Make bizarre movies funny in RiffTrax: The Game

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Make bizarre movies funny in RiffTrax: The Game

Wide Right Interactive reveals the wonderfully awful films included in their upcoming party game, out May 5.

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  • I think we need more games with lots of comedy, I’ll keep an eye on this one.

  • Online or couch?

  • Will there also be clips from movies such as Miami Connection, Star Raiders, Time Chasers, and Space Mutiny? I am hoping that we get one where we can come up with a ridiculously bad name for Dave Ryder a la mst3k/rifftrax live.

  • I’m not too familiar with Rifftrax, but I love What the Dub and am definitely picking this one up.

    • Thanks so much! We aimed to take everything good about What the Dub?! and make it great in RiffTrax. More movies, two game modes, remote play, cross play, etc. Hope you enjoy it!

    • You gotta check ’em out, man. They’ve got a bunch of free content up on their YouTube channel.

  • Now this sounds like my kind of party game. I am 100% on board.

  • Jim Dirschberger? The co-creator of Sanjay and Craig? I loved that show! He even responded to my e-mails back when it was running.

    • Yep, the one and only. Making games is awesome but I really miss Sanjay’s cast and crew. Good folks.

  • NinjaRemoteplay

    we need more games like this

  • Does this have online play? I bought What The Dub but I don’t have anyone to play it (definitely not more than two players) with as it’s not online.

    • It does. You actually have a few options:

      Local play – We added an AI player (Riff Bot) so now two player games include voting and scoring. It really helps fill out the game when you can’t get a big group together.

      Remote play – Once you share or recieve a room code, you can join straight from your console. No streaming or screenshare needed. You can even add more players locally too. So you and a friend playing local could join me and my friends. Supports up to six remote players. The remote play supports cross-platform play and has built in voice chat.

      If you’re looking for a game, we highly suggest joining our discord. We’ll be hosting players and games there. Check the Wide Right Games website for a link (not sure if I can post that here).

  • I’ve been watching a few of your movies, Breaker! Breaker! was hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing.

    I’ve watched Dinosaur, Supersonic Man and Astro Zombies.

    I’d love to see more recent movies done in RiffTrax, maybe a Guyver (live action) one.

    • Astro Zombie is a favorite of mine. We plan to add more clips with the free updates I mentioned above. There’s about 15 years of RiffTrax movies to get through so no shortage of films to choose from!

    • OMG Wing! I saw in your comment mentioning Breaker! Breaker! and had to immediately go on Vudu and see if they had it and they do! So I got it.

      My mom watched all those classic Chuck Norris movies when I was young and Breaker! Breaker! and Lone Wolf McQuade are the 2 best Chuck movies ever in my opinion.

  • Will the initial price on PS Store be the same as the $9.99 on Steam?

    • Yep. All platforms will also have a 10% launch discount for the first week. (the PlayStation Store discount is limited to PS+ members).

  • Sadly, I actually saw “The boy in the plastic bubble” when it first released. I didn’t realize until now that the older boy in the bubble was Travolta! Looking forward to playing with this gem with the family this weekend!

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