PlayStation Now games for February 2022: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition, Death Squared

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PlayStation Now games for February 2022: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition, Death Squared

Little Big Workshop and Through the Darkest of Times are also playable starting tomorrow.

Iconic open worlds, strategic adventures and multiplayer puzzlers await in PlayStation Now from tomorrow as February’s lineup launches. Enter the criminal underworld of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition, play a tycoon in Little Big Workshop, take part in the resistance in Through the Darkest of Times and solve puzzles in Death Squared.

Let’s find out more about each of the games.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition

 Play the genre-defining classic of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City updated for a new generation, now featuring across-the-board enhancements including brilliant new lighting and environmental upgrades, high-resolution textures, increased draw distances, Grand Theft Auto V-style controls and targeting, and much more, bringing this beloved world to life with all new levels of detail.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition is available until Monday, May 2

PlayStation Now games for February 2022: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition, Death Squared

Little Big Workshop

Play a factory tycoon in charge of your very own tabletop factory. Organize the factory floor, manage your workers, purchase machinery, and design efficient production lines – all within the time-limit and to your client’s satisfaction.

Start out with just a small workshop and expand to a desk-filling factory. Unlock ever fancier machines, add even more production methods, and most of all, more room. Soon enough you’ll be running multiple production lines, producing hundreds of advanced products each day, and watching with joy as your cute workers do the actual work. 

Through The Darkest of Times

Through the Darkest of Times 

You are the leader of a small resistance group in 1933’s Berlin in this historical resistance strategy game. Your goal is to deal with small blows to the regime – dropping leaflets to spread awareness about what the Nazis are really up to among the people, painting messages on walls, sabotaging, gathering information and recruiting more followers. And all of that while staying undercover – if the regime’s forces learn about your group, the life of each member is in grave danger.

PlayStation Now games for February 2022: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition, Death Squared

Death Squared

Get together with a loved one, a group of friends or even the whole family and guide teams of two or four robots through increasingly-complex levels to their color-coded goals. But beware! The path through each level is littered with cunning death traps that quickly send the automatons to the big scrapyard in the sky. To progress, players must work together to learn each stage through trial and error, putting newly-gained knowledge into action to survive and succeed. In addition to the two-player story mode, Death Squared includes insane ‘party chaos’ challenges specifically designed for groups of four. A single-player can also enjoy the traditionally two-player story mode, and two-players can tackle ‘party chaos’, by controlling two robots with one controller.

*Certain games featured on PlayStation Now may be made available in the library on a limited-time basis only. Games included in the subscription (and their features) are subject to change.

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  • This should go over well..

  • WTF

  • Lets start talking about spartacus.

    Speed your slow asses up.

    • spartacus will probably have a spectacular launch. I predict Spider-Man will be added permanently and a big name like Ghost Of Tsushima will be added temporarily. After many millions of players will buy a yearly subscription spartacus will start adding stuff like Little Big Workshop and Through the Darkest of Times.

    • I meant officially, but I like the enthusiasm.

    • They need a real gamer in charge of everything. I could make so many happy by just doing a monthly voting system put into place. If you use that ideal Sony you owe me big time and all the others I have suggested over the years. But I’m glad they gave Bungie and hopefully all the other studios the same retention packages. Even though I think live service games are a mistake, unless your doing a planned out mmo, because everyone can’t get lucky and hook a large crowd with something as a waste of time like Fortnite. Sony probably does have the better deal overall but who ever is in charge of plus and now haven’t gotten a clue or don’t care because its the shareholders that come first. I got my fingers crossed they release it this year and offer up a library everything they own. I hate digital anything but wouldn’t mind having a choice at some that’s hard to get now and just incase something happened to my high dollar ones I wouldn’t go into the hole to get again but would miss. I know I have heard they are working on something now for 2 years. All I know is the game industry is messed up right now and seems to be getting worse.

  • Why even bother. This is extremely poor. Not even 1 AAA or even AA game. A heavily criticised Remaster is replaced by the same thing, i mean wow. And the others are just 3 indie games nobody will play. This is by far the worst month ever.

    Also these games are leaving tomorrow without any warning. Joke of a month.



