God of War on PC: Gameplay tips for tomorrow’s launch

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God of War on PC: Gameplay tips for tomorrow’s launch

New to the Nine Realms? Equip yourself with this gameplay guide from Santa Monica Studio, plus new ultrawide trailer.

Tomorrow on January 14, God of War (2018) launches on PC. To ensure you’re ready, we’ve released our PC system requirements and features – be sure to check them both out.

Ultrawide trailer

One of the unique PC features that we’re very excited about is the 21:9 ultra-widescreen support that will allow you to play the game with an incredibly unique theatrical feel. Take a look below:

God of War on PC: Gameplay tips for tomorrow’s launch

We can’t wait to see your ultrawide screen shots!

Nine Realms survival guide

With our release on the PC, we’re hoping that many new players will be able to experience Kratos and Atreus’ story for the first time. To help you get started, we’ve put together some beginner tips that will prepare you for the journey to come.

God of War | PC

Don’t forget your Boy

Atreus may be young, but he’s one of your best assets in combat. As your journey progresses, Atreus will grow stronger and gain access to abilities that can make all the difference in your toughest fights like being able to stun monsters, bring Kratos back from the brink of death, and unleash powerful magical abilities along with his bow attacks.

Atreus has three different gear sets that can synergize with your playstyle. Make sure you’re equipping him to best support Kratos’ needs in combat. At their first tier, the sets have the following effects:

  • Sharpshooter Garb: Lower the Talon Bow recharge time. Aimed shots fired at enemies in the air deal extra damage.
  • Fighter Tunic: Boosts melee damage and exposes enemy weakness. Choked enemies will take increased damage.
  • Runic Vestment: Increased recovery speed from enemy attacks and provides Healthstone assistance. When Kratos is injured, Atreus has a chance to find Healthstones.

Upgrading Atreus’ abilities and equipment will be as important as upgrading Kratos, invest in his progression early and often!

Friendly Favors

In God of War, there are side quests called Favors. Some let you get to know your allies better, like helping the blacksmith brothers Brok and Sindri, while others will let you journey deeper into the rich Norse mythology of the world.

All offer rewards that will help you in battle. Alongside the XP you’ll earn, many of the Favors will also give you equipment and ability upgrades.

God of War | PC

Earn XP with the Labors of Kratos

Labors are tracked activities that will reward you for interacting with the world and playing the game. Completing them will grant you a big chunk of XP, so they’re great for leveling up. They’ll also encourage you to switch up your playstyle, try out new tactics, and explore the world.

Labors come in four different categories:

  • World: Engaging with the world by completing activities like closing Realm Tears and finding Hidden Chambers.
  • Crafting: Crafting and upgrading your gear.
  • Skill: Killing enemies in a specific way, like lighting them on fire or performing parries.
  • Kill: Defeating a certain amount of an enemy type. 

Bestiary combat tactics 

Atreus will keep notes of all the enemies you face in the Codex. Not only is it a great way to track the information you learn on important figures and the realms themselves, the Bestiary section will also provide helpful gameplay tips on the weakness of monsters. Enemies are not one-size-fits-all, if you’re having difficulty with a certain type of creature, make sure you check Atreus’ notes for tips on how to dispatch them.

God of War | PC

Understand your Gear stats

Your combat style can greatly benefit from the gear that you equip. Once you figure out the type of gameplay you like, there will be gearsets that help you excel in that area.

Whether you want to focus on standard attacks, your runic abilities, or a mix of both – understanding your gear stats will help you decide which pieces to invest in.

  • Strength: Increases the damage for all standard attacks.
  • Runic: Increase both Runic Attack and Elemental Damage.
  • Defense: Reduces all damage taken.
  • Vitality: Increases maximum health and decreases the severity of hit reactions from enemy attacks.
  • Luck: Increases Perk activation chance. Increases XP and Hacksilver gains.
  • Cooldown: Reduces recharge time of Runic Attacks, Runic Summons, and Talismans.

