Guerrilla offers a preview of Aloy’s epic quest into the Forbidden West

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Guerrilla offers a preview of Aloy’s epic quest into the Forbidden West

Meet some of the new companions who will join the next chapter of Aloy’s story…

The next chapter of Aloy’s story begins on February 18, and she’ll face a storm of new threats: a world-ending blight, Regalla and her rebels, Sylens and his machinations… plus many new dangers that have yet to be revealed.

But as she ventures into the frontier of the Forbidden West, Aloy won’t face these perils alone. She’ll be joined by companions both fresh and familiar, including stalwarts like Varl and Erend, along with new allies like Zo, Alva, and Kotallo.

Today we’re proud to present our new story trailer, which offers an exciting peek at what lies in store for Aloy and her friends as they venture into the Forbidden West.

Guerrilla offers a preview of Aloy’s epic quest into the Forbidden West

On top of that, we’re thrilled to show you our new key art, pitting Aloy’s crew against Regalla, her rebels, and some of the most dangerous machines the west has to offer. It also features Sylens, Hekarro, the Chief of the Tenakth tribe, and Tilda, a mysterious new character with a special connection to the ancient past.

Can Aloy and her companions overcome the dangers of the wilds and the sins of the past to save a dying planet? Get a glimpse of their epic journey now, then discover the answer on February 18!

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  • Getting close and I can’t wait!

  • Love this Trailer. Keep up the Good Work team Guerrilla….

    • Give it a couple years probably.

    • Won’t be too long. Last Horizon game on PC made them over 250% return, that they were very happy with. GoWPC is crushing that number.

    • @alkalinetp But did it sell 8 million units in 12 months? Did it sell even 3 million after a year lol?

      The return was good because they waited years for the PC standard user to be able to run the game……. and even then they could run it decently. What you claim is the dumb opposite, which is expected from you.

    • @alkaline the most pathetic troll in existence. Have fun waiting multiple years. How long did it take HZD and GoW to hit PC? Three to four years lol.

      GoW crushing it on PC yet it sold 20 mil on PS4. It won’t do 1/4 that on PC. And it was a $60 release on PS4. Sony made far more off the console release. Even with game budget included. HZD sold a couple mil on PC and 15+ mil on PS4. Forbidden West will probably match that and half the sales will be at $70. Sony makes peanuts from PC. Play money. It helps but it certainly isn’t as significant as u claim. Look at yearly revenue and look at what PC releases bring in.

    • You 2 gonna pick up the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on PC when it releases? Significant sales numbers for the dijon race.

      Also, Steam Deck releasing soon. Hmm?

    • What are you talking about Xbot??? You aren’t going to pick up Uncharted on PC so why would any of us? Uncharted isn’t coming to Xbox so still sucks to be you. You don’t even buy and support your beloved Xbox games the past decade, that’s why a game like Sunset Overdrive was a flop and utter failure.

      If Uncharted is coming to PC and you’re happy, then actually buy it…. but you already know you won’t.

      Then remember that all Xbox games are on PC, even BEFORE Xbox like with Flight Simulator and Age of Empire because Xbox is an afterthought even for “Xbox” Studios games lol.

      Try and remember all this when you contradict yourself, waving your Xbox banner tomorrow yet again.

    • I figured, since you really like the playstation games, you’d want to play the best looking version with the most features, at the cheapest price, on the best system. I mean, who wouldn’t – right?

      Anyway, what do you think about the return on investment for PS’s PC games.

  • I’m ready.

  • Aloy needs to stay away from the cupcakes, she’s getting some thicker cheeks.

    • Yeah it looks weird. None of the other characters suddenly have fat cheeks. Elizabet didn’t have fat cheeks either.

    • Elizabeth did lol. Look again.

      Aloy was around 18 in the original. She is growing up. It’s a minor design detail. They have better technical capabilities so if anything this is the more accurate portrayal. And it stupid af to squabble over. The most disappointing part of the Horizon 2 gameplay reveal were the fools who focused on Aloy’s cheeks. It distracted from the sublime game being shown on screen. It was shameful. We had never seen a console game look as good as that original gameplay demo yet cheeks were the focus. Shameful TMZ world. It’s infected the gaming industry. Sheep and casuals plague the industry. Ppl boycott Forbidden West because HZD came to PC three years after release but Microsoft is buying the biggest multiplatform game publishers in the industry and turning their games exclusive. They threatened to stop working with Activision two months earlier bc they were disgusted by their sexual misconduct and discrimination yet they acquire the entire company instead! Rewarding the abuse of women and taking dozens of multiplatform franchises away from half of the gaming community yet they are the good guys lol. THIS is what you SHOULD be boycotting. I’m ashamed to own an Xbox.

    • Does it really matter? It’s not like they completely changed her face. I recall the initial teaser for InFamous 2…

    • Are the developers aware of the cabbage patch dolls? Aloy reminds me of them. 😱

    • I think she’s starting to look like Nick Avocado, the dude on YouTube who eats all the time.

  • If we who pre-ordered Regalla have the digital game, will we get the edition faster so we can pre-load it?

