Godfall: Challenger Edition launches December 7

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Godfall: Challenger Edition launches December 7

Unlock new rewards and jump straight into the endgame with a max level boost!

Following the acclaimed Fire & Darkness expansion and free Lightbringer update in August, we’re happy to announce Godfall: Challenger Edition, which allows new players to experience the game’s trio of endgame modes, minus the story content of the base game and Fire & Darkness expansions, and grants existing players new exciting features and rewards to enjoy.. As you already may have heard , Godfall: Challenger Edition will be available on PlayStation Plus from December 7 through January 3.*

Godfall: Challenger Edition launches December 7

Let’s jump right into what players can expect in Godfall: Challenger Edition –   

Instantly boost your player level to max level

All players have the option to immediately jump to Player Level 50, which comes with a plethora of skill points and a spread of deadly weapons for your Valorplates. 

Dive straight into the endgame

Use your max level Valorplate to challenge Godfall’s three endgame modes:

  • Lightbringer, a battle against an all-consuming darkness that threatens to snuff out all light from the realms of Aperion. Players willing to persevere through selected banes will receive increasingly greater rewards – and face ever more challenging hordes until the blighted Heart of Darkness is banished in an epic final battle.
  • Dreamstones, engage in randomized encounters by reliving the memories of Orin and gain unique rewards each time you play. The curses bestowed on the aptly named Cursed Loot tier can be lifted by completing challenges in Dreamstones.
  • Ascended Tower of Trials, put your skills to the test in an ever more challenging climb to the top of the tower gaining boons and facing fierce bosses along the way in the pursuit of juicy loot drops.

New Boss rewards 

All existing Godfall players will receive The Challenger update for free, which adds new cosmetics for defeating the campaign bosses, as well as the ability to replay story missions.

Quest system introduces new Challenges and Legendary rewards 

The adventure doesn’t stop once you’ve faced Macros! All players will have access to the new Quests; an endless array of unique challenges that reward dedicated Valorians with legendary loot. 

All Challenger features are available to existing Godfall players in addition to Challenger Edition owners.

Play with your fellow Valorians

Godfall: Challenger Edition’s matchmaking and endgame co-op is compatible with all editions of Godfall and supports cross-gen play on PlayStation 4 and 5. 

Easy upgrade to the Deluxe Edition

Want to experience the story and campaign of Godfall? Godfall: Challenger Edition players can purchase the Deluxe Edition at any time to gain access to both the Godfall and Fire & Darkness campaigns, as well as a slew of weapons, items, and unlockable cosmetics.

We are incredibly excited about the opportunity new players have to jump into the fray and get their hands on Godfall’s incredible endgame experience. We can’t wait to see and hear about the moments you create as you challenge all those that dare oppose you in your fight against the enemies of Aperion.

*PlayStation Plus membership required for online multiplayer. PlayStation Plus is subject to a recurring subscription fee taken automatically until cancellation. Full terms: play.st/PSPlusTerms

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  • How does this version work if we already own the game?

  • Lol, so let me see if i get this straight, you try to pass a demo as a “free game”, and not only that, the only way to upgrade is just buying the game? Are you kidding me, you guys are going to end up poor if you keep being so generous

    • Right! A demo! Merry Christmas Sony Playstation! Happy new year Microsoft game pass ultimate!

    • @newcosmos-3
      Friendly reminder that gamepass and PS+ are not the same service. Xbox’s version of PS+ is Microsoft Gold. Their games for December are The Escapist 2, Orcs Must Die, Tropico 5, and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.
      PS+ Could have done better than a godfall demo, but just the fact we’re getting mortal shell makes it better than Xbox’s offering this month.

    • @Anedime Reminder friend xbox live gold has 200 games for you to download whenever you want, Ps+ gives two in which these two can only be purchased in the respective month and also playstation plus gave a demo and two more games that are even good howeverxbox live gold gave four and I also advise you to look for a psychologist because unfortunately your neurons are wrong somewhere for you to accept and say that Ps+ was better than xbox live gold this month is the only company that it surpassed with this servicemonth was the nintendo switch that I don’t even remember the name and I don’t even want to remember

    • Couldn’t agree more! What a joke!

