The Growing Future of The Last of Us

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The Growing Future of The Last of Us

The latest on the upcoming online experience, The Last of Us on HBO, and The Last of Us Part I.

Whether you’re here following our Summer Games Fest announcements or just catching up on the latest news from the studio, we’re excited to share what’s in store for the future of The Last of Us. Many of you have expressed how strongly The Last of Us series resonates with you, and we’re humbled by the community’s outpouring of passion and excitement towards the series’ growing and evolving world and characters.

We’re happy to share that The Last of Us Part II has sold through more than 10 million copies globally, as of this Spring. Knowing the support we have, our studio continues to see exciting, new avenues to introduce curious audiences and galvanize fans. With those opportunities in mind, let’s talk about the immense future of The Last of Us.

Standalone Multiplayer

It’s no secret that many of you are not only drawn to The Last of Us’ stories but also the game’s original Factions multiplayer. Since The Last of Us Factions’ release almost a decade ago, dedicated players have been vocal about an expansion upon that offering. 

However, we can finally announce that we’re creating something much larger than a mode. We’re thrilled to share a piece of concept art from our upcoming multiplayer experience, which is an extremely ambitious undertaking. We’re growing our studio significantly to ensure we build this full-scale, standalone game, with its massive scope and immense world, in a way that fans have come to expect from The Last of Us and Naughty Dog.

We aim to make our newest entry into multiplayer inviting to new players while still a thrilling challenge for more of our seasoned fans. There will be more news to come next year, and we cannot wait to introduce you to the team behind this new experience!

The Last of Us on HBO

From the onset, our original vision for The Last of Us’ story was cinematic and character driven, and HBO enthusiastically continued the spirit of that same vision to bring this story to TV screens worldwide. Helmed by Craig Mazin, Creator and Writer of Chernobyl, in tandem with Executive Producer Carolyn Strauss and Neil Druckmann, the incredible cast and crew strove to ensure a faithful retelling of the story and its intricately detailed world.

In the spirit of collaboration and authenticity, Neil has taken on the roles of Executive Producer and Writer and also directed a full episode. Bringing The Last of Us to life has been a deeply creative collaboration between our studio and HBO.

The worlds of video games and television continue to overlap as Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, Ellie and Joel’s in-game actors respectively, join the cast in major roles. We cannot wait to see them on-screen along with new and longtime fans of The Last of Us.

The Last of Us Part I

The Last of Us released almost a decade ago on the PlayStation 3 console, and it’s left an indelible mark on our studio. Joel and Ellie’s story continues to be powerfully evocative with players worldwide, and we’re humbled these characters continue to leave an impression. 

With leaps in technology and hardware that allow us to push the limits of the visual fidelity and interactivity, we’re thrilled to announce this complete remake of The Last of Us, releasing September 2, 2022 for the PlayStation 5 console and in development for PC. 

The Growing Future of The Last of Us

We’ve implemented modernized gameplay, improved controls, and expanded accessibility options in this single-player experience to allow even more individuals to enjoy the game. Effects, exploration, and combat have all been enhanced. Leveraging the PS5’s powerful hardware, we also implemented 3D Audio*, haptics, and adaptive triggers. Both returning fans and new players alike will have the opportunity to experience both The Last of Us Part I and its prequel story Left Behind in a whole new way. 

For this rebuild, Neil has passed the directorial baton to Game Director Matthew Gallant and Creative Director Shaun Escayg to bring this project to life. Matthew joined our studio a decade ago to work on The Last of Us and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. He rose to Lead Systems Designer on The Last of Us Part II and co-headed the charge for over 60 accessibility features. Shaun started as Lead Cinematic Animator on The Last of Us and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Shaun would later go on to become the Creative Director of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. With their deep creative and technical expertise with the series, they’re the perfect fit to helm this project, and you’ll be hearing even more about The Last of Us Part I from them soon.

