State of Play brings new game reveals, sneak peeks, and updates this Thursday

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State of Play brings new game reveals, sneak peeks, and updates this Thursday

Tune in live at 3pm PT for nearly 30 minutes of trailers and announcements 

State of Play brings new game reveals, sneak peeks, and updates this Thursday

It’s been more than two months since our last State of Play – who’s ready for a new one? Tune in live next Thursday, June 2 for nearly 30 minutes of announcements and updates from the world of PlayStation.

We’ll have some exciting reveals from our third-party partners, plus a sneak peek at several games in development for PlayStation VR2. Watch over at Twitch or on YouTube starting 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern / 12:00am CET.

See you next week!

Regarding Co-streaming and Video-On-Demand (VOD)

Please note that this broadcast may include copyrighted content (e.g. licensed music) that PlayStation does not control. We welcome and celebrate our amazing co-streamers and creators, but licensing agreements outside our control could interfere with co-streams or VOD archives of this broadcast. If you’re planning to save this broadcast as a VOD to create recap videos, or to repost clips or segments from the show, we advise omitting any copyrighted music.

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  • Megaman Legends 3.

    • if we speak it into existence it’s bound to happen right

    • This is odd. Sony is sitting on so many games but it makes sense since they can’t produce the actual console they are played on. I really thought God of war was going to be 2022. I guess the Big show is coming in September but this is a bit confusing and what it means for God of war. Unless God of war will get its own state of play may be in July?

    • Hey PlayStation.
      People want to play the higher frame rate NTSC PS1 Classics.
      Some would rather have the language difference.
      The ideal solution would be to have 30hz on the Classic game, even going 60hz.

      That’s ideally. Realistically, you probably won’t put that much effort to recode each game. So just include BOTH PAL and NTSC versions.
      That’s VERY easy to appeal to everyone without going overboard for the frame rate.

      You can still easily add and include FSR without the emulator, many emulator have higher resolution and frame rate boost. PS can do the same here, either first party or FSR.
      This feature to upscale is clearly lacking.

      If you are Remastering a PS1 game (The Legend of Dragoon for me) I’ll pay and buy it day 1 and buy it for everyone I know.

    • You’re gonna have to ask Capcom for Mega Man Legends 3.

    • The fact that Sony hasn’t bothered even a cursory achievement update for some PS1 games everyone would buy speaks volumes about how unwilling to make money in an intelligent way Sony really is. :D

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    • CommandingTiger,
      Exactly! I can’t imagine Sony would make the exact same mistakes that they’ve made with the PlayStation Classic, and run these games are an awful PAL 50Hz mode. I certainly won’t buy a single game that runs in PAL mode. And I won’t consider moving to a higher tier on Plus either.

  • Really, midnight? I guess I’ll check the news in the morning.

    • It’s always midnight somewhere. 5pm Central seems to be a reasonable time.

    • It’s literally between 11pm-1am in all of Europe

      What were they thinking

    • Im not staying up, thats for sure

    • I wish it were midnight… I go to bed in the AM and wake up late into PM. Anyway the broadcast will be viewable whenever you have time. It’s not like you, I, or anyone else HAS to watch this when it airs. 2 cents

  • An hour earlier would have been nice but I’m very excited for what may come.
    Looking forward to the PSVR2 games.

  • Let´s Go. The champion´s here

  • long over due state of play buy no showcase better than nothing let’s go playstation we need info wot out rest of 2022 like ragnarok ffx16 forspoken Gotham knights & anything else sony has hidden in the pipeline

  • Bloodborne to PS5 please, and also GrimGrimmoire Once More localization!

  • Please at least give times in UTC. Very happy about the PSVR2 news 🤤

  • Enough of this. When are you going to show us God of War and what your other studios are working on? It’s clear this show is going to be third parties, indies, and some VR games. We want to know what PlayStation themselves have for us.

  • The only thing I want is a Sly COOPER or a Ratchet and Clank VR!!

  • Can’t wait for PSVR2! Farpoint 2 please!

  • The_0neAbove_AIl

    Where my free avatars for days of play?

  • Let us play our entire digital Playstation library on ps4 & ps5.

