PlayStation Now games for December: GTA III: The Definitive Edition, John Wick Hex, FF X/X-2 HD Remaster, and Spitlings

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PlayStation Now games for December: GTA III: The Definitive Edition, John Wick Hex, FF X/X-2 HD Remaster, and Spitlings

All available to play Tuesday, December 7.

Remastered classics, master assassins, and critters with enormous gnashers form December’s PlayStation Now lineup. Relive Liberty City’s 3D debut with Grand Theft Auto III: The Definitive Edition, attempt to save Spira from Sin in Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, enjoy tactical gun-fu action with puzzler John Wick Hex, then unwind with some arcade hilarity in Spitlings.

Let’s take a closer look at each of those games.

Grand Theft Auto III: The Definitive Edition

Experience the epic open-world adventure that started it all, updated for a new generation with across-the-board enhancements, bringing these beloved worlds to life with all new levels of detail. Enhancements include brilliant new lighting and environmental upgrades with high-resolution textures, increased draw distance, Grand Theft Auto V-style controls including updated Weapon and Radio Station Wheels, updated mini-maps with enhanced navigation allowing players to set waypoints to destinations, updated Trophies, and much more.

Grand Theft Auto III: The Definitive Edition is available on PlayStation Now until Monday, January 31.

PlayStation Now games for December: GTA III: The Definitive Edition, John Wick Hex, FF X/X-2 HD Remaster, and Spitlings

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

First released on PS2, relive two of the greatest RPGs of their generation widely acclaimed for their moving stories, endearing characters, and memorable adventures.

Final Fantasy X takes you to Spira―a world terrorized by the supernatural monster Sin. The temple of Yevon teaches that the monster is a physical manifestation of mankind’s sins, and following the temple’s teachings and atoning could purge it. Yuna, a young woman from Besaid, is a summoner who embarks on a pilgrimage to defeat this terror. Tidus, a young man from another world, joins her as her guardian. The mysteries revolving around Sin unfold as they set off on a journey to save the world. Final Fantasy X-2 returns to the world of Spira two years after the beginning of the Eternal Calm. Having been shown a mysterious but familiar image in a sphere, Yuna becomes a Sphere Hunter and along with her companions Rikku and Paine, embarks on a quest around the world to find the answers to the mystery within.

John Wick Hex

John Wick Hex

Play the professional hitman from the critically acclaimed film franchise in this fast-paced, action-oriented strategy game. John Wick Hex is fight-choreographed chess brought to life as a video game. Featuring a unique blend of strategic time-based action, progress in the main story mode to unlock new weapons, suit options and locations. Each weapon changes up the tactics you’ll use and the manner in which you’ll play. Ammo is finite and realistically simulated, so time your reloads and make the most of weapons you scavenge on the job.

John Wick Hex


Spitlings is a chaotic action arcade game for one to four players. It puts you in control of the titular Spitlings: charming rectangular creatures with teeth they can spit at bubbles or use to jump. Your goal is simple, but hard to achieve: Get rid of all the bubbles bouncing around the screen! Enjoy local or online co-op multiplayer, and customise your game mode in Arcade and get spitting!

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  • Can you go ahead and talk about the merging of plus and now and detail your gamepass-like service coming soon. Why the long wait to reveal?

    • Because it takes time to prepare things. Don’t be so impatient. They will announce it formerly when they’re ready. Not because you ask in such a rude way.

    • Why would they do anything for an utter troll account? You don’t want to actually know, so why pretend lol?

      What “game pass like service”? Oh…… you mean PlayStation Now, the service that game pass copied 2 years after it launched.

      What do I mean by copied? The part where game pass blened Xbox Live of course. PS Now NEVER required a second subscription service to make the most of it. Everything can be played online simply as part of your PS Now sub….. since the day it launched WAAAAAY back in 2014.

      It was Xbox that needed to create a gimmick “Ultimate” version of Game Pass in 2019, for silly people that didn’t even realise they were being ripped off by it……… such as yourself clearly.

