Enter the neon-drenched world of Anno: Mutationem on March 17

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Enter the neon-drenched world of Anno: Mutationem on March 17

New details on protagonist Ann’s killer outfits and her cyberpunk world, coming to PS4 and PS5.

Dear friends, pixel-lovers, and neon-thrillseekers, we’re excited to bring you an update and an exciting new trailer today. Anno: Mutationem launches March 17 on PS5 and PS4, and it’s available to pre-order at PS Store now.

In this post, we’ll focus on a few snippets from the trailer and let you know our main character Ann Flores will be up to this March.

Enter the neon-drenched world of Anno: Mutationem on March 17

Special thanks to @Kuvshinov_Ilya, who is an amazing animator and created the for Anno: Mutationem key art at the top of this article.

Taking references from classics like Ghost in the Shell, we go in blasting with the shady, neon-drenched city of Noctis, full of cyborg entertainers, hologram V-tuber performances, and a sky that is composed of infinite heights and future cityscapes. 

We also visit the European-style small streets of Margarita where Ann’s sister Nakamura is running the family business. You can even make an extra buck moonlighting there as a bartender. Shaken, not stirred, and full of pixels, please.

From cool scenes to swanky sartorial options. Battle suits are awesome, but variety is the spice of life for our hero Ann (what if you want to relax at home in a sporty outfit?) 

There will be a bunch of costume options for Ann, ranging from a bartending outfit, casual sport outfit, or even an elegant black dress. The latter outfit is picked out by Ann’s hyper-hacker buddy, Ayane, as part of the main quest line (though it may not quite be Ann’s first choice). Get ready to dress to impress and dance to make friends.

While Ann is on her way trying to find her missing brother, sometimes you just gotta kick back: Wash up, check out a newspaper for local news,  get your sidequest on with mysterious megastar idols, or solve the mysterious case of the strangled neighbor. Knock yourself out! Also… knock out your enemies in the Corn Juice Combat Street Tournament….don’t ask, just punch. 

So, about the cyber corgi at Harbour Town’s bar and the mysterious mecha-monk… We’d love to get into that but we suddenly feel kinda…dizzy? Did we exceed the daily pixel dose? Neon sunstroke? Or, perhaps it’s the mysterious little girl at the end of the trailer? Hmmm, maybe we should lie down for a bit.

Thanks so much for checking us out and we hope we managed to get your interest for Anno: Mutationem going.  Please consider learning more about our game at PS Store and maybe hitting that pre-order button. Anno: Mutationem hits both PS4 and PS5 on March 17, available in either standard or deluxe edition (containing a bunch of cool stuff including the OST and a digital artbook).

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  • It’s not on the site for preorder?! If you click the link in the post it goes nowhere.

    • It’s available to preorder now!

    • It’s up for pre-order now.

      I’ve been following this game for a while and the delay or dark period really seems to have helped. It looks fantastic.

      First Salt & Sacrifice gets a May 10th date and now March 17th for Anno. Just need Stray and Little Devil now.

      I’ve said it before and it bothers ppl, but goodness PS5 is loaded the first half of 2022. Sifu, Forbidden West, GT7, Babylon, Anno, Salt & Sac, and Forspoken all have PS exclusivity and all have dates in the first half of the year. Even Legacy of Thieves was a nice $10 surprise considering I got Lost Legacy without ever owning it. Ppl love to play headlines and ignore the actual games irl.

  • Um, what genre is this game mostly? Action platformer, hack & slash, metroidvania? Cheers

    • It also combines 3D atmospheric cyberpunk cities and underground lairs filled with pixelated 2D characters.

    • It’s a hack n slash, 2D game with 3D elements. It has RPG components as well. All featured with a delightful cyberpunk setting. You will talk to characters, slash enemies with your sword, and explore a futuristic city. It’s really the Cyberpunk we deserve….indie style.

  • I can’t preorder it yet!!

  • Yeah like others have said, the pre-order link or a search on either App or on console come back with zero results or possibility to pre-order at the current time.

    Try again later I guess, sure it’ll be fixed in due course.

  • Been eagerly awaiting this one. The next few months are stacked!

  • Any chance of a Physical release? This game aesthetic looks so cool and I would love having it on Physical!

  • Really excited for this one! It looks so awesome! Great to have a release date too! Picking it up for PS5 for sure

  • Don’t see a preorder for the ps4 version unless the devs would like to gift me a ps5 🤣

  • Looks great!

  • My wife legit woke up saying, “I just dreamt about playing a platformer full of neon, and now I want one.” This will do nicely :-D
    P.S. Getting massive Akira vibes from that ending…

  • This looks great but nothing in the article or trailer actually gives me any information as to what the heck it actually is.

  • This looks fantastic – and it comes out on my birthday. Might just have to get this for my ps5.

  • Looks very cool

  • Really hope this isn’t a Roguelite game because it looks really awesome. But just seeing that word in the description is enough to make me lose 100% interest.

  • Will this be getting an LRG release or other physical release publication?

  • Whenever I heard this game mentioned, I thought of Mutazione, which is a more chill exploration game. I’m glad I read the article and saw the videos! It looks amazing, and gameplay looks super fun! Definitely day one buy for me!

  • Can you please clarify ThinkingStars’ relationship with China? This will ultimately decide whether or not I buy this game.

  • Love the art direction and the outfits!

  • Looks awesome. Sounds awesome 👌

  • Interesting game

  • I appeal to the leaders of PlayStation

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    Civilian are suffering. Army of Russian federation destroys civilian objects, kills civilians.

    The propaganda of the aggressor state turned out to be so strong that ordinary people in Russia still do not believe or refuse to believe what is happening.

    Those Russians who are currently playing must feel the changes caused by direct aggression against Ukraine.

    Therefore, I urge you to limit the access of Russian players to all online PlayStation services during the war against Ukraine

  • Just pre-ordered Anno: Mutationem and I am looking forward to playing this wonderful game!

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