A quick guide to Gran Turismo 7 for new racers

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A quick guide to Gran Turismo 7 for new racers

Beginners tips for new drivers ready to hit the road when GT7 hits PS5 tomorrow.

Gran Turismo 7 races onto PS4 and PS5 tomorrow, March 4. Polyphony Digital’s driving simulator is a celebration of car culture built to be enjoyed by new drivers and existing fans alike.

A quick guide to Gran Turismo 7 for new racers

Watch the intro part of GT7’s opening movie for compact history of cars, starting from the very first proposal of cars by Carl Benz, to the latest EV, the Porsche Taycan.

Race, collect, unlock, tune, photograph… the game’s features* are tailored to let you express your love of cars however you like. Yet if you’re new to the series, Gran Turismo 7 is remarkably easy to get into. If you’re considering taking the game for a test drive, here are some basic tips that’ll get you rolling.

Music Rally gets you on the track right away

When you first launch Gran Turismo 7, you’re asked a handful of questions about how you’d like to drive. Analog stick, directional pad, or motion steering? Do you want any auto-drive features turned on? Any on-track visual indicators to help you brake appropriately? Frontloading these questions may seem like a lot initially, but they quickly set you up for success, as you can immediately apply your settings to the very first race – the new Music Rally feature.

Rather than racing against the traditional countdown clock, the goal is to listen to the music track while you’re driving. Passing through colored gates replenishes your beats as you drive. The more beats you gain, the longer the distance can drive. Naturally, every music track has a different BPM (beats per minute). There are six different songs to choose from, and more to come for you to play against your friends

This is not a race to finish 1st. It’s about keeping up with the beats and getting to the next checkpoint. It’s also a fun, stress-free way to get acclimated to your control scheme right out of the gate. If you don’t like your initial settings, don’t worry – you can adjust them at any time.

And while this isn’t really a “tip” per se, the new Music Replay feature randomly generates cuts based on the intensity and rhythm of the song you’ve chosen. Every Music Replay will have different camera angles and compositions. It’s a cool way to see your racing skills highlighted in a dynamic and engaging way.

The resort-like campaign map eases you into the game

With hundreds of cars, thousands of parts, and reams of information about car culture, it’s easy for new players to see certain menus or screenshots of Gran Turismo 7 and feel overwhelmed. But don’t panic! You don’t need to know what a gear ratio is to go fast, earn cars, and experience pretty much all Gran Turismo 7 has to offer.

As noted in our State of Play Blog post, the first few hours guide you through each area of the world map, offering explanations and light direction about what to do next. And as you collect your first few cars, you’ll be soaking up the insanely gorgeous visuals and legendarily smoooooth tunes. Before long, the alluring audiovisual wonder of this car quest will settle in.

Your garage will grow fairly quickly

Your first big decision is choosing one of three compact cars. You’ll quickly earn the other two, so just pick the one that speaks to you. These starter cars are just that, and will quickly give way to sportier, faster options. So for those first several hours, play around! Drive a lot of different cars, experiment with tuning (more on that below), and basically just find something that feels right to you.

Everyone’s journey will vary, but broadly speaking you should have many cars to choose from within the first few hours. Following the Menu Books at the GT Café will earn you a fair few new cars, but don’t forget to scope out Brand Central once you’ve unlocked it for additional options.

License Tests are like boss battles

A core part of the GT experience, License Tests teach you critical driving skills via short, scenario-based minigames. Your car is predetermined, and your goal is always clear (“accelerate and then brake to a full stop within this designated area”), so attempting these tests and applying this knowledge to the rest of the game is crucial.

However, some of the tests are hard! And even if you get Bronze or Silver, nabbing Gold can be intense. License Tests are easy to fail on the first or second attempt, but as you try again and again, you’ll start noticing things: when to shift, when to brake, what “feels right.” And soon you’ll get that Silver. Then a Gold. And like any boss battle that completely vexes you the first 10 times, you’ll eventually smoke these challenges and know exactly how to handle this situation when it comes up again.

It’s a feeling not too far removed from tackling notoriously difficult bosses – accomplishment, understanding, and maybe just a pinch of “yesssss got you.” On PS5, the ultra-high speed SSD makes all these retries a breeze, so learn to love the License Tests.

