UPDATE Spring Sale Part 2 promotion comes to PlayStation Store

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UPDATE Spring Sale Part 2 promotion comes to PlayStation Store

The second wave of games are now live in the promotion.

For a limited time* you can enjoy discounts on a wealth of different PlayStation games and add-ons. Given there are so many titles included in the sale, we’re going to get straight to the full games list, which you can find below. 

* Spring Sale promotion runs from Wednesday, March 30 at 00.00am (local time) until Wednesday April 27 at 23.59pm GMT (local time). Certain games will leave the sale on Wednesday April 13 at 23.59pm (local time). Please check a game’s PlayStation Store product page for confirmation. Additional titles will join the promotion on Wednesday April 13 at 0.01am (local time).

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  • One of these days, I’m going to be reading through a PSN sales list and be shocked by seeing titles that haven’t already been on sale countless times before. Today is sadly not that day. :(

    • Yea, its literally the same list as last time maybe 3% difference.

    • At least since Herman switched from Guerilla we have sales(sometimes multiple) every week/ 2 weeks. Yes there is a lot of dross/chaff repetitions

      but for years prior you were waiting all month for a flash sale that was typically not good. The volume of items that went on sale when they did go was small by comparison and the sales were irregular.

      this is a better option to the old status quo. I’ve been on the psn since 2007 and as much as i dislike scrolling through garbage every week i’ll take how it is now in a heartbeat over older iterations.

  • I am okay with the repeat names. I am not okay with the repeat discount. Please make Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition 50% off so I can buy it.

    • You can afford to buy it, it was on sale physical and digital around Christmas.

      The reason i know you can afford it is that you were bragging in the plus announce post that you have 10 years of plus stacked and 4 years of now stacked. And were hoping to abuse the upgrade ro premium plus for 10 years.

      don’t cry about 50% off miles ultimate, just buy it physically or wait to see if it is included in June in their new game collection.

      Besides how can you criticize the discounts for the above list when the discounts are not even up? well?

    • Gohan it’s part of teir two of the new ps plus if you can wait a few months but I believe it is standard not ultimate

  • One more week without ac Valhalla season pass… you guys add Odyssey and origins season passes and not Valhalla…

    • It’s the newest one, so expect to wait longer for it. That’s standard business practices. Besides Ubi is the most predictable for sales, ie they flog their stuff every other week for months on end.

    • This guy @Skeetlejuice is hilarious, like sony is gonna care a fanboy is defending the company in the comments. Lol

    • JuanJouse

      people are in the sales posts everytime complaining about nonsense. I don’t comment for Sony to read but for others in the blog, specifically to answer the questions posed that will never get answered by Sony.

      As for akaline toilet paper or tempsusaccount or whatever they want to use calling me whatever get a fkn mirror out dude.

      you are the one with no systems no games no trophies living at the blig commenting on every post to deride everything sony has on offer. You are a worthless parasite.

      If you want a sony shill that is iamtylerdurden1 who has only been active on the blog for a few years anyways. I have one psn account since 2007, i criticize sony plenty and they often mod delete those posts like in the latest gt7 update.

      Typing clown emojis and trying to get a rise out of people by misgendering them only shows that you are in fact mentally ill.get a life. i saw your third account when you went a in the plus account Lois.

      temp the sad loser with no $ for ps stuff. haha 🤡

    • Temp

      your claim that you need multiple accounts to protect your freedom of speech is nonsense.

      I’ve used the same psn since psn on ps3 launch and have used the na blog since the beginning, i also use the same twitch account since 2013 when i first used it among others.

      it’s simple you respect the tos and rules. maybe they mid delete your posts sometimes but hiding behind burner accounts doesn’t add up.

      you never ever say anything positive with temp or alkaline and i expect the lois account you busted out against andrew will be more of that.

      you are on every post multiple times for the sake of being a naysayer and it comes off as a troll, your on more than durden and he is the other end sony hype force.

      if you follow the rules then there is no issue using your real account. So i don’t really believe you have good intentions either way.

      why not spend time playing games, and games than living on the blog to sht post?

  • Please add Dark Souls 3 in your sale list already. 😩 It’s been since November!

    • It’s a 7 year old game at this point, it’s been on sale over and over and over and over again. Pick it up when it’s on or don’t, no need to whinge over it. It’s not like the bloodborne dlc which has only been on sale a total of maybe 4 times.

    • Previously, version 3 of the Deluxe Edition was priced at $ 20. You live well in foreign countries again. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to buy games in Iran, and I wish Sony had a region to buy for countries like Iran.

  • What spring sale if is Ghost of Tsushima same price??👎👎😡

  • This post says The Last of Us: Remastered is part of the spring sale but there is no changes in store. What is wrong?

  • This lineup is totally solid, I’m currently expanding my digital games collection for my All Digital PS5.

  • Здравствуйте, а мне интересно зачем вы ввели весеннию распродажу для ру региона, а зайти в нее не возможно? Вы так тролите игроков которые не виноваты в войне и должны играть в то что вы им предоставили, а точнее не чего. Ладно вы поддерживаете политику стран игроки в чем виноваты? У меня подписка до конца года и я не могу играть и скачивать игры? Зачем мне тогда подписка?!

    • Все проще, чем вы думаете. Sony не хотят платить налоги стране, которая использует эти деньги на войну. И единственный законный способ уйти от упалты налогов это перекрыть любые транзакции в ру регионе через сервисы Sony.

  • Let’s see, what game interesting me 😂👍

  • Ok.

    John Earwig

  • Why is Metro Exodus – Expansion Pack still not in sale?

  • Ghosts of Tsushima is listed here and on the PSN store as on sale but the store is still showing the base price. Do we know if this is an error or is only a certain version on sale? (Side note to PlayStation, the Ghosts of Tsushima versions are too confusing)

    • Look at the PlayStation app or it may just be a bug

    • Same here. I wonder if it’s related to downloading the free Legends DLC this month. In which case, great job Sony, you just discouraged everyone who played the multiplayer from wanting to buy the single player campaign. I know I won’t be unless there’s a discount and it looks like that will never happen. Guess there’s always eBay…

    • Same problem with Bloodrayne 2 Revamped. Still shows as the default $19.99 price even though it’s listed in this sale. I tried both the Playstation Store website and the app; even tried putting the game in the cart to see if anything changed.
      No dice.

      Also, only the PS4 version of the 1st game is on sale, but luckily these games offer a free PS5 upgrade.

  • test

  • There must be something that stands out here, but it really depends on the price, ultimately.

  • You’ve got a bunch of Ryu Ga Gotoku games listed alongside your Yakuza games.

  • I’m holding off on purchases via PSN until I see the Premium Library. I grabbed two years of PS Now last week so I’ll have premium for 22 months for $180 CAD

  • Why is the No Mans Sky $30 not on the Playstation store to purchase?

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