Share of the Year 2021

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Share of the Year 2021

A look at some of the best photo mode shares from 2021.

2021 may be over, but we are still blown away by the incredible photo mode pictures and creative captures players shared throughout the year using #PSshare #PSBlog. Before the year was up, we asked you to share your favorite gaming moments of the year: 

MdeavorVP shares Selene fighting through the world of Returnal.

Photoingame shares a portrait of Ratchet detailing his fur from Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

NemesisNat shares a moment burning up in Red Dead Redemption 2.

JRPyznar shares a striking pose from Mortal Shell.

cryptic_vp shares a view from the top in Ghost of Tsushima.

justinphotomode shares a spirited combat encounter from Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

danvzrc shares a gray landscape from Death Stranding Director’s Cut.

SindyJ_B shares some downtown architecture from The Matrix Awakens.

DotPone shares a red-tinged portrait from Far Cry 6.

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THEME: New Years Game
SUBMIT BY: 11:59 PM PT on January 12, 2022 

New year, new games to play! Share a moment from the first game you started playing in 2022 using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured.

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  • I had to factory reset my PS5 so I literally had very few shots available from this year. I’m honored that one of the few I had was chosen. The Mortal Shell picture.

    Congratulations to everyone and to a brilliant year of PS5. The launch lineup was phenomenal and there are so many great looking exclusives early this year. Sifu, Horizon, GT7, Stray, Forspoken to name a few. I recently purchased Kena and F.I.S.T. and I’m excited to try Solar Ash.

    So many studio acquisitions, PSVR2, Horizon Call of the Mountain. Many pleasant surprises like Returnal winning a bunch of GotY awards, Kena winning indie of the year. PlayStation has absolutely delivered the past couple of years and 2022 looks to be bigger than 2020, especially if VR launches this holiday. Roll Sifu, roll Forbidden West.

    • Playstation delivered the bare minimum, plus much less.

      PS delivered a whopping 2 true PS5-only games. The console has been out for over 14 months and we still don’t know when we’re going to get the next big TRUE ps5 exclusive. Those 2 games are extremely short experiences, most definitely not worth the $70 premium, especially when you compare to games with more replayability.

      The PS store is overpriced and monopolized for digital ps5 owners. The sales they give are always more expensive than retail.

      They reserved many copies of the ps5 to mihoyo and others when people were on their knees begging for them.

      PS is extremely slow delivering system updates. They’re lazy to add simple features. How long until we got nvme?

      I have NEVER had an issue with stick drift. I still have a dualshock 4 that I have used over 5 years and works fine. I got stick drift in about a month on dualsense. Many have this issue. $70 for a disposable controller. $55 for plastic color plates. $10 to upgrade to the same game.

      To think the playstation deserves any praise for the ps5 and the very little it has done in it’s first 14 months is either blindness, lack of comparing console generations, fanboyism, or corporate marketing.

    • “the launch lineup was phenomenal”
      You mean Demon soul? A game from the ps3 in 2013? Bugsnax? Godfall? What was so phenomenally good about the launch titles? The only ps5 title we got was astro’s room – a tech demo.

      Don’t worry if you “don’t feel” like answering. Even if you did, you would most definitely come up with some Sony-sponsored weak reply anyway
      – Lazy playstation employee

    • @alkaline

      First, why do you use a dummy account with no avatar? It makes everyone think this is merely a troll account. You troll PlayStation in nearly every blog post. It’s pathetic and obvious.

      Second, PlayStation delivered more than two true PS5 exclusives in 2021 alone. Overall they’ve delivered at least 4. Demon’s Souls, Returnal, R&C, Destruction All-Stars, and if you to count Astro then it’s 5. Godfall only recently came to PS4 so it was almost 6. Maybe do your research instead of spreading misinformation? I’m only sorry I let your nonsense go unanswered for so long.

      What are these “two” PS5 exclusives u believe PlayStation has? They clearly have more than two so idek which games u are claiming to be short. Returnal? That’s short? How long did it take u to get the true ending? Because it’s at least 40-60 hours for most. Returnal is my Game of the Year and worth every penny. Demon’s Souls wasn’t high quality? It was short? Destruction All-Stars was free for two months and $20 thereafter. R&C was short, indeed, but it’s also the most next gen game on console and absurdly high quality. I understand if someone wants to argue about price to length ratio in Rift Apart but the experience was so exceptional I was ok with the length. The SSD innovations in gameplay, the phenomenal DualSense support, the best in class next gen visuals, the fantastic ray tracing, 3D audio, and the over superb true next gen game that was Rift Apart more than enough made up for the sub 20 hour run time. I spent 20+ hours platinuming because I played on Legend and I ran challenge mode. I also maxed every weapon. In actuality I registered 30+ hours.