Upgrade your tires (and whatever else leaps out at you)

While those first few cars are certainly tunable, don’t worry about them too much. Acquire more cars, find something you like, and then start playing around with parts. Tires are a great tuning option that give pretty tangible results, so consider them before getting into horsepower.

One of the earlier Menu Books asks you to tune as well, so one way or the other you’ll find yourself at the tuning garage. Tuning definitely makes a difference, but you don’t need to obsess over extremely fine tuning details to experience the main campaign and hours upon hours of car ogling. For those who want to go that extra mile… there is much to consider.

Try all the modes

Variety is the high-octane unleaded of life. The Café can provide a lot of direction for new players, but don’t be afraid to bounce to the World Circuits, License Tests, Scapes,Tuning Shop, and so on, just to see what all’s out there. Seeing your favorite car glistening in a beautiful scape really does give you a greater appreciation for your collection, and racing tracks for familiarly and/or extra credits is always a smart move.

Gran Turismo 7 launches tomorrow on PS5. For more on GT7, check out this launch message from Series Producer Kazunori Yamauchi.

*Internet required for most functionality.

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  • Pre-downloaded and ready to go! 3… 2… 1… goooo!

  • Where’s Drive Club 2?

  • PC release date?

    • Lol.

      GT has never been on PC, never even PSNow or PS+. It’s not coming to PC. It runs native 4K at a lock 60 on PS5 anyway. It’s a visual benchmark for the genre. The DualSense implementation is exceptional. The game is a tech showcase on PS already. Go play Project Cars if u want to a sim on PC. Enjoy the inferior experience.

    • It’s possible since other PlayStation exclusives are coming to pc.

    • alexthebeast9484

      Gran turismo was never on PC, so I doubt it will be on PC.

  • I would have bought this game but your foolish choice to make the single player online only has made this a no buy. I will not pay that price for what is essentially a rental. Let me know when this is $20 because thats all this is worth.

    • Dial up must suck ass these days. With your mindset, well guess what, Your operating system is a always online system to. Your facebook bs is a always online system as well. Wanna use Uber? Guess what, online.

    • I don’t get why people are so upset about being always online in GT7. In a single-player only game I get the point. But GT7 is not a strictly single-player game. In multiplayer, you race with those cars you have earned and finetuned. I don’t want to see 2100 hp cars hacked in with 0.5s to 0-100 km/h acceleration. Saving and checking everything on cloud prevents this. I’m glad they chose this route.

    • @krisz195 Dawg people don’t like being FORCED to be online in a heavily SINGLE PLAYER focused experience. What don’t you get? Why do lowlife Sony bottom feeders constantly make an endless amount of vapid excuses for insanely stupid things like this for?. Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon bans hackers alongside illegal saves without FORCING you to be online for a game you payed for. Jesus you individuals have ZERO standards so of course you’re cool with it. Spoken like a true cotton picker🤡

    • Indoor & kris

      Many people want to play this game when it inevitably goes legacy.
      If you clueless turds don’t know what that means, continue watching cartoons and stay out of conversations that contain information about always online single-player DRM – something you’ve shown you know nothing about.

    • @alkalinetp

      “Many people want to play this game”

      Says the clown that will never play this game, whatever its available on.

      Then play it on PS4 or PS5 right now. You don’t need to Xbot it up with this game and WAIT any longer. Wait till E3, wait till next year, wait till next gen, wait, wait, wait forever.

      It’s out now, so play it. If it launched on Steam tomorrow for as low as 40 quid, you still wouldn’t buy it and play it. Who do you think you are actually kidding with your fake throwaway PSN account?

    • Knowing you from your constant lies and shill attitude, you got frustrated when you couldn’t pass the first license test, so you gave up and went to music rally.

    • There is content available offline but it’s disheartening to constantly check these posts and see overwhelming negativity for these exceptional games.

      GT isn’t coming to PC, save that for the Forbidden West articles. I’d rather ppl not troll an amazing game like Forbidden West but at least there is some precedent in terms of PC. GT isn’t the game. Stop.