    Totally Reliable Delivery Service


    Hotline Miami 2


    Toybox Turbos

    Rise of the argonauts


    Overlord Rising Hell

    Overlord 2

    Operation Flashpoint Red River

    F1 Race Stars.

  • WTF a terrible month and so many games leaving 😔

    Was Undertale not added only a few months ago?

  • Zzz… Another boring month. Wake me up when one of these games will come: Ghost Of Tsushima, Death Stranding, Cuphead, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

  • Just total garbage again. The only thing keeping me here at this point is my library of games tied to playstation, otherwise I’d get an Xbox and game pass.

  • How does jim ryan not know by now that his cost-cuttings are seriously impacting playstation negatively.

    Or, is he instructed by kenichiro yoshida to save money so they can build the foundation for their ev business venture?
    It should be obvious (but most-likely not to sony) that they can’t afford to run playstation correctly AND start a new and extremely costly car manufacturing business – especially after the activision news – and pay their brainless large sums of money.
    The cluelessness runs wild and freely at sony.


    • Your business acumen knows no bounds. How do you run a successful multinational billion dollar corporation and still have time to expound all this wisdom on us lowly plebes? I can’t tell you how privileged I feel knowing that on this very blog there is somebody smarter than everybody else. Congrats on being the best.

    • Because he has the other execs tongues rammed so far up his ass he’s enjoying it to much to care what the gamers want. Their slogan players has no limits should have been Payers have no limits or any new titles except for the indie and the remastered.😂

  • AMAZING! Can’t wait to get back into Vice city after all these years!

  • Yikes, really really bad.

  • This is a garbage month in a bad 12 months. If I could cancel PS now and get my money for the remaining time back I would. What a piece of trash service this has become.

  • I was very happy with Fury unleashed last month…Been playing it co-op ever since… Love it … It was the only one that was any good .last month … Here comes February and not a single title I’m interested in….. another gta remaster… Last months was terrible… Why again?… I’m glad there are some indies on this month…but can they be ones people wanna play … I thought many people want play any of these games for February….come on playstation… I don’t want to compare PlayStation now to Xbox game pass …. But PlayStation your dropping the ball big time

    • fortunately my subscription runs out in a week. i havent tried fury unleashed, but the way u talk about it, makes me wanna try it. would u be down to play some co op?

  • Come on sony. What f***ing part of giving us Socom and Twisted Metal don’t you understand. Give us what we want and perhaps you’ll stop losing to Microsoft

  • come on playstation, why are you doing this to us? at this point i feel you guys are taking advantage of your loyal fanbase. i cant think of nice way to say this line up is atrocious. vice city is one of my fav games of all time but this definitive version isnt it

  • How can it be so bad ?

  • Put the regular PS2 version of Vice City up instead. That’s the actual definitive edition

  • Second month of thrash :(

  • I’ve had NOW for a long time and this has to be the worst month I’ve ever seen. Just dreadful. I really hope there will be more tomorrow. My faith is seriously becoming eroded.

  • Pull yer finger aat sony christs bloody sake

  • My subscription expired in December. Sony has yet to give me a reason to renew. With such a large library of PS4 games and at least 50 games on PS5 that look worth a try, this is just absolutely unacceptable. Especially when there are first party games that are not yet permanently on the service. Playstation Now really seems like an afterthought to Sony. Every month should at least look like July of last year. They do something like that next month and I’ll gladly fork over the cash. See you next month.

  • soo.. when are yall going to add skate 3 on ps now? just asking for like a whole lot of people wanting that master piece lol.

  • Can you do better with the monthly games?

  • Another month of garbage. How much longer can I keep subsisting on Fallout before I cut my losses and buy an Xbox? Sony – please get a grip.

  • Are you taking the p*** come on people rarely play these I’ll play vice that it why not put ufc 4 bo3 or even Res evil on come on what what a joke …I no its up to the game company to say whether or not they can put the game up pfffft

  • Good day
    Tell me, please, when the service will be available in Ukraine?

  • There isn’t a single PlayStation fan that doesn’t know that Now will be ending in it’s current form. Spartacus is coming. We are probably only days away from it’s announcement. I’m sure they didn’t “give us what we want” because it might ruin the eventual announcement. We aren’t going to get day and date. What we will finally get, most likely is full backwards compatibility. Now and Plus will merge, and this will add value to both services. Two bad months and “the sky is falling”. Don’t want to stay with Sony? Bye. Sell your PS5 on your way out.

