A quick guide to Gran Turismo 7 for new racers

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A quick guide to Gran Turismo 7 for new racers

Beginners tips for new drivers ready to hit the road when GT7 hits PS5 tomorrow.

Gran Turismo 7 races onto PS4 and PS5 tomorrow, March 4. Polyphony Digital’s driving simulator is a celebration of car culture built to be enjoyed by new drivers and existing fans alike.

A quick guide to Gran Turismo 7 for new racers

Watch the intro part of GT7’s opening movie for compact history of cars, starting from the very first proposal of cars by Carl Benz, to the latest EV, the Porsche Taycan.

Race, collect, unlock, tune, photograph… the game’s features* are tailored to let you express your love of cars however you like. Yet if you’re new to the series, Gran Turismo 7 is remarkably easy to get into. If you’re considering taking the game for a test drive, here are some basic tips that’ll get you rolling.

Music Rally gets you on the track right away

When you first launch Gran Turismo 7, you’re asked a handful of questions about how you’d like to drive. Analog stick, directional pad, or motion steering? Do you want any auto-drive features turned on? Any on-track visual indicators to help you brake appropriately? Frontloading these questions may seem like a lot initially, but they quickly set you up for success, as you can immediately apply your settings to the very first race – the new Music Rally feature.

Rather than racing against the traditional countdown clock, the goal is to listen to the music track while you’re driving. Passing through colored gates replenishes your beats as you drive. The more beats you gain, the longer the distance can drive. Naturally, every music track has a different BPM (beats per minute). There are six different songs to choose from, and more to come for you to play against your friends

This is not a race to finish 1st. It’s about keeping up with the beats and getting to the next checkpoint. It’s also a fun, stress-free way to get acclimated to your control scheme right out of the gate. If you don’t like your initial settings, don’t worry – you can adjust them at any time.

And while this isn’t really a “tip” per se, the new Music Replay feature randomly generates cuts based on the intensity and rhythm of the song you’ve chosen. Every Music Replay will have different camera angles and compositions. It’s a cool way to see your racing skills highlighted in a dynamic and engaging way.

The resort-like campaign map eases you into the game

With hundreds of cars, thousands of parts, and reams of information about car culture, it’s easy for new players to see certain menus or screenshots of Gran Turismo 7 and feel overwhelmed. But don’t panic! You don’t need to know what a gear ratio is to go fast, earn cars, and experience pretty much all Gran Turismo 7 has to offer.

As noted in our State of Play Blog post, the first few hours guide you through each area of the world map, offering explanations and light direction about what to do next. And as you collect your first few cars, you’ll be soaking up the insanely gorgeous visuals and legendarily smoooooth tunes. Before long, the alluring audiovisual wonder of this car quest will settle in.

Your garage will grow fairly quickly

Your first big decision is choosing one of three compact cars. You’ll quickly earn the other two, so just pick the one that speaks to you. These starter cars are just that, and will quickly give way to sportier, faster options. So for those first several hours, play around! Drive a lot of different cars, experiment with tuning (more on that below), and basically just find something that feels right to you.

Everyone’s journey will vary, but broadly speaking you should have many cars to choose from within the first few hours. Following the Menu Books at the GT Café will earn you a fair few new cars, but don’t forget to scope out Brand Central once you’ve unlocked it for additional options.

License Tests are like boss battles

A core part of the GT experience, License Tests teach you critical driving skills via short, scenario-based minigames. Your car is predetermined, and your goal is always clear (“accelerate and then brake to a full stop within this designated area”), so attempting these tests and applying this knowledge to the rest of the game is crucial.

However, some of the tests are hard! And even if you get Bronze or Silver, nabbing Gold can be intense. License Tests are easy to fail on the first or second attempt, but as you try again and again, you’ll start noticing things: when to shift, when to brake, what “feels right.” And soon you’ll get that Silver. Then a Gold. And like any boss battle that completely vexes you the first 10 times, you’ll eventually smoke these challenges and know exactly how to handle this situation when it comes up again.

It’s a feeling not too far removed from tackling notoriously difficult bosses – accomplishment, understanding, and maybe just a pinch of “yesssss got you.” On PS5, the ultra-high speed SSD makes all these retries a breeze, so learn to love the License Tests.

Upgrade your tires (and whatever else leaps out at you)

While those first few cars are certainly tunable, don’t worry about them too much. Acquire more cars, find something you like, and then start playing around with parts. Tires are a great tuning option that give pretty tangible results, so consider them before getting into horsepower.

One of the earlier Menu Books asks you to tune as well, so one way or the other you’ll find yourself at the tuning garage. Tuning definitely makes a difference, but you don’t need to obsess over extremely fine tuning details to experience the main campaign and hours upon hours of car ogling. For those who want to go that extra mile… there is much to consider.

Try all the modes

Variety is the high-octane unleaded of life. The Café can provide a lot of direction for new players, but don’t be afraid to bounce to the World Circuits, License Tests, Scapes,Tuning Shop, and so on, just to see what all’s out there. Seeing your favorite car glistening in a beautiful scape really does give you a greater appreciation for your collection, and racing tracks for familiarly and/or extra credits is always a smart move.

Gran Turismo 7 launches tomorrow on PS5. For more on GT7, check out this launch message from Series Producer Kazunori Yamauchi.

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