RPGolf Legends swings to PS4 and PS5 January 20

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RPGolf Legends swings to PS4 and PS5 January 20

The sequel brings improved golf, classes, quests, crafting, tournaments, and more.

We are really happy to finally be able to show off RPGolf Legends, releasing Jan 20, 2022 for PS5 and PS4 with cross-buy support!

I’m Riccardo Castelnuovo, the founder of ArticNet which is the team behind RPGolf Legends. The core team is very (very) small… just me and another developer (hi, Guillaume!). In total we have been working on RPGolf Legends for a little over two years.

The idea that brought RPGolf Legends to life comes from the 8-bit golf games I played when I was a kid. I loved them but every shot I took I could not help but wanting to explore those beautiful fields where the character was playing golf (back in the day, those pixels looked so beautiful). So that is where the idea of the open-world golf game originated. What’s the best thing to do while exploring a golf course, besides playing golf? Fighting monsters, of course! And that is how the whole thing came to life.

While designing RPGolf Legends there were many challenges we faced, but the hardest was definitely trying to achieve a good balance between the golf, fighting, exploration, and RPG elements. Making sure that the game felt natural was really hard when two genres like golf and RPG are mixed together. It was also especially hard because we thought that focusing on one aspect or the other should be entirely up to the player so that everyone can enjoy the game as they see fit, paying more attention to the aspect they like the best.

There are many things players can do, but I personally like the crafting the most. Once you get a blueprint for a new item/golf set/dish/etc, there is nothing more gratifying than searching for all the materials and finally crafting the item. I think players will feel like they earned the item after a long quest.

When it comes to fighting, special boss battles take place at the last hole of every area. The main character, Aerin, has to complete the hole in order to defeat each boss. To do so, she first has to fight the boss, stun it, and take a shot before it gets back on his feet.

The biggest advice I can give is to try to stay close to the ball, because when you finally stun the boss, there will not be much time to take a shot! Being close to the ball will make everything a lot easier.

Each monster and boss is directly inspired by the area the character is exploring. For example in the first area (the forest), Aerin will face a giant evil tree blocking her path. The tree can perform attacks close to his character (leaf storms, root attacks and so on…) and to defeat him, paying attention to the patterns is vital!

I know we will have players who have played the first RPGolf, as well as new players who are first approaching the saga. For the former: we listened to your feedback. We got a lot of great ideas and reviews from gamers all over the world and we tried our best to improve, refine and add to the game concept.

We also assure new players that you don’t need to play the first game in order to enjoy this, as the two stories are completely separate.

RPGolf Legends swings to PS4 and PS5 January 20

We introduced a lot of new concepts: a new, larger world map, a new fighting system that feels way more natural than before, an improved golf, classes, quests, crafting, tournaments, and a lot more.

We hope that our fans will appreciate all the hard work we put into improving the game and new players will enjoy this unique action-rpg-golfing experience.

We are really excited for everyone to start playing RPGolf Legends from next Thursday.

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  • Really pushing the ps5 to the limit on this one. 8k @ 120hz?

    • Wonder if people like you will ever get how silly you sound with comments like that, probably not

    • Coming from someone like you, I’ll look into it.

    • Everyone knows u are a troll with a fake account who comes to the blog of platform she hates just to spew nonsense but why would u troll these guys?

      This is a 2 person, multiplatform dev. This isn’t fully exclusive or new. The game is on PC and I believe mobile. I think it came to PC years ago. I know u believe u are attacking PlayStation because u think this game is exclusive but u sound ridiculous. Just stop. Leave these guys alone. It’s an 8 bit style indie. Move on with your life.

      I understand someone expressing their love in a forum or blog but why waste your time on a blog for a platform u have misguided hate for? Go to Major Nelson’s or Nintendo or PC forums and express your joy because u obviously are a fan of another platform.

      U aren’t even making good points, this comes off as pathetic and foolish. What exactly made u have such disdain for PlayStation? Are u an Xbox fan? Nintendo? PC? Does bashing PlayStation make your platform of choice any better? Are u actually a former PS fan riding the hilariously foolish Hermen/Ryan hate bandwagon because they took your four year old games and put them on PC? Are u just another sheep parroting the misguided Sony hate headlines? Can u show us your PSN profile?

    • My previous comment was directed @alkaline btw.

      I agree with Maaden_Swe 100%. This alkaline troll is silly and sad. I enjoy PlayStation more than any other platform but I also play Xbox and PC. I express my excitement for PlayStation and at times I have criticized other platforms but I would never make a fake profile to go on the website of another platform holder just to troll. That is the saddest thing in the industry. And he attacks this indie game like it’s supposed to somehow show that the PS5 is weak because it’s releasing games like this. Umm Forbidden West in a month kid..

    • ^

      The same person who makes up a bunch of titles to say they are PS exclusives when they are also pc.

      The same person that tries to put words in my mouth in an effort to make himself look better in his arguments.

      The same guy that can never argue the points I bring up.

      The same one who has to resort to childish name-calling.

      I didn’t bash this dev, tyler. You’ve read all my posts; you know how I bash.

    • Did you see the CoD one?
      Ahhh 😃, of-course you did.

    • @iamtylerdurden1

      this is probably their entire life mnt dew and all.

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  • Thanks for this unique game idea. I’ll definitely check it out on the 20th.

  • Earlier than I thought, awesome :)

  • Wow. What an interesting idea. Great job! Looking forward to it.

  • I’ve always enjoyed good golf and rpgs; this is gonna be great. Hyped!

    • Same here. Crazy idea that actually works. I played on the varsity golf team, but also grew up beating every Squaresoft and Enix RPG back in the day. Feels like I should have made this game. Lol

  • This is the game I never knew I needed

  • A Golf based RPG. I’m definitely an RPG fan, never been a golf fan, but this combo has me intrigued. Think I just might tee up on the 20th.

  • Would buy it quickly to play on Vita, however that’s not possible (not happy with streaming-only).
    Will get it for Steam Deck in that case.
    Unless Sony announces a new handheld compatible with PSP and Vita at least digitally. One can dream :)

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