    • You ordered a physical item. I doubt they send it out earlier as full physical releases

    • Just feel lucky u got that edition. I got the regular Collector’s Edition but I want the Focus.

    • I pre-ordered two Regalla Edition’s and I was wondering the same thing.

    • @chimnino It is true that the digital code comes physically, but still if we do not have a disk it seems normal to have the same benefits as the one who takes his digital game from the store.There may be an option to receive the digital code by email when it is sent to retailers

    • I ordered mine though GameStop and will be getting my Regalia edition early….Well midnight….

  • Yessssssssss .
    Nice , Very Epic Trailer…😍😍😍

    Can NOT WAIT to play🤩🤩🤩

  • I feel like I know everything about the game already

  • Trying to take some steam away from yesterday’s news? People are gonna be talking about this all year…Sony. What’s the next move?

    • They don’t have any moves. If they end up moving, it’ll be extremely slow, just like with everything they do.
      I would like to imagine there’s at least one person at Sony who knows it’s time to restructure their very upper parts of their ladder.

  • Cant wait to play this. Im sure its going to be even better than the first.

  • Why haven’t you shown off gyro aim yet?

  • It seems like it’s too similar to the last game. Hopefully, they’ll add something (co-op?, free DLC?) to give the game some kind of substance to differentiate it from the monotonous repetitive gameply from the last game.
    Can’t wait 🤗

  • What happened to her cheeks and jawline? Looks like she’s been living on pies for a year.

    • It doesn’t even make sense with the paleo diet that she has along with extreme high activity she has. She should actually be more shredded than she was in the first game. There was no good reason for this change. If this was how she looked in the first place than it would be ok but still strange.

    • Usually these cosmetic imperfections or subtleties are a representation (from the devs perspective) of the imperfections or subtleties in real people.

    • Who cares? This isn’t Donut Drake.

  • The game looks phenomenal and the original played like a dream.
    PlayStation seriously needs to step up their game when it comes to the online PS+ revamp Spartacus.

    First impressions are very important and if it doesn’t have several huge announcements when this launches, it’s not going to do much better than PS Now.
    I’m not a Call of Duty fan but it’s one of the biggest selling franchise on PS.
    It’s a good time to fill that void with a new franchise that will fill with a new studio.

    PS hands are being forced, you have to release your games Day 1 or within 2 weeks on the new PS+ service.
    Don’t think that PS users are not going to buy your games, they absolutely will and most will double dip. You’re just leaving money on the table by not doing so.

    Games that people aren’t sure of like Returnal that only sold 1 or so million, more people will get to jump and see if this game is for them, it’s not all games that sell as well as Horizon or God of War but even those have to be included.

    • PS also needs to remove “online play” requirements from PS+.
      What games are people going to get PS+ just for online CoD?
      That game is gone now.

      Games that are Free To Play DON’T require PS+ to Play them.
      It’s basically promoting one business model over the other and Microsoft last year finally made free-to-play games not being required to have Xbox Gold Live.

      That 70$ price tag for PS5 games… most of the industry haven’t jump to that price and most PC games still sell at 60$ including Battlefield. So you’ll have to think strongly about keeping that price if the rest of industry isn’t moving in that direction but rather offer more games to game pass.

      You don’t have a choice here PlayStation, Hermen, you must be reading this since you’ve worked at Guerrilla Games.
      Put PS first party games on the Highest Tier of PS+ and not the base line, obviously, because if you were to make acquisitions to buy studios you want people to subscribe to the top and get the most revenue out of it, like I said, PS customers are going to double dip unless the game is bad which they rarely are.

      Last Forza sold the most in the franchise and it’s day 1 on Game Pass too, just those who pre-ordered got to play the beta 2 weeks in advance.

      It’s not going to damage the sales of your games, but rather give you a steady stream of revenue to cover most of your expenses.

    • Multi-tier PS+ service

      -Base “Starter” Tier includes: PS1, PS2, PSP games from the service, to compete with Nintendo’s 20$~50$ price range

      -Standard Tier includes: All the benefits from PS+, no more PS+ requirements to play online, all the PS+ library + All the PS Now library as download only + free offerings and discounts.

      -Premium Tier includes: PS Now full game library streaming including PS3.

      -Deluxe Tier: All First Party Games to release between 1 to 15 days after launch, Stream ALL of your Gaming Library anywhere anytime (We can already do that with remote play but this enhances the connection by having dedicated servers for those games you can remote play)

      The pricing is completely up to you. IMO Deluxe be around 120$ same as full price game pass.

      See Microsoft haven’t been releasing any good games on game pass, rather they’ve taken all that money and putting it in Game Pass and with Call of Duty being gone on PS, you would hurt Xbox when gamers realize that PS no longer need PS+ to play online and will play on PS instead of spending money on Xbox Gold that literally don’t give much benefits, but that’s just my opinion, maybe I’m wrong on that last part.
      What I know is that it’s free to play on PC and people may go there instead, they said so when PS online wasn’t free during the PS4 era after the PS3, you want them to go back to PS.

  • Still thinking about losing Acti-Blizzard and Bethesda.

