modes playable offline (i.e., remove the online requirement for single player modes) and include the ability to sell cars.

    • Do you not have internet?

      You are going to miss a lot of good games if that’s your requirement.

      One time over the course of 4 months there was a server issue. Once. If you have a normal internet like 99% of people it really shouldn’t be a problem even though I’m not a fan of the online requirement it baffles me as to why that would keep you from playing the best racer in years.

      And like I said to the other person selling duplicates needs to be a thing but selling any car isn’t the way Gran Turismo works and I really hope it doesn’t happen. Everybody will just sell all the cars they receive in the campaign and buy literally the best cars in the game. Owning Great cars will have very little meaning and the collection aspect will all but disappear.

      But just to let you know Gran Turismo 7 is the best Sim racer I’ve played since the PS2 days of GT. On PS5 it’s truly incredible especially considering how amazing the game feels with a pad. You literally don’t need a wheel because a racing game has never felt this Good on a controller. The physics, car models, driving quality, haptics, these are all benchmark for the genre. You can actually play the game offline by the way. Despite the lies out there you can play arcade mode offline. If you don’t have internet I’m sorry but gt7 is the best racing game this generation too bad you have to miss it.

  • Not a fan of the menus gated behind collector levels.

    Also would be nice to have more normal cars added. But maybe that’s just me.

    • Lol.

      If you can’t play the campaign enough to unlock missions or whatever else it is you are crying about good luck in multiplayer.

  • Add external camera sensitivity 0.0 and the ability to rotate the camera around the car with the right analog R3

    • Good suggestion. Not being able to rotate the camera is silly. Same with the fact there’s no real bonnet/hood camera, plus FOV is too restrictive

  • Still no option to sell cars though? Big Surprise.

    • I hope they never add that option and only add the option to sell duplicates.

      This game is largely about collection and the feeling of earning a great car. Not selling $100 free cars from the campaign in order to buy the best cars.

  • Do you still have to back out of the menu, back out of the menu, back out of the menu, go to Gt auto, remember which tires and pp rating you need for the race change what’s needed , go back to sport , skip the YouTube video, enter the race event.

    Seriously, sort your menus out.

    • This is the only criticism I’ve read so far that I agree with wholeheartedly.

      It makes no sense that you can only switch cars from the garage and that they make it so laborious to swap things out going in and out of menus 100% I agree.

  • that escudo looks amazeballs

  • Cool.

    But I would love a classic GT career mode though. The Café Menu should only have been an extra mode. Using it as the main career in the game was a MASSIVE mistake. It simply holds your hand until there is nothing left to do (which doesn’t take long).
    Going to the “World Circuits” menu, picking a location and getting a “Sunday Cup” event that is just ONE single race with no prize car at the end is useless…… as is every single other “one race” event in the world circuits. The GT Mode used to take months to complete in previous games because it was open to you what you wanted to focus on next. A 3 race championship FF only car event or a big 7 race championship that will eventually unlock the next set of higher tier events.

    This is one of those things that every reviewer of the game seemed to miss when they claimed “GT is back on track with GT7”. Its like Cyberpunk and Halo Infinite levels of questionable reviews that simply do not paint a picture of what the actual game was at all.

    And please, like every one else is asking, ditch the SCAM roulette garbage. Just tell us that there is a 90% chance you are landing on the worst prize. Don’t pretend there is a working roulette system based on some sort of equal 1 in 5 chance. Its an insult to your fans’ intelligence.

    • You are way off if you are comparing the 87 Metacritic that Halo infinite got to I believe the 87 that gt7 received. And assuming you are talking about the high 80s cyberpunk score on PC and how the console version was completely hidden particularly with reviews coming out far later for console giving a false perception of the game’s quality through the unrealistically high pc scores.

      It’s sad that people like you exist. GT7 deserves every bit of the scores it received if not higher and the fact that you are comparing it to the questionable scores of Halo infinite and cyberpunk are embarrassing.

      Cyberpunk was literally a scam and how the game was hidden and handled. Infinite is probably the most overrated game of the generation. It’s an open world game with one biome, terrible enemy variety, poor visuals, awful boss fights, probably the worst vehicle controls in gaming, boring and repetitive missions, lousy AI, I could go on.

