Sifu out tomorrow — developer tips to survive your journey

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Sifu out tomorrow — developer tips to survive your journey

A few final tips from Sloclap to succeed on your path of revenge.

Greetings to the PlayStation community! I’m Félix, marketing manager at Sloclap. It’s now been close to a year since we first revealed Sifu during State of Play in February 2021. It has been a wild ride for the entire team and we are all very excited for Sifu’s launch.

For the final PS Blog post before launch, we wanted to give you a few tips from the team to help you on your path for revenge.

We know Sifu is challenging. Of course, difficulty is relative to the player, and we know that some of you will have no troubles fulfilling your revenge! But for those that might need a helping hand, the team has compiled a shortlist of tips and tricks that will serve you well in difficult situations. 

Overall progression tips

Learn and train both your defensive moves : Parry and Avoid
They are both essential to overcome encounters in the game. Learning the timings early will help you a lot in later fights, take the time to practice both mechanics. 

Find the shortcuts and explore
By playing through a level and exploring, you will unlock keys that give you access to very effective shortcuts. Use them to quickly get back to the boss fights. You’ll also find hidden rooms and weapons that can prove quite useful.

Stay calm and keep going
Even if you believe your character is too old to finish the game, going further into the levels will allow you to unlock more skills and secret paths. You can revisit prior hideouts later, once you better know the game, to improve your finishing age.

Boss Fights

Observe and learn first
Don’t be too aggressive at first. Focus on defense, block and dodge attacks, in order to progressively learn the patterns of bosses.

Look for windows of opportunity in their patterns
Bosses will often give you the opportunity to counter attack during their attack cycles, often at the end of a pattern. Avoid or parry successfully, and counter attack right away.

Do not attempt to brute force or cheese the encounter
Bosses will be very strong against overly aggressive behaviours, button mashing or tactics that are effective against normal enemies (crowd control, etc.). Fight smart!

Fighting groups

Don’t let yourself get surrounded by enemies
Even the most basic thugs will be deadly if many are attacking at the same time. Dodge out and vault over obstacles before you get cornered or surrounded.

Use your crowd control techniques
Use techniques such as push backs and knock downs to thin the herd. Throwables also are very effective tools to stun and disable enemies.

Prioritize your targets
Armed enemies are particularly deadly, take them out quickly to both reduce the threat level and take their weapons for yourself. Stronger enemies have special health bars (silver and gold) – It might be easier to isolate them before taking them on.

We hope these tips help you on your path, and we can’t wait to hear how you get on. Let us know how you do. 

Finally, we wanted you to know that part of the team behind Sifu is already at work on post-launch content. We have exciting plans for free content updates that we will soon be able to tell you more about! Stay tuned for more, and enjoy your experience with Sifu!

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  • Game looks amazing, good luck with the launch!

    • It looks like the deepest and most technical combat system ever to grace a beat em up. This is what I thought even prior to the reviews. Shame some critics saddled it with a 4 out of 10 because they weren’t skilled enough to be competent but the game is still trending at 80 plus meta and open critic regardless.

      2022 on PS5 is off to a great start. Next up, Forbidden West, GT7, Babylon’s Fall, Ghostwire, Forspoken, Stray, Salt & Sacrifice. All should be available by early spring. Bout to be a historic year for exclusives.

    • @tyler Lol at including Babylon’s Fall in that. That game is going to be a disaster watch and see. People who played the beta said it was one of the worse games they ever played.

    • Give it up tyler. PS only wants single player movie-type games that you play once and you’re done. Ever since last of us, all they want to make is minimun replayable games. GT7 is the only game ps studios makes that has some sort of replayability.

      About these “exclusives” your D.A. keeps mentioning: Only gt7 and forbidden(replayability) are CURRENTLY ps 4 & 5 exclusive, moron. None of those other games you keep mentioning are ps exclusive as they’re releasing on box and master race.

      It is the worst time to be a bias ps employee, especially if you’re as clueless as tyler.

    • @Mercenary

      Babylon’s Fall does not look great but tbf Platinum never has impressive visuals. I do expect the game to be disappointing but it’s still a AAA exclusive (timed or not) from a credible developer. It’s been in beta for a long time. We’ll see when it releases but I won’t be bullied into not listing it well before it’s released. Did XB fans shy away from listing Halo Infinite despite it looking terrible?

      I can see Sony has little faith in it as well. It releases a day before GT7 but regardless it’s a PG exclusive.