Along with the trailer, we’re also pleased to announce that you may pre-order The Last of Us Part I for PS5 today at 4PM PT**. We partnered with PlayStation to develop multiple editions of the game: 

The Last of Us Part I Standard Edition ($69.99 USD MSRP/ $89.99 CAD MSRP/ €79.99 EUR MSRP/ ¥7,900 JPY MSRP).

The Last of Us Part I The Digital Deluxe ($79.99 USD MSRP/ $99.99 CAD MSRP/ €89.99 EUR MSRP/ ¥8,900 JPY MSRP) includes an early unlock of the following in-game items:

  • Increased Crafting Speed Skill 
  • Increased Healing Speed Skill 
  • 9mm Reload Speed Increase Upgrade  
  • Rifle Clip Capacity Increase Upgrade  
  • Explosive Arrows Gameplay Modifier 
  • Dither Punk Filter 
  • Speedrun Mode 
  • Six Weapon Skins: Black Gold 9mm Pistol, Silver Filigree 9mm Pistol, Rubber Tactical Shotgun, Sculpted Oak Shotgun, Arctic White Bow, Carbon Black Bow

If you pre-order** any edition of The Last of Us Part I for PS5, you’ll receive the following in-game items***:

  • Bonus Supplements to upgrade your skillset
  • Bonus Weapon Parts to upgrade your arsenal

We are looking forward to sharing even more over the coming months leading up to the release of The Last of Us Part I. Your love and passion for our games are truly inspiring, and we’re immensely proud to share this experience with you.

Endure and survive!


*3D Audio via built-in TV speakers or analog/USB stereo headphones. Set up required.

**Depending on your region, it may take some time for physical editions to appear. Please check with your chosen local retailer for listings and availability.

***Pre-order bonuses are not available in some regions. Please check with your chosen local retailer for availability.

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  • I will buy it again

    • Really? I was fine with a PS4 remaster since The Last of Us came at the end of the PS3 era. But a PS5 remake so soon? I love Naughty Dog, but this honestly seems so self-indulgent. They still have not released the multiplayer game, and still nothing about that new IP that their second team has been working on.

  • LOL No paid or free upgrade HAHAHAH Yeah. Gtfo here Sony HMU when its on sale for 20$.

  • Sooo where’s the upgrade path? I’m not buying this game for a 3rd time at full price.

    • It’s a full remake. It’s not an enhanced port like Tsushima or a remaster like Spider-Man. It’s basically being treated as a seperate game

    • It’s a remake, so it’s a different game, ergo the upgrade path doesn’t apply.

    • No, it’s not. It’s just a graphic upgrade. The game is the same, the audio files are the same, everything is the same. Only the graphics are different, nothing else = “remaster of a remaster…”

    • No, it’s not. Do you even read?
      “We’ve implemented modernized gameplay, improved controls, and expanded accessibility options” – even the trailer mentioned, it has the same gameplay of Last of Us Part II. It is not just a graphical update, it is a completely remade version of the first game in every way.

    • Does it have a new start new end and everything new in between?? No it has new controls and new graphics. Not worth the money for the third time

    • “We’ve implemented modernized gameplay, improved controls, and expanded accessibility options” – yeah, of couse they say that, but you will see no differene, maybe enemies will react differently etc. But nothing major changes, believe me…

    • I agree.. it feels more like a cash-grab trying to link it to the new TV show to get exposure and try to get people to buy the game again. It is one of my all time favorites, I was going to get an xbox but instead got a PS4 in part because of this game; but buying it again for 70$ feels like a ripoff. A lot of games get a free upgrade to the new console, charging 70 feels wrong somehow. Like others have mentioned, I’ll try to get it from gamestop or another retail store just to see the differences

  • New RTX GPUs from Nvidia can’t come soon enough. Can’t wait to experience this remake in its full glory on PC.

    • Will the Last of Us Part 1 remake include the original’s multiplayer? $69.99 for just the story is a bit much, to be honest

  • Super excited for The Last of Us Remake and show!

    I’m not a big multi-player gamer, but hearing that there is also a story element in this has me very intrigued by it now! Can’t wait to revisit the original this fall!

