Cyberpunk 2077’s next-generation update now available for PlayStation 5

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Cyberpunk 2077’s next-generation update now available for PlayStation 5

CD Projekt Red details next-gen enhancements — and more — coming to Night City today.

Night City’s a place like no other. It’s a ruthless one, for sure, where corporations rule and oppress the populace and gangs own the streets. It’s also a place of endless opportunity, especially for someone like you — V; a cyber-enhanced mercenary looking for a shot at the big leagues. But one false step is all it takes to go from diggin’ Night City to diggin’ your own grave. Still, life around here’s too short to play it safe, and with Cyberpunk 2077 just now hitting next-gen on PlayStation 5, there was never a better time than now to sink your teeth into what the most dangerous megalopolis of the dark future has to offer.

The next-gen version of Cyberpunk 2077 comes equipped with an assortment of enhancements made possible by the extra power of the PlayStation 5 hardware. Visuals and performance have received an upgrade across the board, with dynamic 4K resolution scaling, improved reflections, and SSD-fueled loading times, to name a few. There’s more, of course, as gamers are now able to choose between two Graphics Modes to play in, adding further to the list of enhancements on offer with ray-traced local light shadows in Ray Tracing mode, or gameplay targeting 60 FPS in Performance Mode. 

With Cyberpunk 2077 on PlayStation 5 you’ll not only be able to see Night City come to life like never before — you’ll also feel it. The DualSense wireless controller’s haptic vibrations bring a new level of sensations to the palms of your hands, while the adaptive triggers will react uniquely depending on a multitude of factors: type of combat — ranged or melee — or whether you’re driving a car, exerting different amounts of pressure for each weapon, action, and vehicle. So whether you’re firing a Militech M-10AF Lexington or slicing through an enemy with a katana; driving a Makigai Mai Mai P126 versus the Rayfield Caliburn — you’ll feel the difference.

You’ll also hear the difference, too, thanks to two new audio features in the PlayStation 5 version. Utilizing the Tempest 3D AudioTech engine grounds players deeper within the world of Cyberpunk 2077, and does so whether they’re playing with 3D audio-enabled headphones or even built-in TV speakers. And coming back to the DualSense controller, there’s the built in microphone which will now come into play whenever there’s a holocall or message coming in, which is the next best thing to listening to these directly in your head!

Like we said, Night City is a dangerous place with lots of things to see and do. It’s a good thing, then, that on PlayStation 5 we’ve added support for Activity Cards. These’ll help you keep track of what it is you’re currently up to in the game in and out of it, and where your progress with a particular activity is at. Chances are that sometimes the city will bring you to your knees — you won’t be the first. But that’s where Game Help comes in, with detailed info on how to not just get by, but do so in a style worthy of a Night City legend.

In addition to the next-gen enhancements and PlayStation 5-exclusive features, this latest version of the game also comes with a slew of gameplay tweaks and quality of life changes. Think, improved AI and crowd reactions, tweaks to the UI, map usage and the open world, new interactions with potential love interests, as well as improved Fixer and Gig gameplay and rewards. And did we mention new pieces of free additional content added, too, like bonus rentable apartments for V, new weapons and gear, and new customization options? 

So you see, even if you’ve been to Night City before there’s plenty to look forward to experiencing for the first time and falling in love all over again. Best thing is, if you’re a current owner of Cyberpunk 2077 for PlayStation 4, disc or digital, you can transfer your save to the PlayStation 5 version and continue exactly where you left off! Wanna know what’s even better? All current owners of the PlayStation 4 version are entitled to a next-gen upgrade available right now — completely free! 

If you don’t yet own Cyberpunk 2077, and want to experience the next-gen version right now, you can buy the dedicated PlayStation 5 release this very moment directly off the PlayStation Store. If, however, you’d like to see if it’s a game for you first, there’s currently a free trial version available until March 15, giving you 5 hours of otherwise unrestrained access to the game and all its features. If you liked what you played, you’ll be able to purchase the full version and with your progress carried over — continue playing like you never stopped. 

If you’d like to know more about the next-gen version of Cyberpunk 2077 or the free next-gen update and trial, we’ve got a dedicated website set up with any and all additional information you need to get your cyberpunk career off the ground — or keep it going — on PlayStation 5. 

