Destruction AllStars announces new game mode and events for PS Plus service

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Destruction AllStars announces new game mode and events for PS Plus service

New content and upgraded game modes roll out next week.

Hey everyone, the team at Lucid have been hard at work on Destruction AllStars over the past few months and it’s been great to see the lasting impact our huge January patch has had on the game and our community! Off the back of the recent announcement that Destruction AllStars is available on PlayStation Plus for Extra and Premium/Deluxe members as part of the new Game Catalog benefit, we’re here with a brand-new trailer to announce the next exciting new seasonal content for the game!*

Destruction AllStars announces new game mode and events for PS Plus service

On June 22, we’ll be releasing a host of new content for Destruction AllStars to coincide with Europe’s launch of the new PlayStation Plus service in the same week. We kick off with a new event called Rise, which includes a brand-new game mode, new challenges and an exciting new AllStar Pass. We can’t wait for our community to get their hands on all this new stuff and join us in welcoming new players to the game.

The new PlayStation Plus service recently launched in Asia, North and South America and it’ll be coming to Europe and Australia on June 23, just in time to dive straight into Rise with the rest of the community.

If this is your first time playing Destruction AllStars, or if you’re coming back after some time away, Destruction AllStars is the global spectacle where stars and cars collide! Carnage and destruction is guaranteed as AllStars compete on foot and behind the wheel in front of a crowd of millions, battling it out to see who will come out on top as the champion! If this will be your first-time diving into the Destruction AllStars arena, we’re here to help get you suited up and ready for your first game! Our brand-new trailer has all the information you need to know as well as a sneak peek at what’s coming with our first event, Rise, so be sure to check it out.

Let’s start off with the brand-new seasonal content in Destruction AllStars and how our next patch is changing things up. Events are brand new to Destruction AllStars and they last for six weeks, they also come packed with content with rapid delivery. Events will always launch with a new game mode or playlist along with a brand new AllStar Pass. These passes contain a bunch of cosmetic content and currency rewards for you to deck out your AllStars and get them looking their best for their moment in the spotlight. Events will also contain rotating challenges that can be completed for a variety of rewards including currency, XP and brand new cosmetics. We’re ready to lift the curtain on the first three events you can expect over the coming months: Rise, Unite and Survive, with a more detailed look at our first event arriving June 22.

Rise will be launching alongside the launch of the new PlayStation Plus service in Europe this June. This event will also play host to our first community challenge where the entire community can work together towards a shared goal, unlocking exclusive cosmetic rewards for the whole community to enjoy. You’ll find all this and more in our latest trailer, we’d recommend giving it a watch.

Our first event is also adding a brand-new game mode called Jumpshot to Destruction AllStars. It’s a team-based game mode that requires you to think fast on your feet and behind the wheel as you score points with the help of your team. Check out the trailer for your first look at this brand-new mode.

In our upcoming patch, we’re not just adding loads of new content but we’re giving some of our existing game modes a bit of an upgrade. Let’s look at Blitz, our competitive game mode, where we’re introducing competitive seasons for the first time! Within our competitive system, we’ve revamped the ranking system to better track your skill level and match you up with opponents of similar skill. We’ve also added brand new and prestigious cosmetic rewards which you can earn exclusively from the Blitz playlist, letting all the other AllStars know just who came out of a competitive season as a reigning champion! Blitz is available on weekends in Destruction AllStars and each competitive season lasts for six weeks, it’s all about making a lasting impression in a short amount of time if you want to get the crowd on your side.

As we get ready to welcome in a bunch of new players and to commemorate our joining the Game Catalog library in PlayStation Plus, the team at Lucid wanted to make sure we rewarded players who have been supporting the game since our launch last year. To that end, we’re thrilled to announce that everyone who has played the game before the launch of the new PlayStation Plus service will receive a founders pack as our way of saying thank you. You’ll be able to claim this reward for free from the in-game store and it’s got some exclusive cosmetics to help you show off your skills and experience.

