10 things to know before starting Elden Ring, out tomorrow

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10 things to know before starting Elden Ring, out tomorrow

Pick your class, learn to summon Spirit Ashes, master your map, and more.

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  • Elden Ring is 97 on Metacritic :O

    • The Breath Of The Wild will take some beating. 109 Reviews at a Metacritic score of 97😁 That is an amazing result.

      It makes you wonder though had Elden Ring been on one platform could it manage to keep that 97?

  • The game looks wonderful and from the reviews is an absolute blast to play. But what the ever living **bleep** is this “verify your age” on articles lately?

    I just randomly scrolled to 1985 for my age and still could not read the article.

    And while I am off topic …. Please SONY, at least create and post a YouTube video of your next VR headset instead of a simple blog post.

    What is going on? Am I insane or is this amateur hour.

  • Pro tip: For now, the only way to get a solid 60 fps in this game is to play the PS4 (Pro) version on a PS5. Time will tell if patches will help performance.

    • That’s very odd isn’t it, that the PS4 Pro version will play 60fps on PS5, but the native PS5 version cannot🤔

      I wish there was an option to play the game at 1080p 60fps on PS4 Pro. Surely they can cut the resolution from 1800p to 1080p on Pro in return for 60fps locked.

  • 10 Things To Know Before Buying Elden Ring?

    🤔Hmm, Wait for incoming Performance Patches.

  • Great reviews about this game

  • Please add a purchasable PSN PS4 playstation store Elden Ring Theme and avatar pack. Or just a theme. Its a shane there is no elden ring theme in the playstation store. (USA)

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