New Dreams update brings Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale and DreamShaping 2.0

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New Dreams update brings Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale and DreamShaping 2.0

Test your skills in a new third-person dungeon crawler created by Media Molecule, and enjoy a revamped creation UI — out today.

Hold onto your buttresses – the dungeon-crawling, monster-slaying, castle-crashing Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale is out now!

Exclusively available to play in Dreams, Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale is a third-person dungeon crawler made by Media Molecule and designed to test the skills of only the bravest adventurers. Whether you’re after frantic combat against strange and silly foes, puzzles to tickle your brain cells, or a showdown against a dragon with huge teeth (and an even bigger ego), Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale has you covered.

A screenshot from Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, featuring orc twins Scoria and Gabbro running up the stairs in a dungeon towards a group of ravenous plant enemies.

Fight solo as heroic orc Scoria in single-player mode – or bring along a friend to play as Scoria’s twin, Gabbro, in local co-op mode (local co-op play still requires an internet connection). Challenge yourself to top the scoreboards by clashing with enemies and activating your Berserk chain to maximize those sweet, sweet points. 

A screenshot from Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, featuring orc twins Scoria and Gabbro raising their swords to the sky to enter Berserk mode. Lightning is shooting out of the swords. 

Will Scoria and Gabbro find the herb they need to cure their grandmother’s terrible snoring? Can their wise-cracking bat pal find his way home? And is there a reasonable explanation as to how a dragon learned the noble art of floristry? All these questions and more possibly answered within.

A screenshot from Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, featuring orc twins Scoria and Gabbro looking towards the camera with puzzled expressions.

To celebrate the launch of Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, we’re treating you to five glorious new imps, based on some of the most memorable characters from Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale. Get a load of these.

But that’s not all. This latest update also brings a significant overhaul to DreamShaping.


Screenshots of some of the new DreamShaping templates in action.

For the uninitiated: DreamShaping is the name of the Dreams create mode. Since launching Dreams, we’ve found that DreamShaping can be overwhelming for new players. With our new template system, and a reworking of the DreamShaping UI, we hope this huge update will help make getting started making games in Dreams quicker, easier and more fun than ever before.

The new version of DreamShaping includes handy game templates and brand-new elements for making a 2D platformer, a dungeon crawler, a side-scrolling shoot-’em-up, mini golf and more besides – including a dedicated template for Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, which features a huge kit for your creative delectation.

Objectives and pointers throughout templates guide you through and explain the process, helping development feel more like a game in itself! And if you find yourself feeling stuck at any point, then is here to help – just head over to our Templates section to find any extra info or support you may need.

We’ve also made some changes to the DreamShaping UI to help you find exactly what you’re looking for – and faster.

A screenshot of the new Start Creating scene.

On the new Start Creating screen, you’ll be able to access the overview page for each template. We’ve indicated the difficulty of each template (and in some cases the parts within each template) for varying experience levels. Beginner templates are all about letting you get comfy with creating by letting you simply stamp in elements, medium-difficulty templates introduce the idea of wiring things together, and more advanced templates cover techniques such as how to optimise your game.

You’ll also find new sections to promote quality elements to use in your creations, high-level and award-winning Dreams creators to follow, and community events – plus a raft of new help pages that link to online support via QR codes.

A screenshot of the new help pages linking to online support via QR codes.

What’s more, the type of content you’ll see on your DreamShaping page in-game will now be tailored to you, based on the time you’ve spent creating in Dreams! If you’re a new player, you’ll see stuff that’ll help you get acquainted with the basics. If you’re a little more experienced, you’ll be served our curated recommendations for some of the best building blocks the community has to offer.

That’s not to mention the many other things this overhaul brings – you can find much more detail in our update notes here.

Phew! Just a small update, then. Only joking, it’s enormous. Enjoy! We can’t wait to see you on the Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale leaderboards, and dreamers old and new rediscover the joys of creating in Dreams.

Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale and the DreamShaping update are available via a downloadable patch (internet required). Internet required to access full Dreams content.

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  • A Bat’s Take looks fantastic. This is exactly what Dreams needs, high quality projects created and advertised by Mm. Dreams remains the most innovative game in the industry and any PS4/PS5/PSVR owner would be a complete fool not to own it.

    Probably the most underrated game of last generation. Even if you never create one project it’s still well worth it just to play the thousands of amazing games within the game. It’s an experience that never ends and the social infrastructure is incredible. Play, create, surf. You can make your name creating original music, assets, games, art, or even writing reviews within the game.

    • Yeah. The issue I have is that it is still not advertised anough. Unless you activelly look for the Dreams info (watch the strams, follow the twitter), there is almost no info anywhere. From time to time these is small article here. But other media totally skip it :-/ So it is not helping in driving new players in. :-(

      At this moment I would actually welcome some kind of payed DLC. no matter how much it goes against the basic idea of the game, so payed content would lead to media review it.

  • Great update! It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to dive into Dreams, but I’ll definitely be giving this latest update a go!

  • Kids absolutely love Dreams, it really needs to be marketed more towards creative kids, even though of course it’s for all ages.

  • Dreams would really benefit from more marketing and a push on the PS5 as well, I think. High quality projects like this are a great step towards catching more attention, since it feels like the main barrier to entry right now is simply getting more players on the platform.

    • I believe the main barrier to entry is ease of use. The bulk of this update is addressing create mode, which is the aspect of Dreams that has the most potential to me. It’s still not pick up and play like Minecraft or Roblox, that’s what it’s missing. It needs an easy to use sandbox mode. The art style is already there.

    • Omnicloud:
      That was valid at the release, when playable content was of questionable quality (impressive to wonder “how they did it”, but not a good as a game itself), so the Dreams were mainly creation tool for creators.
      But since then there is so much great games (I agree that most of it is still bad, but the few good ones easily provide dozens of hours of fun. That is a great deal for the price) so the Dreams are now easily suitable for passive player who will not touch creation tool at all.
      What I still see is as a problem that normal players have no way to find out, because nobody writes about this :-/

      This game would seriously deserve round of re-reviews. We had a initial review about how interesting creation tool it is. Now it would be really great to get reviews what it actually offers to the players and that it is comething completelly different than it offered at launch.
      But I guess this is not going to happen :-/

  • I like the templates, could be great if you added the Halloween train one to the list.

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