First details on No Man’s Sky’s Leviathan Expedition update, live today

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First details on No Man’s Sky’s Leviathan Expedition update, live today

The latest season goes a bit roguelike and promises huge living freighters as a reward.

Hello! It’s been an absolute joy for us to see our No Man’s Sky PlayStation community embrace their inner space pirate and prove their worthiness in space-combat as they took on The Blight as part of last month’s Outlaws update and expedition. Today we’re pleased to unveil our 7th expedition – Leviathan. And this one’s a little different

First details on No Man’s Sky’s Leviathan Expedition update, live today

Survival is front and centre for Expedition 7 as Travellers are challenged with escaping from a mysterious time-loop curse. Not even Nada and Polo know the cause of this temporal abnormality, but all the clues indicate a link to a great space creature, The Leviathan.

Unlike previous expeditions, and in a roguelike style, death never seems that far away. With each death some individual progress is reset, but each attempt counts towards Specialist Polo’s research into the time-loop and brings liberation ever closer. 

Moreover every incarnation presents another opportunity to contribute to Polo’s efforts with a procedurally-generated loadout, the quality of which increases as the community effort builds.

Will the collective might of the No Man’s Sky Travellers succeed in helping Polo restore the space-time balance, lifting the curse and restoring peace with the Leviathan? 

We like to think that No Man’s Sky expeditions are characteristically generous in their rewards and the Leviathan expedition is no exception. The Whalestalker Cloak, a mini Organic Frigate for your base and a Temporal Starship Trail to name but a few other trinkets you may pick up along the way. And the ultimate reward for your efforts? An awe-inspiring organic frigate to add to your frigate fleet.

We’ve really enjoyed putting this expedition together and are excited at the prospect of thousands of PlayStation Travellers working as an inter-galactic team to free themselves from the continuum… even if they do have to die a bunch of times to achieve it!

The Leviathan Expedition begins today and will run for approximately six weeks. Our journey continues.

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