See you in Night City!

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  • Looking forward to jumping back after this update!

    But I guess the gyroscope is still an ignored “dualsense feature” :/

  • pre ordered on the Ps4. Gave up after the prologue as the gameplay was barren and the World was empty. Gun play was also terrible. The Vehicle (cars and bikes) did seem decent and I’ll be jumping back into the Ps5 version for what I’m hoping to be a good GTA style/Burnout Paradise experience. Not expecting the RPG elements to be any better than before as it was more a design flaw than muscle issue. Missions seemed slow and ponderous for a start. Hope to be proved wrong of coure.

  • I thought the game is short and crap, even if you don’t count the bugs.

    • Oh it is.

      However, that still didn’t stop you saying it was the game of E3 the 2 times Xbox overhyped it at their showcases.

      At least Sony pulled it from their store……… but there wasn’t a stampede of bulls that was going to make Phil pull it from Xbox after all that, incredibly awkward, marketing lol.

    • You’re short and crap.

    • I played it on PC.

    • I think it’s the most hyped fail, according to everyone.
      They’re going to have an extremely difficult time selling their next work-in-progress.
      Why would a game company risk their future by releasing short crap?

    • @andrew

      Xbox fans almost claimed CP as their own. So many fans overhyped it and said it was a reason to get a Series X. It was used as a chip especially when they expected it to be an SX launch game.

  • It’s nice that this time they let consumers try it before they buy it.

  • I’m glad to see that they have completed the upgrade, no doubt they worked hard on this.

    I will try it later today, however I don’t think this will fix the core issues for me.

    There are things missing from this game that make it feel like a living world.

    It is hard to describe, but there is a difference in the world versus other open world games such as GTA.

    GTA is a good example of a living world. Red dead too. This feels more like a game placed in a world as a level, not a fully realized city.

    • The game has a very long way to go.
      They should’ve delayed this game to 2025. Or, early access on steam.

    • you do realize this is an rpg right? and gta and redr2 are not rpgs.

      apples to oranges complaints.

      likes saying i wanted mario odyssey to be more like breath of the wild or vice versa. it’s nonsensical.

      i appreciate if you felt the marketing misled you but often people’s expectations are the real problem.

      take horizon zero dawn fw and eldin ring many will buy into the hype of those games and find they are not what they wanted / expected. you need to judge entertainment based on what it is going for.

      i wanted a rockstar game as your complaint is amusing to me. im a fan of those two also but they are different style games, full stop.

    • @alkalinetp Have you already played the PS5 version of this game? Please let us all know what the 3 best improvements are, then tell us about the 3 biggest problems that still to be fixed.

    • @alkalinetp Again, I am asking YOU to outline YOUR specific thoughts as you are the one with the opinion to defend. Well, defend it. Make us believe in you.

    • Grape – No.
      If you don’t know what is wrong with the game now, maybe you should play it and find out, instead of asking random people on the internet.

    • @alkalineyp

      Basically, you have nothing to say of your own. You are simple[ton-ly] regurgitating the the usual ignorant hater comments.

    • What do you have to say? Too focussed on taking my comments personal, that you can’t focus on the topic? I’m glad I’m able to entertain your D.A.

  • Finally! Looking forward to jumping back in to finish the game now.

  • Appreciate the update, Marcin. Will this also receive a physical PS5 release at a later date?

  • I bought the game back on launch day, and was fortunate enough to be playing on the PS5 back then (and sunk about 100 hours into it before holding off on continuing), but I’ve been waiting for this next gen update before diving back into the game! Downloading now, and looking forward to experiencing what the proper PS5 version has to offer!

    • I put in over 600 hours and loved every single minute of it. I hope this upgrade will allow people to fall in love with the world and characters as opposed to focussing on the bugs and glitches.

  • I bought it on sale for my ps4 pro thinking “come on, it cannot be that bad”, and it was, i played like 3 or 4 hours until a bug stopped me to move on with the story, so i deleted and never touch it again. Last year i got a PS5 and i thought about re download it but it was like 150GB minimum, that´s like 1/3 of the ps5 storage. So no thanks, i will re download it when i upgrade my ps5 SSD.