    And a new handheld.

    • Your referring to PS1/PS2/PSP/Vita/PS3 I assume. Yeah that would be nice to know that is the plan for the future even if not happening soon.

    • If they did that, how would they get subs to their absurdly terrible new service?

  • Nada sobre god of war Ragnarok es una pena que sony aún esté en el silencio con este proyecto

  • I really hope that we get backwards compatibility to be confirmed! It’s too late to buy a PSVR now really so the only way I’d be able to play the last gen games would be on this new headset. PLEASE DON’T DISAPPOINT 😭

    • PSVR games are already running on PS5… You shouldn’t worry about that, you’ll be able to play them in PSVR2.

    • PSVR games BC on the PSVR2 headset would be a great announcement!

    • @lukalumenus The tech is so different that’s not a given. Not without software patches to games and that will need the devs to want to carry out that work. Could be a system api change but anything that uses the dualsense wont work that easily and location tracking and buttons for the moves don’t naturally map.
      Hope at least that the main titles get a significant patch though. And a PS5/PSVR2 Dreams update would be sweet.

    • As if any of those games are remotely interesting.

    • I do not expect backward compatibility with the new headset. Very little chance of that happening. Keep your old headset and you will be happy. I plan on moving my old headset back to my PS4 Pro which is still setup beside my PS5.

  • I expect more information about Stray, now that PlaystationSize revealed its record had been updated with a release date, and crossing my fingers on a cat-acter creator so I can play with my own cat.

  • So ready for PSVR2!
    I’ll have all the stores websites ready and open in case they drop the pre-order :)

  • Nice, hoping for a soon Stray release date.
    Also some unannounced games for THIS SUMMER release, late 2022 and early 2023.
    Lastly FINALLY the release date in 2022 for GoW:R.

    Bonus I hope to see PSVR2 at $399 or less.

    • Someone captured a Ragnorok merch listing that seemed to suggest September I think it was.

      A mic drop final frame of the stream showing date and price for PSVR2 would be awesome.

  • Hoping to see some Atlus titles, although doubt it. It would also be cool to see more information on Playstation Plus’s revamp.

  • 30 mins? Sony E3 Press conferences…. You will be sorely missed.

    • Right? At this point its just getting embarrassing. Just a week later, Microsoft will blow them out of the water…

    • HAHAHA. Xbox have never blown anyone out the water with their multiplatform E3 shows. Why would this year be any different???

      Remember when train wreck Cyberpunk was their biggest game…. at what 3 E3 events? Remember when Back4Blood being on game pass day one was the biggest thing from E3 last year? The biggest thing that game got was a crowbcat Youtube video, breaking down exactly why it is horrendous.

      Take a reality check.

    • So Sony announced one decent game and all the sudden they’re mind blowing for some reason.

    • They aren’t doing the old format, neither is nintendo, is xbox lol? no.

      Why people have all these expectations is beyond me. The nintendo method after they were laughed out of e3 of just showing games coming in summer or holiday, aka heres the first you hear / see games and you will be able to buy them in a few months for me is better for everyone. not this heres the same games for 2-3 e3s sony and microsoft would do every june.

      nintendo has dropped what metroid 4 and breath sequel, everything else has pretty much been on point. I dislike most of nintendo’s business tactics, but the announce and release strategy is good.

      The fabled E3s of yesteryear boiled down to a few games anyways with filler, smoke and mirrors and a lot of b tier third party etc. The spectacle and the all at once dump with the head to heads is what you are nostalgic for.

      For me on any platform the question is always the same, what good games are there this year?

  • God of war ragnarok please

    • oppa_arby_style

      That’s not happening in this State of Play. Only Third-party and PSVR2 games will be announced.

    • God of war ragnarok is way too big for them to announce more info about it on a State of play but I am sure they will give us more info this summer

    • They already announced it. It’s been announced, LOL.

  • Just give me God of War

  • Will the show be in 4K yet? It makes no sense to watch it live when seconds after it ends the trailers are uploaded in 4K. I’d rather see new reveals in 4K for the first time!