      The campaign in gt7 is reasonably substantial. It’s not like it’s a seven or eight hour campaign there is plenty to do. I feel like the cafe structure works well enough and the rest of the content is there from missions to circuits to other challenges. Then obviously sport mode. Now they are adding new circuits like Watkins Glen, the game has ample content and I’m sorry if the architecture of it is not to your liking but it’s all there.

      Now in terms of the actual quality this game has the best physics and driving we have ever seen. The best looking car models, fantastic lighting, solid audio presentation and score, incredible dual sense implementation and loading times, and probably the most distinct feeling cars I have felt in a game. Simply put the actual gameplay is well above anything else out there on console. And personally I enjoy the music replay and new music modes and I expect full PS VR2 implementation. The free content has already started to come and I haven’t even touched sport mode yet. The license challenges are as good as always. I haven’t had as much trouble with the roulette spins as other people and I have videos to prove it but I can understand people being upset if they rarely score good loot. Overall this game is amazing and it’s embarrassing that you are comparing it to Halo infinite.

      Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me the game looks like a PS3 game because out of bounds trees look bad. Tell me the car models and interiors aren’t well above anything else. Tell me the driving isn’t spectacular and that it feels bad. Tell me you aren’t happy about the day night and weather cycles. Tell me all the cars feel the same. Tell me the photo options aren’t great. Tell me why it’s a bad game because you don’t like the cafe setup even though all of the content is there.

  • Still haven’t fixed any real problems:
    -Always online DRM
    -Can’t sell cars
    -Earn rates not balanced with prices
    ….and a lot more!

    • They did improve the economy and how you earn.

      You should only be able to sell duplicates not every car anyway.

      You can play arcade mode offline and there has only ever been a server issue once.

      Why don’t all of you people just sell the game? Literally 90% of the comments here are just complaints for what is a phenomenal game. Just sell it and play some arcade trash. Play FH5 or Dirt 5. NFS.

  • Bad game remains bad.

    • Please explain. It’s bad because it has MTX and online requirement? That makes the actual game bad?

      Or do you want to actually discuss the true game? The car models, the best competitive structure and highest level competition on console, genre leading physics, incredible dual sense implementation, the most distinct feeling cars on console, the free content, the photo aspect, and so on.

      Anyone who says the actual game is bad is either lazy or hasn’t played it. Or they are just too casual to understand what a true Sim is but these cars and the actual driving are levels above anything on console. MTX is never good but don’t confuse that for the actual game being bad. Casuals like you are the problem.

  • I got this from my local library on ps5, and was surprised at how much of it I really did like basd on not liking much of the prior entries back to when it was high quality for single player focused players like myself. You know 1-4.

    That being said I can never buy this game the way you have it structured now, when you add up every obtuse / greedy thing in the game it negates the quality of the actual driving and the improvements the dual sense provides in tandem to it.

    I am wowed by the level you went to with scapes as a photography person, and found myself wondering how you found that much resources to do that and leave so much of the game in a sorry state, like the cafe and the menus i mean come on. I expect your top level guys just loved excuses to take “vacations” in the name of scapes. No one asked for this mode, nobody. We all wanted a great sim/game and don’t get me started on the cognitive dissonance of using a sense to play a “sim”.

    Without a proper offline Career mode, without removing or drastically changing your disgusting and intellectually insulting waste my time unskippable raffles i will never buy this game sale or otherwise, even if you add it to plus extra/ premium in its current state i will not go back. That is after 3 weeks with the game. You have a constant link to the credits for cash store at all times and you make it a grind to get even a modest car with a mtx shop loaded wih cars 5x or more the real cost of gt sport because you want it “in line with the real value and rarity” for what sp/offline players?

    I’d love to support gt7 but the reality is even with their mtx etc forza/horizon is just better, and look better.

    Be better than this.

    • Also egregiously you don’t allow a test drive before any car purchase, with the “economy” such as it is and no ability to sell cars even at 10-20% value it really put me off. How am i supposed to know if i want the car? why would i PAY TO WIN/COMPETE for online if you cannot try the car. You used to be able to test drive.

      Don’t act like your 3 cars in this update are some gift to players, that is clearly not the case.

      The tracks and driving model are compromised doing things this way.

      You want your cake and eat it to, but instead you should have made two games, a career offline game and a f2p game, or what actually would have been innovative is a career online game. F2P or not.

      I won’t play f2p games, and if you graft $70 into f2p extra i won’t support that, as someone who buys 75%+ of Sony exclusives. I will just move $60 over to my son on his switch.

