A special Gran Turismo 7 edition of State of Play arrives this Wednesday

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A special Gran Turismo 7 edition of State of Play arrives this Wednesday

Your in-depth look at the modes and features of GT7 kicks off February 2 at 2pm Pacific.

The first 2022 State of Play arrives later this week, and we’re all revved up for just over 30 minutes of new PS5 footage and gameplay details for Gran Turismo 7. Watch live February 2nd on Twitch or YouTube starting 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern / 11:00pm CET.

See you Wednesday!

Regarding Co-streaming and Video-On-Demand (VOD)

Please note that this broadcast may include copyrighted content (e.g. licensed music) that PlayStation does not control. We welcome and celebrate our amazing co-streamers and creators, but licensing agreements outside our control could interfere with co-streams or VOD archives of this broadcast. If you’re planning to save this broadcast as a VOD to create recap videos, or to repost clips or segments from the show, we advise omitting any copyrighted music.

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  • Engines are up, tires are warmed and hands griping the stick

    • It’s not hard for me to work out but seeing as the UK is one of the largest markets and audiences for State of Play it makes sense to list the GMT time too which can be helpful to many in the PlayStation UK community. It’s 10:00pm (GMT).

    • Yup what venom said given that GMT is the same as UTC you would have thought that would be on there.

      In my computer room the clock is set to UTC all year round due to the internet.

    • Mmm yes, keep talking dirty to me, daddy.

    • The game looks phenomenal. Both Forbidden West and GT7 look exceptional. Hopefully we get a look at the career and details about Sport mode. New tracks, cars, and details about whether. I want to see snow and I need details about wetness and tarmac.

    • Weather*

  • I’m very happy to hear more about GT7 but what about all the other games in Feb?
    It doesn’t feel like a State of Play and more like a GT7 special. I’m fine with that but it’s also confusing about what the concept of State of Play is.

    • Yeah right? State of GT7

    • Playstation is confused.

    • “It doesn’t feel like a State of Play and more like a GT7 special.”

      A special Gran Turismo 7 edition of State of Play arrives this Wednesday.

      It’s in the name of the title of the blog post dude.

    • @alkalinetp Its a GT7 State of Play. The only one who looks confused is you. It makes no sense you are even here, talking about PC when you are a closet Xbot.

      But when you are blowing the Xbox horn, it doesn’t matter that ALL Xbox Studio games are on PC day one AND there are even games that come to PC only.

      Like I said, you’re very confused.

    • Speaking of confused.
      Here’s andrewsqual, one of the biggest liars on the blog.
      This angry weakling likes to make up lies in his posts, thinking no one will find out. I think multiple people have called him out for situations like that, but the little turd keeps on trolling.

      He makes a good fit as a ps employee, because he’s not affected by his own ignorance.

    • @alkalinetp

      You continue to be the saddest and most pathetic troll on this blog.

      At least get a real profile. Choose an avatar so you can at least convince people you actually have a PlayStation.

      And Andrewsqual criticizes Sony so much yet you call him a Sony employee? Because he calls you out for the laughable troll you are? He actually plays games on PlayStation, he has a real profile. He’s not an Xbox fanboy who made a fake profile just to troll Sony.

      I have issues with Andrew because he constantly criticizes Ryan and Hulst mostly for games coming to PC. Old games on PC does nothing to impede our enjoyment on PS5. You are desperately grasping at straws here calling the guy a Sony employee.

      Many people come to this Blog because they love PlayStation. Some voice their concerns and many are simply happy to express their excitement for whatever the post is. You, however, are simply a fan of another platform who created a fake profile to relentlessly troll in every single comment. You provide no information, offer zero insight, and make no compelling arguments. You are the blight of the industry and a stain on the state of it’s fans. A sad little girl who is insecure about her own platform of choice so she must troll the competitor in order to feel better.

      If you decide to continue this embarrassing plight at least improve your methods. Create a real PlayStation profile and choose an avatar. Research what other trolls are saying about Sony so you actually have an argument as opposed to the asinine idiocy you so redundantly regurgitate.