      I find it funny how trolls or in your case “haters” point out the weakest link in the chain as if the numerous strong ones don’t exist. Babylon could be trash, but it doesn’t erase the other killers. Yeah, I enjoy PlayStation and I’m excited for the great list of exclusives coming this year. I also own an XB and PC. I have Gamepass. I see all sides but Rainbow Six and games I already own don’t jazz me the way a new Horizon, GT, God of War will. I enjoy the indies though.

      Tbh, people are so down on Sony nowadays STRICTLY due to everything but actual gaming I feel the need to remind people that irl 2022 is loaded. I don’t play headlines or propaganda, I play games, and I’m excited about the lineup on PS5. Sorry.

    • @tyler “Babylon’s Fall does not look great but tbf Platinum never has impressive visuals. I do expect the game to be disappointing but it’s still a AAA exclusive (timed or not) from a credible developer. It’s been in beta for a long time. We’ll see when it releases but I won’t be bullied into not listing it well before it’s released. Did XB fans shy away from listing Halo Infinite despite it looking terrible?”

      You should learn to read. I didn’t say Babylon’s Fall looked bad I said people who played it said it was one of the worse games they’ve played. That comes from people who love games from Platinum too so I trust their opinion. Halo Infinite plays good even if it doesn’t look the best. Babylon is going to end up with below a 60 on Metacritic watch and see.

  • Already at work for post launch content? That’s good news considering what you did for Absolver.

  • This looks like the greatest beat-em-up in recent history and the game I’ve been excited about for a long time. Unfortunately I just can’t justify it financially right now because I’m in a precarious spot thanks to a series of unfortunate happenings but no doubt I will purchase the game on sale.

    I love when Sony helps fund these incredible AAA Indies that need the liquid. Add it to the list of Kena, F.I.S.T., Solar Ash, Bugsnax, The Pathless, Stray, Lil Devil and more. PS5 has been loaded with quality AAA Indie exclusives.

    Congrats SloClap. Absolver was creative and Sifu looks amazing. You have a hit, and u self published. Any insight on what the free gift will be?

    • This lost little missy does not know what an exclusive is.

    • Probably because Microsoft changed the definition last gen. I guess I got confused?

      If timed/console exclusives don’t count then looks like Xbox ain’t got shiz. Nothing. Sometimes it just tedious writing console and/timed when discussing games with degree’s of exclusivity.

      But I can assure u young girl, I am more well versed in all things gaming industry than your petite self.

      I’ve seen u troll multiplayer on the blog because u thought they were somehow affiliated with Sony. I’ve the idiocy u spew every day.

      No avatar, u don’t have a PlayStation, fake profile, kick rocks troll. I’m passionate about PlayStation because I enjoy the product, that’s less a sin than an Xbox fan girl coming on another platforms blog to trash them because she is insecure about the plastic box in her mom’s basement. Beat it.

    • Troll multiplats*

      Thanks auto correct.

  • I played it a bit last night (I have the digital deluxe version) and I LOVED IT! I made it past the first stage on my first playthrough and definitely lost most of my lives on the stage boss. This is definitely not a buttom mashing game, and these tips from the game devs are very helpful.

    I’m glad Sifu reviewed well, and I hope this game see’s great success. I was ready for this since the first trailer! Post launch content sounds good to me! I just wished the physical version released with the digital one.

  • Saw that a disc version will release in May, think I will wait for it :)

  • The tips provided in this essay from the developers are quite solid.

    Anyways, I just want to share that I played the game last night and made it through the first stage – I can positively say that this game is very good. I look forward to replaying this game over and over again till I acquire mastery. I really like this game a lot because playing through the first stage reminds me a lot of excellent games such as Shenmue I, II (which you can get now on PS4/5!!!) & III as well as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice!

  • hopefully I’ll remember this in may.

  • Really been enjoying the game. Looking forward to the new content coming to the game and that physical version in May

  • Thanks for the tips! Been enjoying the game. It’s difficult, but fun to learn and grow with it. Reminds me of a fighting game.

  • looks exciting love the Graphics

  • Where easy difficulty this game harden they any game I have seen not fair either I noticed they a I is very aggressive and like to jump at one I don’t need the stress

  • This game got my older brother (age 45) back into the gaming world. He had retired from every thing not named WWE 2k since 2018. That’s saying something to me of how impressive this game is great work!

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