    • yea.. lets go to m$ who steals money from people and try to say they cant give it back. then offer a “discount” of the service, then when threatened via lawsuit they suddenly can easily return stolen money.

  • Thanks for taking out the part I wanted to try out (story) I’m out.

    • As someone that played through the whole thing let me spare you the suffering. There is no story.
      And no this is not a joke. The game starts with the cutscene you’ve already seen in the trailer of the two armored guys standing atop that tower. Then the game starts and your character says “Macros betrayed me he wants to become a god” And then the quest marker tells you to kill about ten thousand enemies to unlock the next mission to kill ten thousand enemies, all of these missions are identical just in different rooms. Then when you unlock the last mission you fight the last boss and when you beat him the main character remarks “It is over”.
      That’s the story.

    • Congratulations, the part you wanted more and the part that the rest of the world wanted is not cool, it’s not cool.

  • Ugh, this stinks. SO many multiplayer/live service focused PS5 Plus games lately. Please, just give us a nice story/campaign to play through!

    • Exactly! A Single Player game would be nice! Sony for some reason has forgotten what made them a success lately! Brutal

  • No Daniel , No one cares about mp. At Least i have lego to enjoy

  • Removing the Base Content Story. A bad idea IMO.

    Can you even get the Platinum Trophy in Challenger’s Edition?

  • Big L,
    Locking the campaign behind a pay wall will never be popular, PS plus subscribers want full games, not glorified demo’s

  • Now THAT is the absolute worst thing that Sony has ever done with PS+. It’s almost criminal. I feel extorted.

  • Who wants to start with a maxed out character. Where’s the enjoyment and achievement in that?

  • Wow, so basically you released a F2P mode to pass it up as a full game on PS Plus. This is awful and anti-consumer.

  • This is just a demo, it shouldn’t be in the free ps plus games category

    • Same thing they did with ground zeroes, a chopped up glorified demo that’s coming to plus… For now. They intend to sell this later

  • so basically it’s a gutted down version of the game just to sell the upgrade? got it.

  • This is a huge insult to ps+ members, I was mildly interested in this game but, now I will never touch it.

  • It’s always something with PS Plus games, isn’t it? If you aren’t blocking free upgrades, you’re stripping core parts of the game. I was actually hyped for this release, now I find the story gone. I won’t even be downloading this crap. Someone, please, invent time travel so I can go back and tell myself to invest in Xbox SX and Gamepass. This BS is straight up pissing me off, now.

    • Actually, Christmas is prime time to flip a PS5, I can make double what I spent here in Brazil. Really thinking about that, the other company monthly subscription games (dozens!) keeps looking better, and plus is a bad investment.

  • There is a word for a partial portion of a game that’s used to try to encourage people to buy the full game: Demo. The fact that a DEMO is the headliner PS5 game for PS+ in December is insulting and shows just how little Sony thinks of its players.

  • No thanks. I was quite happy to try out Godfall on PS+, but not whatever THIS is. Hard pass.

  • Sony is so resistant to giving us a normal game for plus, that they even resort to maiming a completely mediocre game. We can’t risk people having some story gameplay, you have to be a number to inflate mp servers.

    My plus expired 2 months ago, and I see no reason to renew

  • I generally don’t bother to comment on these things, but I felt I had to this time.

    When I first heard Godfall was coming to PS+, I was intrigued. I knew the game hadn’t been terribly well-received, but what I had seen of it made it look like there was the bones of a decent game there, if it had a wider playerbase. As such, seeing it come to PS+ seemed to be a sound decision.

    However, this is, unquestionably, insulting. This hollow shell of a game – a glorified demo, as has been said many times already – is not fit to qualify as PS+ entrant. I do not pay my subscription in order to receive demos and F2P frippery.

    The only positive I shall take away from this is the schadenfreude of the impending PR disaster.

    • Well said, brother.

    • I try to be a good guy. I accept that not every game will be to my taste.

      I accept that sometimes I already own one of the titles they offer.

      But this is literally an example of lying to the customer base and reneging on promises.

      I’m sure it’s “legal”, since they call it the “Challenger Edition” and list it separately. We’re getting the “full version” of this “new game”.

      But this has definitely made me rethink which next gen console I want when my tax return comes next year.

      MS is definitely treating their customers much better.

    • Lmao did the same thing and logged in for once to comment. Ridiculous stuff going on.

