Share of the Week: Deathloop – Photo Mode

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Share of the Week: Deathloop – Photo Mode

We look back on Blackreef with photo mode flair.

Last week we asked you to return to Blackreed and snap stylish shots using Deathloop’s newly released Photo Mode. From portraits to haunting dystopian settings, here are this week’s highlights:

sparkling_Port9 shares Colt casually breaking into a stylish split.

Comput_ART shares this sixties-style black and white picture of Julianna.

kimchitraveler captured the neon lights of Blackreef.

penrosetiling shares the unsettling design of Blackreef,

Yuric83 shares a cheeky poster-like image.

KenKenVega1 used the photo mode filters to create a haunting effect.

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THEME: Silhouettes

SUBMIT BY: 11:59 PM PT on June 15, 2022

Next week, we’re searching for silhouettes. Share a shadowy silhouette from the game of your choice using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured.

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  • Hi,
    I have a very simple suggestion, that I think will be beneficial for players and PlayStation : please increase the wishlist limit on PSN, from 100 items to at least 1000.
    There are many games releasing, big and small, and a wishlist is a simple feature to keep track of games you are interested in purchasing.
    I will post this comment on every blog post until it is implemented.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    • I’ve been saying this. I have to now use a document to keep track of stuff and that is just annoying. No reason to limit it to 100

  • sony if ragnarok need more polish time best to delay look at forbidden West had way to many bugs & glitches & performance mode problems if god of war delay till 2023 hope to see game support vrr on realise & should have bin ps5 only cross gen is harming ps5 because It made on old ps4 & then ship over to ps5 when should have bin fully optimiser for ps5 playstation

    • Horizon forbidden West ran with a near flawless frame rate in both performance and fidelity.

      It had a minor anti-aliasing issue with grass in performance mode that quite frankly is very similar to what other games have in particular Elden ring has this problem and it was mostly fixed shortly after launch and I believe they just issued a patch to further address the issue.

      I am truly baffled at how overhyped the technical issues were for forbidden West because quite frankly I had almost no issues besides very occasional pop in. That and poses in photo mode early on had a slight motion blur. I had zero crashes and zero frame rate issues. I never got stuck in a wall and I never had a weird bug. One time an enemy was floating literally once. For a massive open-world triple A compared to the rest of the industry forbidden West was absolutely. On the other hand I did play Elden ring when it came out and that was a true technical embarrassment. The Witcher 3 years after release on PS4 Pro was still a technical disaster. Cyberpunk was quite literally virtually unplayable. But the lengths people went to criticize forbidden West truly is baffling unless I and all of my friends were just the lucky ones..

    • And it seems quite obvious to me that the quality of the common fan has diminished so greatly due in part to the increase in gamers from covid as well as the prevalence of social media and the mass quantity of propaganda penetrating people’s minds.

      It’s honestly sad that people fall into these narratives. I can’t blame the common know nothing fan for not knowing better but the problem is it seems so penetrated even the so-called hardcore’s and popular influencers.

      It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad that people absolutely eviscerate Sony for cross gen yet the competitor seems to get a free pass. What makes this even more appalling is the fact that Xbox has zero true next-gen exclusives and Playstation has about eight that have either released or are scheduled to release this year.

      Demon’s Souls
      Spiderman Remastered
      TLOU Remake
      Destruction All-Stars

      To make it even more impressive Sony can’t even produce PlayStation 5s while Microsoft is flooding the market with Xbox series s due to chip priority. Yet, the company that can’t even produce its next-gen console has eight times as many AAA next gen exclusives then the company that is flooding the market with their next gen hardware. But somehow people want to attack Sony and praise Microsoft. You can’t make this up. Somehow PlayStation is holding back next gen when they are the only one actually putting out next gen exclusives and actual games lol. The funnier part is that next year cross gen will largely be a thing of the past yet Xbox series s will continue to hold back this generation for the next 5 years. But yet again somehow PlayStation is the evil one. Literally PlayStation is the only publisher who has consistently supported next gen on console through Ray traced reflections, haptics, adaptive triggers, tempest 3D audio, cutting edge SSD implementation, Kraken, and so on. Nobody else has come close. Launch games at RT 60, three stunning AAAs with best in class console RT reflections, 3D audio support that goes beyond what anyone else is doing. Just play returnal and tell me it doesn’t.

