GTAV and GTA Online coming to PS5 on March 15

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GTAV and GTA Online coming to PS5 on March 15

Transfer Story Mode progress now, plus first details on GTA Online profile migration.

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online arrive for PlayStation 5 on March 15 — delivering the action-packed, blockbuster Story Mode adventure and the dynamic, ever-evolving world of GTA Online to PlayStation 5 with a host of improvements for new and returning players.

These new versions of GTAV and GTA Online make the experience richer, more detailed and more immersive than ever with new graphics modes delivering improved fidelity and performance including up to 60 FPS frame rates and 4K visuals plus ray tracing and improved texture quality, as well as utilizing the technical advancements of PlayStation 5 for faster loading times, immersive 3D audio, advanced haptic feedback, and much more.

Grand Theft Auto V

Experience the interwoven stories of Franklin, Michael, and Trevor across the sun-soaked metropolis of Los Santos and the backwoods countryside of Blaine County in greater detail than ever before with stunning all new levels of visual fidelity.

Choose from one of three detailed new graphics settings to tailor your gameplay experience for what matters most to you. Fidelity Mode is tuned for the highest visual quality and targets 30 FPS. In this mode the PlayStation 5 supports native 4K resolution with ray tracing enabled. Performance Mode is tuned for the most responsive gameplay experience and targets 60 FPS. In this mode the PlayStation 5 supports upscaled 4K resolution. In addition, the PlayStation 5 has Performance RT mode, a hybrid of the Fidelity and Performance modes supporting upscaled 4K resolution with ray tracing enabled and targeting 60 FPS.

These new versions also offer across-the-board improvements including faster loading times, increased population and traffic variety, increased vegetation density, improved lighting quality across shadows, water reflections, and other elements. Plus improved anti-aliasing, motion-blur, highly detailed new explosions, fire, and much more.

Grand Theft Auto Online

The massive and unrivaled experience of GTA Online — with an unprecedented 8+ years’ worth of gameplay additions delivered across over 40 unique updates — will continue to evolve with the power of PlayStation 5. This new generation of GTA Online includes a range of new vehicles and a new addition to the Los Santos Car Meet: Hao’s Special Works.

Hao’s Special Works encompasses best-in-class vehicle upgrades, a new class of Races using specially modified vehicles, and a weekly rotation of Hao’s Special Works Time Trials, along with a Premium Test Ride, where you can get behind the wheel of these newly modified vehicles for free.

In addition to access being included as part of GTAV, GTA Online will also now be available for the first time as a standalone title for PlayStation 5. Plus, for the first three months from launch, GTA Online will be available to download and keep for free,* an exclusive offer for PlayStation 5 players — making it easier than ever before for new players to experience everything GTA Online has to offer.

And new players might need more than just a pistol in their belt strap to survive Los Santos, so we’re introducing a new Career Builder feature designed expressly for new players – or anyone who wants to reset their character and get a fresh start – to get an introductory leg up in the criminal world of Southern San Andreas. With this system, you get a GTA$4,000,000 windfall to select essentials including Business Properties, Vehicles, and Weapons.

Furthermore, GTA Online for PlayStation 5 has an assortment of new quality of life improvements, including a newly designed introduction and tutorial for new players, a new front-end Main Menu that allows you to jump directly into Freemode, Heists, Races, Adversary Modes, the latest featured weekly event content, and more.

Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online with the Power of PlayStation 5

Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online go further on PlayStation 5 with a host of features that take special advantage of the PlayStation 5 console.

The power of PlayStation 5 delivers new levels of fidelity and performance, allowing for the new graphics modes to deliver up to 4K resolution, up to 60 frames per second gameplay, HDR lighting options, ray tracing, texture upgrades, and more.

Jump into the action faster thanks to PlayStation 5’s SSD, with improved loading times allowing the world of Los Santos and Blaine County to load in faster than ever before.

Feel every moment of the action through the DualSense wireless controller’s adaptive triggers and advanced haptic feedback, giving players the ability to experience new sensations such as changes in the road surface texture, additional sensations from specific weather effects, directional damage, feedback from explosions and more.

Hear the action with pinpoint precision with Tempest 3D AudioTech, from the throttle of a stolen supercar, the rattle of nearby gunfire, the roar of a helicopter overhead, and more.