All of this and more will be arriving on top of the huge patch we already released in January earlier this year. Our January patch was an absolute monster for the game, we really dived into a lot of the core systems like collisions, networking, slam and points scoring to really tighten up the gameplay experience. Not only that, but we also enhanced the look and feel of the game too, with a brand-new main menu experience along with awesome new VFX to compliment all of your actions in the arena, such as evading, slamming, double jumping and much more! On that note, I think my favorite change was giving AllStars the ability to double jump at all times! It was done as part of a wide-reaching balance pass on all 17 of our AllStars and it really enhanced how fluid and agile you can be in the arena.

It’s an exciting time for the game and our community as we arrive on PlayStation Plus and get everything ready for our newest event, Rise, launching June 22. We really hope you can join us in wrecking some vehicles and trying out our brand-new game mode, Jumpshot. It’s all in our latest trailer, with more news and information on the way! 

*Availability of Game Catalog varies over time and plan. See for details and updates on PS Plus offerings. PlayStation Plus is an ongoing subscription subject to a recurring subscription fee taken automatically (at the then-current PS Store price) at the frequency you choose at purchase until cancellation. Terms apply:

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  • LegoshiBeastMode

    Remember when they tried selling this for $70.


    • No, because it was never sold for 70 at any point in time you marshmallow

    • They did actually try to sell it then it got delayed and then they made it a ps plus game

    • He said tried, which they did. And it got like 3 preorders so they changed it.

    • Try would entail it was actually available for purchase. Miss me with pre-order propaganda.

      The game was free on PS+ and $20 thereafter. They compensated for giving it away and then charging less than most indie games by adding MTX..

      I’m not sure why you clowns gloat about the fact that Sony contemplated selling it at full price. They changed the game’s business model prior to launch and it was better for it. Why exactly is that used as a point of insult? It should be praised. It was a good thing.

      Like saying remember when Microsoft tried to abolish used games and implement DRM? What’s the point?

      Furthermore, the game was never any worse than most popcorn multiplayer experiences. The core gameplay is dumb fun, well enough implemented. It just never had a hook. The cosmetics and progression system were the downfall. Plenty of multiplayer games lacking content have been full price. Titanfall for example. SFV. It’s life. At least Lucid continues to improve this game and honestly it’s much better. For example the visuals and production quality are leagues above something like rocket League which imo is massively overrated. and from day one this game has boasted some of the best dual sense implementation in the business yet never got credit for it. It’s a shame they went with the corny fortnite art style because I believe the game could have been much more appealing without it. Redfall is the next victim of this and honestly the art style in that game absolutely obliterates any chance for it to be taken seriously. How are vampires going to be scary when they are cheesy fortnite characters? Developers need to stop with this art style. It worked for one game… Maybe two with OverWatch. Just be original.

      But having said that I will re-download it. Like virtually all multiplayer only titles it’s mindless and dumb but the visuals are decent and the dual sense is phenomenal. The game continues to improve so hopefully come the 22nd it will be even better.

    • @Naquadah

      You claim that the game was given on PS Plus and the business model changed because it got so few pre-orders when you really don’t know the numbers.

      Games like OverWatch, rocket League, and destiny went free to play so is that because those games were incredibly unsuccessful? No. That’s just the trend in the industry these days with multiplayer games.

      And those are all multiplatform games, destruction All-Stars was a game that launched to a platform with only a few million players. I’m not saying the game is enormously successful but if they didn’t go quasi free to play and change the business model the game would have been DOA and servers likely extinguished already. That was a necessary move to create a player base. Even if the game received amazing reviews it still would have been dead had it charged full price and never been on PlayStation Plus. Insult the game all you want but it’s just sensible business.

    • There were news stories showing UK shops had bare any pre orders for it. And you’ve just compared it to a bunch of games that all launched and sold for ages before finally going f2p when things died down. So in other words an entirely different situation. Way to be dumb.

  • Lovely! A bit late I’m afraid, though.

    • How is it late when it’s a service game? And they’ve been working on it and improving it this isn’t something new.