    • Ps5 version at <57gb fully installed on my ps5. Nice try with the 150gb lies. just put your play disc in and install the digital ps5 version. this is pro consumer.

    • @Skeetlejuice

      Lies: No. Overblown and a little misinformed: Yes.

      Look at the timeline they’re talking about. The PS5 version just released, they’re talking abouta year ago and the 4’s version -which sits at 107.8gb on my external HHD without the new patch installed. Of the almost 5tb I have installed on that 8tb drive, it’s the largest file on there. Second largest is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey at 100.6gb, and that’s Odyssey WITH all the DLC -Cyberpunk doesn’t even have DLC (yet/who really knows at this point). So no, it’s not 150gb, but it’s also not small whatsoever for a single player game with no DLC.

      I’m currently downloading the PS5 version and will be happy to reclaim some space, but am fighting rural internet and the PS4 Cyberpunk patch continuously trying to switch download spots and take over. For some reason I thought we were past random download queue switching with this generation, but it’s becoming an annoying nuisance again

  • Cant upgrade for free, even with physical copy. Bug or something?

    • I have the same problem ! Can only download demo or buy it again.

    • Same problem here – PS4 disc version installed but only trial of PS5 available

    • I installed the game again and went to ps app on my phone, then i saw that my friend was playing ps 5 version of cyberpunk and from there i was able to upgrade it for free :D LoL

    • worked fine this afternoon for me with the ps4 play disc. zero problems go to the store page and it will offer the full ps5 upgrade tied to disc in drive. If you bought digital ps4 edition you just get the upgrade same way no disc requirements.

      it’s not hard guys.

    • What you guys are missing from all these ps4 to ps5 upgrade games is that you actually need the play disc of the game in the ps5 when you go to upgrade from the store. it’s always the same, miles morales, uncharted 4, cyberpunk etc any cross gen game offering an upgrade.

      the ones with no upcharge are easy but games that will charge you a fee like uncharted you need to think about more, gt7 etc. forbidden west is set to be the last free upgrade for first party.

      the point being if you don’t put the cross gen game in the drive you won’t see the free upgrade options in the store and on the game tile.

      yeah and if you have a digital ps5 you can only upgrade from digital ps4 cross gen games.

  • If you have a PS5, can you now delete the PS4 install to free up space on your hard drive?

    • Yes you can. I did the same today and it installs the PS5 version of the game. First it was downloading both PS4 & PS5 with 2 different load times of upto multiple hours then I deleted my current PS4 version and it stopped downloading that and only focused on PS5 download. Good luck and hope it turns out good.

    • To add a little to what MonsterMonkeyJK is saying:

      I’ve been keeping the PS4 version of the game installed as a reference point of file sizes (when I should just take a screenshot, I realize), and the patch for that keeps randomly unpausing, or queue jumping, the PS5’s full game download. Frankly it’s becoming annoying.

      I’m about to do myself a favor and uninstall the PS4 version and also reclaim about 50gb of HDD on my external

  • The image of the game will be forever tainted with how miserable of a launch it had. Absolutely no idea as to why CDPR released it in the state it was. Shareholders? Probably, given the development time spanned near a decade.

    • It was released in a bad state on last-gen consoles. I think they expected most people to be playing on the new, more powerful consoles but that didn’t happen due to shortages. For me it was the perfect launch game and I enjoyed it far more than anything else on PS5 so far.

  • I for one will probably not be replaying this game. I would love to because I am a sucker for a “rags to riches” story (No Man’s Sky anyone), but there is just so much coming out now that It has lost its window of obsessive play with me. I guess I won’t really know how much better it is or isn’t.

  • The update won’t make it a better RPG, despite all the touting that went into the PR prior to the game’s release.

  • I own the disc version of the game, i downloaded the PS5 upgrade, and now I’m unable play either PS4 or PS5 version of the game. It says insert disc when the disc is already in the console.

  • No Thanks

  • I own the PS4 disk, installed it on my PS5 but I’m only able to choose the PS5 Trial version.
    WTH is going on?!

