DreamsCom returns starting May 26

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DreamsCom returns starting May 26

The in-game Media Molecule event puts the Dreams Community front and center from May 26 to June 12.

Hey there! Tom from Media Molecule here, who’s very happy to announce the return of Dreams’ annual virtual exhibition show: DreamsCom. An event that puts the Dreams Community front and center, giving everyone in the Dreamiverse a chance to showcase who they are in Dreams from game developers to music makers to streamers to film makers and everything in between.

DreamsCom ‘22 opens its doors this summer, and as I type this the team are hard at work designing this year’s show. Of course, an incredibly important part of DreamsCom is the community booths and showcases. So today, we’re excited to kick-start the creation phase for anyone and everyone to get involved in. We’ll go into a bit more detail of what’s different this year, but if you can’t wait to dive in, head to our website to get started.

The creation phase for this year’s DreamsCom runs from May 26, 2022 – June 12, 2022. Creators will be able to submit their booths and game demos via indreams.me starting from May 26.

Not familiar with what DreamsCom is? Check out a few of the screenshots below of last year’s show to get a taste of what it’s all about.

Last year’s DreamsCom images

Last year’s DreamsCom images

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we’ve had over the last two years of DreamsCom is that the booth templates we give our creators aren’t as adaptable as they could be. For DreamsCom ‘22, we’re offering a few different options for folk to remix and play around with.

This year you can choose from:

  • Booth – The more general DreamsCom booth from previous years.
  • Stand – A smaller template for creators, perfect for smaller teasers or for filmmakers and streamers to promote their work.
  • Listening Booth – A dedicated audio booth, giving the music makers of Dreams a chance to showcase their latest track.

Booth template image

Listening booth image

Stand template image

We’re confident these new templates will open up DreamsCom to even more community folk, filling out this year’s showfloor like never before. Of course, if you have any questions at all about DreamsCom and the creation phase of this year’s event, please let us know on social media or in our livestreams.

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  • I’m going to promote my game coming out called “Ye Olde Opposite Daye” and I hope it will be popular with people who like my other games and I can’t wait to see what everyone else will make and walk around the show floor and see the booths and stalls and listening stations can’t wait cool see you there bye bye can’t wait

  • Dreams is an excellent game and an incredible technical achievement. I believe it could be very successful commercially if the following was done:
    • Port it to PC and PS5.
    • Allow users to monetize their creations; Sony can collect a percentage of each sale.
    • Games should be available for sale in both Dreams and standalone on PS Store.
    • Ownership of Dreams should not be required to purchase or play standalone titles; only to create and play MM created content.
    • On PC, standalone titles should be sellable on Steam/Epic directly ideally, but a Dreams store/launcher would suffice.
    • Each title would display a “Made with Dreams” screen at startup.

    People have already created a ton of incredible things in Dreams. Just imagine if there was an incentive added and the creations were available to a broader audience.

    I know this would be challenging, but Sony and the talented team at Media Molecule can certainly figure it out. They have already created what is essentially the world’s most accessible and user friendly game engine. It would be a big shame to let it die.

    • You are “dreaming” too much… lol

    • Agreed, its an absolutely amazing creation/game tool.

      But I agree this needs updating for ps5 and it needs to be out on pc 110% and it should be a platform to sell games.

    • I agree. I also think it should be a free game that comes pre-installed in every PS5. There also needs to be a better way to share content.

  • Remember when the devs of this game said the full release would have multiplayer. Then the full game came out with no multiplayer.

    Then it’s been like 3 years and still no multiplayer ?

    This has been one of the worst purchases for me friend group. We bought in early because it was discounted when In early access with the promise of multiplayer creations being possible months later. Here we are years later and it was a waste of $20.

    • New games and music and animation out every day, and the creators are only getting better… for $20. That’s not too bad. Also, it has multiplayer. I think you’re talking about online multiplayer, seems hard to implement, just give it time. But yeah, play my games in Dreams and you’ll change your tune

  • PS5 update when??

  • Please please Please Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring Dreams to PC

  • NinjaRemoteplay


  • I’ve said it before, but this really needs to be free for everyone on PS+ or the PS Collection.
    They can monetize it a different way. But getting it into everyone’s hands would really help this game from dying a slow death.
    Fall Guys just realized that same thing, and they’re going free to play for everyone. Follow their lead. ;)

  • This game needs a PC port ASAP

  • We really need a PS5 version of Dreams.

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