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  • What on earth are gaming socks?

  • I’m sorry to post here if this is the incorrect place, as it doesn’t seem logical to post here, but I was advised to do so by a supervisor when I called in for help.

    When reviewing my credit card as I do every month or so, I noticed a charge for $90 for Sony. After looking more deeply, it turns out I purchased a game, Persona®5 Strikers, on January 26th and didn’t even notice it. After looking more deeply, I believe this happened as that was a Playstation plus game that month. Each month when I was a subscriber, I would log in and grab the PSPlus games, as I’m sure many others do.

    I have never downloaded (nor, frankly, even heard of) this game and when I have called for a refund, I was told that since it was more than 14 days, none could be issued. I don’t know about you but I don’t check my credit card statement every two weeks.

    I’m begging you to please have a look at situations like this for myself and other customers. I hadn’t even turned on my PS4 in the past 6 months until I got Forbidden West last week, as I’ve been trying to get a PS5 for the past year. This return policy is flawed and now I have to decide between getting gas or skipping some meals next week. Please consider this for people who may also be in my situation in the future.

    • I know exactly what you’re saying because I had inadvertently purchased an add-on which was charged to my CC even though I had bought a gift card to use for purchasing.

      I went into my account and disabled auto pay on my CC so when I purchases things now it asks which payment method I want to choose.

      Also check and make sure your account hasn’t been hacked as well. GL to you!

    • My advise to you is never store your credit card on platforms like PS Store. Remove it ASAP and when you want to purchase a game, purchase a digital gift card on Amazon and use that to fund your PS Store wallet. This will minimize errors and problems like Sony getting hacked (again). Good luck!


  • Are Russians hacking the account

  • Hard pass. “Hello Kitty” pink radical racewear ?!
    This would bring shame and dishonor to my Ancestors…

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