A sneak peek at the many things to do in Horizon Forbidden West

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A sneak peek at the many things to do in Horizon Forbidden West

New video shows gear, upgrades, activities, and much more for you to discover on February 18.

When Aloy explores the frontier of the Forbidden West on February 18, she’ll discover a huge variety of exciting things to do: Melee Pits in settlements, Salvage Contracts in the wilds, Outposts and Camps teeming with Regalla’s rebels, plus mysterious challenges, ruins, and more.

A sneak peek at the many things to do in Horizon Forbidden West

Take a closer look as we delve into all of these activities. But keep in mind that the Forbidden West is a huge and dangerous place, with far more secrets and adventures than we can reveal here today!

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West

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  • Absolutely stunning! Can you please let us know your thoughts on gyro aim?

  • Looks so good.

    • I think it should be on all console’s. Exclusive is just stuiped. They just make you buy more then 1 system with is lame.

  • Better not get ported to PC anytime soon.

    • Why would that matter? More people would get to play and enjoy the game. Seems like a win for everyone – the players, Sony and Guerilla

    • @supercheyne
      Not a win for me. I bought a Playstation for exclusives and I like it that way. The less people that can play the better for me.

    • That’s really sad. I bet you don’t like social services to combat poverty, either, because why should someone enjoy the same things you have at no cost, amirite? Your attitude is exactly why we can’t have nice things.

    • Well, the people that only buy consoles will have it exclusively. And the people that only buy and play on PC would be able to play it. Look at it this way. You bought a $500 box to play this amazing looking game and the people that play it on PC will have had to pay double to get the same performance. Plus that means more money for Sony to make more games that are awesome like this.

    • Exclusive games are becoming a dying breed. Timed Exclusives are becoming the norm.

  • Wow. I have a feeling I’m not going out for a while .

  • paid no attention to this game despite loving the first because of Sonys money grabbing. I will never pay £70 for a game

    • Same here. Every 70$ game will have to wait for a flash sale months ahead from now on. My way to protest. I’ve been doing the same with PS+ since the price hike.

    • Buy the game on PS4 for £51.00 on Amazon. PS5 Free Upgrade is included. It states on the front cover of the game. Why waste £20.00 for nothing.

    • It is ok. You dont have to.

    • And plenty of retailers are selling day 1 on discount.

      Just need to find better retailers.

      Although I doubt Sony is “money grabbing” I don’t know if you’ve noticed the cost of EVERYTHING from energy, to minimum wages etc are on the up and with inflation running hot you expect companies to pay the devs even less?

    • U can buy the Ps4 version for 59.99 USD and have the ps5 Free upgrade…i do it this way…GG

  • I absolutely can’t wait for this fabulous game!

  • That🌊 wave animation behind Aloy at 0.41 seconds was very impressive if that’s in game 👍🌊

  • To everyone out there buy the PS4 physical version if you want to save £20.00. It comes with a free upgrade for PS5. This is a no brainer!

    Amazon UK price is £51.85 for PS4

  • This game looks beautiful

  • Why would you release this 1 week before Elden ring 🥲

    I know From delayed the original January release, but why wouldn’t you also do that then?

    Get more time to polish + not releasing Horizon in the same window as the most awaited game in some time, judging by the enormous enthusiasm online.

    I might eat my words, but it feels like this will undersell big time because of it

    • 2022 is chocked with all the delayed releases.

      Horizon FW and Elden Ring in Feb.

      GT 7 and Ghostwire Tokyo in March.

      Lego Star Wars April.

      Hogwarts Legacy in September and Gotham Knights sometime this year. And those I am just interested in.

      2022 will be a very busy time to game launches.

      In fact 3 major launches in 3 weeks, at least the games are now hitting the shelves and are not just being talked about.

    • I don’t think that elden ring would undershell the launch of horizon coz souls like game have a specific community. Those games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Most people out there find those games too challenging . So apart from a specific player base (which is quite large but not quite as large as people who don’t prefer souls like formula) others will still go for horizon. So it won’t affect the launch in any way

    • If Horizon Zero Dawn can sell as well as it did coming out 3 days before Breath of the Wild then I think it will be fine releasing 1 week before Elden Ring.

  • @undecidedadrain

    Yes, Base. com are good as well with prices. I think it’s £51.85 for the PS4 version that comes with the free upgrade to PS5.

  • I love playstation… I have a ps4 pro ….im very excited about playstation 5 and all the amazing games to play 💪🙏

  • Isn’t Gyro a Greek wrap with lamb meat?

  • Still – I have one question: The update from PS4 – > PS5 is free ?

  • Can’t wait finished zero dawn ultra hard new game + in 2017 only ac odyssey filled th void(new game+) not valhalla boring game without new game plus Can’t replay you loose everything you earn vikings had no steam or katana blades

    • Ultra hard NG+ is my last trophy I need to get.

      Currently 450h in and ghost level 34. (Yes I know I’m a lightweight :P)

      Have booked Friday off to play FW.

      Was late to the party on horizon (same with ghost) but love them.

      Can’t wait for the 18th…

  • You are probably right. But that does not make what Microsoft is doing good. I for one am not looking forward to the day that Microsoft dominates the market with “games as a service” content. Have we not learned from Microsoft’s past that they will stop at nothing to monopolize aggressively whatever market they are in. Does anybody remember Netscape….ill wait

  • Can’t wait to play. Hope we,ll (the ps5 buyer version) have a 10$ code for the PSN. ;-)

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