  • 70 dollars for the same 9 year old game but in a new engine with better graphics? Wtf

    • So the same as Demon’s Souls on PS5?

    • No its not the same as the demon’s souls remake for the following reason: demon’s souls was never ported to the ps4, the only way you were able to experince demon’s souls was by either getting a ps3 or emulating it, the last of us 1 on the other hand already have gotten a remaster to the ps4 that to this day looks quite good, i do not find any reason to remaster that game let alone have it sell for 70 whole dollars.

    • Don’t get me wrong, im all for a pc port of the game, as it has never been introduced to any console / system outside of the ps.
      If you really love tlou, then i get the hype, but as a person who like tlou but not to the level of buying it three times, this seems like a big pass to me, and so it seem to be the case to many people aswell.

    • So true Adam. Its weird the way people are getting so defensive about it and to you, a person that has to explain that they do love PlayStation, TLOU and have bought it twice already…….. and even when you explain in intricate detail why this 3rd version doesn’t need to exist……. they still don’t get it and have to make the usual excuses.

      I agree 100% with you. The ONLY positive thing I can take away from this and nobody else is talking about…… is that they waited very long to reveal it and its actually launching in less than 90 days, which is insane.

      Seriously, nobody is talking about that fact. It sure explains why we had to wait a whole 2 years since the launch of TLOU Part II to get any info on what they are working on. Even after the launch of Uncharted 4, 6 months later we got a gameplay reveal of Lost Legacy and a teaser of TLOU Part II. So I was starting to get worried because its the longest time in 20 years that ND have not told us what they are doing next.

      But at least they can get this out, hardly any of us hardcore fans will bother with it, even on PC lol, and then they can go full speed into whatever that other new game is that they are working on.

  • Does Playstation direct take paypal? If you use your credit card does it take funds right away if you preorder?

    • you pay full now.

      don’t preorder, easy.

      if your desperate for the limited thing then it is what it is. Pay up.

      Why people are so excited for this is beyond me. For new players fair enough you want a fancy ps5 game on your new ps5.

      I bought this on ps3, i bought the remaster on ps4, sold both and eventually bought it again digitally half off with an itch to replay before 2. Which i have physically.

      What exactly are we getting here that’s worth the cost of 70/90cad? with factions gutted out no less.

      I’ll spend that money on other games for my ps5, and get in line with the digital queue for this from the library. Just not worth the cost imo, for visuals in my opinion not really on ps5 level anyways.

      What’s next lou2 with faster loads, haptics, a few visual effects for 70/90 no upgrade path as well?

      give your core fans a break, i bought this game at launch on ps3.

    • People are excited for this because it’s gonna be the definitive way to play the game. I’ve sunken over 300 hours in TLOUII simply for how fun the gameplay is. I’ll happily pay for this game again but with the improved gameplay from the second game, and in my opinion it’s worth the money. I can see why you’re not into it as it’s essentially a near copy and paste with some more features though. Still bull that playstation games are costing 70 USD though, games need to stay at $60.

  • Drop that link for the pre-order my dudes! That steelbook will be mine…

  • $80 for remastering a 10 year old game again?? What kind of drug are you using Jimbo?!?!

    • *$70 – €80

    • Remake smh, please know the difference between remastered and remake

    • I know what is the difference, believe me dude…. It’s just a graphic upgrade. The game is the same, the audio/voice is the same, everything is the same. Only the graphics are different, nothing else = “remaster of a remaster…” This could have been done by making a native PS5 port of the original remaster plus adding texture pack / updating animations of the characters that’s it.

    • Agree. This isn’t even a remake. FF7 Remake (2020) was a remake (hence in the title). That game had comepletly NEW game mechanics. This is a re-remaster. It’s like making better shadows on the ps4 version and then adding fog on the ps5 version. I might get this but not at launch price.

    • Look at the perks for the preorder. Did you have explosive arrows in the first game you cry babies?