    At least we have exclusive games on PS5….oh wait, we don’t, it’s all going to PC.

  • Her face though. It doesn’t even make sense. The type of diet and her high activity rate and the number of calories she would burn there is no way she would have fat in her face. If this was the original design its fine but there was no reason to change it besides making heroes look less attractive.

  • Microsoft buys yet another huge video game company and Sony’s answer to this is….. yet another PC port announcement 😄 GG Sony you really fell for Phil’s trap by releasing games to PCs, a platform where AAA games sell 1-2mil copies and another millions get pirated oh btw PC releases help Microsoft because 90% of PCs in the world use Windows, smart move SONY. At this point just say the truth and stop lying to your loyal customers who like idiots bought your 500€ console and 80€+ for games day 1. Only on playstation huh

  • If Sony gets everything to PC im selling this plastic multiplatform box and buying Switch, at least Nintendo is not listening to PC beggars.

  • Looks really awesome, really improved over the 1st time it was shown. This is the game I was really expecting to play on PS5. Will replay Zero Dawn on NG+ to get ready for this.

  • This game is gonna be epic. The hype is real.

  • Studio acquisitions. PlayStation is going to have to make much more of them and soon. Just don’t talk about any of them up until the Acti/Blizzard deal has been made.

    Square-Enix is firmly on the side of PS. They make great games and most of their games sell the most on PS and Nintendo.
    Capcom also has a great relationship with PS and makes top tier highly acclaimed games that used to make games exclusive on PS.

    Bungie has strong relationship with PS and they left Activision and don’t like Microsoft. You could get them to join PS and have them make an original exclusive that has a single and multiplayer(vs and co-op) aspect to the game. Xbox players would feel that one regardless how they deny it.
    The developers behind Metal Hellsinger (The Outsiders) would be a nice answer to not having Doom and having awesome bands like Trivium as playlist, I’m all for that and the future games could be exclusives to PS.

    Epic Games have a very strong relationship with PlayStation and PS has supported and invested a lot of cash into Epic Games. An outright acquisition/partnership would be a huge deal for PS, imagine all the revenue coming from Unreal Engine for publishing games and it’s also in Epic’s interests because some of these developers aren’t paying their shares to Epic by selling out to Game Pass instead (therefore not having physical sales) of their deals. PS could also bring PS VR2 games on the Epic Game Stores (also Steam) and have the headset compatible with PC, let’s be real, VR is still very niche and developers take huge financial risks just to make these games, being locked to a platform also limits the potential sales of the VR itself so having this as a bargaining tool would help so long as all these VR games goes to all the stores (PS store, Epic Store) rather than having Facebook limiting where and how these games can be played.

    Many are saying to acquire Take Two, it would certainly be a huge deal to do so. Most if not all GTA players also play CoD and Bethesda games so you don’t want Microsoft to have monopoly. Me personally, I am not the biggest fan of their games but I can recognize talent. GTA 6 exclusive to PS5 would be huge.

    Microsoft will make a move to buy EA. They already have EA Play for now and it’s only a matter of time not if but when. After all of their acquisitions, they will triple the price and say FY give me money, like they did with Xbox Live Gold.

    You need to get all the best talents from these big studios, form your own studios and make 25+ more studios.
    Only talk about the new studios joining PlayStation the day that deal is finalized IF it gets finalized and not blocked in courts for anti-trust laws.

  • losing Acti-Blizzard and Bethesda and exclusive games to pc nothing left but 70$ 10$ upgrade good job Jim ryan.

  • I am so excited!!!

  • Take my money 💰💰

  • No spoilers for me, although I am very tempted to watch this trailer😭

  • Can’t wait
    Omg omg

  • Most of what you said is neat and all, but Microsoft doesn’t receive royalties through games sold on steam and epic.

  • Reveal the pc release date. Who will buy this console? No exclusive, no cod.

  • What exactly do you mean by “political correctness” in terms of this video game? Be careful now, this will require deep thought.

  • PS5 Check
    Pre-order Check
    Leave on 18 Feb Check
    Ready for the Forbidden Weekend

  • Hannah Hoekstra is a very beautiful woman but the guys at Sony Cali HQ can’t have none of that nasty male gaze ruining their game so they turned Aloy into an ugly fat-cheeked man-jawed abomination.

    She was made uglier than the model on purpose. Good to see they kept the same philosophy for the sequel.

    Not that I care all that much really, I just came here to laugh at you.

  • Awesome!!

  • Incroyable 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Epic!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • PC version coming out soon

    • Might as well, with interest being lost in PS. I can’t imagine anyone is happy with their ps5 purchase today, especially after ps keeps getting hit with losses. No games (I think they have 3 games you can only play on ps5), and the future is severely blurry for ps5, with nothing to look forward to.

    • In four years time maybe.

  • Man Aloy looks really ugly. What are they doing??

  • I don’t think I’ve been more excited for a sequel in while.

  • Ау… Sony, ответьте пожалуйста, Horizone Forbidden West выйдет на PS5 на диске или будет исключительно цифровое издание? И если выйдет то когда? Я даже в поддержку звонил они сказали что не знают.

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