      Just so disappointed over this game, got a lot right after the last ones be sad.

      There’s different ways to make money post launch off a $70 game and this isn’t it. It bodes very worryingly for Sony and it’s live services strategies going forward.

      The tactic with the reviews that was pulled also demands derision and future mistrust as well. They wanted that high metacritic by any means.

      The drm is just to protect their mtx shop.

      Look at forza horizon 5 they are offering a hotwheels expansion pack. This is how you do it offer something compelling for a clear cost.

      not roulette into 2k credits 15 times in a row. with a link in that menu to the $$$ credits shop.

      You see the difference and why i would rather support turn 10?

    • Lol.

      You must not play Gran Turismo.

      The people who cry about the cafe and expect some interactive cutscene laden campaign kind of miss the boat. Did you play GT sport? There was no campaign at all. It had some circuits and missions that was it.

      To say Forza Horizon is better is so lazy and casual it’s sad. Like comparing bubble gum to steak. One has substance well the other one is just candy. If you want great physics and the best driving, the best looking and feeling cars on console, the most high level and best competitive structure it’s Gran Turismo.

      If you want something more akin to need for speed where you smash billboards and do speed traps and wander around an open world like it’s 2012 need for speed Most wanted that’s Forza Horizon. I have both and I prefer quality cars, driving, and physics in a game about driving cars but that’s just me.

      And it’s so lazy to say Horizon is better looking. If you are talking about the actual cars and a game about cars then absolutely no Horizon is not better looking the car models are nowhere near Gran Turismo. Are talking about realistic lighting then probably not. If you want to compare out of bounds trees Horizon has an advantage but even then the foliage in that game is far from consistent.

  • come on sony drop 1440p it basically 2k & developers could use this 1440p & 120fps for ps5

    • They aren’t prioritizing computer monitors. This complaint doesn’t have a place on a gt post anyways.

      The fact they dropped vrr shows they are aware of the feature parity with series x. Just keep watching for it.

      You knew what it did when you bought it, so being impatient is on you. Why not play the pc / series x on your monitor in the meantime.

  • S.V.P a real hood cameras with FOV have is in 2022

  • please stop adding cars we don’t want…
    nobody wants the Suzuki VGT non the less the Gr. 3 variant 😑

    we want the 812 super fast or the eg civic sir, R33 400r or the ability to add engines bought from Tuning Shop to your items list.

    why do you keep adding fake unrealistic cars to a driving simulator… smh

    • Concept cars have been a core part of GT since the beginning. I fully understand not liking driving them, as a lot of them are silly and unrealistic (Tomahawk). But as a lover of car design, I still like to see them in the game.

    • I mean you are complaining about free cars and the game is going to get free cars almost monthly for a number of years. Eventually they will add cars that you like.

  • There’s such a lack of modern EVs in the game, it’s laughable.

    No Lucid, Tesla textures are outdated, the Taycan feels off when driving, no Taycan Grand Tourismo, no Roadster or modern Teslas, no EQS, etc etc..

  • Hi,
    I have a very simple suggestion, that I think will be beneficial for players and PlayStation : please increase the wishlist limit on PSN, from 100 items to at least 1000.
    There are many games releasing, big and small, and a wishlist is a simple feature to keep track of games you are interested in purchasing.
    I will post this comment on every blog post until it is implemented.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  • It’s broken the game, it says I can’t connect to the servers. Offline mode only one pavilion available. FFS plz 🥺

    • No it hasn’t. I’m connected right now. Just click reconnect from the home menu, up in the top-left.

    • The servers have only really been down for an extended period once and you can play offline in arcade. You’re welcome.

  • Nice update, thanks.

    Would really like to see 30 minute races across all circuits, like the Le Mans one, with the same rewards. Currently I pretty much only do this race, so as to earn credits for cars. It’d be great to be racing across all the circuits and getting decent rewards.

    • Also, framerate when racing at Spa on a standard PS4 is still really poor. Need to fix LOD on cars/scenery to fix this.

  • “Menu Books”. They didn’t add menus. Fix your article.

    • Haha, yeah, I had no clue what they were talking about in the post. I was like “menus for what?”. I guess that’s how much we hare the Menu Book’s as the only career mode in the game.

  • Is that it?!? Really???

