Share of the Week – Returnal: Ascension

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Share of the Week – Returnal: Ascension

These shares came straight from the Tower of Sisyphus.

Last week we asked to journey back to Atropos to share epic moments from Returnal: Ascension using #PSshare #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights:  

TheNanoWarrior shares a daring leap around fiery beams.

mellydarkeyes shares Selene joined by a fellow Selene in co-op.

MdeavorVP shares the daunting Tower of Sisyphus.

JRPyznar shares Selene in front of a massive blue orb.

QuellaTsundere shares a moment of calm in the dust.

RyanSkursky shares Selene rushing into action.

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THEME: Elden Ring
SUBMIT BY: 11:59 PM PT on April 13, 2022

Next week, take on the journey of Elden Ring. Rise as Tarnished and share your most challenging or haunting moments using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured.

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  • Proud to represent the best game of 2021 regardless of platform with my blue orb pic. It’s not my favorite pic that I entered but I will definitely take it.

    And I will say it’s pretty shameful the lack of attention people have given this game especially considering it just received a massive new expansion completely free and it’s one of the few true next-gen exclusives.

    People cried about difficulty and Elden Ring is going to sell 30 million copies. Speaking of that game, how in the world is this share of the week going to look with a bad looking PS4 game that has no photo mode LOL.

    • I’m afraid it all comes down to the next-gen pricing. $70 for a roguelike shooter is a stiff ask, even if it’s a fantastic game. And I have loved everything Housemarque has made in the past.
      But I’m still waiting for a price drop.
      And of course, it would help if everyone could actually buy a PS5 that wants one. Until then, next-gen exclusives will suffer.

  • Wow, what a game…

  • Bought this game and play this game to this day! Tower of Sisyphus is so addictive. Would love it if you guys could add more trophies to the Tower. Like new goals to reach in it. Still, I make at least 2 or 3 runs every time I turn on my PS5. Got over 200 hours playing this game and counting lol.

  • Sony & playstation people on you tube saying god of war ragnarok is last cross gen game this a good thing sure ps4 was a great system but compare to ps5 in a whole different category this need to happen now focus on make as many ps5 consoles as as can & keep them quality triple a games coming & online & re vamp playstation plus & course 1440p & vrr

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