      Is that a good enough answer? Who am I kidding, you never wanted to know and will just continue to be ignorant to the facts.

    • In what delusional world is ps now in any way similar to game pass? Ps now iwas founded as a game streaming service and thats what it has remained. The fact that games can be played online isn’t a damn positive to the service it is the services biggest flaw because it barely works and when it does work it creates so much lag. Game pass subscribers are not getting ripped off in any way shape or form, hundreds of games to download and play anywhere including on pc and tablets and dozen of games day and date on release vs the failed streaming service of now. I’m all for defending the achievements of Sony but delusional fan bois like you give us all a bad name.

    • Unkind – What?

      Look up playstation spartacus.

      Andy – Who’s ignorant?

    • I’m totally on board for more Final Fantasy games coming to the service.

      I’ve been playing PS3 games on my PS5 the other week and all I could say is that I didn’t feel like there was any lag or any input delay, everything was buttery smooth.

      So smooth in fact that there’s a bigger delay when I used to play these same games on a CRT TV with composite cables.

      I do have 1Gb/s cable internet with a small company but the fact I could play God of War Ascension decently well (won some matches) says a lot on how the service has improved over the years, and the Ryzen chip in the PS5 that’s great for streaming might have a something to do with it

      Now if we could somehow get PS Now on the Vita or a new handheld console giving M$ is making one, you can’t let your competition outshine you Sony.

    • Weren’t you the one who tried creating a false fact to try to ‘win’ an argument, Andy?


    • @unkindfly

      If you trolls are going to troll at least know your facts. You’ve been able to download games and play them on PSNow for years lol. It’s not just a streaming service. Lord..

      Also, Sony had their game service years before Microsoft. Sony also attempted to implement PSNow on smart devices without your console and just a DS4 years before Gamepass existed and obviously long before the XCloud beta started.

      Microsoft actually copied a lot from Sony in terms of game services. They copied PS+ IGC with GwG. Sony had a gaming service in PSNow prior to Gamepass. Sony offered game streaming from the beginning. Now Gamepass offers it in beta form. Sony implemented and had greater plans to implement PSNow on smart devices years before Project XCloud existed.

      The thing is, like many Sony ideas they were too innovative for the masses at the time. Plus, the online Infrastructure just wasn’t there when PSNow was introduced. It’s unfortunate because Sony had all of these “innovative” ideas that ppl love on Xbox well before Gamepass, GwG, or XCloud. But you can clearly see they started these ideas. Heck, six or seven years ago I saw a DS4 being sold in a box that said PSNow. It gave you a subscription to PSNow and the controller with the intention to use the service on smart TVs and and other devices WITHOUT A PLAYSTATION 4. Sony was so far ahead, too far. It’s just a shame that they didn’t stick with it and continue building the infrastructure and pushing the idea. They essentially dropped the whole PlayStation now on Smart devices movement and focused on PSNow as a PS4 service with their standard remote play.

  • That’s the problem, it takes them too much time to do anything. Look at nvme, 1440, ui, etc..

    Don’t be so patient.

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    • I dont think you realize how things take. You know they cant just flip a switch and boom it works right?

      People seem to think they edit one line or code and it works perfectly 100% of the time.

      Having even one letter wrong or symbol wrong could wipe your entire console.
      So you have a choice.

      You can have it quickly and risk all your data being wiped or your console being bricked.
      Or you can be patient an adult and get a near bug free version.

  • Well this looks like another meh month. Two remasters, one of which is infamously broken, and an obscure title that nobody has ever heard of. John Wick Hex is unfortunately not enough to lift this month out of mediocrity.

    • And to make it worse the broken one will be unlikely to be in good state before it leaves the service.

    • One of the remasters was recently patched with 100 fixes and is based on the best selling PS2 game of all time with a 97% metacritic universal acclaim score, but who is counting. :)

  • Definitely the weakest line up in the last few months but they can’t all be winners.

  • When you give info about new NOW games, you should also inform about the games that will leave NOW in advice.
    Recently Tokyo Olympic games and Injustice 2 were removed without any warning.
    I hope no games will leave NOW tomorrow and, in any case, please give info about the games that will leave NOW at the end of december.