  • It’s late for me (1 a.m local time ) but I will try to watch it

  • beardedpenguin17

    For 2 years now you are saying you have new 1st party on the lineup, yet you keep not showing them. The dissatisfaction at that point is huge. After so many years, you have become boring.

    • Exactly! Nothing interesting is being done by Sony ever since Ryan took over…. From being super exiting to super boring

  • I wonder when Sony is going to remember they have all of those genuinely good franchises like inFamous and Killzone that they never use. Oh boy, another cookie cutter Ratchet and Clank game coming up!

    • Ratchet is one of their best IP but Ratchet’s developer is currently busy with Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine.

    • A new Infamous game is coming. Same with Sly Cooper.

    • I’ll believe it when I see it. Oh, and no, Ratchet and Clank has been stagnant for years upon years in evolving.

    • Well we got HZD and now HFW from Guerrilla with Hulst getting a massive promotion on that and a big part of why we have sales on psn every week, versus the bs in the past.

      sucker punch delivered a great late launch game in second son that still holds up especially visually. Given the support to take huge amount of time on GoT a very likely franchise with a true ps5 sequel inbound.

      Both teams extremely successful and delivering sales that Sony needed and prestige for the platform.

      Rumour is a second team is working on killzone or KZ adjacent for ps5 i would expect a live service with their stated initiatives.

      Infamous i wouldn’t hold your breath on.

      Every comment on every post from you is critical/ antagonist or contrarian often all three.

      Maybe play other stuff than criticize the best in class family game on the platform. People forget that just because you are 18-45 male shooster violence gamer that other games for other demographics have merit, you don’t like the, don’t buy them it’s simple.

      For my 9 year old son, Astro bot, Ratchet, Hot wheels unleashed all made his experience on ps5, we got the miles upgrade from ps4 pro which was great.

      I have very little interest in ratchet, but it is top tier for those that like what it does. Btw he also likes knack/2 sackboy and other games people sh it on, i like them as well. sack boy and knack 2 have great 2 player.

      Always these kinds of comments, don’t make game x, make my game y regardless of how it makes poor business sense forgetting all the rest i said.

    • like really you complain about stale Ratchet, Killzone is the stalest also ran fps brand from Sony as it is. Shadoe fall did nothing for me beyond visuals launch week of ps4.

      But Ratchet is the problem, are you high look at the last two games, the ps4 given for free with hzd during covid.

      They cannot give away Shadow fall even in sale for $5

      If you are gonna bleat for a Sony fps at least winge for Resistance you know the actually good series.

    • Love to see you try to argue against Resistance.

  • Sony I mean it you first tease ragnarok 2020 & got delay which we no why covid & santa monica decision then we had ragnarok trailer which ps5 Community was hype now we had devs teasing who work on game saying it coming out Jim ryan & herman ragnarok need to be at state of play gameplay & realise date or I am buying a series x

    • go then

      they don’t care about hollow blog grandstanding.


      They don’t need to do anything other than what they feel makes sense business wise. They haven’t misled anyone.

      All the real GOW 2018 fans and outlets journos etc knew the game was years out when they showed the teaser at ps5 reveal event. It was just a confirmation for fans it’s happening next.

      What more do you want? the gameplay they showed and the accessibility features show they are on track, It’s happening holiday or winter that much is clear and nothing has happened to change pre black friday release. The time frame the big 3 always try to hit for max dollars.

      the fact you have a kratos avatar and are in here crying like this is embarrassing.

      What are you gonna play on Series X this year? just games pass and back catalogue.

      Be real my guy. Fans of the series want them to deliver it fully finished with all the stuff they wanted to get in it. Not rushed for a bunch of fraud hype gamers anyways.

      Theres more games than anyone can play these days, it’s not a crisis if something slips a few months. A lot of you complaining won’t even buy at launch anyways.

  • was disappointed only 30 mins but better than nothing hype for June & ps plus extra let’s go playstation

  • Im glad sony is going first, Microsoft is gonna show ya’ll how its done. Please stop with these super weak state of plays? Why cant we go back to E3 , gamescom , TGS , paris games week and a plystation experience? With the E3 being the big 1,5 hours all out games maddnes like it should be? These state of plays are pointless and nobody likes or wants them or get hyped about these. For the love of god Sony get your stuff together.

