How the DualSense controller enhances Deep Rock Galactic’s mining and combat

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How the DualSense controller enhances Deep Rock Galactic’s mining and combat

Get a feel for your hi-tech gadgets, while precision aiming, quick select equipment, and more improve your chances of survival.

Welcome to the mining conglomerate crew! Deep Rock Galactic is a sci-fi, co-op* first-person shooter in which you play as badass space dwarves assigned to various mining missions on the rich, but deadly planet Hoxxes IV.

Explore procedurally-generated cave systems and navigate 100% destructible environments as you carry out your mission and fight endless hordes of alien monsters. We’re excited to dive into some of the features players can experience in the PlayStation 5 version of the game, specifically the immersive DualSense wireless controller features.

Dig this: The PS4 and PS5 versions of Deep Rock Galactic are available to PlayStation Plus members until February 1. 

Haptic feedback & adaptive triggers

Deep Rock Galactic is all about immersion, from the Dwarves digging into the planet to the way the DualSense controller sucks players into the game. Feel detailed haptic vibrations, hear in-universe audio on your controller’s speaker, and experience weapon feedback via the adaptive triggers.

Each weapon has been given a more distinct feeling based on its firepower and mechanisms. The haptics and triggers also enhance the contrast between heavier and lighter weapons, such as feeling the intense, rapid recoil of Thunderhead Heavy Autocannon or the softer, longer micro missile volleys of the Hurricane Guided Rocket System.

The haptic feedback immersion extends beyond gunplay, too. Approaching erupting Morkite wells and beating Dreadnaught eggs makes the vibration increase in scale with a continuous pulse. Riding aboard the Drop Pod as it drills through terrain sends a continuous pulse to the controller perfectly timed as the grinder chews through rocks.

We’ve also tapped into the adaptive triggers to further bring the dwarven tools and weapons to life. Feel added tension on the trigger while reloading a weapon, or experience zero tension when the weapon clip runs dry.

Mining squashing bugs has never felt this good!

Motion sensor

With the DualSense controller’s motion sensors we have been able to implement gyro aiming, an option which offers players some extra aiming nuance. Players also have the option to set the turning axis of the gyro to either using the yaw or roll depending on their preference. Depending on how you play, the gyro aiming may be the difference between life and death.

Furthermore – as a bonus feature in the options menu – you can activate saluting with the motion sensors. Raising the controller up in the air with one hand makes your dwarf perform the Rock and Stone salute. 

Integrated speaker

The mining conglomerate’s profits depend on your mission, so assume Mission Control is always watching. By default, you’ll hear the all-business voice of Mission Control through your controller speaker, selling the experience of a comms link. 

Listen up for info on incoming enemy waves, mission developments, or maybe when you’ve had a little too much fun back at base kicking barrels into the launch bay…

For extra satisfaction, you’ll also hear the sweet, sweet sound of collected minerals tinkle via the controller speaker. 


The in-game, 3D Terrain Scanner map is an integral part of the Deep Rock experience. This map reveals collectable items and helps players navigate dark cave networks. With a simple click on the touchpad you can bring the map up, then use your fingers to rotate, move, and zoom in on points of interest.

You can also swipe up on the touchpad to throw flares into the darkness, or swipe down to call your trusty mule, Molly, for a mineral deposit. Swiping left and right on the touchpad also lets you quickly scroll through equipment. 

DualSense controller light

In Deep Rock Galactic, the duality between light and darkness is a huge part of the experience. With the DualSense controller we’ve strived to mimic that by dimming the controller’s light by default. The controller light will then dynamically intensify when you toss a flare in-game. It also reflects your shield and health status.

We’re thrilled that Deep Rock Galactic is available on PS4 and PS5, and plan to support it with new free updates throughout the rest of the year. The next update introduces a brand new season, including new secondary weapons and more! 

Thanks for reading. PlayStation Plus members should be sure to deposit this gem into their libraries before February 1. Rock and Stone, Miners! 

*PlayStation Plus membership required for online multiplayer. PlayStation Plus is subject to a recurring subscription fee taken automatically until cancellation. Full terms:*

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