Fall Guys coming to PS5, going free for all, getting new modes, and more

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Fall Guys coming to PS5, going free for all, getting new modes, and more

Mediatonic is excited to announce that Fall Guys will be free to download on PS4 and PS5 from June 21.

That’s right, Fall Guys is going free for all and cross-play starting June 21, with a new PS5 version that enhances the bean-stumbling action. 

But before we dig deeper into what’s new, let’s take a look back on where we started… Can you believe that we launched Fall Guys all the way back in August 2020? A lot has happened in those two years, including some amazing collaborations and huge game-changing updates. I think Squads Mode has been the single biggest improvement to the game so far—it just felt like such a completely fresh way to play with a party without having to constantly drop out because someone from the dev team got eliminated in Round 1 again (not going to name any names here). It’s just such a great feeling to share the joy of a win with all your friends watching along!

Hitting the one year anniversary of Fall Guys’ launch was a really special moment. To have anyone take interest in our silly obstacle course bean game in the first place was an incredible honour, but to have a dedicated, passionate community celebrate a year of achievements in Fall Guys  is something else entirely. Development’s never smooth sailing but I’m incredibly proud of how the team has sustained and improved the game since the launch.

Fall Guys coming to PS5, going free for all, getting new modes, and more

No PlayStation Plus membership required for online play.

Well, what’s new?

How long have you got? We have so many new features, obstacles, Rounds and more being added to Fall Guys in this new Season.

My personal favourite new in-game addition is Blast Balls for sure! As a design team we were looking for new ways to make final Rounds that give players more agency to go after each other and make some clever strategic plays. Blast Balls achieve that while still staying true to the core of Fall Guys—they’re funny, grounded in physics and perfect for creating highlight worthy clips.

We also have some incredible new Rounds being added, one being Hex-a-Ring. It’s basically a version of Hex-a-Gone that is being played on a rotating tube, you have to keep moving through layers of tiles while not falling off the rotating floor and not falling down into the slime! I’d be lying if I said a lot of our team were good at this Round, but I can’t wait to see the community highlights when they get to try it out.

With some absolutely wild collaborations lined up, we really can’t wait for everyone to dig in and try it for themselves! For more news and teasers on upcoming collaborations, keep an eye out on our social channels.

I couldn’t possibly spill the beans on ALL the new features in the upcoming season but I’m very excited to let you know some of the awesome PS5 technical features coming up.


Now a look at the technical details

We’re really excited to bring some awesome features to Fall Guys for PS5 players.

First of all, we’re really happy to say that we’ll be utilising enhanced physics and native 4K asset handling which means… Fall Guys will be hitting 60FPS at 4k on PS5 starting June 21. This is a huge deal for us—just imagine every colourful costume stumbling along in 4k resolution—so beantacular!

Our Tonicteam has been trying out some fun stuff with the DualSense wireless controller’s haptics to add to the game further down the line. Dan Parkes (one of our audio engineers) added this lovely feature where the controller starts to vibrate as you get closer to the Crown. It’s subtle but it really adds to the tension as you reach the final few meters of Fall Mountain and Lost Temple.

We’ve also been working on Direct Access for Fall Guys on PS5, which essentially links certain parts of the Fall Guys menu to fast tasks. This means that you’ll be able to jump straight to Main Show, Duos, Trios, and Squad modes from the launch menu. But don’t worry. You won’t start falling into a match until you confirm you want to load into matchmaking.

Rewards galore

As a thank you to all of our amazing Fall Guys players, anyone who’s downloaded and played Fall Guys before June 21 will be eligible for some iconic rewards. We don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but a little Pegwin told me that it includes a certain Veggie Dog and Fiesty Dwarf costume…

We’re also running a pre-registration campaign where we hope to unlock some very cool rewards with the community, for more information on Free for All pre-registration, check out @FallGuysGame on Twitter.

It’s been a wild ride, but I’m so excited to see so many new players entering the Blunderdome for the launch of Fall Guys: Free for all on June 21.

To everyone that has enjoyed Fall Guys us along the way, thank you so much. Seeing how much the community has grown and supported the game has been so rewarding, this has been a huge labour of love and we’re all really looking forward to sharing our silly bean game with the rest of the world.