    • you don’t install the ps4 version, you put the ps4 play disc in the drive. then the store shows you can download the game free tied to keeping the disc in drive when you want to play. it’s simple and always the same for cross gen games.

      if you want to install the ps4 version you can, but you don’t need it to import your saves if you have them.

      and on top of that the ps5 full install is under 57gb. its a nice make good situation here.

      the ps5 editions don’t show available in the store without disc in drive, same for paid upgrades like uncharted and soon to be gt7 etc.

  • Can’t wait to jump back in, thanks for the hard work you guys put into it.

  • Was playing fine until the update came through and corrupted the game file now after reinstalling three times. I guess I wait for them to screw up another reveal.

    • one of the 3 saves i had showed corrupted, so this looks like it is a thing.

      for me i had the ps4 pro at the time and only played under 10 hours opting to wait for ps5 and the updated version. for me i’ll likely restart for the rtx etc anyways but for others this is more of what people condemn cdpr for but become apologists when it is bethesda. So take it as you will.

    • A corrupted save would be no problem. It’s the actual game data the game can’t be launched at all

  • They still haven’t fixed the hdr in this game, it looks washed out with elevated blacks, hope they can fix this soon it is 2022, need my hdr cyberpunk, then I will consider the game actually finished and playable.

  • I absolutely adored this game! Night city and its lovely atmosphere, intricate characters that I fell in love with piece by piece, interesting missions and conversations. Truly as much a labor of love as the Witcher was, but with a different style that I personally enjoyed more (I prefer sci-fi over dark fantasy, and despite worries I loved the first person view).
    One of my all time favorite games next to Metal Gear Solid. I really hope it still gets the love it deserves and CDPR isn’t too discouraged to make an amazing sequel and DLC.
    Time for continuing my second playthrough and cruise the night city streets on that awesomely appropriate song by Artemis Delta and R E L <3

    • Now that this is done save patches and other dlc plans they can really focus on getting this PS5 version of the witcher 3 out, that i am truly looking forward to and it will also be gratis.

      for people upset that haven’t played this and have a ps5 you can get a lot for your money at only $30 cad on sale right now.

      i got it at launch for $55 cad from amazon and i don’t feel cheated. fallout 3 and skyrim on ps3 were completely broken but everyone gave them a pass and those games were never fixed on the platform but bethesda can do no wrong.

      i don’t get it. If you don’t like the story or gameplay of cyberpunk then you are a victim of hype and preorder culture. My friend got it on his new pc and really enjoyed it full price.

      people like to complain in the age of twitter with a lot of people, on the blog as well that don’t even play games,

  • A €25 upgrade for PS4 Disc owners is not free (like was promised).

  • Sure would be nice if this free upgrade worked for me, but it does not. I purchased my disc version from Amazon at launch, in the US for my US PS4. I can’t get the upgrade offer on my PS5 because for whatever reason the game’s disc region doesn’t match I guess? Funny, I downloaded PS4 patches for it just fine when playing on the PS5 via backwards compatibility but no upgrade to the next gen version. CDPR just can’t manage to do anything right without finding a way to somehow screw it up. I doubt there will be a fix for this, which is fine, I am about done dealing with this frustrating mess.

  • Can’t find the trial in the Belgian ps store.

  • Never played this before. Was not going to, but tried the PS5 demo and definitely going to get the full version. Don’t know what people were crying about, but this game rocks so far.

  • Hi, I need help!!!

    I bought the game physically on disc on release, yet for some reason when I insert the disc, the console still tells me to purchase the full game. I have noticed a lot of people who got the game on disc are not able to upgrade for free. Any advice?

    • put the ps4 play disc in the ps5, go to the store an option will change to let you download the game free tied to keeping your disc in the drive when you wish to play.

      no need to install the ps4 version or keep an install.

      the other problem people are having is where their discs region are not matching their psn region. especially now as this blog is no longer just na. currently your option for free upgrade in that scenario is to make a new psn account matching the region if the disc.

      if all of that fails you try cdprs customer support.

      all cross gen upgrades on ps5 are tied to disc in drive. also the ones with paid upgrades like uncharted collection etc.

      digital is automatic and you wouldn’t be having a region issue in that case.

      the final scenario is there may be some problems with the rollout for this in some regions.

      it’s on sale for $30 cad in my region and you could buy digital and sell your hard copy that’s another worst case. it’s not as if anyone in the blog is ever interested helping people so you’re welcome.

