Samurai Gunn 2 is coming to PS5

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Samurai Gunn 2 is coming to PS5

Playable Friends include guests from Among Us, Minit, and Spelunky 2.

Hey everyone, I’m Adam Robezzoli, one of a handful of developers creating Samurai Gunn 2. We’ve been pouring ourselves into this work for years, and we’re super excited that you’ll be able to play it on PS5!

Samurai Gunn 2 is coming to PS5

Instant Death Fighting Game

Samurai Gunn 2 is a one-hit-kill platform fighter. It has that easy pick-up-and-play feel that makes it great for parties, but contains a wide possibility space of movement and technique for hardcore enthusiasts of the genre. Today I want to share with you my personal picks for the coolest aspects of our game.

Like any good fighting game, first up has to be the characters. We’ve got forest spirits and demon hunters, vengeful ghosts and a wandering bodyguard, a revolutionary princess and an autonomous suit of gunnpowder armor …and we’ve only revealed half the lineup so far.

Check out the image above for all 18 Samurai we have planned. 👀 So cool!

Friends Characters

My second pick for “coolest thing in our game” is… Friends characters.

We’re fortunate to have made good friends working in indie games over the years. And those friends also happen to make some of our favorite games ever. They’ve graciously allowed us to pay homage to their characters, and we’ve worked hard to do them justice. With totally unique abilities and movement, they play way differently than the Samurai.

First up is Ana from Spelunky 2. Ana can climb ropes, throw bombs, and even has her signature back whip. The Spelunky 2 versus stage is even procedurally generated with destructible terrain.

Next we have Minit. Are they a duck? A dolphin? All I know is that their sword is huge, it returns to them like a boomerang, and it comes with a free curse that kills them in 60 seconds. Whew!

If you were given the opportunity to include a character from Among Us in your game, would you choose the Crewmate or the Impostor? Too hard for us to decide, so we just chose both. The Crewmate trades the samurai sword for an ID card swipe and the pistol for a handy garbage pail. You can install vents and complete tasks. Complete enough tasks and you can mutate into the Impostor with their terrifying zero-cool-down knife slashes and a deadly tongue stab that travels across the entire screen. (If you are fighting the Impostor, I advise running away. 👍)

These are the Friends characters we’ve created so far, but we are planning to add many more.

Smooth Movement

My 3rd pick for “coolest” is the movement in Samurai Gunn 2. It’s hard to explain, but the movement in SG2 is unlike anything else I’ve ever played. “Sword jumping” is one way this is expressed.

Your sword gives you a little bit of momentum in the direction you slash. If you combine this with your jump, you can fling your character all over the screen. This also works off walls and even off the ceiling in certain situations. Mastering this tech opens up a whole new level of fun, especially when you use it to beat a friend.

Characters’ unique abilities are also often movement-based. Ghost has an unpredictable echo float, Hayao runs up walls, and Helmsley can grind to generate bullets. We are always thinking about movement when creating characters and levels. It’s really the heart of the fun in SG2.

Expanded Story

And last but definitely not least, my final pick for “coolest aspect of our game” is that it includes Trigger Soul, a full 200+ page Samurai Gunn comic by Valentin Seiche! Valentin is one of our favorite comic creators, and years before we started on the sequel he was working on a Samurai Gunn graphic novel. You can read the entire work inside SG2.

Thanks for staying with me until the end. I hope you’ll have many, many evenings full of fun with friends and family playing Samurai Gunn 2 when we finish development and release on PS5.

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  • One hit kill focused on multiplayer, probably not for me unless the sp portion is robust. I did enjoy Bloodroots.

  • Playing it on PC I can safely say this is one of the best games ever made. The gameplay, visuals, and audio make it a wonderful experience worth playing for years to come.

  • Is it thought? Samurai Gunn was announced for PS4 and never released. I’ll believe this is coming to PS5 when it’s actually out

  • Best game NA 2022

  • @Mercenary09 yeah it’s already out in early access on PC, so

    • Uh yeah Samurai Gunn 1 came out on other platforms too. They had a PS Blog post years ago saying it was coming to PS4 and it never did. So forgive me if I don’t believe them the 2nd one is coming until it’s actually out.

  • Currently playing on pc but to see Sg2 hit ps5 its about to be crazy. Its gameplay Is pretty smooth and fluid already on PC so i feel PlayStations a whole new level.

  • This game is so good! And you should be playing it! Not only is it the best fighting/party game i’ve played, the community is also really great

  • So no ps4? That sucks man I mean I have a ps5 but most of my friends have a PS4 so it’s annoying

  • Super hyped for this game let’s gooo!

  • Please stop censoring games . No need for it in USA especially when the games getting censored are for adults to begin with . Love PS but censoring is hurting you more than you realize –

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