A first look at free Eldest Souls expansion Depths of the Forgotten

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A first look at free Eldest Souls expansion Depths of the Forgotten

Delve deep and find the hidden secrets within.

Eldest Souls is a critically-acclaimed soulslike action-RPG available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Today we’re releasing the major expansion, Depths of the Forgotten, which adds approximately 30% more content and even more brutally-challenging bosses all for free. Packed with a heap of content you’ll discover new locations, bosses and weapons in addition to finding new lore about the history of this world.

You are mankind’s only hope, together with your greatsword of pure Obsydian, you are tasked to take on the Old Gods, who have unleashed a great desolation upon the world as a final act of vengeance.

A first look at free Eldest Souls expansion Depths of the Forgotten

New Zones to Explore

With the Depths of the Forgotten expansion, it’s possible to explore what’s behind the door in the Enchanted Forest. As the name suggests, you will be descending far below the Citadel to new and undiscovered areas using a mysterious elevator. These unexplored locations are home to some of the toughest bosses you’re yet to face. Are you up to the challenge?

The Rejected Daughter

The first of three new bosses is a monstrous outcome of mixing human and godly genes into a single being. The Rejected Daughter was Eksyll’s failed hope of a worthy heir. Instead of putting the creature out of her misery, Eksyl decided to keep her locked away, deep within the depths, and the years have not been kind…

Zylad, Lord of Steel

Zylad, Lord of Steel, is a result of his battle-strewn past. Zylad was always a fierce adversary, but thanks to Eksyll’s enhancements, soon gained powers akin to Godhood. Leading the legions that invaded the Citadel, Zylad’s newfound strength caused him to act above his station, eventually leading to his discharge and imprisonment within the Depths.

The Rotten Crown

The corpulent King Otto swore he would not perish alongside his crumbling Kingdom, and sacrificed a great deal to a winged saviour for the gift of eternal salvation. Unfortunately for His Majesty, the supposed Saviour didn’t feel like parting ways with his new Royal play-thing and instead locked him away for his own twisted amusement.

Orenai the Watcher

As you journey through the Forgotten Depths you’ll meet a mysterious creature guarding the elevator. This is Orenai the Watcher, a new NPC, and although reluctant to share information he will help you on your journey.

New weapons unlocks

Working your way through these areas you’ll find a selection of brand new, unlockable weapons that provide significant buffs and debuffs. For example, ‘The Executioner’ will greatly increase your damage output but it will come at the cost of reduced movement and defense. Choose wisely and unlock all four of them.

Empire’s Wrath

Finally, there’s a new shard which provides even more options to your already strong arsenal to take on the various bosses. We won’t spoil what you need to do to obtain this but we can guarantee it’s something you’ll want if you intend to succeed.

The positive reaction and support from the community to Eldest Souls, our first game, has been overwhelming. As a small team of friends who dropped out of university to pursue their dream this has meant a lot to us. All this new content is our way of saying a big “thank you” to everyone who has played it. We hope all new and old Eldest Souls fans will enjoy it! 

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