Horizon Forbidden West is available tonight

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Horizon Forbidden West is available tonight

Guerrilla marks the beginning of Aloy’s new adventure.

We’re proud to share that the long-awaited second chapter in the Horizon series is out tonight!  

It’s been an incredible journey since we first revealed the world of Horizon to you all. Over the years, we’ve been deeply moved to see the impact Aloy and her story have had on you, and we thank our ever-growing community for expressing their love and joy for Horizon Zero Dawn, and their desire to journey back into the Wilds.  

Throughout the past five years, our team has been expanding on this beloved world and has created a new story teeming with enthralling characters, devastating machines, mesmerizing environments, and action-packed adventures. We were thrilled to see the reaction following our gone gold announcement, and have been counting down the days until you could all join Aloy on her quest into the mysterious Forbidden West. 

Six months after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, Earth’s biosphere is heading towards collapse. A mysterious red blight strangles the land, while massive storms rage in the skies above. Aloy must venture into the Forbidden West to find a way to stop the destruction, all the while grappling with the legacy of the ancient past and shouldering the burden of healing the world. Out in the frontier, she will confront new and deadly threats: dangerous and awe-inspiring machines, Regalla and her machine-riding rebels, Sylens’ machinations, and much more. To survive, she must learn to rely on companions both new and familiar, and together they will uncover a secret that will change their world forever. 

Take a look at the Horizon Forbidden West accolades trailer:  

Horizon Forbidden West is available tonight

I’d like to thank all of the extraordinary people behind Horizon Forbidden West, the exceptional team at Guerrilla, our talented cast and crew, the wonderfully supportive people at PlayStation Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment, and, of course, our passionate community. Thank you all for helping us create this next chapter.  

On behalf of everyone at Guerrilla, enjoy yourselves out on the hunt. We hope you love this new adventure as much as we’ve loved bringing it to life.  

“There’s so much more left to discover before the world ends…” 

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  • Thanks to the dev team on the fantastic work, can’t wait to hop in!

  • Congrats on launching the game team. First was my GOTY in 2017 and I’m loving what I’ve played of Forbidden West so far. I hope you can support the game post-launch too with some awesome new content while we wait for your next project.

  • I’ll pass.
    I’ve seen the non-bias reviews before release (all 2, I think).
    They confirm my suspicions of being too similar to the first game.
    Maybe we’ll pick it up after it’s been fleshed out for PC & after a sale.

    • Of course it’s going to be similar, it’s a direct sequel to Zero Dawn with improved mechanics, better graphics, new locations, weapons, gadgets and characters. Did you think it was going to be in space or something? Go back to xbox BLEH

    • Did I say similar?
      No, I said too similar.
      Blind 🤡

    • So you only listen to the reviews that are negative, because you want them to be true. Its fascinating how pathetic you are, lol

    • No, because the major news sites are biased.
      VG companies have been known to recieve gifts for a more favorable review.

    • I meant VG media sites recieve gifts.

    • It’s.. actually not so fascinating that you are so gullible.

    • @alkalinetp Haha, the clown emerges, emoji and all.

      You are never going to buy it on PS4, PS5 or PC. That still won’t stop it selling 20 million, being nominated game of the year and a game other developers will spend ANOTHER half decade trying to catch up to.

      Go cry more while WAITING another 12 months for any games little Xbot. Wait wait wait, its all you lot ever do.

    • Hey everyone. I just learned from @alkalinetp today that “non-biased” actually means “conforms to my personal bias”. Of the 105 critic reviews on Metacritic of the PS5 version, 99 are positive and 6 are mixed. How much money is Sony spending on hijacking all this reviewer integrity?

    • The guy without trophies or playstation 4 or 5.

      the guy that doesn’t even play games because he’s refreshing and dogging the ps blog every day.

      get an actual hobby loser.