See you in the Blunderdome!

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  • Any chance the party limit will be raised?

    • You ever ran into a party of 2000 crown professional streamers? It’s brutal.
      We don’t need bigger squads. Lol

    • I was talking about when playing with your friends you can only have 4 in a party

  • “No PlayStation Plus membership required for online play.”

    Thanks a lot :D

    • Word. I’m hoping everyone gives this game a try. No excuses now.
      It’s the only game that every person in our family has played. Adults, teenagers and the youngsters.

    • This is because Xbox live

  • AmazingCass_2019

    I wish the PS Blog was allowed a little more wiggle room for mentioning other platforms, as the cross-play feature only gets one mention in the opening sentence lol. As it happens Fall Guys is also launching on Xbox (One/One S/One X/Series S/Series X) and Nintendo Switch on the same day. And it will feature not only full cross-play across all available platforms at that time, but also cross-progression – meaning you can pickup and play the same account on you PS5 or Switch or whatever. For a game like this, those things are both HUGE additions that can dramatically increase the player pool, and increase engagement with players with more than one device in their home.

    • Cross play and game moving to other platforms is one thing but the BIG question is, is this going to be cross-platform? I would love to be able to create a party with friends who are playing on different devices.

    • Don’t get me wrong. I know all that info and it’s great. I can play with the few I know with different places to play.

      But why’d they want to encourage playing on other platforms? Also there’s no rule on not mentioning that it will have cross progression and such on other platforms. Pretty sure the rule is not to encourage going to another platform. So the idea is not to mention them and it’s all good.

      Would be bad business if they were to be like it’s on Xbox and Nintendo same day as PS5!! Lol.

    • This will utilise the Epic login, so you’ll be able to create cross-platform parties in the same way that Rocket League does it

    • There’s no need for that BS,after all this is the PS Blog…it’s enough to have shameless Sony announcing pc crap here.Cross-play and cross-platform are the only words we need here.

    • Thank GOD for the PC releases that are superior in every way.

    • Beware-The-Yeti

      So good that you can maybe play Fall Guys at over 120fps with a mouse and keyboard sitting 2ft away from the screen at ultra high resolutions.

      Meanwhile lowly me can play only at at 60fps sitting in my lazyboy chair 10ft away from my large screen tv in comfort with just a press of a button……I am so envious of you I just have to go over to Steam’s comment section to let everybody know how relaxing and inferior things are.🙄

  • As a late comer to this game, it’s been definitely a trial and error! But I love this game! I like the different trial games to play. I am able to practice the slime city in slime scrapers so I can get better at them. But best of all I love Sweet Thieves! The most fun game I have ever played.

    • Welcome to the party! As an OG player from day 1, I can’t imagine how hard it is to get up to speed now with all the levels. You have my sympathy. Lol
      And best of luck!

  • Oh yeh free !!!!

  • Awesome🤟🏽

  • This is my number one game of the pandemic. Our entire family has been playing it since day 1, taking turns.
    Over 800 crowns later and it’s still a ton of fun. The only platinum trophy I was ever truly stoked to get, after hundreds of hours trying.
    I suppose all of this explains why they put all the beta testers on ice. Still bummed we didn’t get to help out with any of these new levels though…

  • Is fall guys going to be added in Nintendo switch and Xbox

  • I wonder how many people will add to the game in terms of going free on PS cuz I reckon most people got it when it was free on Plus.Just wanna say though that I’ve been wanting to try the game for quite some time now and I finally took the plunge 2 weeks ago and damn the game is fun,oughta be one of the most fun games out there…brilliant idea,brilliant design.I really hope the playerbase and the support keep going strong for years to come.

  • The_0neAbove_AIl

    This is awesome news to hear to release every platform is coming.

  • super duper excited.

  • So good

  • Yessssssssssss 😍
    So Good

    I Can not wait to play 😘

  • will the people that paid for the game be getting their money back?

  • I really don’t get why this can’t run at 1440 on a PS4 Pro, I mean seriously. Well no PS Plus required anymore is always great.

  • I’d love Fall Guys to have split screen two player online as well – both myself and my partner could join a match without one always waiting and handing the controller over.
    This should be possible on a PS5 for sure!

  • godlike-zunshen

    i like

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