Certain gearsets will also be better for a specific playstyle, make sure you find the one that works best for you!If you would like to pre-purchase God of War for PC, it is available on both the Steam and Epic Game Store.

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  • Awesome, now bring demons souls remake and returnal to pc!

    • get ps5 and stop begging

    • Returnal, Demons Souls Remake, and Ratchet and Clank are going to PC this year per reports (which always ended up correct for PlayStation PC ports). A lot of people on here aren’t going to be happy about “how soon” they get ported over.

    • @ZanFear who said they were going to pc this year?

    • Cool

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    • Worst idea ever.

      You know, it might have been a good idea to bring games on PC last Gen, but things are different now.

      Microsoft didn’t bought Zenimax Bethesda just to make their games more accessible to Playstation.

      They bought Zenimax to FORCE PS out of the Game Console Business.
      Essentially put all your studios out of work as less and less people buy your console and games.

      Not to mention that GoW is already pirated on PC.

      It’s really not a good idea.
      Like a few games that create like Dreams and LBP I can see on PC but certainly not any Multi-player games since PC players use cheats mods to win nor other single player games. They will have enough with Uncharted to have tasted greatness to then, hopefully, buy a PS5.

    • There are options developers can use to make it so no one can cheat.
      Not too long ago, Ubi came out with FairFight – a server-side, unobtrusive, fully automated algorithmic analysis of what players are doing in game.

      The problem with single-player games is that they would need to be online for server-side cheat detection to work.

    • Wow. What did I just said yesterday before the news broke out?
      Microsoft seeks to destroy Playstation and Nintendo out of the gaming industry and become a monopoly.
      I said that too months ago when God of War was announced for PC, you can read my previous statements on the God of War PS Blogs.
      Now it should be crystal clear what Microsoft’s goals and ambitious are, to become the gaming monopoly of everything.

      Jim Ryan. HH. You better be watching this and open your eyes to the truth, they are not your friends. They declared war against you the moment they created the first Xbox and said so it was to destroy all of you.

  • We get PC news here? Good, let us get details on turismo, future pc releases, and the gamepass-like service that you are trying to figure how to inject the most amount of greed into. Is that gonna be pc too, with day 1?

  • Why is this even here? Is this a Steam blog or what?

    • Sony will release all games on PC from now on, soon it will be day one with the console version. Jim Ryan and Hulst always wanted that.

    • They’re idiots

    • ^ Yet they’re in charge of PlayStation, and we’re not. I for one would not have closed Japan Studio.

    • @Diegoctba911 Santa Monica wanted to put God of War on PC themselves. They want to sell their game to more people.
      It’s not just Ryan and Hulst who wanted this either. Shawn Layden pushed for putting PS games on PC for a long time. There’s no reason not to do it. I doesn’t hurt console sales (see XBOX), and it acts as a second launch and another injection of cash for future games. Win/Win. Everyone is happy.

    • How do you know it’s not hurting console sales? By comparing to xbox, which has gamepass? It’s too early to make an assumption.
      Judging by the NON-BIAS comments, people seem to be looking at PC harder. It seems obvious that the decisions and management under jim ryan have people disinterested in a ps6.

      Don’t come out here trying to look like your some fact-spitter.

    • 😂😂 “Fact spitter”
      You don’t need to know many facts to look up the sales charts and see how well PS5 is selling. Nothing has changed.
      – Mobile gaming will kill consoles
      – Streaming will kill consoles
      – Putting games on PC will kill consoles…

      Don’t lose too much sleep worrying about this. Relax and have fun. It’s games, not politics.

      Fact spitter 🤣

    • Yah, I was laughing at you trying to be a fact spitter.

      Glad you’re able to laugh at yourself.

    • Because who needs facts when we can just be outraged at the assumptions we make in our minds, right? 🤷‍♂️

      Look after yourself. ❤️

    • 🤨 You sippin’ syrup?

    • @Diegoctba911
      There were some developers who thought it was a good idea to release it to PC.

      I bet they’d start regretting their decisions now that Microsoft bought Zenimax to EXCLUDE PS from getting games, and they want to buy more studios and force PS out of business.

