Planet of the Discounts promotion comes to PlayStation Store

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Planet of the Discounts promotion comes to PlayStation Store

Demon’s Souls, Red Dead Redemption 2, Hitman 3 and more titles reduced in price for a limited time.

Save up to 70% on a selection of PlayStation titles in the Planet of the Discounts promotion. Starting Wednesday, February 16 for a limited time*, you can enjoy a variety of discounts across multiple games at PlayStation Store. That includes Demon’s Souls, Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition, Hitman 3 Standard Edition and many more. 

*Planet of the Discounts promotion starts on PlayStation Store at 00.01am (local time) on Wednesday, February 16 and finishes at 23.59pm (local time) on Tuesday, March 2. 

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  • Wow! The hottest titles like “ 100,000 Red Orbs”, “ Bundle of 5 Pet Carriers”, and “ Deluxe Edition Upgrade PS5”!

    Please, a billion dollar gaming company has to do a better job than a cut-and-paste job that no one bothers to check. Every. Single. Time.

  • Please could you put yakuza 6 and yakuza 7 like a dragon in sale, they are the only ones that I need to have all the yakuza saga. Can you? Please.

  • Can we get these nice and decent discount levels for the (hopefully soon) Big in Japan sale? It would be wonderful to see PlayStation actually show some respect to Japanese developers and publishers, alongside the players who enjoy playing those games.

    You have already treated all those gamers wanting sales to come back for PS3 and PS Vita games like absolute dirt through the complete removal of discounting on those countless wonderful games that you don’t deem worthy of consideration anymore.

    The sad thing is, Vita/PSP (at a minimum) could easily be emulated on PS5, and that is a treasure trove of games that could be enjoyed. Even a PS Legacy service with complete access to all those legacy PlayStation titles would be incredible (especially if natively emulated).

    Sigh, but first thing is first. We need PS4/PS5 Japanese games to get proper discounting.

  • please Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition and Strange Brigade Digital Deluxe Edition

  • Psn 4 life

  • Returnal and Demon Souls for around £48, that will do me

  • you have ‘No man’s sky’ on this list, yet I couldn’t find it on the store, and searching for it only shows normal price.

  • So no post for the Big in Japan sale? What is with Sony’s approach to Japanese gaming? Censorship of Asian games but not Caucasian games? Why don’t you just not dictate what we can and cannot play with better age-gating on store purchases? Do you enjoy continuing to your whitewashing and removal of diverse gaming libraries? Getting back to the sale, can you PLEASE GET THESE ATELIER TRILOGIES ON SALE FOR 50% OFF LIKE THEY USED TO BE BACK A FEW YEARS AGO? Can you PLEASE BRING BACK VITA SALES AND EVEN BETTER MAKE THEM PLAYABLE ON THE PS5 AS IS SO EASILY POSSIBLE TO DO?

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