      You are literally worse than the Tim Dog, Krib Walker, Septic, Rookie Monster, and Diego’s of the world because you know very little about the industry and hardly make an attempt to make it seem like you game on PlayStation.

      Pathetic, sad, little girl.

    • Tyler, if I reply to you, you just repeat the same bs and lies, like a true waste of human life.

      You like taking my comments personally, don’t you, little guy?

  • Didn’t expect this post so early in the morning

  • Let’s go!!! 😍

  • nobody cares about one singel Game… what move playstation will do next is what we wait and care about!

    • I care.

    • I care as well..

    • I care as well, I am dropping almost a hundred quid on this and tempted for the wheel as well.

    • Leon,

      This is the problem with fans nowadays. “Nobody cares about a single game, we only care what Sony’s next move is”. Sad af. People who care more about gossip than games.

      I care. I care mostly about games. What else is there? Everyone praising Microsoft for stealing multiplatform IP yet their moves have not garnered a single thing yet. Meanwhile this year alone we have exclusives like God of War, Gran Turismo, Horizon, Final Fantasy and new IP like from Forspoken and Babylon from Square Enix and Platinum Games. Top tier indie exclusives like Sifu, Stray, Little Devil, Tchia, and Salt & Sacrifice. PSVR 2 and a Horizon VR exclusive. A new Game service. Free Bugsnax expansion. Numerous rumored games with announcements soon. From Ghostbusters to Twisted Metal to Factions to Sony Bend and Bluepoint new IP. Pixel Opus and Sony animation collaboration and numerous others. Rumors about MGS, Silent Hill, From Soft, Bloodborne, Sly Cooper, SOCOM, The Last of Us. Deviation, Haven, Firewalk exclusives. A multiplayer Insomniac game. Wolverine. Spiderman 2. Ghost of Tsushima 2. New IP via Barlog. Project Awakening. London Studio is hiring for a PS5 game. Naughty Dog is long rumored to have a new IP and Uncharted 5 could be in early development elsewhere.

      I care about the games. That’s why I play. And we are inundated now and in the imminent future. Ppl care more about headlines but I care about games. The next four years will mark arguably the greatest run of exclusives we have ever seen if all the rumors are true. 2022 is too loaded for a console that can’t keep up supply. The PlayStation 5 era will make the PlayStation 4 exclusives look like the Xbox one generation in terms of quantity. Games matter most and PS5 is a out to be packed.

    • Stop trying to speak for everyone leonora, stick to your own opinion. Alot of people care, obviously.

  • GT Lover


  • vai ter fusquinha e brasília amarela pra correr?

  • Please I hope GT7 has psvr2 support..🙏🏾🙏🏾 day one buy.. for me

  • Just GT7? So no other games like Hogwarts Legacy

  • Sony, Please Add This To PS4 Not Just PS5? I Dont Have A PS5 Yet.

    I’m not going to pay $1,000 to Scalpers, Bots, Or Bundles? I simply just want a standalone Digital PS5.

    If this is going towards PS5 that is not fair for those that dont own a PS5..

    PS5 isn’t everything PS4 is still “Family” PS4 cannot be left out!

    Soo please include PS4 to Get Grand Turismo 7 from state of play just like when Horizon Zero Dawn was??

    Sincerely, Colin

    • Mate its been announced ages ago gran turismo IS coming to ps4

    • Again what Colin said it caused a right hip has when PS4 was announced a year ago.

      Last week Sony announced a PS4 to PS5 upgrade path for £10 for when you get the PS5.

    • Not only is it coming to PS4, but your argument is a little silly. For 30 years people have been unable to get a console for a specific game either due to availability or cost of next gen hardware. Suddenly this is unfair because you think a tiny minority of individuals has all the PS5’s.

      If sony releases a PS5 only game I’ll be happy, because it means they are finally ready to invest in the hardwares other abilities that the PS4 lacks. Including that fancy geometry engine which should have the same benefits as Mesh Shaders. Could be wrong, but I’d like to see it happen. I didn’t spend 500 dollars on a PS5 just so you could delegitimize my purchase about how unfair things are. How is thatt fair to me?

