Day of the Devs 2022 — indie highlights coming to PlayStation

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Day of the Devs 2022 — indie highlights coming to PlayStation

Learn more about Time Flies, Animal Well, Naiad, Time Flies, and Escape Academy.

Ten years ago, I helped co-found Day of the Devs alongside my good pals at Double Fine and iam8bit. The aim was to create a festival for games that put developers at the forefront, spotlighting the most unique, creative, and artistic indie games we could find from around the globe. It’s a celebration of what games can be and the creators behind them.

Since then, we’ve helped promote over 500 titles through both our tentpole free public event in San Francisco as well as our digital showcases, including standouts from last year such as Death’s Door, Toem, and Axiom Verge 2. Today we’re back with our latest crop of games for Day of the Devs: Summer Game Fest Edition. It’s another incredible lineup of games of all shapes and sizes. Here’s a look at some of the highlights coming to PlayStation.


Time Flies

Day of the Devs 2022 — indie highlights coming to PlayStation

This whimsical game is part open world and part flight simulator – and you play it as a fly! You are provided with a bucket list that you can complete before you die. But the life of a fly is short – and the list is long! Go ahead and learn an instrument, become rich, read a book, go on tour, find yourself, get drunk, make someone laugh or enter the art world! And if you don’t feel like pursuing your life goals, just hang, clean your wings and watch television. Make the best of the time you have! Because we are all going to die.

– Michael Frei & Raphael Munoz, Playables

Release Date: 2023 | Developer: Playables | PS4, PS5



Day of the Devs 2022 — indie highlights coming to PlayStation

Immerse yourself in a relaxing, minimalist and colorful exploration adventure. Flow with Naiad across a mysterious river and interact with its fauna and flora to discover little secrets. Enjoy a wholesome experience with a dreamy and original visual style. Learn to swim like a duck, dive like a fish, dash like a frog and meet other adorable friends like butterflies, rabbits, turtles, snakes, and crocodiles!. Help them find their way and avoid obstacles. A journey in 16 episodes that will take you through beautiful and strange places like a deep forest, a dark cave, a joyful creek, a calm lake, and more… until you reach the sea.

A very personal and unique game created with love by a solo dev.

– Elwin, HiWarp

Release Date: October 1, 2022 | Developer: HiWarp | PS4, PS5


Animal Well 

It can be tough to talk about a game filled with secrets to uncover without spoiling some of the surprise. Animal Well is, on its surface, a puzzle platformer exploration game, but that description belies the deeper mysteries lying within. Some puzzles will be straightforward. Others a little harder to find. And yet others may not even seem like puzzles at first glance—or may take a community of players to solve.

– Billy Basso, Solo Developer, Shared Memory

Release Date: Late 2022 or early 2023 | Publisher: Shared Memory | PS5


Escape Academy 

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to Escape Academy, an educational institution dedicated to the art of Escape. As a promising new student at the Academy, you will train under our spirited faculty to become the ultimate Escapist. Begin your lesson in single-player or bring a friend! Escape Academy is entirely playable through two player cooperative play, in local or online splitscreen. In between lessons, don’t forget to explore the campus of Escape Academy and meet the colorful cast of characters, each an expert in the art of Escape, and some with secrets yet to be uncovered… Do you have what it takes to complete a series of feverishly designed challenges that are surprising, delightful, and quite often lethal?  There’s only one way to find out! Play over a dozen hand crafted escape rooms created by the real life escape room designers at Coin Crew Games when the Semester begins July 14 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

– Wyatt Bushnell, Co-founder, Coin Crew Games

Release Date: July 14, 2022 | Publisher: iam8bit | PS4, PS5

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  • Can you make hollow knight 2 available on playstation?

    • It will be, just wait a few months. Also, hollow Knight was one of the more overrated indie games of last generation.

    • Every other indie game that comes out is a metroidvania are you really devoid of metroidvanias?

  • Who’s you?

  • These games all look really interesting, and I’m eagerly waiting on Escape Academy myself, but it’s clear PlayStation has missed big on indie hits for quite some time now. Games that have become critical darlings and fan favorites as well as part of the pop culture, but debuted on other systems first, having come to Playstation only months or years late, if they come at all. I want a bigger push for indie games, in fact I was expecting news on Neon White or Hollow Knight Silksong for Playstation, but it seems I’ll have to keep waiting.

    • And there it is what I meant: Silksong just made an appearance on the MS conference and will be free on GP day one. Also, it’s coming to all other consoles except Playstation.

  • I really enjoyed the Day of the Devs showcase, and I’m looking forward to a lot of the titles shown. Animal Well in particular has me very intrigued, so I added it to my wishlist and am keeping an eye on it, as well as the other cool games shown off today! Good times!

  • Silenattacker123

    I can’t believe there was nothing for God of war Ragnarok or Hogwarts Legacy at state of play or even Summer game pretty much all the games I want this year I’ve gotten really dates except 2 games God of war Ragnarok and Hogwarts legacy

  • Hi,
    I have a very simple suggestion, that I think will be beneficial for players and PlayStation : please increase the wishlist limit on PSN, from 100 items to at least 1000.
    There are many games releasing, big and small, and a wishlist is a simple feature to keep track of games you are interested in purchasing.
    I will post this comment on every blog post until it is implemented.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  • Where is a little devil inside? 🤨

    • Huh! I had forgotten all about it, given that it hasn’t been mentioned again since October’s State Of Play 8 months ago.

      You’re absolutely right, @balluthebot. Where is it, Sony?

  • summer game fest was disappointing e3 is better let’s see if Microsoft announce any exclusive games only have 2 since launch but they still won’t reach sony quality triple a story driven games

  • Let’s see if you can actually hold on to second/third party exclusivity for once with something like FF7R, unlike all the others games you had the capability of doing so with on previous generations that actually made people buy into your ecosystem. You could always actually acquire SE, but you are too busy moving towards live service games and delaying PS5 game development in favour of PC development. Could have had GOWR, SM2, IF4, U5, LOU3, GR3, BP-IP, and many more on PS5 given we are coming up on two years since launch if you didn’t waste the development team time with it. Not like it matters for me, given PC costs can simply be offset through cracked versions. Kinda sad to say this, but wish Sony would just become defunct at this point.

    Replies are not monitored.

  • What about Time Flies? I don’t think you mentioned it.

  • So, let me get this straight. The Persona series that made its name on PlayStation platform with its gamers support, and one of the ever-decreasing reasons to even own PlayStation platform anymore, isn’t getting a release of 4/5 before a platform where Japanese games don’t even sell well? Have you really fallen this far? You have such a terrible relationship with your home countries developers and publishers you can’t even get the series that made it’s name on the platform with Sony’s support? First Yakuza, then Persona. What will you even have left at this point. What a shocking decline.

    Replies are not monitored.

  • spongequaviusiii

    We as the community come together as one. We stand strong and uphold our decision.

    We want skate 3 on the new ps plus

    Get this trending so PlayStation listens

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