  • Okay, this is a joke…

  • Hold up, so by “free game” you actually meant incredibly awkward demo where we play the endgame with no context? Making it harder and harder to defend some of your business decisions and this one is just all fail. Step it up, because while the Ps4 reigned supreme last gen it wasn’t too much before that where the 360 was on top.

  • Seriously!. You took out the story section of godfall. What the hell were you thinking. I was gonna try this game to see if it was worth getting but now I’m not gonna bother with it in the slightest. Can’t believe you’ve been this scummy. Are you trying to rival EA’s bad reputation

    • They’ve literally guaranteed that I’m going to get an Xbox Series X instead of a PS5, as my priority console.

      This is f***ing deceptive business practices right here.

    • If I would of had people like myself and others on here that told me what owning a ps5 was really like (not the fake brown-nosing that some weak souls here exhibit) I would have stayed away.

  • Ok ,thank you sony for all this 25 years of games and happiness.
    But i think is time for me to throw my ps5 to a bin (blue or green? i dont recall) along with the PS PLUS “scam”.
    Thank you again SONY!

  • GIVE US FULL VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PS Plus subscribers get exclusive demos now… great….😒

  • Jim Ryan is the worst thing to happen to sony since the ps3 disaster.

  • Just got my 110th platinum.
    So If this is basically just a demo, I won’t bother playing it.
    At least I Hope can play mortal shell 60fps on my ps5. Jesus…🤦

  • Nobody wants a demo for Ps plus, we don’t pay for demos. Doesn’t matter if it’s an indie game, arcade game, or even a bad game, it’s better then a demo of a game without access to the story.

  • >Join the Conversation
    >But don’t be a jerk!

    Ah… finding it hard to obey the rules here… passing off this gimped demo as the main game of the month… ps+ has become a pale shadow of its former self :/

  • As a Plus member I didn’t expect the Deluxe or Ascended Edition and I was ready to gladly buy the dlc, but this is the first time I don’t even get the normal game, so I’ll buy a big nothing. I don’t care about playing the endgame of a title when I still have to play the campaign, really who cares about something like this? With all the respect the idea behind this is really greedy, moreover I like to sweat to level up my pg. I was happy to get Godfall as a Xmas gift from my PS Plus subscription, but now I’m only disappointed, if this is a marketing move hoping to sell more copies… it won’t work at all. PS Plus is not intended for demos and add-ons, please put the whole campaign and have more respect for your community. This is really bad and an offense to common sense.

    • I don’t know whose idea this was, but it’s stupid AF.

      I genuinely am regretting the fact I renewed my membership.

  • This is such a weird way of saying “We aren’t going to live up to our stated promise of giving you a full game.”

  • Can we pay half the PS Plus signature price ?? Because that’s what we’re getting with a Demo version of Godfall!

  • “Godfall: Challenger Edition players can purchase the Deluxe Edition”

    Of course, this is basically what the “free” games have been for awhile now. Either to help boost dying MP games like Knockout City (which wow, is that ever dead anyways) or to hock upgrades to better editions of the game we’re receiving. Or season passes or whatever nonsense.

    • “minus the story content of the base game”

      WOW. And you ask people not to be jerks in the comments section, just a TAD hypocritical, don’t you think??

    • Yoooo Knockout City is fun as hell and still gets some numbers. Just cause it has a low population doesn’t mean it’s a bad game

    • @topbooger

      It is, but lots of matches outside of ranked are filled with bots, and ranked matches can take awhile to get put into one. Given it’s an MP only game, waiting around to play it is kind of a big issue.

  • New legendary loot to chase for existing players?

    • They did a similar thing a couple of years ago, and they obviously did not learn their lesson. Anyone remember Driveclub PS+ edition… Yea, that went well…
      Now you do it again giving people a demo!!
      You need to step Up now!! I mean now!!! Admit this is totaly wrong and give us the full version.. it’s the only way to save your reputation.
      I never ever write here, but this thing just made me lose My sh#t!

  • Dear Mr. Nordlander: Thank you for making it clear via your little article that this was your company’s decision to actively screw the customer. I actually hadn’t noticed your name and title in the byline.

