Critics’ Choice promotion comes to PlayStation Store

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Critics’ Choice promotion comes to PlayStation Store

Get great deals on a range of critically acclaimed games now at PlayStation Store.

The Critics’ Choice promotion returns to the PlayStation Store on Wednesday, February 2. Featuring critically acclaimed games, along with some of the biggest and most popular titles you can buy at PlayStation Store in a massive promotion at the start of February. That includes Call of Duty: Vanguard – Standard Edition, Far Cry 6 – Standard Edition and F1 2021 PS4 & PS5.

*Critics’ Choice promotion runs on PlayStation Store from Wednesday, February 2 at 00:00am local time, and ends Wednesday February 16 at 11.59pm local time.

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  • How about adding support to 2K 120Hz monitors through HDMI 2.0 port so that we can enjoy those games?

    • I doubt they will allow that as they are pushing all these 2.1 enabled TVs and making money off them with “buy our ps5 ready tv”.

    • That’s not just PS5. That’s all consoles and PCs.

    • Do people actually give a crap what critics think? You ever watch ‘mainstream’ critics, like ign, try to play games? Looks like it’s their first time with a controller in their hands.

      In fact, tell me who the critics are, so I can yell at them for recommending crap games.

    • Exactly, i paid the best part of 2 grand for an xf90 a couple of years ago, which can do 120hz at lower resolutions, but they want to use this feature to push the newer tvs even though AFAIK the games don’t even run at 4k/120, ie, new uncharted is 1080/120, so I have to buy a new display to do what my old one can already do anyway?! Not happening, I will get an EDID spoofer like the Dr 4k to try 120 and next time I get a tv I will definitely not get a sony anyway as it has been fraught with problems the android / soc is absolutely awful, it’s a bit better now i use an apple tv instead but it still randomly reboots if it isn’t connected to the internet, pops up hdmi display information for no reason, causes periodic pops from my dac when it’s not turned on, i could go on, they should allow 120/1080 on hdmi 2 and stop being so greedy , if 2.1 offers such a benefit it can sell itself without crippling the previous version on purpose

  • COD MW 2 please!!!!

  • Hearting and glazing-sort-of oozing for Tales Arise, Guilty Gear, and then Ghosts of Tsushima!

  • I wonder why these sales never contain any PS3 and PS Vita titles. It seems as if you’ve given up on those for good. But I’m sure a lot of us would welcome that.

    • They are listed as zombie systems, dead to Sony only being kept alive by the people that use them. They are looking at a way to close them down or resell the whole back library to you again and call it backwards compatible gaming services.

    • Because the only place to buy those is through the PS3, and so little people buy them these days that Sony has no reason to try and sell them cheaper… It stinks, but this was always going to happen once Sony moved the PS3/PSP/PSVita stores away from the Website.

    • Just cfw your ps3, like we all do.

    • I’d like to pick up The Sly Collection and Ratchet & Clank Collection but they haven’t had a sale since 2017..

    • They don’t produce the vita anymore and screen is terrible so I understand why they focus on the real deal. We can’t go back in time bro. PS VITA is so out of the market. I didn’t even know me they my existed. With that crappy handheld machine you should have a look att PS5 insted. You can get one within a week if you order today. Or if you you just like handheld concoles you should check out Nintendos OLED screen.

  • Very good titles,,♥️♥️😀

  • Outriders doesn’t seem to be on sale in the US PS Store, despite being on the list.

  • The application is bugged. Can’t even scroll past the opening.

  • So I’m waiting for a good discount for Ghost of Tsushima director’s cut for at least 4 months now.

    Every time only 25% discount.
    Really ?
    Can’t you lower it a bit more ?
    What’s with all these ridiculously expensive games man ?
    I swear Xbox Game Pass is 10 times better than what you are offering
    Too bad I don’t find an Xbox available .

    ( Just an openion, I’m not advertising anything . It’s just my personal openion)

  • “critics choice” is not working on ps4,cant select anything or move down.

    • Ger a PS5 its benen out for over year now! If you wating for it to pop upp in the stores, forget it man. Just book in store and sell your crappy PS4. :)

  • WOW I love it. Thank guys :)

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