    • Oh? You must not have got the memo… Xbox has NOTHING for 2022. Starfield and RedFall both got delayed to 2023. Xbox’s 2022 releases are *nothing*. 🤣

    • “Microsoft is gonna show ya’ll how its done.”

      Xbots have LITERALLY been saying that every single month the past 10 years now. Wait, Wait WAIT, WAIIITTTTTT. Keep on waiting, keep on saying that you cannot wait to keep on waiting for new games.

      The ironic thing is, Xbots are actually saying to us “just you wait till Microsoft xyz”, when you lot are ironically doing all the waiting.. yet WE are playing PS5 ray tracing games since the day PS5 launched.

    • LOL, ray tracing. Ahh, you have no idea how minimal a difference it makes you biased dolt.

    • @sidthekid

      you outed yourself with this.

      Clearly you have no ps5, the rt performance modes in ps5 games have been very good.

      You are obviously a 720p yotube video guy that intentionally just looks at rt shadows etc.

      Minimal is in the eye of the beholder, Digital foundry puts it out there and so far PS5 offers value on it. Is it an omnipresent feature with settings cranked up like a $4k gaming rig, no but it makes a difference.

      And amusingly Ratchet which you also slagged off on here is a good example of how to use it for a 2021 ps5 game.

      Why are you even on the blog, i feel like you are not even a playstation customer at this point, or just a base ps4 troll with no games and a troll bison avatar. Which suits you.

  • No…Knack 3, no deal, PlayStation!

    Give us a teaser or something about the little guy.

  • Sony should of never announced God of War Ragnarok back in 2020. All they had was a logo reveal, followed by a 2021 release. If you have nothing to show, it’s better to show nothing at all. Fans wouldn’t be fiending for more info from Sony as much, like a meth addict needing that next hit. The last trailer we got in September of last year should of been the first ever confirmation of the game’s existence.

    It still is weird that it’s been 8 months since the gameplay trailer and SSM still haven’t dropped any info yet for a game that’s supposedly coming out this year. Anyone waiting for any info on Raganrok’s release in this State of Play should most likely get ready to be disappointed. State of Play’s tend to be…well for the most part boring and underwhelming, unless it’s a gameplay showcase of Sony’s first party games.

    • True……. yet God of War Ragnorok will very likely be launching before Fable, State of Decay 3 (development hell, trouble at 3 year owned Xbox studio), Avowed, Perfect Dark (development hell) and every other 100% outsourced CG trailer game that Xbox showed BEFORE GOW R.

      You think PlayStation announces games too soon?

    • It was a business move to inspire confidence in the game of the year winning sequel coming next. Anyone with a brain knew it was going to be in development longer than that.

      As a fan of the series i am not sad about it, they could have cut the game down shoved that out, but do even the causals really want that.

      It is similar to when nintendo showed metroid 4 logo after switch launch to do the exact same thing except that went completely sideways for them.

      I tell my 9 year old son not to be too disappointed about his favourite game breath of the wild and the sequel he is desperate for being pushed.

      I told him he will have to wait years for the next one after that, what really matters is they do everything they are trying to do and have the time to make it great.

      Gow2 isn’t pushing that kind of years but the point remains. Just make it good and i will buy it when it’s ready. period.

      Lots of other games, also GoW2 looks set for this year, and if it slips it will be winter not the worst.

      Lou2 slipped as did ghosts lost of games are having cycles that are in flux. getting bent out if shape is fruitless.

      The game companies are corporations so when things aren’t adding up it’s usually that hidden business considerations driving things.

      State of plays like directs are pushing their business goals, like directs or they wouldn’t do them. Maybe core gamer hype on the blog isn’t their focus, on a console that remains in very constrained supply.

  • NinjaRemoteplay

    I’m ready

  • Can’t wait for 3 of June

  • Keep your expectations VERY LOW, it’s just a state of play.

    • The very second ever State of Play back in May 2019 showcased the re-reveal of FFVII Remake and nobody saw it coming, cementing the showcases as possibly being a big deal going forward.

      Just a State of Play?

    • That was one time.