    • They do say well on advance, when you go to start up the game it says “available until:” right there.

    • DaddyAccident, you are wrong. Tokyo and Injustice left the service without any warning. It’s not so difficult to inform about the games that are leaving Now.

    • Espically when other games show when they will leave the service.

    • Again. Nioh 2 will leave Now in a few days, and without any warning (unless you are following or playing it).
      It’s really a bad behaviour.

  • Wish you would start considering adding more of a variety to Now.. I’m starting to feel like I’ve wasted my money, and considering not continuing my subscription in January.

    There’s plenty of song exclusives and old PlayStation games to put on; but it just feels like yous are battering around the brush about it.

    Gamepass on the xbox has amazing games on, just when I’ll sony persuit?

  • Please come to browsers

  • Sisss

  • Are we not gonna mention how busted GTA3 Definitive Edition is? We’re gonna blog about how great and updated it is without mentioning how badly it was remastered? I paid $60 for the collection and regret it. Even if 3 is included with Now, I can’t really recommend that anyone play it. It probably won’t be fixed before it leaves now anyway

  • Looks better than this months PS+ offerings, pity we don’t get this service in my country

  • This is an absolute disgrace! I cannot believe you have not replaced GTA3!! How can you add a game that is badly broken? This really shows you don’t care whatsoever! And its also only on for 2 months… Wow. We also get another very old remaster and 2 rubbish Indie games that are poorly rated. I’m baffled. This is poor….VERY POOR! Shambles.

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  • Final Fantasy are good
    Gta 3 is okay it has trophies = FUN

  • I love your new console, I really do……even though it took me a year to get and when I got it I was like a little kid again back on my old nintendo playing duck hunt for the first time, it’s a great experience you’re giving a lot of people, especially due to covid but y’all are being so cheap, I don’t just say that like look at the Xbox’s Game pass (lemme pull my gaming laptop up with the Xbox app…real quick.) Back 4 Blood, Forza Horizan 5, Hades, MineCraft with Java edition also includeing its spin off MC Dungeons, Mortal Shell Enhanced edition (that one outta sting just a bit mm?) not done, D&D Dark Alliance, Gears 5, A plague Tale, Code Vein, Control, OutRiders plus its Add on New Horizons, Shadow Warriors 2, Scarlet Nexus……. THESE GAMES…. I’m sorry… These games are all new and are relevant in what people enjoy and generally you’d assume what the public would Want. Now onto you, you have 20 games in your “extensive” and “exclusive” PS plus drawer. And when we reach in that drawer we blow out the dust covering some of these games *cough* 2016 that number that there, is way to close to 2012 and your latest game is a stumbling drumroll……2019 you shouldn’t be able to even get away with what you’re doing to be honest, you’re ripping off a lot of people who could’ve just saved litterally hundreds buying the new Xbox.
    Go drink some clown juice.

  • When is PS Now going to be available in South Africa?

  • OK cool. So where are they?

  • I’m literally waiting

  • Why is it we can only stream GTA III?

  • Why cant we download gta 3 it doesn’t make any sense

  • But don’t be a jerk?
    Подъебываете?? Надпись эту уберите с сайта. GTA III только стриминг.. Sony, don’t be a jerk, бла!!

  • Uhh not sure if this is the right place to put this. But I have about 6 months left on my ps now, and I’m trying to find where to play gta 3, and I can’t find it??

  • Waiting for a month to see games that are not interesting for anyone, ok thank you

  • Wher r the games?? They havent come on ps now still waitin

  • The download for GTA III is working now. I just added to library and started the dl from my mobile, I think it was just glitch.

  • Thanks for free trial of PS Now for me buying a PS5 through Direct PlayStation, Arigatou Gozaimasu! =^-^=

  • Terrible selection except for nba 2k and stuff like that other than that there’s nothing good woulda been nice to be able to get a good Spider-Man game instead of a bunch of puzzles and lego games no one remembers and I think a lot of ppl agree with me on that one

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