Story Mode and GTA Online Character Transfers

PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to transfer both their GTAV Story Mode progress and their current GTA Online characters and progression to PS5, with a one-time migration.

Starting today, players can begin transferring their Story Mode progress by uploading a save to the Rockstar Games Social Club. To begin this process, enter GTAV on your current console account and go to the Game tab of the Pause Menu. From there, select the Upload Save Game option. Please note, you can only store one game save per platform at a time and saves will remain available to download for 90 days.

Players with a Rockstar Games Social Club account will also be able to migrate their GTA Online character progress to PS5 on March 15 upon loading up the game on their PS5 console. This migration includes any Characters, GTA$, Progression, Stats, Vehicles, Properties, Weapons, Clothing, and Player-Created Jobs.**

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online will be available digitally on March 15 through the PlayStation 5 console store — with pre-purchase and pre-load beginning on March 8 — and physical releases coming in April. Stay tuned for more details.

*Offer available from March 15, 2022 until June 14, 2022. Download from PS5 console store. PlayStation Plus required to play (recurring fees apply).

**Players will only be able to transfer their purchased GTA$ when migrating from PS4 to PS5.

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  • Wow, they gave absolutely zero reason for me to buy this game.

    • Me too…because it free.

    • Spoon you keep replying that its free, yet there is no official confirmation ANYWHERE.

    • It is nagging that there is no mention of an upgrade path, and the implications for an inevitable ps5 etc version if rdr2/online.

      It just says available to buy digitally, and physical available to buy in April. We know Sony and T2 promised some sort of plus version of this so I guess we will see.

      Is there really a need for more compound greed on a title that has reached the units sold going into its third generational platform? Well Take 2 is the answer.

      This isn’t just a 60fps patch so there is some value here. Not for me as i enjoyed and finished the story on ps4 in 2015 and i have no interest in the online.

      ITS FREE people are self defeating.

    • Bro It will be free on Ps PLUS . I MEAN COME ON u will get to play gta v remastered I know we are upset because of gta vi but rocckstar has confirmed it on Twitter

  • I just have one question. Will those of us lucky enough to have a PS5 still be able to play with friends that are playing on PS4??

    • I asked this exact question on reddit and was basically told, duh don’t be stoopid, of course not – different servers for ps5. But I’m not seeing that info officially out there. I guess it depends on what the actual upgrades are. If it’s just graphical, fps etc, then why wouldn’t u still be able to play with ps4 friends? but if there’s gameplay upgrades, then that would be difficult to make work

    • If your friend upgrades his GTA to expanded and enchanted, then u guys can’t play together.

  • “Download from PS5 console store.”

    I just knew this would happen. So we won’t be able to just go to the PlayStation Store website? Such an unnecessary punishment for loyal customers that haven’t been able to get a PS5.

    Not to mention the improvements for the main game sound more like a free upgrade.

    • Im sure you can use the app, i was downloading PS5 PS+ games for months until i got mine, unless you meant something different?

    • no sony charged for less updates on the uncharted collection with an upgrade path for uc4 and lost legacy owners.

      i see no performance rt mode in the uncharted collection among others like improved textures etc.

      It was still worth it for me as a fan to get legacy which i beat from the library and the ps5 perks which are more than a 60 fps patch like last of us 2 etc.

      I wouldn’t have bought the whole collection, but if take 2 offers an upgrade path people will see the value.

      Not to mention GTA online is incredibly popular so you will have people buying without thinking, and I would wager for them they will get their value.

      That leaves players that own ps5 and never played the story (which is very good) they will likely also feel fine with it.

      Theres a lot of crying over the now becoming gen standard business moves, if you are not happy with the company/ title doing it, don’t buy it or support it.

      60fps backwards compatible ps4 apps are the free tier of upgrades lately.

  • I already bought this game twice. Can I just pay 10 bucks for the PS5 upgrade?

  • What About a free upgrade? Like RE Games for Example

  • I have already bought GTA 5 digitally on PS3, PS4, X360, and XB1. I won’t be buying this. PS4 and XB1 users should get a free upgrade or the most pay $10 for an upgrade free.

    • Of course you won’t be buying this. If you bought it on PS4, and you own a PS5, it’s free. If you don’t own a PS5, none of this applies to you.

