PlayStation Now games for March: Shadow Warrior 3, Crysis Remastered, Relicta, Chicken Police – Paint it Red! 

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PlayStation Now games for March: Shadow Warrior 3, Crysis Remastered, Relicta, Chicken Police – Paint it Red! 

All playable starting tomorrow, Tuesday March 1. 

PlayStation Now’s March lineup stands revealed. Make your choice between Shadow Warrior 3, Crysis Remastered, Relicta or Chicken Police – Paint It Red! From tomorrow, March 1, when all titles join PlayStation Now. 

Let’s take a closer look at each game in turn.

PlayStation Now games for March: Shadow Warrior 3, Crysis Remastered, Relicta, Chicken Police – Paint it Red! 

Shadow Warrior 3 

This first-person shooter mixes seamless blend of fast-paced gunplay, razor-sharp melee combat, and a spectacular free-running movement system. An ex-Yakuza mercenary and his former employer turned nemesis turned sidekick Orochi Zilla embark on an improbable mission to recapture an ancient dragon they unwillingly unleashed from its eternal prison. Armed with a punishing mix of blades and bullets, Traverse uncharted parts of the world to track down the dark beast and push the apocalypse back yet again. All it will take is the mask of a dead god, a dragon’s egg, a touch of magic, and enough firepower to hold off the impending cataclysm.

Shadow Warrior 3 is available to PlayStation Now subscribers until July 4. 

Crysis Remastered 

The classic first person shooter from Crytek is back with the action-packed gameplay, sandbox world, and thrilling epic battles you loved the first time around – now with software-based ray tracing and remastered graphics. Armed with a powerful Nanosuit, players can become invisible to stalk enemy patrols, or boost strength to lay waste to vehicles. The Nanosuit’s speed, strength, armor, and cloaking allow creative solutions for every kind of fight, while a huge arsenal of modular weaponry provides unprecedented control over play style

PlayStation Now games for March: Shadow Warrior 3, Crysis Remastered, Relicta, Chicken Police – Paint it Red! 


Play as a physicist stranded on a derelict Moon base and bend gravity and magnetism to your will in this first-person, physics-based puzzle game. Combine your abilities in innovative ways to solve physical riddles, find clues and piece together the details about the investigation of the Relicta’s anomaly. Will you rush straight ahead or will you take your time to unravel the intrigues of 22nd century orbital politics? Buried in the eternal darkness lies a secret that might claim your daughter’s life – or change the fate of humanity. Are you ready to face the consequences of your research?

Chicken Police – Paint It Red! 

This hardboiled detective satire is story-rich and dialogue-heavy in the grand tradition of visual novels and classic adventure games. Sonny Featherland and Marty MacChicken were once a legendary detective-duo, called the Chicken Police. But that was almost a decade ago, and time had ruthlessly passed them by. Now Sonny and Marty are forced to work together on a case that is weirder than anything they’ve ever encountered before. Collect tons of clues, evidence, and highly sensitive personal information from the shady characters of Clawville to use ruthlessly against them!

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  • Please add Uncharted Lost Legacy again.

    JRPG’s please. YSIX or Persona 5 Royal.


    Decent Month.

    • I agree, great month. Shadow Warrior 3 is a big day one get and Crysis Remastered is decent.

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  • Amazing month, BRAVO Sony BRAVO!!!!

  • YEAH loving this month good titles and a day one title this time . Keep it up guys

  • Crysis PS3 Remaster. About time.

  • Ok shadow warrior 3 is on there for 3 months. What about the other three? Are they on there till space runs out and are removed or for a set period of time as well.

  • Why don’t you put picture of all games on the main picture for ps now ? For example this month we have 4 games , but just 3 of them have there poster on the main picture .

  • Going play shadow warrior 3 after I Platinum horizon forbidden west

  • 2 good main games… But yet again games leaving without notice. 5 leave this month, 3 had no notice. Its really poor we have to manually search the entire library every month to see what’s leaving.

  • Excellent choice PlayStation now team for selecting great games. Keeping this up.

  • I appeal to the leaders of PlayStation

    On February 24, the Russian federation attacked Ukraine.
    Civilian are suffering. Army of Russian federation destroys civilian objects, kills civilians.

    The propaganda of the aggressor state turned out to be so strong that ordinary people in Russia still do not believe or refuse to believe what is happening.

    Those Russians who are currently playing must feel the changes caused by direct aggression against Ukraine.

    Therefore, I urge you to limit the access of Russian players to all online PlayStation services during the war against Ukraine

    • You can’t penalise the people on the ground who have nothing to do with the decision to attack Ukraine. That’s the government and the ruling idiots. NOT the normal folk. Leave it out eh.

  • Relicts looks interesting, it’s good they unravel nonpoular sleeper titles that are actually quite nice to play

  • Crysis Remastered needs to be replaced. Its literally unplayable due to all the performance issues and the huge input lag! Just do a search and look at all the complaints. To allow a game in this state on this service is terrible.

  • Not showing shadow warrior 3 on ps now

  • Hi shadow warrior 3 is saying on ps now that you have to pay £39.99

  • Schroedingersdog

    Except Shadow Warrior has now disappeared from the Now menu. If I search in the store, it says “stream or download with Now”, but every time I try, it says “there has been an error”, so I cannot download it. I just renewed my Now this month JUST for this, so I’m kinda angry right now

    • It’s there now. I kind of guess it didn’t go live until Wednesday

    • Still not showing up for me either it’s been 3 days. Feel like I’ve been swindled. It shows up but won’t even allow me to download it just says error over and over. Sony are really slack lmao

  • ils apparaisses a quel date les nouveaux jeux sur l’ application pc .Car pour le moment ils y son pas .

  • snake_doctor_747

    I’m just getting an unidentified error message when I try running Shadow Warrior 3 through PlayStation Now??

  • Great selection. Could you please add a filter to hide the games you’ve already played or don’t want to play? Thanks.

  • Please add more PS4 playstation store themes and avatars to purchase. There have been no new ones. And please add that feature to the ps5. Thank you

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