      There are plenty of online games, Halo Infinite doesn’t even have a playable game on disc. I believe there is content you can play offline but the reason for it being online has to do with the competitive aspect, servers, and keeping fair play. Are people worried that their internet will go down in a thunderstorm and they won’t be able to play? In 2022 it doesn’t make sense to me.

      Regardless, GT7 has phenomenal reviews despite Sony games clearly being rated on a more demanding scale. Has somebody said recently you can basically add five Metacritic points to any Sony release and that is likely the accurate score. 88 or 93 gt7 is being massively praised. Can we just celebrate that Gran turismo’s back?

    • First get people to pay for online, then slowly turn more games into online-only.

    • I don’t own GT7, but Need For Speed has online-only single-player (you don’t need PS+). Games shouldn’t be tampered with, I’d rather have a game check its own integrity than the ability to play offline.

    • I purchased but I and scores of other people agree with you, online should NOT be required. Many people buy these games for life long collections and don’t want their future use disabled by the ability to have the service go down. Some of us like games for reasons like some like and collect cars. How would car collectors like their cars disabled by someone elses greed?

    • any of yall wanna come back and argue against this guy now???

  • Is this out for Ps4

  • Any advices how to play in GT7 is inapplicable to Russian players, thank you Sony for deleting game after its release.

  • Please return GT7 to russians or let us know what happened and what will happen next with this game for russian players

  • I paid the money. I even played the game and got 6 achievements. But you took the game away from me. And they still haven’t returned the money. Tell us what will happen to your games in Russia?

    • Ah, just read about that.

      It appears Ukraine is requesting from manufacturers that they discontinue selling merchandise to Russia.

      Businesses should play NO role in politics.

      Anyway, keep us updated – many of us in USA can’t rely on our broken news system.

    • *all of us

    • Alkaline, for real, bro? You’re more inclined to believe Russian propaganda claiming to cleanse Nazi’s while invading a neighbouring country? Oo

    • How the hell did you come up with that bs?

      It would be U.S. headlines where I got my information, and no, I don’t fully believe anything I read.

      I only know about gas and pipelines, and I don’t participate in political discussions.

    • You don’t have to believe everything you read to realize Russia is invading a neighbouring country… You believe the Russian invasion is fabricated by U.S. media? Oo

    • What an idiot.

    • Putin just signed a fake news law and you’re criticizing western media and asking to be updated on Russian propaganda. Moron.

    • 🤡🖕

    • I believe you’re fabricated from 💩

    • @alkalinetp – Politics and business go hand in hand together anyway, so unfortunately ‘Businesses should play NO role in politics.’ is something that isn’t ever going to happen.

  • Sony, where is my game? Why i can’t play in GT7? I pre order it, pre download and for what?

  • I bought the game on pre-order, and because of the politicians, Sony blocked the game. Why does this affect ordinary players in Russia at all?

    • Your beady eyed dictator’s plans affect the whole world and is bringing it on the brink of nuclear world war, I think losing access to games is the least of your troubles now…

    • Because your Dictator is going down in history as a Murderer of innocent civilians!

  • Got my golds on the B license yesterday and the gorgeous GTO Twin Turbo. ^_^

    Me thinks there will be a lot more people that beat my best times when I get home this afternoon lol.

    Stellar release, loving the classic music from previous games and the haptics in the controller are so different from car to car. Can’t wait to get stuck in properly over the weekend. 😁

  • However hyped I was for this, I’ll pick it up on sale. Refuse to support their price hikes on top of losing exclusivity. I just got 4 AAA games on sale for what I would have spent on this.
    I do hope Returnal isn’t an indication of how slowly first party games go on sale now, if I have to wait years for a decent sale on Playstation games I might as well wait for pc release.

    • What games did you get on sale?

    • Bunch of Ubisoft games : AC Oddysey, Watch Dogs Legion and Far cry 6, and that new Crash Bandicoot. Not the greatest games but was pleasantly surprised by Valhalla and its amount of content so going to give these a try too.

    • You might want to wait a year. By which time all the people that paid full price might have cleared all the bugs!
      Lost an hours progress on B1 license as the game hung.
      Sent bug report to Sony.
      (Never get that time back or paid as a bug tester!)

  • Always online or not if this feels like GT5 did for me back in the day I’ll be happy. I miss legit 24h endurance races where you could save in the pits.

