Brawlhalla x G.I. Joe collaboration adds Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow

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Brawlhalla x G.I. Joe collaboration adds Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow

Since knowing is half the battle, here's everything you need to know before you battle!

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe have crossed over into Brawlhalla! And since knowing is half the battle, and actually battling is the other half of the battle, it’s time for a PSA style how-to-play these new Crossovers in Brawlhalla. Before we start with Snake Eyes, who brought along Timber to the Grand Tournament, let’s take a look at the trailer:

Brawlhalla x G.I. Joe collaboration adds Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow

Snake Eyes

Tip 1: His wolf, Timber, will come to help in times of need!

Timber is Snake Eyes’ super rad wolf. The cool thing about Timber and helping in times of need is that time of need can be whenever you want it to be. When Snake Eyes is using his sword, his side signature uses the biting power of Timber. Trying to get a knockout? Timber side signature. Opponent running away? Timber side signature. Though don’t use signature attacks too much since they make you very predictable and overusing them leaves you open for punishment from your opponent. I’m just saying you can play with Timber whenever you want. And those two listed situations are pretty good opportunities for playing with Timber.

Tip 2: Snake Eyes can throw grenades over the edge of the stage

In Brawlhalla, players can hang onto the wall for a bit of time. Usually, you can go out there on the wall yourself and hit opponents hanging onto it, but Snake Eyes has an attack he can use from the stage to hit offstage opponents. Blasters down signature has him throw 2 grenades out, which usually just hit the stage, but if thrown correctly they can go over the side of the stage a pretty good distance. And those explosions are not polite. There’s a good chance a well-placed Blasters down signature will mean a knockout in your favor.

Tip 3: High attack power and low defense means you hit hard and get hit hard

Snake Eyes hits pretty hard since he has a good amount of points in the strength stat. This means light attacks will build damage faster and make those knockouts against your opponents come quicker than usual. To balance that out means to also be able to take less hits because of a lower defense stat. When playing Snake Eyes, your plan of attack should mean getting good hits when you can, but also remembering to dodge. You can dodge in place on the ground or any direction you want in the air. You can also dash towards and away from your opponent, or dash then immediately jump (called a dash jump) to get a super fast aerial approach to surprise enemies. Moving well will be the difference between getting hits and getting hit.

Storm Shadow

Now that we’re all professional at playing Snake Eyes (and having his good pup help us out), let’s move on to Storm Shadow. What are some tips to keep in mind when picking Storm Shadow? I don’t know why I’m asking you. I’m the one with the answers:

Tip 1: Storm Shadow attacks fast. Use his speed to your advantage

Storm Shadow has high dexterity. The higher the dexterity, the faster you can attack again after using a different attack. What this means for Storm Shadow is he can string together attacks really easily. I’m talking bow side air, down air, then ground pound. I’m talking sword side light into a jump side air. I’m talking literally any of his attacks into any of his other attacks. And here’s a tip within a tip: go into the in-game training mode and see what attacks flow nicely into different attacks. This will help with having a plan of attack when going in… to attack.

Tip 2: You can charge the second swing on his sword side signature as a mixup

Most signature attacks in Brawlhalla charge up, then hit. There are a few exceptions, like Storm Shadow’s sword side signature. When using this attack, he will swing, and then you have the opportunity to charge up the second swing. This is especially good if you miss that first sword slash. Opponents will often dodge away from the first swing, so if you charge up that second part of the attack by just holding the button down, there’s a high chance they fall right into the second, more powerful slash.

Tip 3: Bow is really good at closing gaps

We’ve already talked a bit about dodging, dashing, and dash jumping in Snake Eyes’ section. Now is time to dash and immediately attack. Bow down light attack jumps Storm Shadow forward with a bow shot diagonally towards the ground in front of him. This allows him to close gaps with an attack, then follow up with a different attack (like side air, neutral light, or recovery). If your opponent is really far away from you, dash and then use the down light. This propels you nearly completely across the stage. If your enemies are afraid of you and keep running away, try this out to cover the distance and use his high dexterity to follow up for a lot of damage.

That’s it for the PSA! Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow from Hasbro’s G.I. Joe are available in Brawlhalla right now, alongside 6 avatars (one of which includes Cobra Commander), and a new Arashikage Dojo map for the Showdown game mode. Enjoy the Brawlhalla x G.I. Joe Crossover, good luck out there, and have fun!

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