Post Void blasts to PS5 and PS4 this spring

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Post Void blasts to PS5 and PS4 this spring

Move fast and keep shooting to survive in this challenging arcade-style first-person shooter.

Hello, fellow PlayStation lovers! I’m Ryan Brown, the “Head of Words” at Super Rare Originals, which is a far more interesting way of saying that I’m the marketing lead at our exciting new indie publishing label.

Today I have the privilege of revealing our first ever title for PlayStation – Post Void, coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in spring 2022.

Post Void blasts to PS5 and PS4 this spring

We’re lucky to be working with the talented duo at Y/C/Y/J, who knocked it out of the park with their hit game Post Void, which we are now bringing to consoles. Post Void is hypnotic, challenging, and ridiculously fast. Take your favourite shooters of the past, put them in a blender, add in some paint and tons of caffeine, and voila, you’ve got Post Void.

The rules are simple: with a pistol in one hand and an idol containing your health in the other, you have just one objective: Be fast.

You must move constantly and keep your idol filled by racking up your kill count. If you slow down for even a minute, it’s game over – no lives, no retries. Every run is different, thanks to procedurally generated levels, so to reach the oasis at the end of each level and retrieve a well-earned random upgrade, you’re truly going to have to… well, get good.

There are no places to hide, or to stop and catch your breath, and one slip up can end your run. Runs are short, so death doesn’t sting for long – and you will die, again, and again, and again. Just jump straight back in and hone your skills.

Post Void is an addictive pick-up-and-play game, whether you have time for one quick run or end up pouring hours in as you get tantalisingly closer to the end.

It’s intentionally intense, violent, and chaotic, both in its gameplay and its visual style. Creators Josef and Christopher poured their bizarre sense of style and passion into every second.

We’ve perfected everything to make Post Void play best on PlayStation – it’s a genuine honour to be bringing a title to the platform as lifelong fans. You’ll be able to jump in when it hits PS4 and PS5 this spring.

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