    • Grape & skeetle – Do you always just assume whatever you think is true must be true?
      Did I frustrate someone with one of my comments that they’re taking PERSONAL? (🤗)
      Seriously.. kiddies, it’s a video game console. If it bothers you that I (along with sooo many others) see ps turning to crap, then just look away or grow up. PS doesn’t listen to what anyone says, anyway. So don’t worry about it.
      You kids are too insignificant to defend and make anyone stop hating the ruined playstation.
      Go watch some cartoons or ride the swing, for once.

    • It’s a sequel from the first game. Do you expect it to play like Shadow of the Colossus or something?

      You constantly post negative comments here. Maybe this isn’t where you should be?

    • Hyn – You reply to me, while I’m defending my opinion on a video game that has nothing to do with you.

      Maybe you shouldn’t be here?

    • Actually, most reviewers say nearly the same thing I did in my op. They say it’s very similar to the first game.
      What’s your usernames on the few of those sites that allow comments – lemme see if you attacked their articles too.

    • @alkaline

      You are correct, most reviews are biased. They have a bias against Sony/Forbidden West.

      Read them all. Virtually every journalist says this game is superior to Zero Dawn yet it scores no better. Worse, you have outlets boast about the game and say it has improved in literally every area but they score it lower than they did the original. I know different ppl often review the games even with the same publication but you have a responsibility to maintain some cohesiveness for your site.

      For example, IGN gave HZD a 9.3 and their review of forbidden West literally starts out comparing it to Assassin’s Creed II and Uncharted 2 saying that forbidden West builds on zero Dawn and improves similarly to those games. They go on to list each specific elements of the game and they proclaim how much better Forbidden West is in each category and overall. The review sounds like a 10. Then at the end you see a 9. It’s just baffling to me.

      And IGN is no outlier. I have about 30 different reviews saved on my phone that claim forbidden West is a much better game and vastly improved yet score it lower with many of them giving 8’s. They’re just seems to be some reluctancy to give this game anything over a nine. It has 10s but not enough. Way too many 8 and 9’s that read much higher. Then there’s the situation with Metacritic allowing several 6/10 scores from journalists who actually have a clear bias like Stevivor. Sony wouldn’t give him a review copy because he’s basically a troll and he holds a grudge. He got his hands on the game and he gave it a 6.5. For reference he gave Halo Infinite a 9.5. There are at least four highly questionable scores on Metacritic.

      So you are correct, they’re absolutely was bias when reviewing this game but not in the way you claim. Just based on the contradictions while reading reviews this is true but unlike you I am actually playing it today so I will know for sure.

    • What kind of bias did I claim, tyler?

      Spoiler alert: I never mentioned one (specifically to horizon).

      Seriously man, reading is easy.

    • 7 🤡’s replied to me to challenge an opinion. An opinion that isn’t at all rare. An opinion that people took personal. What kind of person would you have to be to take a stranger’s opinion personally?

      Thanks for coming out tonite, and thanks for your support. It is appreciated and does not go unnoticed.👏

    • ‘7 🤡’s replied to me to challenge an opinion. An opinion that isn’t at all rare. An opinion that people took personal. What kind of person would you have to be to take a stranger’s opinion personally?

      Thanks for coming out tonite, and thanks for your support. It is appreciated and does not go unnoticed.👏”

      The bottom line is that here, while we are all celebrating a game we have been looking forward to, you come and crap all over it for no other reason than to crap all over it.
      Your opinion is not wanted or needed. You are a jerk, not because of your opinion, you are just a jerk. Go away!!

    • What makes you think your opinion has more value than mine. Because it’s a positive comment?

      Do you go on every site to insult people who don’t share your opinion?
      Grow up, weak mind. This won’t be the only place in the world where you’ll have a difference of opinion. Why and how would you let someone you don’t know ruin your enjoyment of news?
      Seriously, are you new to the world?
      Get over it.

    • It IS because of my opinion, because that is what you are replying to.