      Anyway I hope you enjoy GT7. Please understand your concept of fair isn’t without victims. I’d hate to see it translate into something that isn’t as trivial as video games, because it can have real consequences.

    • PS4 should be left out. It’s severely holding back the ps5.
      Unfortunately, it’s cross-gen, so all of you late-bloomers can play a version that is instantly outdated because of its ps4 placement.
      I don’t support cross-gen and I don’t support $70. If anyone is content paying to put more money in to these greedy, wealthy devs and pubs pockets, that’s on you. I happen to have a controllable impulse and enjoy having money and not have it wasted.
      I’ll wait for the true next-gen experience on PC.

    • Seems like they’re treating PC as their PS5 – in a way.

    • So you want them to lower the quality of the game to make a PS4 port just for you? Talk about selfish…

    • Not sure is your being honest here, but eithway…
      Heres what you do:
      1: Follow Matt Swider on Twitter (if he is still doing it?)
      2: Don’t bother with any other way other than PlayStation Direct. It’s a lottery so you are not fighting bots and others to be “first in Line” like with Bestbuy/Walmart/Target/Gamestop
      3: When it does go live on PSD make sure your running on as many devices and web browsers as possible. I had three devices with Safari, Firefox, Chrome running on each.
      Eventually one of them started counting down early, and I was in. And I got a PS5.
      Did it two different times on PSD before I got one. (Make sure you have PS+ account)
      After trying I don’t know how many times with retailers only for websites to crash.

    • Alkalinetp

      “It seems like they are treating PC as their PS5”

      What first party PS5 exclusive has gone to PC or is announced for it?

      Demon’s Souls?

      What first party cross gen PS5 game has come to or been announced for PS5?

      Miles Morales?
      Horizon Forbidden West?
      God of War Ragnarok?

      What third party PS5 exclusive published by Sony has come to PC that wasn’t already on PC?

      Destruction All-Stars?

      Have any come to PC or even been announced? The only one is Death Stranding DC which was already on PC previously and a stipulation of Kojima.

      What exactly are you even referring to? PC is the real PS5. Wtf does that mean? Because Demon’s Souls, Ratchet, Returnal, Miles, Forbidden West, Ragnarok and GT7 look pretty darn good on PS5. How do they look on PC??? Don’t confuse PlayStation with Xbox where some games come to PC first and every game is day n date PC. If you hate that three old first party PlayStation games came to PC you must crucify Microsoft for making PC the true premium Xbox going on two generations now.

    • Tyler – you didn’t quote me rite, b*tch. You always act like a b*tch?
      Gain honorability. Have respect for yourself. 👽

    • You don’t have to lie to kick it all the time, you know

  • I want to see racing modifications or GT6 touring cars coming back in GT7 soo badly

  • Oooh, what a pity to reserve one whole State Of Play for only one, however iconic, game… I think there is much more stuff players are waiting to be announced: VR2, Project Spartacus (PS Plus + PS Now merge), plus tons of other games and their release dates to be revealed… I do understand GT is a super blockbuster game, but is it really necessary to give it the whole State Of Play? When can we expect another one so?

    • Its just streaming a video and then putting it on youtube, you “fans” act like this is a big Live gameshow. State of play is not to fill your E3 void, they use State of play to update the community evenly throughout the calendar year. Your Kind of fandom are really annoying because it has logic on why you think state of play should just have Game awards production every 3 months, its very silly brothers please stop.

    • They have done State of Plays for single games before like Ghost of Tsushima and Horizon 2.

    • You make it sound like they had the State of Play planned and chose to only put GT in it. They are making the State of Play when they have something to say. If they had more news to share on the other topics you mention, they would. And they will, when its ready to tell us about it :)

  • Hoping to see Hogwarts Legacy gameplay footage.

  • We want the Playstation Experience with the full catalogue of games, not this!

  • Ready to get back into the real world of Gran Turismo. I will for sure be tuning in.

  • Just keep bringing the PS5 games to the PS4 for those of us who want a PS5, but are unwilling to pay scalpers.

  • Why I’m happy to get a GT7 edition of this, I’m a little disappointed that this is all the news we’re getting.

  • Thank God! GT7 only babyyyy, boy have I been waiting for the 7.

