Take a closer look at the tribes of Horizon Forbidden West, including the Utaru and Tenakth

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Take a closer look at the tribes of Horizon Forbidden West, including the Utaru and Tenakth

New video shows the mysterious lands and customs of some of the new tribes you’ll visit in February.

The next chapter of Aloy’s story begins on February 18, and as she crosses into the frontier of the Forbidden West, she will encounter tribes both strange and familiar. From the border settlements of the Carja and Oseram, to the blighted fields of the Utaru in Plainsong, to the battle-worn Clan Lands of the Tenakth, new alliances and deadly enemies await.

Join us as we take a closer look at the denizens of the frontier, their lands, and their customs – but do not expect to learn all their secrets. As Aloy will discover, the only way to unravel the mysteries of the Forbidden West is to explore it for yourself.

Take a closer look at the tribes of Horizon Forbidden West, including the Utaru and Tenakth

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  • Wonderful trailer 🧐

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    • The first game was one of the best of last generation and the sequel looks vastly improved.

      It’s a shame there are so many obnoxious trolls inside the blog though. It’s both pathetic and sad. So I’ll bark back and provide some perspective at the cost of lowering myself.

      As someone who owns an XB Series I can truly say that it’s shocking to see the fake hype for that platform. Gamepass is a fun diversion but other than that XB has been lacking. It took a year to get any new AAA exclusives and one of them is literally the most overrated game I have played in ages. Halo really is a mediocre production. Visuals are early XB1 at best. The open world is a bad copy of Far Cry. AI is awful. Animations are bad. Vehicle controls are 2001. The multiplayer is the same old mp we’ve been playing forever. A mediocre grappling hook which is merely a replaceable item doesn’t change that. Progression is terrible. Costume prices for $20? A million paid battle passes? Locking the best cosmetics to the paid portion? Lack of weapons, maps, or meaningful upgrades. It’s unbelievable that game has garnered the hype it has. FH5 is fine. Solid copy of FH4. Certainly not a 92 but definitely a good game.

      And what does XB have over the next few months? What exclusives? PS5 has a list of huge games. From Horizon to GT to Sifu to Forspoken. PS5 had a real launch lineup as well. I feel bad for ppl who had to hype garbage like Bright Memory for their launch exclusives on XB.

      Despite teraflop and rdna hype PS5 has matched or outperformed SX. It has over performed while XB fans are making excuses about toolsets after 15 months lol.

      So, PS5 has better games so far and better games in 2022. A revolutionary controller, better SSD, better 3D audio, more ray traced games, real next gen offerings, and PSVR2 this holiday. Oh, and for everyone concerned with price, how’s that $230, proprietary SSD card for ya? U can already get faster SSDs for much less on PS5 and it’s only getting cheaper.

      Gotta love how Microsoft screws ppl with Duracell and proprietary SSD deals in order to make money. Sony’s the bad guy yet MS buys one of the biggest multiplatform publishers in gaming just to take all of their games away from 2/3 of the gaming public by making them exclusive. And they misled and lied with their messaging. “Game by game bases” yet it seems like they really meant every game will become exclusive, game by game..

      It’s hilarious how ppl excuse every lie by MS and exaggerate every perceived negative by Sony. This coming off one of the greatest gens for Sony and one of the worst and most dishonest by MS. Sony exaggerate the DualSense, PS5 power, or SSD. All of those have matched or exceeded expectations and we get great games year round. MS exaggerated the power of SX and capabilities of SS while the platform waited a year to receive the first new aaa exclusive. They gave u the same XB1 controller and a slower yet more expensive SSD. Ppl cry about true next gen exclusives? Sony has delivered 4, how many has XB? PS5 has Sifu, Horizon 2, GT7, Forspoken, Salt & Sacrifice, Stray and more the next several months. What does XB have in that same period? Another drought huh? It’s baffling how ppl hype a platform based solely on a $180 per year service then excuse the lack of innovation, exclusives, and the disappointing performance simply bc it has a favorable service.

      PS5 has wiped the floor with XBS and the one area that was supposed to be a weakness (power) is actually an advantage due to smart design. I have both. I play on Gamepass for the indies and to see the quality or lack there of with first party games but PS5 absolutely offers the best games and most premium console experience. It’s hard to go back to the XBS controller after PS5. There’s nothing that looks or feels next gen on XB. It’s a budget box. Fun diversion. It’ll be enjoyable watching these gorgeous PS5 games with true next gen visuals over the next year while ppl try to cling to Halo free to play or the next Forza DLC and hope that Starfield actually makes it’s November date. Red Fall and Starfield vs Horizon 2, GT7, God of War, Forspoken, FFXVI, etc. Two new IP that have never shown gameplay vs a list of huge IP that have. Sad world.