    1. – Give us the option to skip or change/select music for races and replays (listening a random music what game wants to play is very annoying).
    2. – Fix that damn first sector time counter and PB ghost for S-10 License.
    3. – VRR
    4. – Selling cars option
    5. – On some tracks the AI cars spaws back to the middle of the track after making a PIT stop…

    • Also, why are switching between menus/pages so slow?? We are on SSD, right?? It takes ages to go from race to tuning shop, and vica versa… Also shotrcuts would be nice like race – tuning shop etc..

    • Switching menu pages in this game has about the same loading times like in Horizon Forbidden West from main menu into the game…. Horrible…

    • It’s like the courses load in faster than it even is to navigate the menus, which seems to just have intentional slow fades. We know the PS5 can be faster so the slow menus is just another screw up in a long line of screw ups.

    • You can switch music in replay not on the fly but you can pick any song you want and I particularly love music replays.

      I feel like people are so negative here it’s unreal but I do agree some of the menus are very laborious particularly having to switch cars from one very specific spot it makes no sense.

  • Offline and Lan mode please, we don’t want to connect while playing, you can take all the data you need whenever we connect later on! But allow us to play offline and lan for tournaments!

  • Please let us sell cars.the money situation is the only problem dor me for this otherwise great game

    • Then all you have to do is play the campaign and sell the 150 cars you get and you can buy all the best cars that’s a bit silly but I do understand selling duplicates that needs to happen.

  • Please let us sell cars. The money system is the only problem for me in this game lots of great cars but takes ages to gather the money up

  • We waited years for GT7 with the expectation of greatness, we anticipated a brand new career mode with next generation performance and visuals.
    We was told to expect a next generation of the real driving simulator.
    What was shown to the eagerly waiting media was a stripped out Gran Turismo Sport, eas with improved visuals and performance, but the game was hiding an ugly side that wasn’t shown until the reviews had been given.
    The appearance of the patch brought with it the online shop and reduced potential of earning in game credit reductions.
    The game DRM always online status means the game cannot be played at all if for some reason the internet connection is down or is shut down by the makers of the game.
    The newest cars available in the game are from 2017,
    The cost of the cars in game are ridiculous, I think its possible to spend £150 on a single car if you were to purchase it from the shop rather than grind the game for days upon days, you also removed the ability to sell any of the earned cars so that grinding is the only way to buy the cars if you dont want to spend even more money of a full price cut down version of Gran Turismo.
    I was looking forward to buying GT7 but you have taken the typical the route of all the recent so called AAA titles.
    Theres no way I would ever buy GT7 knowing your fans have been sold out.
    I’ll stick to GT Sport.
    Theres no way GT7 has been in development for 10 years it’s a quick copy paste cash grab.
    When will you release a full version GT ???

    • You clearly don’t own the game and you are just regurgitating trash rhetoric from people like review tech rich.

      Everything you said is wrong.

      No post 2017 cars? LIE. There are vehicles post 2017 look at the game.

      The game is unplayable offline? Wrong. You can play arcade mode offline.

      The patch killed earning potential? A few weeks later they introduced another patch that improved a lot of the earning potential and even with that patch they had actually improved the earning rates on certain tracks. They improved the late game earning potential enormously as well.

      They removed the ability to sell cars? That was never in this game.

      Gt7 was in development for 10 years? Try less than half of that time.

      You also said something about the visuals and performance and on a technical level everything is better in this game including the visuals and this has been proven.

      Enjoy GT sport because it’s very good but this is vastly superior if you own a PS5. Vastly. It’s baffling that someone who enjoys sport would condemn this game it’s almost funny. Sport was the bare Bones release, this is so Superior. It actually has a campaign, day one it has more cars and content than sport for years the discrepancy will be even more. The way this game feels with a dual sense compared to sport on a DualShock is no comparison. The physics are so much better. It has real weather and day night cycle. Better visuals and faster loading. It has more real life locations and modes. It has Ray traced audio.

      I enjoyed sport but that game was so bare-bones in the beginning and even at the end it was missing a lot. Day one of gt7 the game is far more complete and vastly Superior to what sport currently is so enjoy GT sport, enjoy the inferior version.

  • In my view I still have allot to complain about with GT7 from car damage to missing cars. Also where’s the Australian V8 super cars, dude seriously why are they excluded from it? No excuse in my view. Also if a car hits the wall things break and it’s game over unless your playing GT7 which isn’t at all real racing sim since cars are indestructible in it. GT7 still needs work.

  • iamtylerdurden1 stop being a shill

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