The job classes of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

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The job classes of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Director Daisuke Inoue reveals some new jobs in the game — and the love and tears that went into making them.

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  • I sent my dualsense controller to Official Sony Turkey service (Sony Eurasia) 54 days ago and they haven’t returned it yet.
    They say “We don’t have any new controllers left to replace. You have to wait”
    Can anybody from Sony please help me.
    2 months of my 12 months PS+ subscription wasted

    • you are on the wrong website, I think you need to follow your email if Sony PS sent you info on your controller or their customer service page, just google it. You can always call them as well. Google their phone #.

  • How chaotic

  • Are you serious? It was just like this during the launch of the PS4, in fact, there were less exclusives at this launch.

    Cross generational games are normal within the first two or three years of a consoles lifespan. With the global chip shortage and COVID-19 pandemic, it had only worsened development conditions. It’s not a single person’s fault.

  • Tyrant-Dragoon?!

    Elemental Jumps would be AWESOME.

  • When will you release the game in all languages in all regions? Stop restricting a language to a specific region!

  • Please give us a PS4 Demo 🙏

    The PS5 Beta’s had performance issues, it would be great to know how this runs on PS4 too.

  • Can we get some more content

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