Nobody Saves the World coming to PS5 & PS4, along with local co-op

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Nobody Saves the World coming to PS5 & PS4, along with local co-op

The form-changing dungeon-delving action-RPG arrives on PlayStation April 14.

Surprise! Nobody Saves the World’s release is days away, and everyone at Drinkbox is thrilled for you to play our wild, wacky take on action-RPGs. If you’re not familiar with the game then sit back, close your eyes, and let me paint you a picture… (…you may need someone to read this to you if you’re actually closing your eyes).

The Calamity spreads its corruption across the land, and the world turns to the legendary wizard Nostramagus to save them… only he’s nowhere to be found. So you, the hollow-eyed Nobody, steal his magic wand and set out to defeat the Calamity yourself.

Nobody Saves the World coming to PS5 & PS4, along with local co-op

What follows is a silly, sprawling action-RPG full of weird characters, bizarre dungeons, and wild quests. With the power of the wand, you’ll unlock and swap between over 15 forms — everything from a Guard or Ranger, to a Horse, Bodybuilder or Dragon. You’ll journey through a crashed UFO one moment, and an overgrown rotten pumpkin the next. There’s always a new form, quest, or dungeon to discover right around the corner.

Combine powers to create the ultimate form

As your forms become stronger, they gain ever more abilities, all of which can be mixed-and-matched with other forms. Want to create a Horse that shoots arrows like a Ranger? How about a Bodybuilder that breathes Dragon fire? You can do all that and more — and you’ll need to invent increasingly powerful and clever combos to overcome the Calamity threat.

Nobodies save the world

You don’t have to do it alone, either. You and a friend can save the world together, either online or right next to each other in the brand-new local co-op. Two players at once literally doubles your form-swapping, ability-combining potential, unleashing a whole new level of creativity and overpowered combos.

We hope you have a blast with Nobody Saves the World when it launches on PS4 and PS5 on April 14.

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    • I did not mean any comments, wb?

    • Basically just expect any indie game with gamepass exclusivity to come to PlayStation a few months later. Got to love these 3-month windows. That Stalker 2 energy!

  • Welcome back!! April 14th mark your calendars. Oh and Sony? Maybe don’t buy any huge AAA development studios during that week so we can give Drinkbox the industry attention they deserved the first time they launched NStW 😅 …with the exception of making Drinkbox first party 🤗

  • I knew this would come to PS4/PS5 once the Game Pass exclusive window was over. Love games by Drinkbox so count me in. Glad to see both this and Lake making their way to PlayStation over the next couple weeks.

    • This is the weakest drink box game I have played. Tremendous art but the combat leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Why wasnt this released on PlayStation first? Expected it to be on the platform where Guacamelee and Severed were so loved.

    • Because Microsoft obviously made them a good deal if they launched on Game Pass as a timed exclusive.

    • It’s not that good I played it Day One on Game pass and I don’t care if it has a 79 the game is average. The combat is laughably limited.

  • I am buying it single player under 50 dollars is no harm, best product available and two before which I am unable

  • Cheap and no, you got it on an unmarked PC!

  • To me “Gamepass exclusive” means I can’t buy it outside of an MS storefront in general. I bought it on Steam almost at launch and greatly enjoyed it.

  • Hi.

    The price of the game is not yet in the store.

    No pre-order?

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