  • nices

  • This game doesn’t even have customizable controller schemes.

  • Hi, I have a really dumb question; I’ve downloaded the ps5 version and now have the ps5 and ps4 versions sitting on my SSD. If I now move the ps4 version over to my USB hard drive, does that affect the playability / performance of the ps5 version at all?? Anyone know? Just wanting to clear some un-needed (maybe?) GB’s from the SSD. Thanks!

    • you can move any of your ps4 games to the external drive. i have a 2tb formthis purpose myself i was using with my pro before i was lucky enough to upgrade ps5 on dec 23rd.

      soon you will be able to move ps5 titles to store this way as well but not play. (they may have enabled this already i just remember them promising the feature haven’t filled the 667gb)

      where the games are stored or if you double up cross gens on the main ssd has no impact on performance. Furthermore you really should play all your ps4 stuff off external if you have the option.

      in the case of crossgen like cyberpunk there is no real reason to keep old versions taking up space, just run the ps5 edition.

      some games require it for save management like the obtuse ff7r or initially to cloud save like miles morales, but once you have your saves moved over there is almost no reason at all to keep ps4 versions unless you want to play to compare the improvements etc.

      Long and short just keep ps5 eds, keep them on your ssd if they are in progress or you will return, and any ones with save stuff do that and then delete ps4 games.

    • Cool thanks, I appreciate you replying so quickly

    • A final note on the saves, i am seeing more and more the nonsense of installing ps4 games and doing extra steps to move saves going away.

      For the recent Uncharted collection i upgraded to, it just saw my saves for both games and let me import them and the same was true for cyberpunk.

      hopefully this is the new standard and not what it was previously.

      Enjoy the game.

      people have asked about why ps4 won’t get loading bonuses for ssd but many games get 60fps patches etc and that has to do with the programming, so don’t feel like you are missing out not running the ps4 stuff off ssd, even the games without patches benefits from locked 30fps like rdr2 which looks exactly the same as it did on pro. others with the 60fps patch are night and day and again run perfectly off external, like lou2 or hzd etc.

    • yeah thanks heaps mate. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it over the weekend. And yep agree the whole process of upgrading and moving saves across is getting easier. And must admit I assumed (wrongly) that playing ps4 games off the usb external drive would slow them down, so thanks for the comments re that. Appreciate it

  • preloading destiny 2 witch queen, decided to check the store out. Got my hopes up for a fallout 4 ps5 upgrade, but saw this finally released. I had preordered the game and never played it. Just kept waiting for this day and I found out a week late lol.

  • One of the best open-world games on the market! GTAV … Visually, it looks obsolete besides Cyberpunk. A whole new generation of graphics (at least on consoles, PC have mods). And for guys who compare functionalities on these games. Well, CP is RPG, and you can talk to some characters. In GTAV, everyone is moving better, but they are just basic NPC’s without any story. With 1.5 updates, driving is better than GTA because of the haptic feedback (btw. That can be manually adjusted in options).

    Mark my words, in 10 years, no one will even remember the fiasco about the release, but after a few more years of polishing and community mods, CP will easily replace GTAV! (mostly because Rockstar didn’t even start GTA6 development).

  • Played about 6 hours so far. I decided to hold off buying it hearing all the bad reviews at launch. But the big patch for next gen must have been a big improvement because I love it and glad I waited. I’ve only encountered one major bug causing the game to freeze for a few seconds but that’s the worst of it really. So far one of the most immersive worlds I’ve played since RDR2.

  • Great game

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    Civilian are suffering. Army of Russian federation destroys civilian objects, kills civilians.

    The propaganda of the aggressor state turned out to be so strong that ordinary people in Russia still do not believe or refuse to believe what is happening.

    Those Russians who are currently playing must feel the changes caused by direct aggression against Ukraine.

    Therefore, I urge you to limit the access of Russian players to all online PlayStation services during the war against Ukraine

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