    • @spoonard
      Where are you getting that information from? I don’t see any information from Rockstar regarding them offering any form of upgrade for owners of previous versions of the game.

    • Only thing announced by Sony and take 2 was some Plus entitlement for GTA 5 ps5.

      i’ve seen nothing explicit saying free upgrades anywhere. They may yet do it or perhaps Spoon has concrete receipts.

      The wording above is we are going to charge your @$$.

      which i don’t care about as i finished the story in 2015 and have no internet online personally. it’s lame for fans though if its just plus and no upgrade path.

      I am more concerned about RDR2 which i have not finished and patches / ps5 app version of that, in which i would pay upgrade for ps5 app if needed. The game i assume locks to 30 on ps5 but otherwise absolutely no improvement over my pro i traded towards 5.

    • *interest in online

      i have 150mb internet 😆

    • How’s that internet gonna work for yuh when the game goes offline, 🤡?

  • I’m very pleased to hear that there will be a performance RT mode. I love RT but I don’t like 30hz refresh rates. Can’t wait to check it out!

    • performance rt mode should be a standard on the platform.

      I still have a Sony 1080p 60hz tv still and having the dip in resolution option with extra framerates and rt is a huge win for the experience.

      even with a new 4k tv i would be choosing the non 30fps options 9/10.

      They have to know what the split is for 1080/4k tv users on ps5.

      Hopefully the inevitable RDR2 ps5 app will feature the same kinds of options and inclusions.

      It is far from standard though, cyberpunk just has quality and performance, but in that case it is rt shadows not reflections.

      GT 7 the same no PRT, but rt is never in game race anyways.

      ps5 not as powerful as they hyped with 30fps checker 4k non rt etc. The 4k tvs are causing the problem that resolution is difficult.

  • I keep seeing @spoonard telling everyone its free but they are wrong. the Online portion is free for the first 3 months but the story mode appears to be regular price. Rockstar is pretty shi**y for doing this IMO. Charged full price on Ps3, then full price on PS4, now full price on PS5? This is one massive con for a game that should be a free upgrade and isnt.

    • I agree with you Yeah ps5 version is not free u must buy it and there is no free upgrade or pay 2 upgrade only online version is free first 3 months after that u must buy it.

    • There should be the pay to upgrade from disc or digital which is the new norm when its not free. aka premium stuff upgrade fee, or like Sony titles to capture their price hike from ps4 to 5 payers.

      Even at $10usd / $15cad my region they would make a killing and they could just drop the constant ps4 digital physical sales for launch window to keep that argument moot.

      it actually costs more for me to upgrade a ps4 game now in my region then to buy the ps5 title but you lose access to the ps4 copy, which for example is the recommended way to play eldin ring right now the ps4 copy on ps5 which is bonkers.

      Point being this has been a con job from sony hiking the price during the pandemic and all this new crap with upgrades paid free, patches all these companies are or are not doing.

      you look at microsoft first party and in my reason they even have been favourable for our dollar on the system etc and the games are $80cad like ps4 not $90 not to mention game pass.

      GTA 5 should be impacting them the same but they don’t have the 3 months with live or whatever it is for gta online.

    • Just downloaded it for free.

  • I kinda wanted to get to level 1000 on GTAO but I just can’t be bothered anymore, just more grind with little to no satisfaction.

  • I wasn’t that enthusiastic at the beginning because it sounded like a basic up-res but now I’m actually looking forward to this Version, full Visual upgrade to the already brilliant sandbox. Not sure what “Ray Tracing” means without context of which Ray Tracing option being used but I’m still pumped

  • Only getting GTA online since it will be free. I’m not spending another dollar on this game

  • I disagree with the sentiment of it being free, the PS5 has been out for over a year, they cant just keep giving away the PS5 versions just cause you owned the PS4. Youve been paying for remasters for years but now its all meant to be free?! Theres no difference in my eyes i think its actually pretty incredible devs have been doing this for as long as they have! I think Sony plan of offering a $10/£10 upgrade cost is a better path to follow, not (apparently) charging full price like GTAV. You shouldnt really buy into a playstation if you expect this kind of thing, weve been paying upgrade path for games all the way back to PS3 to PS4, i dont see why it should be free now. PC gaming is right there if you want it.

  • No mention of price so that means it is not FREE! Bummer…..I have bought it enough not gonna buy again….