  • I recently bought both editions of GT 7 for PS4. I redeemed all bonuses for GT 7 on PS 4. I would like to restart GT 7 by deleting save game data and relaunching GT 7. I would like to know if I do this will I lose bonus content? Thank you for your help on this matter.

  • Much appreciated article — even after 100+ miles of driving in-game! I was getting frustrated at how little info was given with the license tests — for example it holds your hand when telling you how to brake in a straight line — but then later just tells you to make the corner — and that’s it! No auto drive to watch. I realized though — that it does give you a coach at the bottom who gives helpful hints to allow you to teach yourself — so I appreciate that they expect you to work it out for yourself.

    My only gripe so far is how they don’t have remapping for wheel pedals and options for H-gate shifters? I’m assuming these will just work when you connect all of them together? For example; only paddle shifting and two pedals will work without an h-gate connected, but when you do connect an h-gate shifter, then the third pedal (clutch) becomes active?

  • The controls are a little challenge but will take some time to get use to. I give it a 9.5 excellent.

  • Still waitin for ps5……zzzzzz

  • To newcomers: Get ready to wait to play even after downloading and updating it.
    There is a mini-game with no explanation and then 9 minutes of unskippable credits and clips you have to watch before actually playing…I have no idea why companies still have unskippable intros, especially ones that last this long. It’s not a story or anything, literally, the credits roll, and then after that ends just a guitar playing while cars go around a track for what seems like an eternity.

    • The game is gorgeous and handles well, though…they just really need to make that opening skippable.

    • You need to watch the opening only once then you can switch off the opening video in the options, this was also the case for gt5 as well.

  • Hi all, can i pick your brains ?

    Just started gt7. Im at menu 3. You have to purchase 3 cars. I have the beetle and the mini cooper. I need the fiat 400.

    Problem: the fiat 400 is not in used cars section. The mini and beetle were both in used cars section. I only have 5 track unlocks. The sunday cup for mini cooper needs sports tyres.

    The parts and upgrades shop opens after menu 3 is completed. So, i dont see how to progress. Im stuck.

    Basically if i dont get that fiat 400, i cant finish the menu 3, so i cant get the tuning shop unlock, so i cant get upgrades.l, so i cant get the sports tyres i need for the mini to enter that cup, which is the last race i haven’t completed of the 5 unlocked ones, so…can’t forward the campaign.

    So thats it. It doesnt matter what cars i get, if i cant get the fiat, thats my gt7 broken. I have licences i can do (done the B and A so far). I can do all licences, and get all the cars i want, but i cant move forward because the fiat 400 is not anywhere for sale.

    any ideas on a fix ? Or am i being stupid ?


    • It’s a Fiat 500, and it’s the first car for sale in the used car section. You don’t have to purchase the Beetle and the Mini, there are both prizes you win .

    • I didn’t buy any cars to progress they are available as gifts in the races as per the cafe menus

    • I am in the same boat, but I didn’t buy the Beetle or Mini. However, I did not get the Fiat as an award, nor is it in the used car lot.

      As a casual player who just wants to build my collection and have fun, this is pissing me off. Just let me play the damn game. As much as I love GT, this has been a huge turnoff for me.

      Not really certain what I’m supposed to do at this point.

    • I have the same issues too. No Fiat on the used cars, or as a gift for winning the Sunday cup.

      And now I’m stuck at menu 3.

  • Does anyone know how to “Restart” or Delete the Driver Profile to start Over.

  • I loved the newest gran turismo 7 , but I also would like to emphasize that there are so many rumours on the saying that gran turismo 7 might be ported to pc if that happens Sony will be seriously criticize and will eventually lose so many memberships like never before . Hey Sony do not forget who have stood you in the crowd .

  • Dear developers and publishers, the entire Russian community is stunned by the cancellation of pre-orders, as well as the release of the Gran Turismo 7 in Russia. We, peaceful citizens, do not advocate military action, and also believe that games are a way to become closer to each other, kinder and more humane. There is no need to involve politics in games. We ask you to launch the game in Russia, return it to the PlayStation Store, so that Russia continues to be a friendly part of a close-knit community of racers around the world

    • There is a consensus that western nations need to do what they can to try and halt the senseless killing taking place in Ukraine. Military action would risk your government carrying out its threat to start a nuclear war, so the only option is economic sanctions.