    I want you to know that I don’t hold any personal animosity toward you. I hope you’re well. I don’t want you to lose your job. I don’t want your company to close over this. It’s entirely possible that you had no input on this decision, and I genuinely hope that people don’t go after you, because that sort of stuff happens waaay too often between fans and devs, and it’s unacceptable. It’s even worse when it happens during the holiday season. I want to make it clear that I’m not being sarcastic, either. I genuinely mean that. I hope for nothing but good things for you and everyone involved with the game’s creation.

    But the fact your name is on this article is damning. It’s not -just- Sony that made this decision. Your company had a hand in it too.

    And so, I hope you understand when I tell you that not only am I not interested in this title, I am insulted that you’re marketing it as a game. It’s a glorified demo, and you know it. It’s designed to pressure folks into buying the whole game at a limited discount (at best).

    And it’s not even really representative of the game overall – you’re giving players endgame stats and gear. This in no way represents the feel of the actual campaign, beyond the barest aspects.

    It is, by its existence, deceptive.

    And so, I cannot trust your company to release any title in good faith.

    I will not try this game.
    I will not by the “full version” of the game, even for a dollar.
    I will not buy any game made by your company in the future, because your company is participating in an explicit lie, designed to deceive gamers, and therefore can never be trusted to be honest in the future.

    I will encourage others to follow suit.

    I don’t know whose idea this was, but it was an awful one, and can never be rewarded.

  • Pathetic as usual

  • shame

  • Absolutely moronic

  • Where are the plus games???
    This version of godfall is not a game , are you kidding , we don’t pay money to receive this version of games
    Where is the story mode , what will we do with the challenge mode this is not agift we pay money and subscribe to capture value in return .

    Please respect our minds

  • Please make a correction
    Offer the story mode for Godfall
    We don’t pay money for demo games

  • Wow… This is amazing.. amazingly BAD! I would have played it, but to SKIP THE WHOLE GAME AND JUMP STRAIGHT TO THE FINISH?? Where is the fun in that??
    I get it.. your game failed horribly! But this will just make it worse!
    You just end up pissing people of and loosing potential players.. You couldnt figure this out yourself? Give us the campaign…

  • Yeah, no.

    This is not a good look for PS Plus if we’re specifically given a neutered version of a game. I’d rather not pay something on top of my sub to get a full game, that should be guaranteed in the subscription. I hope this can be fixed or I’ll just play something else.

  • Gearbox is okay with this too so I won’t be trying out any of their future games.

  • So we’re only getting 2 free games and a demo? Cmon Sony! Just change it to something else and everyone would be happy.

  • Hopefully I did buy fatal Frame so i have a game to play for December.
    Too bad i was intrigued by godfall since it’s launch . Funny that you dared to put a demo as a “game ” on the ps plus . What a scam

  • it’ time to break ps plus

  • Oh, great, we’re paying Sony for PS Plus to get a demo so we can pay Sony more to get the game. 🤔

  • I was really hyped for this game. I was holding off on inviting my friends to form a 4 man team (if possible), I wanted to see if the rumors of this release were true. When I heard “Challengers Edition*, I was even more ecstatic thinking we were going to get the best version of the game. Imagine my disappointment when I heard this is Diet Godfall. It was about the same as the disappointment I had when I heard we won’t get the PS5 version of Final Fantasy VII.

  • Esse é o tipo de decisão que afeta todos os jogadores , mas por incrível que pareça foi bom eles mostrarem agarra agora simplesmente é uma empresa que todos nos jogadores temos que ignorar.

  • I’m sorry, but this is a ducking scam. This piece of crap as a ps+ game?! This is what I’m paying for? No thanks. Butchered game like this is a great reason for canceling the subscription. Keep your multiplayer bull, there has been enough of it lately.

  • I was excited to play campaign for this game. However, after hearing from people and reading the content. I’m quite disappointed for this version. This is basically just demo. People pay subscription to get better service and rewards the players for staying the subscription service.

    • not a demo kiddo. the “people” complaining make 12 socks accounts each day or so to agree with their self. You need to be careful.

    • You have proof, kid?
      It’s ok. People here understand that you believe if you, personally, think something is true it has to be true. You offer no proof, you try to discredit peoples’ replies, and you continue to say the same thing about your sock. You’re not a psychic or a genius.

    • It’s a demo.

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