      Also the game is already being pirated. 2 years development to make this port…. That could have been another game in it’s own.

  • I have both pc and playstation 5.I’m looking forward to play it in better quality, more fps.
    (btw platinum trophy on playstation)

    • I think they support 1440p on PC.

    • You’re enjoying the inferior version right now on PC
      PS5 has better optimisation,offers better value due to the fact it is 4k 60fps high settings on a 400-500 dollars,dual sense implementation, faster loading times and more simplicity
      And this is still the PS4 pro version with enhancements from PS5 BC

  • Amazing but now release more games, demons souls on PC is taking too long, also gran turismo 7 should be on PC day one

  • Ah this again

  • This is stupid. One of PlayStations best exclusives, no longer only on PlayStation.
    The day they port marvels spiderman is the day I switch to Xbox.

    • I’m buying a pc eventually. I’m still only playing gow on my PlayStation. Out of principle.

    • You’re crying over a game that might eventually or might never come to pc and ifit does, you’ll switch to the xbox, which puts all of their first party games on pc on day one!!! How does that make any sense?
      Please just buy an xbox and switch now so no one here has to read your crybaby toddler comments anymore!!!
      Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Waaaaaahhhhmbulance hurry!!! Emergency!!!

    • Someone is taking this personally.

  • PlayStation betrayed its fans, you will pay dearly for it, they said it was Only On PlayStation and betrayed us


    • get a life

    • Dude shut up

    • NO, SPEAK UP. PlayStation is a shadow of it’s former self. PS1-PS4 will forever be the glory days. And I’m not just talking about these PC ports, but also the previous generations had much more variety in the types of games the first-party studios were creating. And let’s not forget PlayStation Home!

    • Tew -sp-br you’re a toddler and toddlers aren’t mature enough to be on or post on the internet! Back to your highchair for your timeout!!!

    • @GrumpyMcGrump @Vic6ix Piss off

    • TEW you are a true Playstation fan rally the real Playstation fans who want to go to war against Playstation studios the heads of the studios became our enemies they will pay dearly I despise Cory barlog with a passion I don’t like him I detest him. The answers and solutions that can help us lies at the darkworld.

  • I’ll give playstation’s studios some credit, their PC games play better than ps5. They actually do a decent job.

    • I meant visually. Their DRM and tracking is anti-consumer, if you don’t know how to get around it.

    • But who is doing the DRM and tracking? Sony themselves, or Steam/Epic?

      But you’re right, the PC ports will always be the definitive version to play “PlayStation exclusives” from now on.

    • It would be the publisher’s decision – Playstation.

    • @Zanfear
      Objectively speaking,playstation consoles are the superior and definitive place to experience playstation’s exclusives
      You’re just a deluded and pathetic PC fanboy
      No gamer is willing to spend thousands of dollars to keep up with a cheap console which still has all the exclusives,better and day one while the overpriced option (PCs) get some of them after atleast 3 years with worse value from money and worse optimisation
      Besides,no god of war game nor horizon game will release on PC after Ragnarok and forbidden west as PC is just a secondary market for Sony and the least profitable one as proven by facts (their old releases are just additional money) and a strategic way to force PC players to switch to consoles when the sequel is exclusive.

  • This is great that God of War is being released on other platform. People other than PlayStation fans get to experience this masterpiece.

    • All they needed to do was to buy their own PS4 or PS5. Sony are not interested in console sales as much as software sales these days I suppose.

  • Console wars are over. So now we get gatekeepers.

    • You’re right. Nintendo won. They don’t have a legal way of playing their great games on PC. PlayStation and Xbox games can and will be playable on PC. So – just invest in a PC.

    • nintendo won what? another “big victory” that is actually a bleed out for the third generation in a row? dont get me wrong i liked my gimmicky wii, wiiu was a trash fire and switch is more a tablet then console. i do enjoy some mario kart and pokemon but zelda besides the port has been absent for years. shoot i almost got dq11s on it until they said just wait we will port the few extra scenes back over.