    • Oh, and I totally forgot about the multiplayer section… I bet it’ll be missing for that $70…

    • I just had to comment on one reply

      AlienBv86 what use is explosive arrows in a game where the enemy hunt by sounds? . In real life if you used one every clicker in about a mile or so would hear it and rush to eat you

  • LegoshiBeastMode

    Would still prefer a Days Gone 2 than a $70 remake.

    • Same. And PlayStation disgruntled Sony Bend, resulting in the 2 decade there director of Days Gone to leave………. for a basic TLOU reskin lol???

    • They are going for safe and easy cash here, trying to tie in the hbo show the majority of the playstation customers will never watch.

      which also appears to just be a retelling of the game instead of something new and more compelling.

      when it’s finished airing ill sign up for a month and catch up on hbo shows, but i’ll be skipping this game for $70/90cad.

      Frankly i’d skip days 2 as well, i want to see new ip.

    • I would love a Days Gone 2.

    • Same here, Days Gone 2 over The Last Of Us Milk fest.

  • we dont care about PS5 Sony, we are waiting for PC release as its cheaper and PC version will include features not available on PS5. 80€ on PS5, on PC its gonna be 40€ or “Free” cant wait for this to sell 400K copies on PC and Jimbo calling it success 😂

  • PS5 beta test first for 80€ , play definitive version on PC for free 🤣

  • Sorry for 3rd comment but have you guys noticed that after PC ports started Sony stopped releasing numbers on PS5 game sales? 😂 yeah everyone is waiting for pc port now good job Jimbo

    • When they ask for £70 a game (in the UK) I can understand why they don’t want to publish their sales stats. I guarantee if the price was £40 they would at least double their sales. But £70 it is, and there will be no admitting that they were wrong.

    • They are happy with their pc strategies, frankly they are a corporation and they are obviously making $$$$ to do this.

      Go pirate if that was your plan all a long.

      Having games available means you can play them, it’s not taking away unless you want to mental gymnastic your way unto feeling cheated buying on ps5 and pc getting it 1-3+ years later at full price.

      games drop in the first year by 50% typically or more.

      You are just off the mark. Do i care if someone pirates sony games years after i platinumed them, do i feel cheated playing games at launch i bought playstation for.

      Hardly. I saw and see the value as do majority of other #4thepayers of Sony.

      Just idiotic from people like you. Sony is making bank off first party and re investing back into their studios. The new revenue streams are helping this.

      Do you even have a ps5? i doubt it, and the crying about the pc a good gaming rig costs way more than ps5 even if you just buy a scalped 5. Which isn’t necessary btw there are a bunch in NA right now. My friend just got one yesterday.

      All these bitter people that don’t even have the 5.

    • Squibbley, no one publishes that data until much later when they can use it to hype. like the lou2 10 mill claim, how much of that was at 50% off for example. They will say rev or units shipped or sold it’s all the game.

      we don’t get concrete ndp on stuff anymore. everyone hides digital sales, so you might see nintendo physical on a game or just know a monthly charting.

      Your claim doesn’t really hold weight. EA absolutely released the post holiday units on fifa 22 for example #1 uk seller on ps5 at 70£ or higher.

      they just pick and choose what suits them, from all the platform holders to the big publishers.

      Keep up this is not new its been this way for many years now.

  • I’m not sure how I can be excited for this. Am I excited for factions 2 and the show, yes. I really like this series and I want a part III. I just don’t feel like this deserves 70$.

    • remastered is a cynical cash in, just wait for a deep discount or pass.

      i have both the games already myself, it’s certainly not essential at any price.

      The show has some potential with pedro.

  • Yeah im selling my PS5 and pirating it on PC. “only on playstation” lol. What a joke. I’ve lost all enthusiasm for this remake.

    • good riddance to you thief

    • @Skeetlejuice

      I would have gladly bought the game day one if it was PS5 only, but uncle Jim clearly wants us all to move to PC, so I will pirate it like he wants.

      He scammed us all with the fake “only on playstation” marketing, so now I will play their games for free. Equivalent exchange.

  • Full price for a 2nd remaster (this isn’t a full remake) of a game that isn’t even 10 years old?