    • I feel sorry for him. He tries so hard, but it’s useless.
      Still – it’s encouraging that this person thinks he has some sort of charismic power to save his favorite toy from inevitable failure, or loss of prestigiousness – but lacks that necessary intellect to defend honorably.

      Keep it up, tyler. I’m rooting for yuh. 😉

  • I love the excitement and build-up to release of Forbidden West, but I don’t want to read or view anything about it. I want to see everything while I am playing and enjoying the world, story, characters and game play that has been created.

  • Dang, the environments look so diverse and unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. I feel like this game is going to be something truly amazing. 43 days left until I have no life ;)

  • Wow I just pre orederd yesterday that game is gonna be game of the year

    • I can’t wait to play the game on PS4 Pro. It will look any play just as good as the PS5 version thanks to the talented team and not forgetting the Incredible Decima Engine which is designed for open world games. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game runs 60fps on PS4 😃👍

  • One of the reasons to have a PS5 I love PS Studios Games

  • Please announce the release date of the pc version. Stop lying.

  • Colors and (weather) effects are so beautiful on PS5 <3

  • Perfect opportunity to make a Horizon multiplayer game called, and in the vein of, Tribes.. rebooting that franchise too.

  • Dang, they delayed this game because of a vr sitting simulator.

    It also has been feeling like the only game they talk about is horizon.

    How many ps5-only games do we get in 2022? Three?

  • I have come to learn as of recently that the Collector’s Edition for Horizon Forbidden West will include a physical Steelcase book but no physical game. That doesn’t make much sense in my opinion. I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition a while back but with no physical copy in this Collector’s Edition I will be canceling my pre-order for the Launch Edition instead. I really hope you guys can change this and please fans by including a physical copy in the Collector’s Edition before launch day. It’s already an expensive purchase that includes an empty steel case, so why not just include the physical disc in that case. Again, I hope this changes before launch day or I will be canceling my Collector’s pre-order.

    • I don’t blame you for canceling the collectors edition, it’s simply isn’t worth the price.

    • It’s because of the PS5 Digital. It’s to ensure everybody can purchase the Collector’s Edition and play the game.

      The CE is as solid as any. I have it pre-ordered. It’s sold out most places anyway. The more expensive Be sold out day one. The $199 edition comes with a large Tremortusk statue, a small Aloy statue, steelbook case, mini art book, soundtrack, and dlc. Worth it imo. The $250 edition comes with a focus on a stand, all that, and more. Pretty reasonable.

    • That’s completely horrible that they do this to dedicated gamers. It fits the definition of “anti-gamer”, unfortunately. 😔

  • I can’t wait to play the game on PS4 Pro. It will look any just as good as the PS5 version thanks to the talented team and not forgetting the Incredible Decima Engine which is designed for open world games. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game runs 60fps on PS4 😃👍

  • I loved the concept of the first Horizon.

    I was really hoping they would make another one. Very excited to explore and find out more of what the land throws at Aloy

  • Ps5 do not allow tv to instance game response, garbage, ps5 software lacking, hell not even dash board 120hrtz, expecting more. Xbox both them run 50 inch tv like monitor.

  • I do like the artwork on the steel book. I would like that art on the standard release, like a reversible sleeve.

  • The game is looking beautiful.

  • I I can not wait For This AMAZING Game.
    It looks very great.

  • Remember to lend Aloy a pair of gloves this time around. Poor girl was freezing her knuckles off in The Frozen Wilds.

  • This game is the only reason I bought a PS5. Pre-Ordered it a bit ago.

  • I have both PS and XB.

    First, PS5 has matched or exceeded SX in performance despite teraflops.

    Second, PS5 is outselling XB Series by millions already, despite Series S being readily available and PS5 unavailable due to more expensive parts in short supply.

    Third, the PS5 DE is $100 less than an SX. The Series S is a toy. It’s not next gen, I own it. PlayStation has the best deal on next gen consoles. $399 for a real PS5 is fantastic.

    Furthermore, Sony games aren’t packed with MTX and they are higher quality and more next gen than anything out there. Premium product.

    Liars? Do u remember last generation? DX12, secret sauce, cloud compute, cloud destruction, play the game not the resolution, true 4K, teraflop hype, world’s most powerful console turning into worlds most powerful Xbox, misleading ppl about Bethesda, changing the definition of exclusive, misleading about timed exclusives, hololense, the hololense Minecraft demo, VR lol. Microsoft is the biggest den of liers in the biz.

  • Sony is hurting so bad.
    They used to be this gaming marvel, now they’ve become so conceded and think their one-week, no replayability story games can keep them alive forever.
    Depressing 😁.

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