Mega March promotion comes to PlayStation Store 

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Mega March promotion comes to PlayStation Store 

Enjoy mega savings on Assassin's Creed Valhalla, FIFA 22, Back 4 Blood and more for a limited time. 

The aptly named Mega March promotion brings mega savings to PlayStation Store from Wednesday, March 16. For a limited time* enjoy discounts across a variety of games and add-ons. 

That includes the likes of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Deluxe PS4 & PS5, FIFA 22 on PS4 and Back 4 Blood: Deluxe Edition PS4 & PS5. 

*Mega March promotion is available at PlayStation Store from Wednesday, March 16 at 00.00am (local time) until Wednesday March 30 at 23.59pm (local time). 

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  • Nice deals

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  • Nice deals yea, but its a good 85% the same as almost every other sale.

    Granted it works. As ive picked up many of the bargain deal games. But seriously. Its the same stuff over and over again.

  • Please re open the Russian store its so unfair and we need to buy games Please sony don’t do this

    • No.

      Gaming in Russia is done for now. Nintendo, Sony and Xbox have all shut down Russia sales and it will be like that for a while. Literally no company (gaming or other) wants anything to do with Russia.

    • I’m sorry, but I am hoping they do not reopen the Russian store. If you guys allow your leadership the invasion of a country because your boss is a crazy person and a megalomaniac, then you should not be rewarded and instead suffer together with the people you all are invading.

    • Andreangshiep your answer is disgusting. You know nothing about what is happening and yet you are content that Russian citizens may suffer from the stupid consequences taken by a way-too-proud occident … you are definitely a small human and I wish to never see such piece of… in front of me !

  • These are very wonderful sales, but how about encouraging some foot traffic in the legacy stores by also offering sales for PS3 and Vita?

  • NICE Deals
    Wonderful Sales

  • Should be live right now but it still isn’t :/ when you guys going to invite me to play test psvr 2 lol

  • Where is ac Valhalla season pass in store you say here that is gonna be on sale but its not

  • It seems that Sony has only two lists for deals.. Two weeks for one and two weeks for another and always repeats it.
    I’ve been waiting for Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition for more than 7 months, but it is never on the list.
    And unfortunately, there is still no news about discounts for PlayStation 3 games.

  • Man that’s alot of fishing games dang

  • Nice.

    John Earwig

  • I swear those train games are always on sale

  • Why are people saying nice deals??? Its the same deals in a circle with tiny changes. On one of these post it asks why they don’t promote all the sales. That’s because they can’t always list the same stuff.

    Ps3 and ps vita are dead systems to Sony up until they want to sell your games back to you in the new ps plus system at premium. So no sales discount or one last clearance.

  • Koei Tecmo, particularly Atelier trilogies on PS4, need to go on sale. I don’t want to look into alternatives. Where is Nights of Azure? Blue Reflection? Atelier Lulua? Atelier Nelke? Where are the sales? Why are those of us who want to play these games ignored? Do we not count anymore, despite PlayStation always being home to these wonderful games?

    Vita sales? Bring them back! There are no excuses. It is an online store. Put the games on sale.

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