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

    PlayStation/Naughty Dog doesn’t respect their consumers. No one asked for this.

    This is indefensible.

    And the factions MP or whatever its called isn’t coming out until 2023 at the earliest…

    Very disappointing.

  • Okay, so I am angry because this is what PLAYSTATION at the moment: We *diots buying our Playstation 5 consoles for what?? TO BUY YOUR GAMES AT A HIGHER PRICE (sometimes more than once)!!! From now on, PC users will get all games for cheap plus they can choose any resolution they want, any fps setting they want…. and MOD/ fan made language pack they want…. Are you out of your mind SONY?!? This is what you want with the Playstation brand, really???

    • Bro relax. Its not that serious, you will still be able to play the game no problem at launch including the collectors edition.

    • Also jim ryan said that PS exclusives will be coming to PC that is why they bought nixxes.

    • “PS exclusives” – what?!? :) There are no more exclusives bro. That’s what I’m talkin about. Ppl will buy games cheaper for PC instead (or they’ll pirate them). Jimbo is killing what his predecessors built, the whole Playstation brand… PS+ first, now this… no more exclusives, no more new IP’s only remakes, remakes, and remakes of remakes.. he give up everything for money backstabbing sony fans/PS owners what a joke…

    • @lacek84 your right. 100%. The only people on here that argue with you have no idea about PlayStation history. The current people in charge of the brand are running it into the ground.

    • people taking everything so personally.

      it’s a bit of a cynical cash in, so don’t buy it.

      But consider this, for new players and / or players with disabilities this is a really great option for them to enjoy the first game.

      I’m good with my digital copy of remastered on ps4 running on ps5.

      The accessibility stuff people need to be a lot more appreciative of for gamers that desperately hope for these things. Have a look at what is in lou2 for this and consider other people, even minority you normally ignore. They deserve a chance to enjoy these games too such as they can.

    • RIP PlayStation. PS1-PS4 & Vita will forever be remembered fondly. Now, time to boot up the PC…

  • Does the standard edition come with the prequel too?

  • Pay £70/$90 to play the beta test or wait 5 months and play the definitive edition for free on PC…..what a hard choice.

    Bye Bye PS5. Worthless console.

    • Well their pattern is 2 years for the pc release, so you enjoy pirating air while you wait my guy.

      entitled to not buy, not entitled to stealing and getting virtual high fives for having no morales.

      Take all that you can and leave nothing for the rest. gtfo

    • @Skeetlejuice Its obviously not going to take 2 years when they literally announce the PC version along side it. It’ll probably take like 6 months or so just like the Legacy of thieves collection, that is no time.

  • No upgrade path means no buy for me. I will not gonna pay for this game for the third time((

    • would dropping $10-20 off move the needle here?

      better off just waiting a year and buying half off etc.

      Honestly the good news is this is graphics to ps4 lou2 bump and accessibility features so it’s an easy skip for those happy with the existing versions we bought.

  • So you forgot the gamer who already own the remastered. I’m not buying a second remastered. Hopefully you add it PSplus or I’ll wait when it’s $20.

  • Incredibly excited for this remake on PS5! Factions MP & HBO series coming next year too!!! What a time to be a TLOU fan yay!!!!

  • $70 😂😂😂

  • £70 – £80… hahahahaha next joke!! Thanks but no thanks… I don’t really think this needed a remake!!

    • Maybe it’s not for people who have already played it, but there is an entire new generation of gamers since 2013 that have never experienced this master piece of a game. I’ll probably opt for a physical collectors edition if there is one.

    • @Amnalehu That’s why they should offer a cheap upgrade for people who already have the PS4 version. When Sony’s greed has gotten so bad so fast you’re begging for them to go back to their previous level of greed. Yuck!

  • Will the Last of Us Part 1 remake include the original’s multiplayer? $69.99 for just the story is a bit much, to be honest

  • I would very much like some information on the Firefly edition for Canada. It would be quite disappointing if this was a US only release. I would like buy this, from a legitimate retailer and not eBay.

    • likely will go to gamestop

      this is usually what happens if we get it, with steel books of games at best buy etc.