  • Got me excited again. But if you throw one last desperate attempt to try and sell DOALoop into this, I’ll be leaving the stream instantly. You’ve been warned again Sony.

    Can’t wait for all the confused people, 5 mins in, that care nothing about GT and a simulation racing game. “Is this all this is, driving???” lol.

  • HYPED 🔥

  • Did Barlog already ask to bring this on PC as well?

  • Hard pass. Do we really need this for a racing game? Months of silence and this is what we get.

  • I have been wondering about any info on it but its about to release and have already preordered it based on what I have seen already. So if its not as good as it looked in the gameplay I have seen so far, would change my mind about it and since its pre ordered its pretty easy to get that 70 back quick. So late in the game it might shoot you in the foot if it doesn’t show anything better or new to help sell it. With that said I like others would rather see and hear of whats coming in the future than what we already have heard and know, because if its just GT 7 thats a waste of time and resources to the email with the info to this blog and the fact I did the same commenting on it. I know it can’t be like the old days because of the money at stake, but even through info can be relayed pretty quick these days it feels as we get less untill its already here.

  • For all the people in this comment section who are saying “ waste of time” “nobody cares” etc, Gran Turismo has been a flagship PlayStation title for over 20 years. And has consistently been one of the best selling games for the system. GT5: Prologue, GT5 and GT6 were all in the top 10 best selling games for PS3. This title isn’t just important to gamers who race; it’s important to SIE as it it’s the next full fledged release in the series since 6. Now this is speculation, but I assume Sony will want it to be a killer app for their upcoming PSVR2 hardware.

    Also so much love and passion gets poured into these games that it literally bleeds class. You’re doing yourself a disservice by hating on it. It aint’t a good look.

    • Agreed.

      Even GT Sport is around 10 million units and it’s a spinoff with lower reviews. GT is one of the three pillars for Sony IP.

      God of War, Uncharted, and Gran Turismo are really the biggest long standing IP Sony has. Spiderman and Horizon have quickly risen and TLOU as well but make no mistake, Gran Turismo is a PlayStation staple that continues to be a sales monster and the most premium sim on console. There are millions of ppl that buy GT based on history alone and GT7 looks to be the next real deal. A full fledged, classic GT with the innovative Sport mode included.

      Gran Turismo is the apex of driving on console. I agree, the entire production bleeds quality and class. You can see the passion and desire for perfection. Even in the presentation. From the menus to music to photo mode/scapes to the social features. Gran Turismo is special, it has history, and if you sim racing it’s the game you play on console.

  • Is this just going to be Gran Turismo 7 Or is there going to be other games I am really hoping for Hogwarts legacy Gotham Knight And some more info and God of War Ragnarok

  • This makes me more confident it won’t be delayed (although they could just as well use the show to announce the delay…). I figured it was delayed, with how much attention Horizon has been getting on this blog and GT7 almost none. This may very well be one of the last PS games I get on launch, as I don’t want to support their price hikes, especially considering the loss of exclusives.

    • Absolutely. The £70 price hike is indefensible. I’ll buy it for PS VR2, but not at £70. No way. Will probably buy it off the secondhand market too, then they’ll get near to nothing for their pricing strategy.

    • But it#s not £70, if you decide to pay full retail in a shop or Amazon then you will pay full price.

      GT 7 etc are all £10 or more off at discount etailers, just go and find better reatailers.

  • This is gonna be cool

  • DEMO??? Think we will get a demo? What I’ve heard on the streets.. Dunno though??

  • Yo i cannot wait for gt7 to come out but the price is overhigh it’s good if you reduce the price bruh like it’s 50$ and 100$ for some packs please try to reduce it

  • Welcome back#my account

  • Oh come on only one game really want update on god of war and hogwarts

  • I expect to be shown the PS VR2 modes and features of this game.

    Omitting this would be an own-goal for the marketing campaign of this game, and the upcoming PS VR2 platform you intend to launch soon.

  • Will the PS4 “entitlement” on GT7 require PSS membership, or will it be included as a second disc or separate data ?

  • Will PSS membership open up Drive Club bikes section?

  • 🤘😎🤘💯

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