Announcing the 3rd Annual Impy Awards

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Announcing the 3rd Annual Impy Awards

Media Molecule invites intrepid Dreams creators to nominate themselves for a host of updated award categories.

Well, would you look at the time of the year. That’s right – it’s Impys season! We’re so excited to announce that the 3rd Annual Impy Awards, the third-ever installment of our yearly Dreams awards show, will be taking place on February 27, 2022 and that nominations are open… right now!

Each year, the Impy Awards are our chance to celebrate another 12 months of Dreams, and all the dreamers who have made it so special. This year will be no different! We’ll be live on Twitch to hand out trophies to some of the most amazing, original and exciting creations and creators in the Dreamiverse – while also taking a look back at everything that 2021 in Dreams has given us.

One of the biggest changes we’re making this year is that we’re asking dreamers to nominate themselves, rather than nominating others. This should allow dreamers to showcase the work they are most proud of. All the details can be found on our nomination form as well as on

 Now, without further ado, here are this year’s categories:

  • Creator(s)/Team of the Year
  • Creation of the Year
  • Excellence in Art Direction
  • Excellence in Environment Art
  • Excellence in Narrative
  • Excellence in Sculpture
  • Music Track of the Year
  • Musician of the Year
  • Excellence in Animation
  • Excellence in Gameplay
  • Most Original Gameplay
  • Excellence in Curation
  • Excellence in Character Design
  • Excellence in Audio Design
  • Excellence in Innovation
  • Excellence in Voice Acting
  • Contribution Beyond Dreams
  • Excellence in VR
  • Evolving Experience
  • Community Star
  • Most Helpful Dreamer
  • Community Collaboration
  • Breakthrough Dreamer

You’ll notice a fair few differences this year in the categories. We believe this is our most comprehensive list of Impy categories yet, and we’re really excited to see the nominations start rolling in. You’ll have until the end of the day on December 5, 2021 to get your nominations submitted. As usual, a handful of these categories will be opened up to the coMmunity for voting early in the new year, so stay tuned for details on those.

As we’ve mentioned up top, the Impy Awards are our way of celebrating the inspiring community found inside and outside of the Dreamiverse, and we hope you’ll join us in doing just that during this year’s festivities. We’ll have a new playable Impys hub space launching in Dreams in the run-up to the event, inviting dreamers all over the world to get into the Impys spirit, and we’ll also be celebrating the birthday of Dreams in the week leading up to February 27. It’s sure to be one big party!

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  • Sad to see no more “Funniest Creation” but I hope I win a few!

  • Would be dope if Playstation could package the winning games/experiences and add them to PS+ (and pay the creators).

  • The most innovative game of the last decade. Should be mandatory for every PlayStation owner.

    • I agree. Which is why they should give it away for free sometime soon as a PS+ game. Then millions more people will instantly have access to it overnight.

  • Nice going

  • This game desperately needs some big marketing campaign again. When it was released, there was not so much quality content available, so it was not interesting to mainstream, but mainly for people who liked creatings. Not the amount of good content is great (there are multiple full games that are better than some indies on PSN) and whole package is amazing for the price. But unless you are activelly looking for the news yourself (checking the indreams, following mm twitter, watching streams) you will not read about it anywhere. At the moment game feels like closed community and that does not sounds like sustainable bussiness model. I would really love to see something happen that would make media to cover the game again for what it is now and attract new players.

    • I think if they updated it for PS5, while also giving it away for free as a PS+ game for PS4 and PS5 members, it would immediately jump to the top of everyone’s minds. It’s the only way I can think of saving the dwindling community that deserves way more attention. I can’t imagine many people are still paying $20 for this game these days.

    • yentair:
      My opinion – no matter how much I hate the idea and how much it goes agains the nature of the game, I would actually love to see bigger paid DLC. (for example the Tren + some other bigger official Dreams to be paid bundle)
      Because once something is paid it will get media attention and reviews. If you release the Tren for 5$ (just example, could be other content), there will be article about Dreams in every media. If you release it for free, there wont be any coverage. And this game desperatelly needs this. Some freash content that will be covered by media a will let people re-evaluate the purchase again.

      Or release some physical ediotion with some action figures of Pig detective or small Tren set? (that way current owners of the game wont be charged for any new content. But there will be something cool worth covering)

  • Ya baby

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