      Just have a look at the big 4 on a regular basis. gamestop, bestbuy, amazon and walmart. Walmart generally though is bad for collectors stuff.

      you might wish to call gs in a day or two.

  • The Part 1 remake looks great. I’ll definitely pick it up eventually, but for some reason I was expecting this to be a collection of both parts 1 and 2. It will be kind of odd when Part 1 has better graphics, faster loading, full Dualsense support, and other PS5 exclusive features, while Part 2 will still be an enhanced PS4 title. Obviously Part 2 didn’t need a remake, but a native PS5 port would have at least brought parity between the two.

    • Part two would have been nice to get the haptics patch. The loading too, but with these games once you are loaded in it is reasonable.

      If they just do what they did with uncharted ps5 id just leave it with the 60fps which is a big jump for feel.

      it’s looking like neither will happen, ps5 edition or haptics for 2.

  • Much like the lazy Ghost of Tsushima PS5 port that was 30 quid too expensive of an upgrade, the same applies here (absolute no buy from me that is).

    Except with this release you are wasting resources, time and talent on a barebones visual/skin enhancement on a game we all already bought twice. Why? TLOU Part II, a last gen game, looks better than this.

    How about this Jim and Hermen, I won’t be buying this, EVER, on PS5 or PC………. EVER.

    Check my PSN name right here, you know I’m a huge PlayStation fan so that tells you all you need to know.

    You are destroying the once great PlayStation brand and I won’t be supporting this kind of games industry talent wasting practice.

    • This waste of resources to milk a franchise rather deliver on the future is what upsets me the most.

    • I didn’t buy that either… 30fps cutscenes what a joke man…

    • I didn’t buy that either… 30fps cutscenes what a joke man…

    • This andrewsqual clown is writing the same nonsense in every blog fir over a year now. Educate yourself, you armchair developer, Naughty Dod has multiple teams working on different projects, they’re not wasting any talent or resources whule the new IP is in preproduction…

    • This gen, Sony is “for the payers”.

      I am honestly thinking that the ps5 generation is now almost a lost cause. A u-turn, at this stage, is now very unlikely. Maybe when the ps6 launches (when Microsoft have taken the lion’s share of the market) things might turn around.

      I don’t understand why companies think that changing a winning formula is a good idea.

    • @AlienBv86 lol if you think that new ip is coming before 2026.

    • Huge PlayStation fan here been with them since 1998 over 5k trophies hundreds of games PS5 day one and I’m leaving now thanks to the PC focus I don’t care about this brand anymore hope you enjoy the PC fans Sony understand I pay you the same amount 100 PC players are worth a year but not anymore good bye

  • Awesome. Great to finally be able to play and plat the original game without the useless tacked-on multiplayer mode. I’ll gladly pay $80 to finally be able to play the game without useless extra modes that have no reason to exist.

    Very disappointing, however, to see studio time and resources wasted on another dumb multiplayer thing, would be much better spent devoted to making a real game and not some dumb multiplayer nonsense.


    Just wondering if the original fractions comes with the remake.

  • Look forward to it!

  • Really excited for this:)

  • traitors

    Only On PlayStation


    • new tagline

      “Also on Playstation”

      greatness waits

      for the payers

      Pay has no limits


      Stock has no limits

      it’s whatever, enjoy the games or don’t

  • If it’s paid multiplayer whether you’ll take the P and charge for PS+ multiplayer on PS5 and make it free on PC.

    • well they will require plus on playstation full stop.

      i want to play destiny 2 or sf5 on ps5 with my brother on pc, i have to have plus.

      So what do you think is going to happen here? requiring pc players for sony games to have plus?

      i doubt that. But we will see.

  • Again with all this hatred for Sony releasing first-party games on PC after a year or so. I personally always thought “Only on Playstation” meant “Not on Xbox or Nintendo”. It never occurred to me that I should also have included PC in that sentiment. I mean…isn’t PC all about homebrew alpha test garbage, Fortnight and some cancelled first-party Xbox games? I say we throw PC users a bone and let them play the good stuff.