    • @sidthekid

      consummate hater

      i have to ask, with this level if vitriol why go on state of blog posts, or even imply you watch state of plays.

      It’s clear you don’t watch, just skim recaps and are here to be that guy.

      If you are so cynical about Sony and their games why don’t you mosey on my guy.

      You add nothing constructive. Why waste your time on the blog if your not invested in the actual current platforms and games.

  • oldschoolgamerV

    I am hoping that final fantasy seven remade Part two
    I want to see the game play

    • The very second ever State of Play back in May 2019 showcased the re-reveal of FFVII Remake and nobody saw it coming.

      So anything is possible.

    • it’s too early is the thing, Sony have 16 and forspoken on the dock.

      maybe after 16 launch the following fiscal year.

    • Square Enix not Sony (obviously)

  • 😡 Give Me God of War 😡

  • So excited to see what will be shown!

  • PS PLUS JUNE 2022 I hope u will continue give us three games, 1 PS5 and 2 PS4

  • PS PLUS Extra Malaysia has 210 games ihope you will bring in EU 400 , so that option greatness awaits will wait you come on sony i know u can do better , please every month PS PLUS Essential 3 games per month and PS PLUS Extra 5 or 7 games per month, we also need 120 games per year would be amazing, dont you think sony! Have a nice day sony.

  • Very excited to see what’s going to be shown. 👍🏼

  • lmMisterMeeseeks

    You do guys understand that ” third parties ” can mean … hogwarts legacy release date 🐥👀

    • Umm, yuck.

    • See sid that is the real bigoted attitude, yours. You weren’t going to buy or play anyways. Just like the other games you mention.

      Hogwarts looks like an excellent family friendly adventure/ roleplaying game. Without being forced into some predatory live service.

      It has nothing to do with twitter warriors or identity politics.

      Full hater @themsidthekid

  • I ♥ U PS™

  • Sony 3 things

    1. Resolve abandoned
    2. MGS Remake, please make it happen
    3. Carry on the amazing work 👍🏼

    • MGS already has a remake and it’s utterly fantastic, thank you.

    • Sid really the GC twin snakes.

      Hardly “utterly fantastic” and doesn’t help Playstation fans much less Nintendo ones.

      How can I say that about the game because i had it back then on gamecube, it was good certainly a step up from the bleemcast disc for mgs on dreamcast which was also good.

      What are you the johnny come lately emulation pirate spewing hyperbole, trying to “own” someone hoping for a valid cool thing. Something that lazy Konami would do no less.

      #fraudgamer i bet you didn’t even finish it on gc, this is just a never played “gotcha” moment. I finished it that’s why i am calling you out. yet again.

  • “Third-party partners” means “Kojima” to me.

  • Any chance you could look into fixing Fallout 4 for the Ps5 platform one issue is that you can’t use grenades or thrown weapons it hinders combat and you can’t explode thier pockets also certain dialogues are lost if you could look into these minor issues it would make the game a lot better thank you.
    Sony is better than Microsoft

  • Very nice, but I would prefer a big PlayStation event. I hope we will have a PlayStation experience or showcase soon.

  • Sony only has cod for nxt 3 games think or 3 years before microsoft lock it down to there platform which think they will sony bring back resistance killzone & socom to counter microsoft & plz bring back silent hill & metal gear 2 big triple a ip titles

  • guys sony & Square spoil us forspoken but not lot people hype for this game I buying day one & game using fsr 2.0 that a good think should hit 4k & higher fps?? & ffx16 day 1 purchase sony & square if you seeing this how bout 60 fps patch ffx

  • Hopefully Sony will show off more PS1 Classics emulation on the PS4, PS5. This will hopefully also show that they are NOT going to use PAL 50Hz RELEASES in NTSC regions. There is absolutely no reason why a PS1 game should run at 25fps, or less, in 2022. It needs to be NTSC/60Hz, if they want people to take their services seriously. I really hope they will learn from their mistakes with the PlayStation Classic (Mini).

  • Right in june eh?…I have only 1 thing to say…damn I miss E3.

  • This will be my first SOP as a PS5 owner! (coming from PC). Can’t wait, although would be nice if the blog included an “add to calendar” link. 😎

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