The classes of Elden Ring, explained

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The classes of Elden Ring, explained

Rise, Tarnished, and pick the class that best suits your playstyle.

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  • I’m going with The Samurai 👍

  • Any chance of a 1080p 60fps option for PS4 Pro?

    I think I’m not alone on this.

  • If only I had a game manual to read. This would help explain the game features and options. I remember the days I used to read in the car after a game purchase, or right before I turn the game on. It was nice back in my day. Nowadays, I have to go into a game almost blind. Thanks for this post tho.

    • back in the day when u tried to sell the game to someone but the manual was missing, the value of the game dropped drastically

  • Nice choices. I’m sorry I’ve never played any of your games.

  • The prisoner looks like tortured grifflth

  • Astrologer and then prophet.

  • The Samurai is awsome

  • They don’t mention which is the best beginner-friendly class. For those of us who don’t play many Souls-likes but have played other action RPGs.

    • If I understood correctly, this is your first From Software title to play? Well in that case, given the stats of the character classes, I would recommend to you either the Confessor, the Vagabond, or the Samurai. It ultimately comes down to what your preferred play style is. And keep in mind that just because you choose a class doesn’t necessarily mean you’re actually, “locked” in that class. If this game is anything like the Souls games of the past it just serves as a template at the start and once you get accustomed, you can build your character how you please.

  • Wretch gang 🙌

  • Confessor do be looking nice👌

  • I’m debating between either the Confessor or the Samurai.

  • definitely going with samurai

  • I’m probably going to use Vagabond

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  • A warrior class but what’s up with no pre order theme for PS4? Usually a game this popular gets a theme and avatar set. All i got was the free digital book and the ring emoji. But surely sony you’ll put out a downloadable theme and or avatar set for elden ring. Millions are playing, it would only be fair. You could be fair and have a free theme, or a paid theme pack for 3.99 USD. PLEASE get on that #fromsoftware and #sony @sony @fromsoftware im sure it would be downloaded hundreds of thousands of times if a elden ring Theme for ps4 and ps5 comes out. I wish you could make more than one profile slot for a second character to create and play as.bit the Theme, please get on that. Thank you have a great day!

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