    • Excel can be pretty fun on PC as well. Us PC gamers have to do with what we have.

      I also recommend Minesweeper & Pinball 95. Great PC games.

    • @BlastThyName

      My boss thinks Excel is my favourite game at work but it’s actually Solitaire…lol…

  • Great, a remake of a remaster of a game that still holds up. Just what we needed… yay

    • That’s the thing it’s just gratuitous.

      new players and accessibility for disabilities.

      a cross promo for the show, brand etc getting new players from those hbo captures with crossover.

      And the rabid hardcore fans.

      Think of it this way, you saved yourself $70 for some mild disappointment.

      if i want to play this i can boot it up right now.

  • I don’t see the point of rereleasing this game. You wanted to introduce the serie to PC? Why not work on something new instead of reworking on old games?

  • Can’t see me buying this at that price just to play and finish the same story I finished like 5 times again for a 6th no way. The shiny textures are nothing new. I’ll save my 70 for a new game with a new story like The Callisto Protocol.

  • Uff ! Ahh ! It just hurts so much 😭 i love you Sony PlayStation 😔 even though it’s clearly one-sided 😣

  • Is the Firefly Edition already sold out?

  • so wot sony plan now last of us pt 2 directors cut nxt another 70 & maybe factions 2 with game

  • So will The Last of Us Part I include the original version of Factions multiplayer?

    • Given that they are working on a separate multiplayer game, I seriously doubt it. In fact, I would be very surprised if that were the case.

    • No, that would decrease the value of this for new comers and confuse them on the title screen.

  • A remaster of an 8 year old game, that was itself a remaster of the 9-year-old original. And for 70 bucks?

    The PS3 original was one of the best looking games of that generation, and the remaster (which is playable on the PS5) is already stunning. No Playstation console owner really asked for this, since it’s already been played and replayed for close to a decade…

    Was there really nothing else new that this money could have funded? We could have lived without this, but the PC port on the other hand is actually reaching a new audience hungry for PS blockbusters.

    • This sort of project is low resource, quick turn around and high profit.

      not really the case of missing out on something more like just passing on something. You can get this for a tenner i think still on sale and if not it goes on half off with regularity.

      Not the AAA ND lou2 team on this, they are obviously working on that multiplayer live service last of us i will also be passing on.

  • TLOU is one of my favourite games of all time.

    That said, calling this a remake is stretching it, and charging €80 is just taking the pi$$, when everybody knows you won’t charge a cent over €60 on PC.

    And then you make it even worse with your ridiculous editions and pre-order bonuses – count me out, you greedy barstewards.

    • It will not be cheaper on Steam. The PC market is ready for 70€ games.

    • It’s really disappointing. Sony have lost the plot. Pay to win is the cherry on top of the manure sandwich.

    • The editions for single player games are for rubes.

      The game is all that matters so taking it personally that people buy into that garbage is a waste.

      Does any of that stuff matter? if you play games for the game part i’m just happy they aren’t carving the actual game up.

      pc has price parity for quite some time now in NA for titles. They charge the premium price on steam gog epic etc.

      i stopped with the strategy guides, steelbooks, chachkis for game stuff in the mid 2000’s every time you pay more than the base ed you are taking cash from the next game.

      they know that that’s why we even see dual entitlement copies for $10 more now among the rest of garbage. You also never get a fair price taking complete versions with those editions either. Just a running scam.

      all the fomo stuff, then the game every year edition next year, followed by 50-75% majority of gsme. theres just no need to preorder or get special editions.

      unless your one of those $300+ limited ed scalper degenerates

    • Love the word spelling play lol. And I wholeheartedly agree.

  • To be honest, I don’t see a significant difference regarding the remake. Might play it when it’s free in PS+ in a few years and I forget the plot a bit but not earlier.
    Especially that I presume you’ll keep the fake-survival gameplay that made me mad so many times in both parts (like enemies shooting loads of bullets but when stealth-killed after a load game, maybe 2-4 on them even on lower difficulty setting).

