The Horizon Forbidden West cinematic trailer is here

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The Horizon Forbidden West cinematic trailer is here

Set the scene for the new and dangerous threats you’ll encounter on February 18.

We’re thrilled to share the cinematic trailer for Horizon Forbidden West with you all! Let’s dive straight into the action:

The Horizon Forbidden West cinematic trailer is here

In this brand new trailer, we hear Aloy reflect back on Rost’s teachings as she faces new and dangerous threats that you’ll encounter when you’re heading to the Forbidden West in one week. And we have good news for those who pre-ordered a digital version of the game: You will be able to preload the game on your PS4s and PS5s starting today!

A big thank you to our loving community!

While we have your attention, we would also like to thank our amazingly loving and engaging community. We love seeing the never-ending flow of cosplay and in-game photography, and it’s amazing how fast the community has grown as well. We are happy to share that as of November 28, 2021, Horizon Zero Dawn has sold through more than 20 million units worldwide across PlayStation 4 and PC combined, and the community has spent more than 1 billion hours in the game! It humbles us, thank you so much for your love and dedication.

Horizon Zero Dawn

We’re so excited for you to experience the Forbidden West for yourselves on February 18! 

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  • Can’t wait to play the game

    • As the song from “Annie”; “TOMORROW”! That’s the good news. The bad news is we are having a winter storm over night. We shall see what we shall see.

  • Can’t wait to play the game.
    Wait I can’t play any game. Why?
    I sent my dualsense controller to Eurasia Turkey service 50 days ago and they haven’t returned it yet.
    2 months of my 12 months PS+ subscription wasted

  • Sony’s single player games is what makes me a fan of PS . I definitely want more (and a lot of others too) Japanese single player games , adventure , horror jRPGs etc but what you have been delivering over the years has been great .

    Don’t focus on live service junk too much or selling subs like competitors. .
    Remember to always give us games like this , JRPGS , GoW, Demons Souls , Ghost of Tsushima etc and I’ll always be a PS fan .

    I like some Co-op stuff but Mp live service should never be the focus .
    I get you need them to appeal to casuals and make $ but never forget GoW ,RPGs , Adventure , Horror single player games is what made PS what it is !!!
    Throw in some niche stuff like Visual Novels and Indie games and you have variety on PS . Do your MP shooter games and stuff like that for the masses but do the single player for loyal PS fans . Repeating myself so I make my point !!! Please bring back some JRPGS form the past Legend of Dragoon and the like . It doesn’t have to be a huge AAA redo just give it some love we will buy it . I don’t want to rent games I buy and collect them so make good single player games and I’ll buy every single one !

    • Not no remakes these developers need to make some new jrpgs And who wants to play dark souls over again the PS5 dont have any good games same ol Stuff.

  • Did this trailer just confirm FLYING!!!

    • Damn you beat me to it. Yeah I noticed it too. The bird and then Aloy runs towards it, camera angle goes up, and “Rise above” is the first two words. I know that’s been the saying but still. If flying mounts are in it would be an incredibly well kept secret. Sony loves to keep things like this quiet. It would absolutely squash all of the Cross gen haters who claim the reason why we don’t have flying mounts is because the game isn’t next to an exclusive even though they’re pulling that from a very old quote years back.

    • It’s pretty obvious there will be some form of flying in the game. There hinting in the trailer. However I do think it will be limited, due to the game design from being ruined. Also you can bet your last dime you will have to work for it by collecting some form of Power Nodes across the map, like we had to in the first game with the Shield Weaver Armour. We will all have to wait and see 👍😊

  • Are you teasing flying mounts? I mean…

    Over 20 million units sold is wild. Especially for a new IP. Wow.

    The game looks amazing as always.

  • Thank you for your Amazing Game.
    Can’t wait to play 😍😭 I count the moments to play the game.

  • Platyna w pierwszej części , mam nadzieję że w kolejnej też wpadnie , pierwsza część fantastyczna , kolejna mam nadzieję jeszcze lepsza od poprzedniej

  • Thank you sony for this amazing game, we are always happy to see more games like Horizon and God of War in the future, your commitment to deliver the best experiences at the highest level of quality is always appreciated, thank you and keep the amazing work.