      It is unfortunate that people such as yourself are inconvenienced, but that is the point of sanctions!

    • Dude. It is not politics as you wrote. Brave Russian army is killing civilians, including women and children.

    • What peaceful citizens ? Look at the guy you put in charge. It doesn’t matter anyway, your financial institutions were thrown out of the SWIFT system. Many companies cannot work with you anymore…

  • Bugs!!!
    Spent an hour getting mostly gold on B1 license ps5 hung and game has now
    Lost ALL progress wtf?
    I’ll try not being a jerk if you sell me a game that works!!

  • Bugs!!
    Spent an hour getting most key gold on B1 license. PS5 hung and now it’s lost all progress!

  • Does anyone know how to delete saved data on the ps5 and then start the game all over? I’ve tried deleting my saved data but once I start the game up again, it all re-loads like I never deleted it!

    • I think that is linked to the reason why you have to have internet connection. To stop people using cheat software to alter saved data it is also stored online. Although you delete the version saved on your PS the next time you try to play under that ID it reinstates the last save. You could set up a new PS account using a different email if you want to start over.

  • I am trying to complete book 4, but cannot find the option to choose a track day at the high speed ring. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

  • For those of you making remarks about online and having internet, you may be accustomed to having it. Or you may not realize that not everyone is offered internet. Yes it’s 2022, and where we live, no provider will offer us internet, other than satellite…. And it’s way too slow to do anything other than type emails or send messages. Hopefully this game is not online only like some of you have mentioned because that will be a huge disappointment! Looks like it will be awesome! Preordered and waiting for it to arrive!

    • I am afraid it does require internet connection even if you don’t want to play online. When offline the game only allows you to play in effect a demo mode, so you cannot earn XP or credits, win licenses, buy and tune cars etc.

  • BUG

    My internet disconnected while playing. I had to close the game and restart it. When I did, the game acted like I was a new player. It reset my collector level, I only had access to Used Cars, and it restarted me with 120,000 credits but it kept all of my other progression (menus, vehicles, miles driven, etc) I purchased a car to see what would happen and through that I got access to the Garage. And now after the update I have access the the Cafe. But that is it. The game is unplayable with the exception of Music Rally because I don’t have access to the other areas anymore. I’ve tried everything multiple times. Clearing both the console and cloud data, uninstalling and reinstalling, wiping cache data, PlayStation Support was no help. Nothing has worked. There a multiple people having the same issue. PLEASE HELP!!

  • Same issue on my side. After upgrading to the new version,I had to redo the screen setup, like I was just installed the game and I lost some of the cars, and I lots some of the cares and some progress . I have the PS4 version.

  • I have played gran turismo for 25 years. I love the game. I don’t like forza and I hate Xbox. It has good games but I have been a Playstation fan since the beginning.

  • I sure wish I had waited on this release. I’ve been playing since the first release and was hoping I’d enjoy it. Don’t like the fact that’s its online only, unable to play when the server is down. I finished the game in 3 days of play, wish there were more gind/career mode. I thought there would be tracks available, maybe it’ll be DLC. It seems to be only geared for online racing, no daily activities. Tuning is back like promised and AI is on point but I wish I didn’t pay for the Anniversary addition. It was a wasted of money just for 1 mil credit and metal case.

  • Please oh PLEASE patch the game to be able to play offline. This is going to ruin the future ability to play this game with money down the drain. PLEASE PlayStation! 🙏🏻

  • Bring GT 5 or GT 6 to PS Now, thank you.

  • Looking for a good wheel/peddle set reasonably priced?

  • I love the game the graphics are amazing,but I’m having problems in the Cafe the menu I got the high speed ring and I completed that but the suzuka but on the map suszuka is available to me, another is I can get in the used car dealership but none of the others what the hell do I do

  • Id rather get my money back. being down for over a day for a game i own and have installed is terrible. then you cut down rewards and price fake cars the same as real cars. if i wanted to pay inflated prices i would hang out at barret jacksons every day. video game world shouldnt suck just because the real world does.

  • Jim Ryan is killing PlayStation. This GT7 fiasco is merely the latest example if his poor leadership.

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