  • Omg I can’t wait

    Thank you Rockstargames

    Performance rt mode

  • So now they are working on Red Dead 2 PS5 app we can expect?

    I’m going to be interested in the GTA 5 ps5/series x Digital Foundry technical review so i can get an idea of what will be likely for RDR2.

    If there is no $10 upgrade option people for GTA 5 just don’t buy it, we have all finished the story years ago, is online really worth being gouged?

    • They clearly said “GTA Online is yours to keep for FREE” if you download it within the first 3 months of it’s release. How is this a “price gouge?

    • Lot’s of people have never finished the story or even played it before. Some of us were too young to play it when it came out.

  • I’m not being a jerk I love gta V but now it’s just getting old. Rdr2 was fun but I feel like you canceled that game. I’m a shame to say this but please make a new game. It’s time to let go of gta V. I was 12 when it came Now I’m 20 and I still have fun to playing it but still it is getting old. Cool that you guys are getting it on ps5 but this game came out on ps3. That’s a long time. When you do make another game please make a role play server that can be customized. This game will go down in history as one of the greatest games but it’s time to pull the plug and watch it slowly die. I have seen the rise and now it’s time to see the fall b/c every great games will fall but the best game will fall hard.

  • On of the best games ever invented nothing can beat GTA like nothing absolutely out of this world ❤️ looking forward for it

  • I have a PS5, I dont care about any pS4 games…. give me GTA 6 AND PS5 GAMES !!!

  • Thanks for me telling us there will be a physical release in April, I was afraid there wouldn’t be one.

  • Let me be as honest as I can….if gta 5 on ps5 is a free upgrade( not talking about gta online), then yes I will get it. If not….hell no I won’t touch it. I don’t play gta online as it is boring now to me as I have played it in the past when it first came out. I refuse to give Rockstar another dime for an old tired game, just like Bethesda did for Skyrim. That too was an Anniversary Edition NO. Keep your old garbage to yourself. Cause to me…this is a joke and so are they.

  • FFS. The same game in 3 different generation consoles… Die already!!

  • How much does it cost? Is there an upgrade path for folks that already own the game?

  • All a nigga asked for was to be able to enter more buildings and a small map expansion. Those other things are cool but im tired of the same things

  • Still waiting for a ps5……….

  • So players will only be able to migrate “purchased GTA$”? So if I have 10 million earned, it doesn’t migrate over because it wasn’t from a shark card? I was interested but this article is shady with the details.

  • Wow at first I was skeptical but maybe it will be worth it 🤔 I really hope this is worth it instead of getting GTA6 I really wanted GTA6🥲

  • I finally broke down and bought this game last month now they’re releasing a PS5 version?

  • so can you get it for free on Ps4?

  • Even with the introductory pricing as a first time player, if this comes to PS+ whilst under this promotion, or within a reasonable amount of time after that ends, making more suckers (such as those who already own the game who are buying it again) I will be boycotting Rockstar for life and PlayStation for a period I will decide at the time.

  • Anyone else concerned by the severe lack of coverage/info provided by Rockstar regarding the “upgrades” to this “Enhanced & Expanded” version. It’s less than a week away and with the exception of a handful of screenshots and a trailer that was very unclear at showing the improvements, I’m a little lost. Yes, its severely discounted for PS users for 3 months, which is great, but those savings are only accessible via the PS5 store, so anyone not lucky enough to have secured one during this window misses out on that, plus wouldn’t you expect a title of this magnitude to get some comparison shots/slider images? They are getting roasted for porting this across three generations, lean into that, show comparisons between all three to show how “far” its come lol.

  • It’s free for the first 3 months and after that it’s available for purchase. They essentially punished everyone who grinded out contact missions, business battles, running their businesses, and those that do heist for not buying shark cards. I bought every business and grinded my butt off to earn over the course of a few years just over $500 billion and now, cause of money glitchers, modders, and me refusing to buy shark cards it’s gone?!? I mean let’s not forget about the corporate greed here. They know not only do they stop illegitimate gta money from coming over, but they also punish players that played the game how it was meant to be played to try to ensure that a lot of us buy shark cards and I refuse to do so. Plus $4 mil isn’t enough in this game. I don’t know if I’m loading up the PS5 version. I may find a new game to play until the next gta game in the series come out.

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