      Either that, or it’s my defending comments from people like you who have an opposite opinion and react mindlessly with childish comments and believe everyone should praise ps, regardless of their stupid decisions. People like you seem to believe there should only be one opinion in the world, and it’s the opinion you personally believe.

  • Congratulations to all Horizon’s fans around the world, and it doesn’t matter if you can start exploring Forbidden West today or in the future, today is our day today is a celebration of Horizon! And most importantly, I want to thank with all my heart all the creators, fathers, and mothers of this phenomenal masterpiece. And it doesn’t matter whether this sequel will be as genially or not, my bow and gratitude to you forever! Bravo!!!
    Sincerely, Dimitri Dzebisashvili

  • Super excited to play it tonight! It’s been a long time coming and I can’t wait to see what Aloy and her friends have in store for us next.

  • Love the series. Can’t stand the fact I got my preorder and the code for the legacy outfit and spear don’t work. It’s Dark Alliance all over again.

  • Nice! Love this game!

    Only one question… Sony, when I gonna play it with vrr?


  • Want to play but Collector’s and Regalla codes aren’t working. Come on Sony!

  • Congrats. This should be a joyous day for me but as an early adapter who loves exclusives, I can’t support them going multiplatform and raising in price. Early adapters already pay double for a game before it hits a sale, and now you’re gonna hit them even harder. About as silly as giving up on successful exclusives when the competition is just getting started.

  • Been waiting for this !had it pre-order from pre order release and watched the clock countdown LOL now its here YEAAAAAAAAAAA!

  • Now that this dinosaur robot nonsense is finally out, you might finally get your focus on a new (long overdue) Killzone FPS game again. This Call-of-Duty-Battlefield-Microtransactivison-Electronic-Farts rubbish has long since become unbearable.

  • Downloaded it at midnight and just started it. It glitches at early doors. When Aloy is coming f2f with two Burrowers and she’s meant to take out one of them with a silent strike, once she attacks the screen goes black and it restarts the scene.

  • Just got my email from Amazon that my copy isn’t coming. Remind me again why i pre-order months in advance?

    • I’ve stopped pre-ordering off amazing because of that. Ebgames/Gamestop have been able to deliver my copies mostly on Day1.

  • I wish you would have fixed the only issue I had with the first game: using resources to fast travel. Really? For people who have limited time to play games you’re forcing them to travel X amounts of time when they can just press a button and be done with it like so many others have done for over a decade so this is game design that should be done away with.

    What’s even worse playing the original on a PC with a trainer showed me how great it could have been if you just did one thing different and even now you tout the PS5’s SSD and how super fast it is, well, better hope you have a lot of resources if you want to see it for fast travel reasons.

    Other than than, congratulations! 😀

    • Other than that*

      Gee didn’t you use to be able to edit on this blog?

    • You might have already figured it out by the time I comment here, but you can fast travel for free when you are at a campfire, no resources needed.

      Fast travel is possible when away from a campfire, but in those instances, you do need to use a fast travel pack.

  • Waiting for the PC version, hope it comes soon enough!

    • Why??? The PC version of the original was inferior for ages, even the grass tech took ages to be updated.

      But thank goodness Guerilla jumped in to update it………….. which essentially delayed their sequel and missing the millions that would have been made in Holiday 2021……….. all for a few measly thousands of sales on PC.

      They should stick to the platform that will sell 10 million in a year, not 10 years.

    • Andrew is well-known for his lies.

    • Andrew, HZD sold nearly 1 million copies on PC in the first month… And the PC version is superior to the console version in every way.

      I too am waiting for the PC version of Forbidden West

  • Perfect timing for me, just finished Zero Dawn last night, can’t wait for my copy to arrive :D

  • It’s a shame the Deluxe Edition is a complete joke, since it’s not possible to copy the soundtrack to the USB and put it on the phone. Why pay extra for the soundtrack when you can’t even listen to it when you want to? Not gonna do that mistake again.