  • Can’t wait to see the beautiful original vision of this game, like games previously on PC, being ravaged by mods that destroy that vision. You have very quickly become such a trash managed company.

    • Mods and cheats are a part of the open source nature of PC. It is up to the player to choose how they would like to play their games – as it should be.

  • Ok, I don’t have a huge problem with this, but maybe we can suggest a steamdeck-like console by Playstation.

  • I have a decent gaming PC, but why bother when my PS5 makes this game looks stupendous!


    • Your decent PC is weaker than a PS5
      Every single game on your PC runs objectively worse and has worse visuals at worse settings with no next gen immersion (like on PS5)
      The god of war on PS5 now is just PS4 pro with no enhancement except higher fps
      A PS5 native port would look and run much better than nearly all PCs and will be superior to all if we count the PS5 only next gen features which make it impossible to enjoy games on other platforms lacking a similar dual sense or tempest audio implementations or a comparable SSD implementation

  • Broadening the scope can only be a great thing. Anyone bawking at this is allergic to change. I’m excited for the future of the PlayStation brand. Just wish they’d re-evaluate the VR market and realistically weigh the option of being open platform when it comes to VR headsets, and also make their VR headset available to pc users…

  • Why all the hate!? We will probably get even better games in the future on Playstation with the help from PC sales. The best games imo definitely comes from either Sony studios or Nintendo. Why not support instead of bashing them for a stupid reason like this?

    Really looking forward to the future of gaming <3.

    • I don’t think sony made enough money to make a game. They just want more money. And console beggars just don’t understand this message. Don’t buy a console, upgrade your PC.

    • Plz stfu. These pc ports are barely selling and making enough to fund sequels or new ips.

    • Plz stfu. These pc ports are barely selling and making enough to fund sequels or new ips. Its the game sales on console that is helping with funding new ips and sequels

  • It will get faster. There’s no reason to buy console unless you don’t have money to buy PC.

  • Come on Sony, release your all exclusives to PC
    Who needs a Playstation anyway [!!!]

  • -> Purchased PS4 Collector’s Edition at full price on release
    -> Plays the hell out of the game
    -> Get’s PlayStation 5 on launch day
    -> Now has to watch one of his favorite games launch on PC with features the PS5 could muster with a native update.

    Anything else I should know, I was excited about playing the game again before Ragnarok’s release, but it seems like Sony is more interested in feeding me poison pills for every PS4 game I own and play on my PS5.

    Tell me is my money going directly to sony worth more or is that fee you now pay as a second party to steam worth more. I guaranty you that anything I get on steam will not be release day, they will be sale prices if this sort of thing continues. I don’t mind double dipping to get a PC version, but if you guys have a new piece of hardware that can handle these features, you best be sure it gets representation on that new machine. I’m sure my 5700XT Nitro+ can handle this game, but I’d rather play it on my PS5 updated on a disc. You’re kind of giving me the middle finger here.

    • yup, I don’t get why they are releasing better versions on pc while at the same time they have new shiny powerful console. Why we, most loyal costumers, don’t have better or at least THE SAME version. It’s insulting.

    • I agree with you on this particular point Fox. God of War is arguably the most deserving PS4 game and it demands a significant PS5 upgrade. So much low quality foliage could be easily improved.

  • Hey Sony, why PC has better version again? Why ps5 didn’t get proper ps5 version with pc like graphics enhancements??

  • PC player get best version
    Sony and their PC support has to be the most dumbest thing they’ve done and so disrespectful to PS5 owners
    I will rent god of war ragnarok i will never support this practices.

  • I am glad that the game is not available for PC and all that but why we don’t have a PS5 native upgrade for this game yet ?!
    Are we a joke to you ? :)

  • The release of god of war to pc its the end of Playstation era. Well done jim ryan. . Please give all excluives to pc soon. We are ready to sell our playstation and move to pc soon…

  • Congratulations Sony, look at the comments in here and see what you have done. Sony on the fast track with PlayStation to becoming Sega on the hardware side.