  • Sony you need to counter microsoft event ragnarok state of play keep the pressure on them & do a big showcase in september

    • they have plus full launch monday with full game list, not just the partial they revealed. you know the day after the xbox event.

      They don’t need your “help”.

      Obviously know what to do. For all the anger in here over $70 part 1, i doubt xbox has anything anywhere near as good as this game to show, 2nd remaster and all. Xbox would be desperate to show this.

      They don’t need to show Rag, we all know it’s happening.

    • They don’t need to do anything. E3 has been a sad state of affairs since Sony left it years ago.

      Come this time next week, there will still be people like me that never jumped on Xbox AND the people that left Xbox on 21st May 2013 after that disastrous console reveal…….. and we/they will still be saying, “you didn’t show anything that makes me need to own an Xbox now or in 3 years time”.

      It has never happened yet so what makes this year any different. Xbox usually suicide their own shows anyway, building up “gameplay” for something and then its an in-engine trailer with zero raw gameplay.

  • No factions multiplayer for a full priced game? Upgrade path? Where is the creativity PlayStation is known for?

  • AmericanSamurai1

    Think I’ll wait in a price drop, already own it on PS3 and PS4. Sony don’t be so greedy.

  • Please release the firefly edition in Europe, it’s unfair to make this edition only available in the USA

  • So far, this generation of PlayStation has been really disappointing. This remaster just adds to the disappointment.

    It’s all about the money this gen. There’s clearly no passion for gaming or originality at the top of Sony. It’s all about the £$s.

    £70 for games that are no more complex than anything made in the last 2 gens. They’re not bad, but a 40% price hike over ps4 games? 40%! No thanks.

    “Exclusives” launch on pc, and when they do they are half the price of the PlayStation launch price.

    Money is being poured into developing mobile and online battle royale clones, and at the same time the PlayStation 5 gets remasters of ps3 games.

    Sony had a winning formula – affordable console and affordable games. Exclusive games that tempted in the masses. The ps5 console is still affordable, but the games are a rip off. And the games are no longer Exclusive. Goodbye, winning formula.

    I have owned every PlayStation since ps1 and have never been so disappointed in the direction of the brand.

    Ever since control moved to the US and Jim Ryan things have been heading downhill fast. It’s like the company is on self distruct.

    The ps4 formula worked well. It made Sony a tonne of money. But apparently it wasn’t enough.

    Greed will be the undoing of this PlayStation generation.

    Sony (under Jim Ryan):
    “For the payers”

    • It is seriously sad ngl. It makes me want to cry knowing that those PC pirates can defile this masterpiece. Really disappointed.

    • Well said. Don’t forget: they shutdown Japan Studio this gen too.

      PlayStation have lost their identity.

    • @metaquadrax and @zanfear I really appreciate your replies (thought I might just get flamed for being a miserable git!).
      It really is sad, and disappointing.
      I could be wrong but i think that the closure of Japan studio and the merging of the blogs both stem from internal power struggles that have led Sony PlayStation to where it is today (in a mess).
      I remain hopeful that the bottom line will convince the board that they are heading in the wrong direction.
      How long that will take us anyone’s guess.
      It will happen eventually. Hopefully it won’t be too late.

    • I already made my choice that I will support Sony the bare minimum. Sad because this gen seemed so promising but they only care about the cod audience now.

    • Totally agreed, as I said before…

    • Yep actually hate the direction they have taken got my PS5 day one and feel embarrassed to have done so my friends are yet to buy one and I cannot say they should get one at all.They have failed us big time it’s sad but I’m done now this is too far

    • I can hardly recall a single day in recent months without grumbling about Jim Ryan XD
      I miss the old management. Had all PS consoles so far but currently skipping PS5. I’m a bit interested in getting PS VR 2 but even that needs also games that will make wanna buy it and for now I don’t see any to my liking.

    • 100% agree. Their greed is why I moved to PC. Games are so much cheaper (most of the time) and you don’t have to pay to play online or pay for their proprietary hardware and be locked into their system

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