  • Congratulations on selling the same edition of the game twice with a £10/$10 Mark up on the ps5 version

    Both ps5 and ps4 editions contain both systems versions

    PS4 59.99
    Ps5 69.99

  • HOw do we receive the in game rewards for the digital edition?

  • Can someone explain why a $200 COLLECTOR’S edition comes with an empty game case? Why even offer a case? AND people are reporting that they can’t redeem their Digital Codes to even play the game.

    I love PlayStation and Guerilla, but this just blows my mind.

    • It is true BS from a clueless video game company that’s defended by some of the stupidest kids you’ve never seen.

  • Just wanted to say, of the few hours I’ve played Horizon Forbidden West the game is gorgeous, I have kept away from reviews etc before playing as I didn’t want to have any idea what to expect, but the game so far has blew my mind, the graphic quality on my ps4 pro is excellent and the story so far is really Intriguing, I can tell the team has put lots of love into this game, as a fan… Thank you! It is everything so far I hoped for and more. Thanks again Guerilla

  • Horizon zero dawn is one of my favorite games. And today was the release of Horizon Forbidden West on February 18, and today is my birthday. Best birthday gift.

  • Just grab the PS4 disc or digital. Support devs and the game and save the $10.

    Sony shouldn’t have priced up ps5 cross gen games full stop. The timing during a 2 year pandemic is crazy with inflation sky high in many countries.

    this is purported to be the last complimentary upgradable first party ps4 game and i advise all to take the cheaper option. There’s people spreading misinformation that the disc won’t work when it does and despite Sony blocking the ps4 option on the ps5 store you can still buy the digital ed if you wish on the web version of psn.

    Game looks great for what they were going for fixes a lot of the criticism of 1.

  • Thanks to the crew of Guerrilla for making such a phenomenal sequel! I’m only a little over an hour in. The graphics are awesome, and so far, it looks like it’s going to be another Huge Hit Game! 👍

  • Thank You Dev Team For This Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing and fantastic Game 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • So I was looking forward to get my hands on the pre ordered collector’s edition. Have to say box content is nice. Good presentation and all. However when I get to the steel case I only see the codes for the game and the sound track… I do not see any codes from pre order and for the digital bonus content that come with collector’s edition. The strange thing is that I did get the nice paper with the digital content and were it was supposed to come the code there is nothing… is it supposed to be like that? Game wise so far just did 5-10 min and loved it

  • I was going to buy the game for PS4, but I really want to play it now on PS5 after watching the comparisons on Digital Foundry. I never knew there was a huge difference between PS4 and PS5 but there is.

    I’m going to wait now until maybe end of 2022 to buy a PS5, the thing is I’m waiting for LG new 42 inch OLED TV which is due sometime in 2022.

  • I’ve only started to scratch the surface in my playing of this game and have been immensely enjoying diving into this incredible world.

    One thing that myself and others ran into with our Collector’s and Regalla Editions is that we found that the digital voucher codes were not able to activate at 12 AM EST. It’s aggravating that fans that care as much about the series to spend the money for all the items included in these editions were unable to enjoy the game as soon as the release date came.

    In the future, it would be nice if voucher cards are activated ahead of time, so that those with preorders can preload games in advance of their release time if they already have their codes.

  • Loving the game so far can’t wait to jump back in

  • This BS on not letting us actually export soundtrack content off of a console when advertising a digital soundtrack bonus has to stop. It’s misleading and frankly anti consumer.

  • I’m really excited about this game I think it’s fun and my most favorite series on the PS4 is Kingdom hearts and Sonic and tomb Raider and Jak and daxter

  • 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • I’m actually glad I never purchased the game now on release. There seems to be lots of people reporting shimmering issues with the game. This was not mentioned in any reviews of the game, unless that was pre patch code.

    I know that Guerilla has addressed this issue by restarting the game twice, which is odd. But anyway people are still reporting graphical issues.