  • Remember psone, when twisted metal 2 had split screen and you would stay up late to get in another round with friends locally? Ps5 doesn’t

  • Gear mode looks pretty fun. I’ll give it another try.

  • Mad props for supporting this. Game was super fun but the player count was shockingly low not long after launch which is kinda fair considering the low PS5 install base at the time.

    Sold my PS5 at this point but I hope the new PS+ subs help your team out and we can maybe get a PC crossplay release at some point !

    • Why would you steal your PS5 LOL.

      But this game needed to be on PC at launch. It needs to be on PC yesterday. The game was always fun but when you launch on a system with a few million players as a multiplayer only game how does that work? It’s like these developers who make multiplayer only psvr games and wonder why player counts are low.

      Just put this out on PC and go completely free to play.

    • Sell your*

  • This game looks nothing next gen so why is it not on ps4 yet?

    • Native 4K/60 with incredible DualSense. PS4 would be 1080/30 no haptics or adaptive. It wouldn’t be anywhere near as good an experience. The game is decent visually as well. It used real time deformation as opposed to asset swaps. Perhaps the concessions they would have needed to make launching on PS4 weren’t worth it. Sony has more visually stunning games than any publisher, particularly on NextGen. Destruction All-Stars isn’t a visual showcase but it looks plenty good.

  • This game should really be ported to PS4 (and probably PC) and be free-to-play. I mean, look around, nearly every online multiplayer focused game is free now like Fall Guys and now Overwatch going free-to-play. Seemingly the only major ones not free are Call of Duty games (except for Warzone) and sports games like NBA 2K and Madden. I would love to play Destruction AllStars on my PS4!

    • And it took those games years to go free to play. Destruction All-Stars probably will, it’s only been a year, give it time. And the game is a blast.

  • This game was good fun but it had really bad network issues, cars teleporting, collisions not counting, it was awful at launch, unless these issues have been solved no amount of new content will help.

    • That was more than 2 years ago.

    • 2 years? The game came out last February.

    • Maybe it was your connection because I have an average connection and never had those issues ever. The game was surprisingly smooth at launch. Check my trophies I played this day one. It had no major server issues at launch and nothing out of the ordinary. I played the game at launch and probably every several months after that I at least tried it and I never had connection issues.

    • @cusman The game was released in February 2021 so it’s a little over a year not ‘more than’ 2 years ago.

      @iamtylerdurden1 You must have been extremely lucky then as all my friends had the exact same issues at launch and I have a 300mb connection. Was definitely a server issue or bad net code.

    • The only issue I ever had with the game is about a year after release finding matches quickly.

      This game never had significant connection issues get off it.

    • o-BIG-o-BAD-WOLF

      @iamtylerdurden1 The game had a load of problems when it first came out. wrecks of opponent’s vehicles not registering, people warping through the map but the main issue was the lag. The game was fun but all the problems killed the game after a week or 2

  • This game was fun and competent from day one. It was never spectacular and was merely mindless fun like the vast majority of multiplayer games out there but it certainly wasn’t the trash it was depicted to be.

    The core gameplay always felt good, the visuals were solid enough at 60 frames with decent VFX and real-time deformation, and the dual sense implementation still remains one of the best examples in the business.

    And when you compare free to play games which this almost was being given out for multiple months on PS Plus… Or other games in the $20 price range the production value alone trumps anything out there.

  • And all of you clowns attempting to make fun of this game are probably the same kids who lap up Fall Guys lol. I’ve heard the same people who claim rocket League is this vastly Superior product because of the skill barrier yet you same people somehow defend Fall Guys. One of the dumbest non gameplay games out there.

  • I don’t care about the back story. This is an incredibly polished, slick playing game and I am glad I downloaded it.

  • Good news for anyone still playing it. I gave it a try when it launched and I felt like the list of things it did wrong was much longer than the things it got right. Unfortunately for the developer no amount of updates could get me to come back.

  • Cannot find it in PS Plus Extra game catalog. Does it mean we get just the new game modes as part of PS Plus and not the game itself?

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