A closer look at Horizon Forbidden West’s new Slitherfang, Rollerback, and Sunwing Machines

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A closer look at Horizon Forbidden West’s new Slitherfang, Rollerback, and Sunwing Machines

New video focuses on some of the awesome, mechanised beasts you’ll encounter on February 18.

On February 18, Aloy will venture into the dangerous frontier of the Forbidden West, confronting a huge variety of deadly new machines. You saw many of these steel beasts revealed last week at The Game Awards, but today Guerrilla offers a closer look at the armored Rollerback, the graceful Sunwing, and the acid-spitting Slitherfang, plus several more. Some serve as guardians of the natural order, while others are built only to kill. Even worse, the power to control them has fallen into the wrong hands… 

A closer look at Horizon Forbidden West’s new Slitherfang, Rollerback, and Sunwing Machines

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek at the machines of the Forbidden West, but remember – it’s only the beginning. The western wilds conceal new threats around every turn. 

Aloy observes a flock of Sunwings

Aloy gets up close to an armoured Rollerback

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  • Can’t wait…

  • This game has me frothing at the mouth. Looks amazing!!! Why, oh why can’t we hibernate like bears to pass the time quickly?

    • Calm down there junior. You’ll finish the game in a week and wonder what happened to your $70.

    • @alkalinetp

      I already have 2 PS5 Regalla Editions pre-ordered and paid for. Games like this take me more than a month to finish, with work and my wife and kids and all, ya know.
      Also if I can be a junior at 43 years old, well alright then.

    • No, the junior comment comes from what you said in your op and how you said it. You could have said you were 65, but your mentality shows otherwise.
      Just an opinion, don’t take it personal.
      Good for you and your multiple copies of a one week game.

    • Yassss! Exact same. I’ll spend all year on a game like this. I need to look behind every rock, find all of the secrets without looking them up… Absolutely foaming at the mouth, as you said.
      I still need to replay the last one for the fourth time too before this comes out…

    • @alkalinetp A “one week game” you constantly port beg for on PC while playing on nothing but a crappy Xbox console because you are an utter Xbot lol.

      You sound like a 10 year old, angry because you weren’t quick enough to be the first comment again. Some of us have jobs junior. Try harder with your desperate trolling.

    • @alkalinetp

      ‘Don’t be a jerk’ does not mean ‘abuse random people on the internet for their preferences’.

      Consider yourself reported.

    • @alkalinetp

      Never make assumptions about those on the internet that you know nothing about. You’ll be wrong basically every single time. Just a word of advice, and I didn’t take it personally. I don’t take stuff that trolls say personally, I just correct them. Good-bye.

    • You all either don’t know what an opinion is or just playing the duh game.

    • You corrected nothing, silent. I still think you have a 12-year-old mentality – especially with your latest reply.

    • phb – apparently I’m concerned about that. Can’t you tell from my posts?

    • ignore the kid, he spends all day and night making socks to be annoying.

    • ^There’s my biggest fan^

      Jisat may always show up late, but at least he showed up🤗, unlike some others😢.

    • You sound insufferable alkalinetp

    • You sound vague, TyoJ.

  • Really want to buy it but playstation still show there’s no free update when I try to buy it because in the discription it said ps4 only I’m gonna wait when it released and see if people got ps5 version for free then I buy
    Otherwise I wait for ps5 sale
    Love the game by the way

  • duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. Can’t wait for this game.

  • Sony put this day 1 on PC pls i dont want to wait for october release on steam, ps5 is dead, now i can play everything on PC even xbox games 😎 no need for console

  • I need to finish Zero Dawn first and then play Forbidden West. I’m really excited to get it.

  • 🤭🥱 Overhype

  • good next marketing pc version.

    why you lying to your fans thinking this is exclusive to playstation.

  • Six months exclusive. So cool.

    • Why does it matter if it eventually ports to PC? More people will get to play an awesome game. Will this somehow ruin your playthrough of the game?

    • Ok, then first, console’s aggravated experience ruin my playthrough of the game. And I bought the console because Sony advertised it as an exclusive. And kid, not for more people, Just for money. Sony lied for money again. These actions ruin my wallet, too.

  • Hats off to Guerrilla games and Sony. It looks fantastic. You’ve definitely been making some of the most impressive and fun games to play.

  • funny how only on playstation got removed from box of the games on ps5 XDDDD, just put the steam logo on the box already, come on Jim Ryan u can do it bro :DDDD dont forget to charge PS users 80+ but sell the complete edition on PC for 20-40 :DDD

    • I mean, we really don’t care, and I have a 3080 as well, so I don’t at all. But, it’ll be hilarious if this game doesn’t port to PC by any chance hahah

    • it’s always funny how fake pc kids brag about their “killer rigs” and still need new releases to be 20 bucks

  • As long as I get to ride a Slitherfang like the sandworms of Aracus, then I consider this a huge Win.


  • I am still made over September 2, but this is cool !

  • That Slitherfang is the literal death of me. This game will be epic.

  • You should put HZD or some other PS Studios game you have thrown away to PC as a freebie on EGS so PS gamers can see the final stake being driven in by Sony against their own userbase and we can finally come to recognise that you have complete disregard for us and can prevent spending any more money unnecessarily on the brand.

  • This game is beautiful

  • I can’t wait for This AMAZING Game 😭😭😭

  • The story line of Zero Dawn alone deserves Forbidden West

  • First game was phenomenal and I believe FW could be game of the year but at the very least these developers should implement 4K/60 for horizon. How lousy can they be. I’m not even asking for 4K/120 which was hyped up by Sony all last year. I’ll call out BS when i see it


  • It’s crazy…after playing Horizon me and ma brother talked about how cool would be if y’all made a snake-like machine,the Slitherfang is so badass that it’s truly crazy so awesome and frightening just imagine going against that thing.Lately I’ve been faded about games and gaming due to this rotten industry and disappointments with people/companies I used to admire,am a fan of Horizon but couldn’t get excited in the slightest for Forbidden West but the Slitherfang…oh boy it got me excited to play the game.Not paying full price for a fake PS exclusive though…never pre-ordering a Sony game ever again and they were the only ones I used to pre-order,not bad to be saving money at the end of the day ha.

  • The Decima Engine is a beast. I think it may well be the best gaming engine in the world.

    I look forward to Horizon Forbidden West in February.

  • I hope this gets game of the year

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