    • Please do not build your self up to thinking the new system for now and plus will be earth shattering game changer. They will still be giving the weak monthly games only difference it will be ps1-2-3 games on the system for three months before they are removed.

    • @yasink how the hell do ya know?? U work 4 sony do ya???

    • Don’t need to work for Sony to point out that a system that is broken does not get fixed by sticking all the bits together and saying its a new service. Reasons:

      1) they can’t run every single ps1-2-3 game in a library format.

      2) do you think that by rebranding the service they will stick banger after banger in plus and now? No they will start off strong to get the highest paying bracket on board the 6-12 months subs as they need to get a steady income. They will throw in the odd top level day one release for the headlines.

      3) they are removing pre paid plus and now subscriptions from shops because they don’t want people to stack up on years of subscription because they have to honour the service you paid for even if they hike the price up to £120/$150 per year for new super service (which on a side note I personally am interested in how they will move people over)

      4) do you see a constant level of service the last let’s say four years?

      Plus got weaker and less wow that’s on offer to oh they offered that. Why?

      Now went from new games we used to play added to the library to now being this game is for a limited period and oh six or seven other things are going too.

      But hey its all opinions and personal views on here or should I say it used to be now its people fighting the person who is before them. Then you have people who say something that they observe and they get jumped on like they said something personal about the person that offended them to their core.

    • YasinK stop actin like yer goofy ass knows every card up sonys sleeve ya bozo hahahahaha

    • See again you don’t agree with something that someone else says so insulting. We can agree to disagree on this and both wait for what they do.

    • Disagree wit wat??? I ain’t said I disagree wit yer sorry ass . I sayin .. NOBODY knows what Sony guna bring out . Ye get me ??

  • Is PlayStation now is still a thing?

  • I will half to disagree ive gotten a few good wait GOOD games of the monthly deal becuz yall dont get what you want then it sucks huh well thats life it sucks sometimes but id half to say for the most part playstation has did a great job and i appreciate the free games yeah some suck some are good but not everybody plays what everybody elese plays so i see why they put what games that they do give out its a variety for all not just one fan base gotta get everybody and yes theres ppl who think these games are just the best but im not one of them but im deffenatly gonna sit up here n knock playstation for something that they dont even half to do THANK YOU playstation for all the free games some i like some i dont thats life

    • Think about this they could just stop givin out the free games that way you dont get mad or upset cuz your game not up their neither was mine n i dont like this months games at all but im not gonna diss my playstation tho

    • “Think about this they could just stop givin out the free games ” – wtf bro, aren’t you paying for the PS plus subscription ? Nothing is free in this world…but the games that we are receiving are trash!

  • It’s cool

  • Uhgggg

  • 2022 is a brand new year already off to a bad start. For F#%*@$ sake can someone pass the message that we don’t want to keep playing recycled grand theft autos.

  • After the terrible February PS Plus games announce I was hoping to get at least a decent game from PS Now. And all I get is another third of a broken remastered collection I don’t care about (I played all original GTA 20 years ago, the era they belong to) and three poor indies? Is this what I get for supporting both your subscriptions? Not even a good AAA game… again. Last decent add was Mafia: DE, 3 months ago. Sorry but this is totally disappointing and it seems you want all your users to leave. It got worse and worse.

  • Hello ppl at playstation how do you create your own SUCKING BLOG?

  • Can we get another superman game and if not can y’all ll atleast put superman return on psn it don’t even got to be remastered i just want to be superman.

  • On my main account I subscribed to now when a month was only for a buck and platinumed 11 games pushing it to the max. Nothing else of interest except for finishing silent hill 2 but didn’t sub plus in PS3 days don’t what to restart from scratch. As for plus, only sub for online so I could plat. However, online should be optional. The consumers of these games should be able to plat them solo and offline. And data should be able to backup with flashdrive to never lose data. For example, and sorry for spelling! I got to tharsis refinery on killzone 2 in elite but lost it do to needed plus. Don’t like the forced to get factors, then just give us a bunch of crap!

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