      So, PlayStation has offered around 5 true PS5 exclusives along with excellent cross gen experiences. Miles Morales is cross gen but it was a PS5 launch game and it offers ray tracing at 60fps. Same for Spiderman Remastered. Forbidden West is cross gen but from the 15 minute gameplay demo it looks as next gen as anything we’ve seen. So what’s the problem with cross gen if Sony continues to deliver best in class next gen experiences? U act like other publishers are offering more next gen games on console. Microsoft has zero true Series X exclusives and one of the two NEW AAA exclusives they actually released in over 14 months of the generation (Halo) looks like an early XB1 game. I have an XBS and I’ve played Halo Infinite. Where are the next gen experiences on Xbox? Nobody has delivered more next gen quality than Sony and there are a slew of huge exclusive over the next several months.

    • First why do you think I care about what other people think?

      Second, did I say 2021? Was I comparing to xbox?

      Maybe your counter-arguments should counter my arguments; not words you wish to put in my mouth, so-to-speak.

      Returnal is a 60-hour game? Demon soul is from freaking 2013, it is NOT (by actual gamers’ standards; not marketing imagination) a full-fledged ps5 game.

      Maybe next time you can argue the points I bring up. Because what you are doing is weak and deplorable.
      I knew you’d reply your typical bs.

    • @alkaline

      Funny because I’ve had about nine DualShock 4’s and more than half of them had stick drift. Not early on but the last few years of the generation it was a huge problem. I have four DualSense controllers in my house. My significant other has two launch DualSenses and I have a launch and a black version and NONE have had stick drift.

      Since u mention comparisons, I have an Xbox Series and the controller is wildly disappointing by comparison. It feels smaller and cheaper, the sticks imo are longer and less comfortable, and it lacks haptics/adaptive triggers/speaker/mic/almost everything that makes the DualSense great. It’s a minor improvement over the XB1 controller simply bc it has better bumpers. It’s a joke of a next gen improvement and it still uses AA batteries bc Microsoft has a marketing deal with Duracell lol. Don’t spin the lack of internal battery as a good thing bc the Elite 2 controller uses internal batteries. If it was a bad thing then why did Microsoft put it in their best controller? I don’t want to buy extra accessories just to use my controller. I always have at least two controllers so there is always one on charge. Keep your rechargable AAs and cheap plug n play kits. If Microsoft insists on shipping controllers without the most expensive component they should offer the controllers at dramatically lower prices. The DualSense is the best stock controller we have ever seen.

      I buy physical and digital. Physical has always had an advantage bc of used copies but the PS Store offers fantastic sales at times. I shop around and though I prefer physical, the PS Store is too good to pass up at times. New AAA games are typically expensive even during sales but u can phenomenal deals on everything else. Darkest Dungeon Ancestral Edition is like $6. Nex Machina $5. Ni No Kuni II $9. Witcher 3 GotY 9.99. Moonlighter Complete $7. The Messenger 7.99. Yooka Kaylee 5.99. Ghost Giant $7. Kholat 1.99. Never song $4.
      Flipping Death $3. Below $7. Huntdown 7.99. U get the idea.

      Who has done more in the first 14 months? U do realize Horizon and Sifu are about one month away right? GT7 is two months away, Babylon’s Fall as well. U realize Stray, Salt & Sacrifice, Forspoken are soon after? God of War is 2022, Little Devil Inside, and possibly FFXVI.

      In the first 18 months of PS5 PlayStation will have had this list of NEW exclusives..

      Horizon Forbidden West
      Gran Turismo 7
      Spiderman Miles Morales
      Ratchet & Clank
      Demon’s Souls
      Guilty Gear Strive
      Babylon’s Fall
      The Pathless
      Solar Ash
      Salt & Sacrifice
      Tribes of Midgard
      Destruction All-Stars
      Ghostwire (maybe)

      That’s off the top of my head, I’m probably forgetting a few. That’s 12 new AAA exclusives and 25 overall. Obviously I’m not counting Director’s Cuts or FFVII Intergrade or Spiderman Remastered. Only NEW releases. How will the competition look by May? I hate to drag XB through the mud bc I’m a long time XB owner, but u said to compare. Will the list still look like this after 18 months?

      Forza H5
      Halo Infinite
      Bright Memory
      The Gunk

      Or will some of those indies be on PlayStation by then? The Ascent is already slated for PS5 I believe.

      Did PS4 have a better launch? A better for 18 months? Knack, Killzone, Resogun at launch. What did they add in the first 18 months? Second Son? Did Bloodborne release by then? If so, that’s what, three good exclusives in 18 months? If God of War indeed makes 2022 this might be the best first two years a console has had in about two decades. Maybe longer?

    • You are freaking lost, dude.

      Sad, you call yourself a gamer and don’t know what an exclusive is.

      I already told your D. A. that I wasn’t comparing to xbox. I could care slightly what they do. I play on the best gaming device, PC.

      Is it natural for you to speak jargon bs all the time?

      You are just as clueless as andrewsqual.

      Enjoy your stick drift.

    • Playstation needs to do a better job hiring or training people in your department.

      Had better arguments with a dog.

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  • Rachet and clink

  • Can someone explain to me how to share my shots easily without share factory or a Twitter account? PS4 was much easier to share pics. Would love to have my Instagram account integrated into PS5…

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