      Everybody killed forbidden West for being cross-gen in large part because they said it wouldn’t have flying mounts LOL. The reality of the situation is forbidden West turned out to easily be the best looking game of all time on console. Great DualSense, 3D audio, SSD implementation, hero lighting, next gen foliage and water, etc. The most next-gen looking game on console was crossed gen. Miles Morales was cross gen in 2020 and it had Ray traced reflections at 60. Nobody puts more effort into the next gen iterations of cross-gen games than Sony. Nobody has done next-gen as well as Sony.

      And to make matters even more egregious these fools went berserk when forbidden West and God of War were announced as cross-gen but Sony literally cannot make ps5s it’s common sense that these games would have to be Cross gen. These are literally the biggest IP PlayStation has. Horizon, GT, God of War. It would be moronic to make Martyrs out of these games just so you don’t upset the vocal minority. How on Earth could you release forbidden West to an install base of less than 20 million when the first iteration sold over 20 million units as a new IP. You are going to sell the sequel to a game that sold 20 million copies to an install base of less than 20 million users think about that. You even had digital foundry and Colin Moriarty bashing Sony for this it’s absolutely disgraceful. PlayStation lied about generations and is holding back next gen somehow when they are quite literally the only ones pushing next gen and putting out next gen exclusives. The industry is filthy and the mass majority of fans are abhorrent and clueless.

    • Did people massacre Microsoft when Forza and Halo were cross gen? And to make matters worse none of those games even have real Ray tracing or any legitimate next-gen features whatsoever. Furthermore Halo is barely Xbox One quality in terms of visual fidelity. I just don’t understand why PlayStation fans are so pathetic and critical when they continue to receive incredible support from Sony through new exclusives and next-gen features. I have come to the conclusion this generation that PlayStation fans by and large are the worst in the industry and it’s not even close. Not every fan but the mass majority. Even the super fan boys like MBG simply just parrot headlines and even in there obvious overzealous fandom they still fall victim to these laughable narratives because they have no actual original thought they are simply a hollow shells, merely cardboard cutouts with no depth and no thought-provoking content yet legions of mouth breathing casuals not only support and follow these pretenders but they literally support them with funding just so they can be heard buy these Almighty bimbos through super chats LOL.

    • If anybody out there wants a real conversation with somebody who actually has a mind to think for themselves hit me up. I don’t care what headlines or million follower influencers say. I don’t care what Metacritic says. I don’t care what the common narrative is. I don’t care what the sales say. I acknowledge these things but not one of those things influences my opinion. I think for myself based on my own observation and experience. Unfortunately that’s not what most people seem to want. People seem to enjoy being part of something. They would prefer to not think for themselves and simply regurgitate whatever the popular headline or narrative is. They would rather listen to people who are popular because in their mind that justifies that person’s credibility and opinions. It’s a sad sad world.

      Like they say in fight club everything is a copy of a copy of a copy. Sad sad world.

    • All you need to do is search YouTube for Horizon Forbidden West bugs and glitches and you’ll find plenty. It’s not hard to find. It’s great you didn’t experience any issues, that doesn’t mean others didn’t. That said I don’t see why any of this is relevant, or was brought up by the OP.

  • has playstation ever though like a trade up system for the over 100 million ps4 owner that they want to go to ps5 where offer like a 100 off for ps5 if own a ps4 or even after 2 year low price a bit

  • I wanna no who in charge off ps5 accessories wanna see official game plates ps5 sony you missing out on this god of war horizon rachet spiderman last of us plates they sell really well no need limited edition console just do plates

  • PC Remastered

  • dont like last of us pt1 box art why it all ellie on front & only small joel not liking this

  • xbots was bashing sony for game trail when it a good idea & still think even playstation studio games should drop on subscription after a year keep the value up for ps plus & now xbox are copying game trial or demo so sony need to copy a gamepass feature or series x feature for ps5 & I would like to see films back on or even sony pictures films added on subscription

  • so xbox event over hype only good things was redfall & starfield don’t get how there community happy only with 2 big titles playstation have delivery a amazing console & great games from launch would like to see playstation more active & quiet for months & drop this ragnarok state of play we need this to get more hype for god of war & looking forward to nxt updates for ps5 & maybe fsr 2.0 on certain games & ue5

  • spongequaviusiii

    We as the community come together as one. We stand strong and uphold our decision.

    We want skate 3 on the new ps plus

    Get this trending so PlayStation listens

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