  • I miss when people would come here and give solid feedback constructive criticism instead of whining and crying about every little thing. Use your brains and your vocabulary to get your point across… also keep in mind that real people are working behind the scenes on the very stuff that you talk about in here.

    • So, they’re working on stick drift, reducing $70, and firing jim ryan and possibly kenichiro yoshida?
      How would you know these things?

  • Sony give us NATIVE PS5 GOD OF WAR DIRECTOR CUT with the PC graphical enhancements Native 4k 60fps and ray tracing support 3D audio support Dualsense support

  • While we waiting for God of war Ragnarok Sony Give us a native Ps5 God of war director cut for 10$ with native 4k 60fps + the improvement graphics of the PC version ultra+ graphic settings , + Ray tracing support + 3d Audio support and dualsense support 🙏

  • This is probley the best game on PC

  • Great that another title is out on PC.

    But when will PS5 owners get native versions? It seems most of what you get on PS5 is the PS4Pro version at 60fps.

    To be honest, this is more than a little disappointing.

  • Sony Give us a native Ps5 God of war director cut for 10$ with native 4k 60fps + the improvement graphics of the PC port version ultra+ graphic settings , + Ray tracing support + 3d Audio support and dualsense support 🙏

  • What is this? PC Blog ? ? ?

  • I just want to echo what others have said, that there should be a PS5 upgrade with options for native 4K at 60 FPS, ray tracing and 4K at 30 FPS, or HD at 120FPS. There should be support for the PS5 controller as well. I do think getting the game to a new platform makes sense to prioritize over enhancing the game for players that already have it, but GoW is the best first party game on PS4 and it deserves a proper PS5 upgrade.

    GoW definitely needs the upgrade more than the other major first party PS4 games. Some of the grass and minor objects in GoW really clash with the images because of how low quality the textures are compared to other things on screen. The only thing that made any sense to me was that the devs lowered the texture detail on these more insignificant objects to help with performance. I know the devs were very worried about the performance even within a month or so of launch. Assuming the full textures still exist, they should be unlockable for the PS5. All around the game is still the most beautiful game on PS4, especially with HDR and ultra brights, but a PS5 port can solve the minor issues that subtract from how breathtaking the game is.

  • Sony again disappoints and is very weird to see Sony to release games on pc because It was the company that was proud for the exclusives. And always Sony was saying at the events, PlayStation has the best exclusives, and it’s the best place to play. Also, I can’t criticize gamers that they want PlayStation games to be exclusives because Sony create this community and the best example to show you how Sony made this category of fans is this statement.
    “We’ll make sure the PS5 generation has more exclusive software than ever before” – PlayStation boss Jim Ryan. So I want from PlayStation to be straight to the point on PC release. I want to know if they will be date to date releases on PC or after one year because if this going to happen I will invest to pc because I Would like to play the best version of the game and no the worst on PS5. So Sony, I am waiting for you to be more trustworthy to your fans

  • Sony Give us a native Ps5 God of war director cut for 10$ with increase to native 4k resolution + 120fps mode + Ray tracing mode + bring the enhanced graphics of the PC port version ultra+ graphic settings , + Ray tracing support + 3d Audio support and dualsense support

  • Люди покупают игры у вас, вы sony выпускаете их на пк, а они появляются на торентах и все качают бесплатно

  • Now bring the true 4k resolution and textures when playing the game on PS5 please.

  • One of the Best PS Games … Now Available On PC .Have fun And enjoy it PC players 😉❤️

  • “Only on PlayStation”lmao

    Remember when no one was buying XBox because why bother since their games are on PC as well. Lol

    I’m sure porting exclusives to PC will sell million of consoles.

    Let’s face it, Jim Ryan is making some quick bucks to make his work look efficient, he doesn’t care if PlayStation is dead in 5 years.

    No wonder every week software sales in Japan are 30/30 Nintendo

  • Hopefully this sells well so this trend of PC ports continues. There is a viable market on the PC side for Sony.

