Bringing Uncharted to the Big Screen

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Bringing Uncharted to the Big Screen

PlayStation Productions and Naughty Dog sit down with Uncharted movie creators to discuss Nathan Drake's silverscreen debut.

Uncharted is rolling out in theaters across the globe this week, marking Nathan Drake’s big screen debut. The entire PlayStation Productions team is thrilled to see Uncharted brought to life for movie theater audiences around the world.

Our goal with creating PlayStation Productions was to introduce our unforgettable stories, characters, and worlds to new audiences, by bringing together creators with a passion and respect for the legacy of our gaming IP. So when Sony invited me to be a part of the second instalment of their Creator to Creator series, alongside Naughty Dog and the visionaries behind the Uncharted film, I jumped at the chance. 

I sat down with Naughty Dog Co-President Neil Druckmann, Uncharted movie star Tom Holland and director Ruben Fleischer to discuss bringing one of PlayStation’s most beloved heroes to the silver screen. During our chat, we covered moments from the games that directly inspired the movie, and some of the similarities between Uncharted’s game and film process. I was even surprised to learn that Tom and Neil have a shared gaming history! 

Watch our full conversation here for a treasure trove of insights into the making of Uncharted: 

Bringing Uncharted to the Big Screen

(Seated at a table, left to right: Tom Holland, Asad Qizilbash, Ruben Fleischer, Neil Druckmann)

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  • treat code spotted!

    • How many hours Uncharted 4 was played globally on December 2021?

    • I’m surprised to see the movie doing so well. People are coming out to watch. I have my issues with it but the production value is solid and it’s a good time.

    • I’m the same way, I am a LOYAL fan of the series and even LOVED playing Uncharted 3 in 3D on my PS3 which added greatly to the experience but then had issues with the casting of this movie not being “faithful” to the franchise and using younger actors to play older ones really upset me but this movie on its own looks like a fantastic ride and a wonderful for experience for everyone especially those who haven’t played the game franchise which is THE BEST FRANCHISE EVER CREATED! Just wish the musical score from the first 3 made it into the 4th as that was is what made the emotional element of the game for me!

  • I never got my code for the uncharted movie how come? I bought the 10 dollar upgrade.

    • Same here, it said I’d get an email with the voucher code “on or around February 9″… I still haven’t gotten anything f

    • I didn’t even know about the code until I got one emailed to me. I had no interest in the film. I’d just upgraded to PS5 remasters of the games. :P

  • And no one’s going to discuss the grossly miscasting and mediocre review elephant in the room?

    • Absolutely! The critics know Tom Holland can’t act and the director of zombieland wasn’t the way to go with something that can go wrong so easily – everyone knew it was going to be garbage and sounds like it turned out to be..

    • I think we are about one year past the shock of a young Drake and Sully lol. Didn’t u use up all your outrage ages ago or are u that late to the party?

      Casting could’ve worked if they followed Uncharted 3 flashback story. I’m over the disappointment and I understand that gamers make up a tiny portion of the movie audience. It’s a reinterpretation of Uncharted for the big screen. They need to appeal to ppl overseas and non gamers if they want to sell.

      I’m not a fan of the script or casting but I get it. By the way, this movie was in development heck and went through numerous directors. The Zombieland director was a last resort.

      Reviews are mixed in actuality. It’s not scoring well but technically it’s 15 points higher on Metacritic than the first Tomb Raider flick. Far better score than the first National Treasure. Don’t try to kick unnecessary dirt on the movie. It’s already losing points due to Indiana Jones comparisons and the legacy of the incredible games. If Uncharted wasn’t in the title it would be 10 points higher and considered a fun action film. There would be no negativity.

      Production value is excellent and it’s just an entertaining romp. What do u expect? It’s a Tom Holland/Mark Wahlberg action flick with borrowed elements from the games. Go into for a good time rather than an Uncharted snob and it’ll be a fun time. The Metacritic vis rising and ppl and it debuted at number one overseas. Relax on the hate. Ffs.

    • The movie gets poor reviews.

    • Here we go, a bunch of comments from people who havent watched the movie yet. Its too hilarious

    • Never has happened in the history of earth, has it, maaden.

    • Who listens to critics today?

    • Please see my post and pass it on

  • Been trying to look for the treat code

  • Every review I’ve seen gives at a 7/10 for “being just like the games” or “doesn’t do anything the games didn’t already do” or “doesn’t do anything better than the games”

    None of those sound like bad things to me. Like “it’s JUST like the games?” Soo it’s the OPPOSITE of every other critically panned video game movie adaptation? That’s a bad thing?

    My only issue is Tom Holland as Drake. Could have at least gotten an actor that LOOKS 30. I would take Mark Wahlberg as Drake ANY day especially over Sully.. like really?

    • Why would he need to look 30, movie Drake is way younger than that right? And Mark is over 40, so I dont see a problem at all

  • Uncharted is my favorite gaming franchise. I’m glad they put so much into this movie and that they wanted to stay true to the games. I can’t wait to see it!

  • Your team failed with the casting of Sully. If you make a sequel you need to re-cast him and get a new director. Get someone who can actually make a good movie.

  • Just watched the film. It had potential as a prequel to the games, but it missed the mark. From the color grade to the score to Drake’s fighting style. With trying to incorporate visuals from the game (i.e. the crate scene), it seemed to lack the originality of a fresh adventure that the fans could get behind.

  • This movie looks like fun and I’ll probably try to catch in theaters, even though I sadly won’t be able to use the free ticket emailed to me.

    It’s a shame that the only movie chain included for the free ticket with the upgrade purchase of the Uncharted Legacy Collection was Regal. There’s only 2 Regal theaters in my entire state of Michigan. Even when looking at neighboring states like Ohio and Indiana, every single one of Regal’s theaters are hours away from where I live.

    Please consider including other theater chains if/when there’s another movie ticket promotion. Cinemark, Goodrich, MJR, and Emagine are chains that are more accessible in Michigan.

  • Couldn’t you find any other actor? Tom looks like Nathan’s childhood not adult.

  • It was mediocre at best. Superb games. Bleh movie.

  • At least we’ll always have the Nathan Fillion short film…

  • Personally, I won’t be watching any Uncharted films until Sully has his moustache for the entirety.

    If you could bring in Neil Degrasse Tyson and CG his tache onto Mark Wahlberg’s face, I’ll be at the cinema day one.

    • I know, right? All of us Uncharted fans waiting here for that proper mustache ride. We all know it would be a real hit with the ladies!

  • WORST CASTING EVER! Went to various websites to find available actors and found 5 better suited for the roles. Chemistry is what’s all about and those two don’t have it. In fact you could’ve hired professional stunts and double their voices with the original game actors’ DUH!

  • Greediness has no limits!

  • I’ve played all the uncharted games back in the day and after seeing the movie in my opinion it makes me wanna play them all over again in the updated version. Looking forward to seeing more movies of Uncharted!

  • What a shame I wasn’t there to rip that pathetic cap of Druckmann’s head, man screw him for been a jerk for ruining that game. Thumbs down.

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