Go behind the scenes with Aloy’s companions on the journey into the Forbidden West

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Go behind the scenes with Aloy’s companions on the journey into the Forbidden West

New video features the talented cast of Horizon Forbidden West.

We’re getting ready for the continuation of Aloy’s story, a journey which will be filled with a storm of threats and dangers. But thankfully, she’ll be joined by old friends and exciting new allies. 

Join us as we sit down with our talented returning cast, featuring Ashly Burch as Aloy, Lance Reddick as the enigmatic Sylens, John MacMillan as Aloy’s loyal friend Varl, and John Hopkins as the affable Oseram warrior Erend.

And get a sneak peek at two of the new characters in Horizon Forbidden West’s expanding cast: Noshir Dalal as the Tenakth warrior Kotallo and Carrie-Anne Moss as the mysterious and secretive Tilda.

Go behind the scenes with Aloy’s companions on the journey into the Forbidden West

Aloy will get to know these characters and many more as she strives to stop the red blight and save humankind. Enjoy this behind-the-scenes snapshot now, then venture into the Forbidden West on February 18!

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  • Amazing cast for an amazing game and sequel. ;)

  • Is this the only game on playstation?

  • PS users, don’t worry about the Xbox deal, they can take all the dead franchises while we get the single-player masterpieces like this!

    • Dead franchises? What a fanboi thing to say lol.

      Real Gamers can continue to enjoy all the games on all the platforms.

    • What a fanboy thing to say. Also this will be out on PC in a year or 2 anyway.

    • i do not agree whith you

      i like a elderscrols sp
      i like fallout sp

      activision = not a big mis to miself but lots of other gamers wil not like if excl to ms.

      i hope sony do not let slip gta +mhw ore ff games ore wil be mi last ps consolle

  • Let this game live I want to see it age well not another fan boy game

  • Everything about this game looks so great! Less then a month to go!

  • can not wait to play the game

    only point i do not like = why not ask whitch language the gamer want to download so language file = smaller

    dying licht 2
    horizon 2
    elden ring

    why al in nov ore febr you big games ? ( a jear goth 12 month )

  • Can’t wait! Why is February taking soon long to arrive plus collectors edition are all digital. It would take me a day before I can play it!!! Dayum!!!

  • Congratulations on a successful
    game. I look forward to purchase it on the release date. The game has inspired me to do create characters for my own game. Look out for my NFT group the Conjuringlionz. We may even do a collaboration in the future.

  • I’m looking forward to playing the game and having a blast. I’m not holding my breath about the story, I did think the first games story was nothing memorable, more confusion then anything. But I will be buying the game just for the gameplay only.

  • Wouldn’t it be cool if a bonus was given if it found a New game + save file for original game?

    Congratulations on the launch, the first game I played when I got my ps4 pro was Horizon Zero dawn. The graphics are still amazing and it’s overall one if the best games of this generation.

    P. S

    Sony PLEASE move up the release date is GOW:Ragnorak.

    Pretend the game was released in September but Thor sat on it and it was thrust into the past. Like yesterday.

    Keep on keeping on.

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