Introducing Rumbleverse — a new brawler royale from Iron Galaxy

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Introducing Rumbleverse — a new brawler royale from Iron Galaxy

Free-to-play, 40-person brawler royale launches February. 

Hey PlayStation Nation, it’s exciting to introduce you to a game called Rumbleverse, an all-new, free-to-play, 40-person Brawler Royale coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. I’m Keeman45, the community manager from Iron Galaxy, here to represent all the developers who’ve been working to create this social, competitive experience.

The setting for Rumbleverse is Grapital City, a place that was built as a monument to the glorious traditions of melee combat. Every citizen of this island lives for the fight and dreams of becoming a champion, and you can become one of them. In this game, you’ll create a unique character to be shot out of a cannon to experience the Rumble. Dash through the city streets in search of upgrades to level up the way you fight and battle all challengers to be the last player standing – either alone or as a member of a tag-team.

Rumbleverse is what we call a Brawler Royale. If you’ve ever played a battle royale game, you’re in for some surprises. This is a chance for you to put down the long-range weapons and get up close and personal with your opponents. In Grapital City, almost anything can be a weapon and there is no structure you cannot climb. There is chaos around every corner. You can leap from rooftop to rooftop. You can suplex an opponent from the heights of the tallest skyscraper to the streets below.

There is a lot to talk about between now and the launch of Rumbleverse on PS4 and PS5 February 15, 2022. We can’t wait to show you more. Tomorrow, we’ll be playing games with some of our favorite content creators, so you can see the action in real time. 

We’re looking forward to getting to know the community that forms around this new experience, and we hope you’ll be included!

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