  • This is pathetic as I said before Playstation is led by idiots this company has an identity crisis the civil war in Playstation has commenced I feel bad for whats going to happen to this once great company pleasing an enemy platform only one punishment befitting traitors.

  • There it is, Sony. You really need to understand the issues with your approach. You better get acquiring Square Enix, Sega, Take Two Interactive and other such companies while you still can. The gaming industry is now in major trouble.

    • Koei Tecmo, Capcom, Konami, Bandai Namco… You better get moving, the industry is under severe consolidation. PlayStation needs a CEO and executives that understand the gaming industry, and what makes PlayStation successful, as the competition’s only strategy is take away established third party IP’s from other platforms rather than innovate and earn their place.

  • Microsoft now owns Activision-Blizzard and Bethesda, good thing PlayStation has all those exclusives and quirky Japanese ga-
    What you’re telling me Sony shut down its Japanese Studios and is actively making life harder for Japanese developers to publish their games on the platform and is instead focusing on politically correct western games that they are also releasing on PC?

    Lmao, we’ve got ourselves a sinking ship right here. Thanks California!

    • If only people here were actually speaking up about this regularly and… oh, we have been… Still want Sony to give publishers back the right to actually discount their own games on Vita (and PS3), which publishers being banned from doing so shouldn’t even be a reality…

    • Just about everyday speaking up, from where I’m at.
      Where’ve you been?

  • Microsoft bought Activision for 70 billion dollars Playstation really lost its mind thinking that PC gamers are gonna get Playstation when you giving them our exclusives but I knew a war was coming.

  • Meanwhile Microsoft is acquiring studios for exclusives left and right… Sony is selling out on its established values and fans for petty profits from a competitor… Disheartening and disappointing. Great way to start a new generation, all you had to do was stay the course… And you had the arrogance to push for a price raise on software, too. *facepalm*

    • We are in a pandemic crisis.
      Microsoft is a much large company than Sony.
      There is a very large crowd of PC Gamers who does not NEVER care o buy a console.
      Microsoft is expanding his big money to buy studios with establish franchises to made them Xbox exclusives to do exactly Sony ever did.
      The several million dollar question IS is Microssoft capable of restrain herself and NOT INTERFERE in the culture and independence of his new STUDIOS as well Sony did in the past to Santa Monica and the others Sony Studios uder his umbrella???
      I BET against Microsoft, because the past corporation behavior points negatively.

  • I was supporting and defending Playstation for years since the first console. But lately I just… gave up. When you see even Sony doesn’t care anymore and is selling out, while Microsoft is pumping money into their platform, you just lose hope.

  • This is the reason why I still dont purchase a PS5. The PS4 will be my last Playstation console.

  • I’m glad that PC players can play this masterpiece.
    But somehow it’s interesting…
    In PlayStation blog, we sees PC news!
    Once upon a time, these games were only available on PS(only on playstation)
    I hope instead of porting games on PC,More and better games made just for the PS5 console
    To have reasons to buy and support PlayStation.

    Have fun everyone

  • The PC version has a new featured armors named Promise Armor NOT present on the PS4 game.
    This new armor is available to Kratos just after the burn of Faye and the begin of the deer hunt.
    The armor kicks a boost to the begin of the game with spaces of enchantment.
    There is also a Promise Armor to Atreus but is only available after the deer hunt when the gamer can command Atreus to shoot his bow.
    QUESTION will be a patch on PSN to the PS game version to include this new armor???
    I played the begin of the GOW om PS4 today, January 20 2022, and this armors are not there…

    AND it seems to me that the PC version always generate the ultrawidescreen version primarily (21:9) because when you resize in game the change is almost instantaneous…
    If it is REAL TRUE play the PC version in any other video way will for sure include an EXTRA step of video processing to resize the screen and it will be a waste of graphics power…
    SO if you have a sizable monitor always choose the ultrawidescreen (21:9) “native” mode for a better performance…

  • No PC news here, please. Make a different blog that that.

  • Release a native port for god of war 2018 and put more efforts in your remasters

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