  • Hum, just got wind that PS is censoring Martha is Dead.
    I feel this is rather sad as I always thought PS was a more mature platform, than many of the others with the exception of PC
    I would hope Sony rethinks this forced censorship that is on a game that is in fact labeled mature is it not?. After all we had TLOU2 and
    that was pretty brutal, and that did not receive any censorship luckily. I’d hate to rethink my purchases of 3rd party games to some other
    platform, such as Xbox or PC that is in fact NOT censoring this game. I like the process of Trophies and remaining on a platform I have always supported.
    Sony please rethink your practices. A concerned gamer

    • Is this an article about Martha is Dead. No, it is not. This post is to celebrate the cinematic trailer for Horizon II: Forbidden West. Why are we posting about this here? I’m confused.

    • Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I never heard of Martha Is Dead. I see it’s going to be uncensored on Xbox and Pc. Yeah not a fan of censorship in games or movies. Its bad in ways because Sony could cause segregation. Anything fictional should not be censored anyway.

    • @grapetrap

      Well censorship is a problem, especially if it’s fictional.

    • Yes censorship is bad 🙄 we all know this. My question is why did we post about Martha is Dead on a blog post about a Forbidden West game trailer. That’s my confusion.

  • Can’t wait to start this game. It’s going to be amazing 😆

  • flying mount confirmed

    • For $70; should have flying, but more importantly, the game should have replayability.

    • @alkalinetp To replay a game you need to start playing a game lol. This troll account you have has zero trophies and games played on it to date.

      Why would it matter what a waste of space PSN account has to say about one of this years GOTY nominations? Go play on your series s and cry some more.

      Going by that logic, for 1 quid, a game being on game pass should be a turd………. oh wait, that’s what the newest, hyped up for 2 years, game pass game, Crossfirex is. Maybe you’re onto something there.

    • @alkalinetp How would you describe what replayability is. Please list us 3 games with 3 reasons each as to what makes a game replayable. Let’s have a real conversation about this.

    • Grape – No.
      If you don’t know which games are designed with replayability in mind now, you still wouldn’t know, even if I did want to tell you. And, just like the playstation employee, (squal) you’d probably act like a p.o.s. in your arguments too.
      Educate yourself, instead of relying on random individuals to do it for you. Because, if you were to ask bias playstation employees, like andrewsquawk, and iamtylerdoody, you’d get a very bias and wrong answer.

    • @alkalinetp As usual you are missing the point. I was asking to see if YOU actually know what a replayable game is. You talk a lot of smack about what is good and what isn’t good I just think you need to follow up with some examples and thoughts of your own.

    • I’m sure you get everything you ask for, too.

      You’re the one missing the point. I don’t have to tell you anything; I don’t have to prove anything to you.

  • Super excited to play horizon. My week is sorted! Cook for couple days so meals are made, then dive into game time, woohoo

  • I really can’t wait to play, as I will be covering Horizon Forbidden West on my YouTube Channel “Keiffy75 Games” I am so excited for this release, I’ve played Zero Dawn now about 7 times through, and loved every minute of it, and can’t wait to sink myself into Forbidden West! Congratulations Guys on all the Success of Zero Dawn, and here’s to a Bright New Adventure! 🎊🍻

  • I cannot wait to play this game. I’m still playing Horizon Zero Dawn to keep my skills fresh.

  • I have taken 5 vacation days for this game! I absolutely love Horizon and everything the world and game have to offer. I only have one issue, it’s not about the game or gameplay, I’m positive all that is going to be be next level my only deal is….. I bought the regalia edition for almost $300 and it doesn’t come with a disc? That means I’m gonna hafta wait a day for it to download, unless there is some way I can do the pre-download for preorders, but I don’t think so bc I ordered it from GameStop!!!??? Either way I’m so excited to jump back into this world!!!

  • I’ve just read the review on Eurogamer worth checking out. Very truthful review👍

  • I’m currently on my first play through of Zero Dawn and am very impressed with the storyline as well as the gameplay. I’m eager to see what the next title brings! Game on!

    • Wait for PC release in october and buy complete edition on steam for 40€ or wait 1 month for sale and buy it for 20€ or just pirate the game like true PC gamer

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