    I’m sure Guerrilla will address this issue shortly.

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  • It’s a beautiful 😍 game love it. Thank you

  • I have a PS4 Pro of which I have really only played HZD and HZD Frozen Wilds, and was very upset when I started playing HFW. I didn’t realize that the game version I had wasn’t the PS4 Pro Enhanced 4K version, as I assumed it would be in there, since I wasn’t finding any reference to it on USA websites or disk boxes. Then I found the PS4 Pro Enhanced 4K version on the EU website.
    Grrrrrh! WTF?? I just spent $60 on a poor cartoon version with bad music. Here I was disparaging Guerilla for a bad release, when it is SONY messing things up! WTF!!! I feel cheated.
    I was REALLY looking forward to this game, as I am recently medically disabled and stuck at home.
    Most disappointing.
    Jeffrey Ethridge, USA

  • I enjoyed the first one, But im gunna skip this one. elden ring will be better. less woke :S

  • Спасибо за игру. Только из-за Horizon я купил PlayStation. Замечательная игра. 🎮🔥👍

  • Hey Sony,you need to refund the people you ripped off with the more expensive bundle, since it’s the same as the cheaper one. If you don’t, I hope you get sued, you deserve it!

  • I’ve always loved Playstation consoles but I must say the PS5 takes the cake. I’ve never been more proud to own a console as well I’m excited for the PSVR2. I’m a disabled Veteran I go through some rough times so thanks Sony thus console has really pulled me out of a hard long funk I was stuck in.

    • As well I love Forbidden West. I play non stop. I’m truly impressed with the graphics. The underwater, textures, the way the lips move to the syllables when the characters speak in the cinematic. An amazing advancement give me more games like this!

  • The game is amazing … But My ps5 shuts down when I play Horizon Forbiden west :( … Help!

  • Thank you Guerrilla Games! I am so thankful that I get to play this game. This is beyond anything I could have imagined for the sequel. You have set the bar so high!

  • I appeal to the leaders of PlayStation

    On February 24, the Russian federation attacked Ukraine.
    Civilian are suffering. Army of Russian federation destroys civilian objects, kills civilians.

    The propaganda of the aggressor state turned out to be so strong that ordinary people in Russia still do not believe or refuse to believe what is happening.

    Those Russians who are currently playing must feel the changes caused by direct aggression against Ukraine.

    Therefore, I urge you to limit the access of Russian players to all online PlayStation services during the war against Ukraine

  • salut ! je suis un peu déçu d horizon l ouest interdit ; aucunes armes nautique , impossible d utilisé l arc en volant ou sauté sur une machine pour faire une attaque . j ai terminé le jeu en 8 jours … :( . il aurait été intéressant de pouvoir retourné voir les matriarches nora , a méridian et comme aloy parle de cyan a gaia , pourquoi qu aloy ne peut retournée en territoire banuk pour parlé de gaia a cyan ??? .

    l inter-action avec les pnj sont vraiment bien , les graphiques excellant

  • What’s wrong with Sony, you’d think they would as part of their marketing for this game and by extension the PS5, why haven’t they released some special edition PS5 faceplates & controllers for this to promote it & in fact this should be the way forward for all their high-end exclusives forthcoming, come on Sony, whose working in your marketing dept & are you paying them to sleep.

  • I absolutely LOVE this game! Zero Dawn was one of the most amazing games I’ve ever played. I’d stay up all night playing just to see what happens next! At one point my hubby asked me if he should buy some Hot Pockets for me… 😂.

    Then Horizon Forbidden West was announced and I IMMEDIATELY purchased the game. The details in this game are fantastic and the crew behind the development of the game are undeniably talented and creative beyond measure.

    Thank you for continuing Aloy’s
    saga…..looking forward to the next chapter?!

    Enjoy your successful accomplishment Guerrilla Team!!

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