Share of the Week: Elden Ring

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Share of the Week: Elden Ring

Moments captured from the plains of Limgrave to the Mountaintops of the Giants

Last week we asked to rise as Tarnished and take on the dangerous realms of Elden Ring using #PSshare #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights:  

JorgePSshare shares their helmeted character taking a break by a flame.

pannn03 shares a collection of masks and stone.

M_Joe_Hort shares a hulking building on the move.

RB_SKKN shares a serene portrait of Renna.

ClausSanAndreas shares a portrait of the knight Blaidd.

ZacheryyyEduard shares their Tarnished approaching a boss.

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THEME: Elden Ring – Bosses
SUBMIT BY: 11:59 PM PT on April 20, 2022

Next week, take on Elden Ring’s most challenging foes. Share moments in the midst of boss battles big and small using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured. 

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  • That first o e and the last one are really good.

    The last one puts into perspective how big these bosses can be.

    • I know at least one of these is a cutscene I’m wondering if all of them are or did people turn off the HUD? Because this game in real time is hideous. Another one of the pics is not quite a cutscene but it’s not quite real time. The shot where you’re sitting at the site of Grace. If they wanted nice shots of a Souls like have a contest for mortal shell that game is vastly superior looking and made by a team of 20.

    • None of these are cutscenes. How do you not know what photo mode is?

      LOL Hideous? Comparing this to Mortal Shell holy hell what are you smoking? I only ask because I want to avoid it badly.

    • (yes I know they don’t have “official” photo mode, but you can turn the hud off at any time. complicated, I know)

    • @tylerdurdan I guess you can teach people taste. Including

  • Great pics. None from a certain someone but not surprising given how he hated on the game in the comments section last week.

    • I didn’t even bother entering any because the game is so average looking and when I was playing there was no photo mode. I’m not keen on taking non photo mode pictures of an ugly game.

      Pretty disappointing to see two weeks in a row now. Did the game get a photo mode? And I don’t feel bad pointing out the overwhelming flaws in a game that is so wildly overhyped to the point where nobody will even admit blatant issues. There needs to be some balance.

    • Man I never comment but who is the clown “iamtylerdurdan” ?

      And what is up with comment that makes sense above

    • Someone couldn’t git gud.

      $5 says he’s overlooking all the invisible walls with giant pop up messages, glitchy animations and hit/collision detection, broken world design, and everything else in Horizon: Forbidden West just fine though.

    • @DarkMantis Tyler is a fanboy who does nothing but try to derail every post that isn’t about some PlayStation exclusive. Constantly bashing any other game and bringing up Xbox when there is no need to. Guy is mad insecure.

  • 2 minutes of gameplay would have more effect because it would show how awful the game runs. 2 minutes is plenty of time for extreme popping and frame rate stutter.

  • is playstation aware since ps5 had allm mode which is good it lock out all options to change picture & audio volume on tv need a update where you can toggle on & off like vrr when it finally drop on ps5

  • What the hell are you talking about?

  • Nice to see a game with such a reasonable UK launch price do so well.

  • Given all his comments here I’m guessing this guy pirated the PC version and thinks how it runs on mom and dad’s PC is normal

  • I hope they lower the prices soon

  • Talking absolute nonsense that nobody can underhand.

  • Woohoo spoilers

  • How do you become part of share of the week??

  • This is cool but could y’all have someone who actually played the game write the captions? Or do like 10 minutes of research to get the information correct? It makes it look like you have someone who doesn’t even care about the game writing about it.

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